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Found 25 results

  1. Supercape

    Red Net

    GM October 10th, London The WEST jet was a converted 747. It was jam packed with sensory equipment, libraries, laboratories, computers. THere was space to live and eat in there. It even had a fish tank. But no jacuzzi. Doctor Norris North, director of W.E.S.T (World Exotic Science Taskforce, an arm of the UN) had flown Replica there. They had only just saved a valuable and dangerous batch of Darwin-X from theft by the mysterious Red Dawn. The soldiers who had tried to take it, whilst clearly Russian, clearly highly trained, seemed to have no memory of anything to do with their mission or their masters. The only tangible clue was Mother Board, the name of the hacker who had orchestrated the Gridlock that had allowed the theft. After landing, North and Replica took a famous black London Taxi to the HQ of Vanguard. "I have somebody in mind. Synapse. Genius member of the Vanguard, the supergroup of this area. She is highly skilled with computers and has some experience with Darwin-X, I understand. If anybody can help us, she can. So lets put on our best diplomatic hats, and see if we can persuade her..." He rang the doorbell of the Vanguard HQ. "Hello? Hello? May I enter? This is Doctor North, from the United Nations..."
  2. Supercape

    Red Net (OOC)

    OOC for this! Featuring Synapse and Replica. @Cubismo, I will assume Replica has repaired her bullet wounds. If you fancy any temporary glitches from the repairs, feel free to add them in as temporary complications for this thread.
  3. GM Southside, Freedom City, New Jersey Sunday April 6, 2014 10:14 PM It had been several months since Foreshadow had first gotten on the trail of a mysterious new underworld figure. That incident had suggested that this mysterious figure might have abilities similar to Foreshadows. In the intervening time, Foreshadow experienced difficulty in trying to track down the figure, all the while the mystery man began making moves to disrupt the criminal underworld in Southside. It had been less than 48 hours since Foreshadow had gone to an underground night club to speak with an arms dealer, Grigory Salnikov. Given the assassination attempt on Salnikov, the arms dealer had been willing to provide Foreshadow with information on one of his customers, the mysterious man behind the recent unrest in parts of the Southside criminal world. Salnikov had revealed that the mystery man Foreshadow had been chasing went by the name Foresight. While Salnikov could not confirm whether he had abilities similar to Foreshadow's, he did indicate that Foresight appeared to have an uncanny ability to predict events. Salnikov had also provided the address of a location used by Foresight to which the arms dealer had delivered shipments in the last couple of months. Given that Foreshadow had already encountered one super powered operative working for Foresight, as well as another that was at least highly trained, the costumed crime fighter had decided it might be time to even the odds some. So, as he sat on the roof of another warehouse, watching the location provided by Salnikov, he was joined by Dee Farrington, who also was Synapse of the UK superteam Vanguard. They had been in place about an hour, and thus far there had been very little activity within the warehouse. A couple of blocks way on the street… Harry Hound and Freddy Furlong pulled the Caddy to a halt on a dark street, looking over at an old warehouse a few blocks away. The two private detectives generally focused on cases within the Fens or the surrounding neighborhoods, but when Lucy Harker had given them info about a power struggle taking place in Southside between some unknown new underworld figure and the existing gangs that was leaving a trail of bodies, the two had agreed (reluctantly in Harry's case) to investigate the matter. It had taken a bit of work, and some "convincing" by Freddy, but the two had eventually gotten a lead to the warehouse that sat in front of them. According to their sources, the group that was muscling in on existing groups' turf was using the building to channel the illegal arms shipments that were fueling their takeover.
  4. Thevshi

    The Secret Garden

    Just outside London Monday March 7, 2016 10:13 AM Gray clouds hung in the sky, typical of this time of year for England. Dee Farrington was paying little mind to the clouds as she guided her Aston Martin down the busy streets, instead more focused on her destination and why she was going there. With her in the sports car was Erick Sloane, who, as Foreshadow, was her teammate on Vanguard. The two had been involved for close to two years now, starting slightly after they had met during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. From the moment they had met, there had been few secrets between them, in part due to Dee's telepathic abilities. Having learned each other's identities from the start had allowed them both to be more open than either had been in any prior relationships. But that still did not mean that there were not parts of Dee's life that she had kept from Erick. But now she had decided it was time to change that in regard to one of the things that meant the most to her in her life. It was something she had been thinking about for some time, and finally on Valentine's Day she had decided it was time. But a part of her still felt nervous and uncertain. She would be opening up a part of herself to Erick that she did not share with anyone.
  5. GM Ironclad Charity Luncheon Liverpool, EnglandMonday July 17, 2017 2:00 PM Joseph Walker's Ironclad Charity had the sort of inspirational story that was begging to be turned into an inevitable "based on true events" movie. Dockworker's and other "toughs" of Liverpool banded together with the sole purpose of giving a voice to the voiceless. A true support organization with a dedicated focus to helping victims of abuse. The head of the organization, the aforementioned Joseph Walker, was to perform an incredible feat of strength for the whole crowd. The luncheon wasn't completely a high society affair. With the various rugged members of the charity scattered about providing a contrast from the wealthy Of course some people were there just to rub elbows with the wealthy, or to even propose business opportunities. At the end of the day a majority of the guests were still there with the intention of giving back to a worthy cause. Erick Sloane and Agnus Stone, however, weren't there simply to give back to a good cause. For years, the Vanguard has been waging a battle against the distribution of the Darwin X supervirus. Their latest lead for a distribution route was in Liverpool. With Dawn Farrignton's research going so far as to suggest that their charitable host could be at the center of the distribution.
  6. GM UNISON Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland September 4, 2015 10:24 AM local time It had been several months since the members of Vanguard had been at the headquarters for UNISON, when they had joined several other heroes, and even villains, in protecting the base from the Communion until the Uni-Storm space fighters had been able to launch as part of a counteroffensive against the Incursion. The damage the buildings and surrounding town had suffered in that battle had all been repaired, one would not even have known that the battle had taken place now looking about. While the headquarters building was bustling with activity, it was not as hectic and desperate as it had been during that last visit. UNISON personnel were busy going about the daily routine of helping run and coordinate the international agency. Although the members of Vanguard had received a few stares as they had been led through the building toward an upper level conference room, they had been mostly brief. After all, the agency had a great deal of contact with superheroes, including having a number as agents. Today the four members of Vanguard had been led into a conference room with a long rectangular table capable of sitting over a dozen people. The UNISON staff member that had guided them to the room had provided water or other refreshments, then left them alone, stating that Colonel Ellis would be with them shortly.
  7. HGM

    Flight of the Osprey

    GM Medical Examiner's Office London Borough of Hackney, Greater London, England Wednesday, April, 1st, 2015 4:15 PM There was an old expression. "Why does the Regents Canal run through Hackney? To avoid getting shot." Known as one of the most crime-ridden areas of London, Hackney's reputation was not entirely ill earned. Drug dens and shootings weren't entirely uncommon. Arsons were for their part far rarer outside of riots. After the fifth in a recurring series of fires resulted in the death of four people in the borough, the London Fire Brigade reached out to the Ministry of Powers for assistance. Sending Foreshadow and Ulysses as representatives of Vanguard to the local medical examiner's office. The building was clearly understaffed with dated technology. The ME in charge of the case, Dr Benjamin Martins, a balding man in his mid forties. His face showing signs of aging in a rough stress filled career. His assistants were actually a set of twin women in their mid twenties. Red haired with Scottish accents they were hard at work sterilizing the equipment. "This body is a most curious affair." Medina Family Manor Bristol, England Wednesday, April, 1st, 2015 6:00 PM About three hours away (four taking into account London traffic) in reputable bristol were Dee Farrington and Agnus Stone. The Ministry of Powers had received word that the Medina Family, a prominent Spanish family who earned their fortune through cattle ranching, had smuggled computronium through the black market. As they couldn't just outright accuse a reputable family of explicit dealings. A matter of tact was needed. Using Dee's familial connections the pair was able to swing invitations to a big bash the Medinas were throwing in their Bristol manor. Currently sitting in the back of a limo making its way to the steps of the estate. Dee an Agnus were moments from making their grand entrance. Their driver was the only backup that the ministry could afford to provide the ladies. Not that they needed any. Adrian Jobert, a former UNISON agent. He was a muscular black man of French descent. Possibly from Guadaloupe, they weren't sure. in fact Dee and Agnus had seen him around the Ministry once or twice, but their familiarity with the man was limited at best. However, with the ongoing restructuring it meant that the dame afforded him a level of trust. "Mademoiselle Farrington et Mademoiselle Stone. The Ministry has seen fit to outfit the vehicle with all the amenities. The ear bud communicators are of limited range, but if you need my assistance simply ring."
  8. GM UNISON Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland December 25, 2014 10:50 PM local time Just a few hours ago, UNISON headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland had been practically deserted, only a minimal security detail and a few technicians had been on duty, the rest home with their families for Christmas. That was until Colonel Ellis had been contacted by the Freedom League about an approaching threat from space. In the intervening time, scores of UNISON personnel had been called in, the headquarters now abuzz with activity as UNISON personnel were reaching out to contacts in governments and militaries around the world, as well as preparing itself for the possible arrival of a hostile alien force. Over a decade ago, UNISON had shocked many world leaders, when it had fielded a small fleet of space capable heavy fighters, the Uni-Storm, during the Grue invasion of 2003. Since that time, Colonel Ellis had managed to hold off efforts to decommission the Uni-Storm, which mean that UNISON had under its control a majority of Earth's space capable combat aircraft. The pilots for the fighters were still being brought it, and gearing up and receiving briefings for possible sorties. The mechanics that had been brought in were working as fast as they could to get all the fighters ready should they be needed, with more arriving all the time. Things were much further along than if there had been no warning, but they still needed a bit more time before they could get all the Uni-Storm into the air. During the past few hours, a number of even more unusual individuals had arrived at UNISON’s headquarters, as a group of superheroes from across Europe and the United States had arrived to offer what assistance they could. With Colonel Ellis' former connections with the Ministry of Powers in the UK, it was only natural that the current members of the Vanguard were present. Also present were two national heroes from countries in southern Europe, Professor Chiron from Greece, and Stella d'Argento (the Silver Star) from Italy. A pair of heroes had also transported to Geneva from the United States, sent by the Freedom League to assist as well. Currently the gathered heroes were with Colonel Ellis in a large command center in the center of the headquarters, where UNISON technicians were tracking activity all over the world as various militaries began the process of preparing themselves for the possibility of an attack, and keeping an eye on the telemetry coming in from numerous satellites and radio tracking stations on Earth that were scanning the heavens for signs of approaching ships. "So as of right now, we need about another half an hour to have all the planes ready to go into combat if needed." Ellis stated to the gathered heroes. "We can probably have half of them up in about twelve minutes, perhaps a bit sooner. As for the military units around the rest of the world…well, they are trying to mobilize as quick as they can, but this is probably about one of the worst times for such an attack in terms of the number of personnel away from base with friends and family."
  9. Tiffany Korta

    Dining Out

    Braddock’s Restaurant, London, United Kingdom Braddock’s was one of the most exclusive restaurant in London there was a two year waiting list and still then you could be turned down for not being of the right caliber. So an invite to attend a diner on the fly was a surprise in the very least. As they arrived they were show to a table where there sat an old woman she only appeared in her 60 but she was actually much older. Dame Pennington, Britannia during the war, was not a woman to be trifled with despite her advancing years.
  10. Jameson Airport North Freedom, New Jersey 2:24 PM Wednesday November 26th, 2014 Normally when Erick Sloane was speeding through traffic at break neck speed it was while narrowly avoiding gunfire in pursuit of some sort of mafioso. Today, he was actually combating traffic for an entirely different reason. He was running late and it would be a tight squeeze to arrive on time. Erick had somehow found himself oversleeping despite normally pulling late nights. His barely street legal Porsche 918 was put to the test as it raced to the airport to pick up his guest. Erick didn't want to leave her waiting at Jameson of all places, as it was less of a rest stop than Jordan International. If not for the likelihood of attracting attention to himself, he would have taken his new even fancier mode of transportation. But, there was plenty of time to show that off later. One rushed car ride later, with thankfully no police stops along the way, Erick found himself on the edge of the curb waiting for incoming arrivals. There was a brief moment in which he felt like an overly expensive taxi as he looked around the curbside pickup. Searching for the VIP guest he had invited to spend the holiday with him. Did your flight get in? If he was waiting on someone else he might've considered texting or calling first.
  11. OOC for thread. Synapse is asked by the Ministry of Powers to investigate Ulysses strange affinity to the power of steam, and gets pulled into Earth Victoriana, India! Right, to start off: We have Synapse travelling to Dover. Exaccus, Feel free to narrate whatever you want about how you might be in Dover / The Channel Tunnel, either by chance or by some mysterious conscious or unconscious drive from your patron. Also note: I have left date of this out, but will edit it in. This is complicated due to Synapses involvement with other threads. I am open to suggestion on this front.
  12. GM Cairo Midday September the 5th Egypt. Land of culture, history, and Gods. And right now, political upheaval was rife. But this is where Doctor Zero's experiments had started, back decades ago into the cold war. It seemed that whenever Doctor Zero and the Sleeper where involved, politics was a storm. Between Synapse and Foreshadow, the trail had twisted, turned, and obscured. But it had lead here, Cairo. And in particular, a Professor Zaki. Professor of history and politics, who had looked most carefully at President Nasser's allegiance with the Soviet Union. He had strong suspicions that the Soviets - and Zero in particular - had used Egyptians as guinea pigs in developing Darwin X And in some sweaty coffee shop in a dusty Cairo street, he waited for the pair...
  13. GM It was the ever enigmatic Mr. Smith, dressed in his black suit and carrying his extremely large suitcase, powered by his tall, muscular frame, that sent Synapse off. "Dover" The channel tunnel had been shut. On the English side. There was a cover story, of course. Engineering works to ensure safety. All very reassuring. All completely false. Nobody really knew what was going on, but it happened fast. An explosion and then...nothing. No trace of explosives. A flash for one second popped into existence, and then popped straight out again. "From the little information we have, the origin of this may not be from our dimension" explained Smith as he introduced Doctor Rhona Rost. Dr Rost was working for the government, an expert in theoretical physics apparently, and well briefed. She was a nervous, thin, woman with nicotine stained fingers and bad glasses. For all that, she was also a tall, blonde, woman with sculpted Russian cheekbones. She looked like a Supermodel who had stayed up three nights on too much coffee and had thrown all her make up and fancy clothes down the toilet. "Y-Y-Yes yes" she said, adding a nervous stammer to her plethora of qualities. Her voice didn't indicate either a lack of confidence or an abundance of arrogance. "We best get going. Don't want another frazzin' explosion in a tunnel under the sea, do we?" she asked, hopping from one foot to another in perpetual restlessness. Smith's face was, as ever, like unnatural stone. No muscles moved at all. He merely handed Synapse a sealed document. "Only open if you are...displaced..." he said, stoically, before marching off.
  14. GM "So that's it" said Cruxberry. "The best lead we have. And I can't say I'm surprised that it was Lucy Diamond that showed up first. She never was very circumspect at the best of times". Cruxberry sat, whilst the impassive, muscular agent Smith stood with his usual jet black glasses, crisp black suit, and huge black briefcase, not moving a muscle. He didn't say a word. Smith never said a word, unless he needed too. It was in rural Wales, apparently. Some locals had seen sights. Of course, masses of people had seen sights. Champion flying overhead, Y Derwen planting himself in their back garden, on a glittering display of lights that could only be Lucy Diamond. But this was a lot more persuasive than the others. The descriptions were accurate. And actually frightening. A band of travellers, a wandering woman matching Lucy Diamond, and a wholescale panic. The whole travelling community went, for want of a better word, banana's. Attacking each other, arson, self injury. Two dead, seventeen severely injured. Utter mayhem. The file on Lucy Diamond spoke for itself. "Lucy was always powerful, but a loose cannon" explained Cruxberry. "Anyone touching her was infected with some kind of madness. And she was quite short of marbles herself. Combined that with the ability to turn into a form of organic diamond..." he whistled. "Osprey and Dr Benoit...I can see their potential but they haven't earned their stripes yet. Also, I need them for another matter" he explained to Young Brittania and Synapse. "So I would like you two to look into the sightings. Lucy Diamond is not a threat, at least not directly. We just want to find answers...." he drummed his fingers and looked at Synapse. "And there is a problem" he explained. "Lucy was completely immune to psionic effects. At least as far as Headcase was concerned. Somehow she shuts them down. Probably why Headcase was so paranoid about her. Although as you know, he was pretty paranoid about everything" he conceded. "Maybe you can get through to her, maybe you can't. But you can at least try to find out what happened, see if there is any truth to the stories. See if you cant stop anybody else going crazy with that splendid head of yours" he said to Synapse, passing her the file on Lucy.
  15. GM Friday 7th February Sochi, the Winter Olympics 2014. The air was unseasonably warm in Sochi, casting doubts upon the logistics of the game, but spare snow had been stored, and was being hauled to the slopes. The mood was reasonably bouyant, with spectators both domestic and international looking forward to the herculean efforts of the olympians. Of course, the tourist industry was in full swing, with every type of food and drink being plied, and a rain of tourist tat to take home, place in the back of a cupboard, and stay there unseen for decades. There was a heavy and intimidating police presence, thanks to terrorists threats. And, some might say, to the possibility of demonstrations against the Russian governments policies over homosexuality. There was to be no marring of the festivities with contreversy, at least as far as the officialdom was concerned. One police officer was on edge. Sergeant K was smoking heavily. His revolver was hidden from view, under his armpit, but he always found it uncomfortable. Plain clothes policing in Russia could be a nerve wracking business. Shoulda brought a shotgun...he said to himself, between puffs, thinking of his favourite American film. He had good reason to be nervous too, given what he had found out. There was sweat on his forehead, despite the cool air. What he needed was someone to help him, and get him the hell out of Russia. An american tourist, well connected, plenty of money, and capable. He had considered approaching the American athletes, but they were too close to the problem, he judged. One wrong word, and boom... A palpatation in his chest. He visibly jumped at the thought...
  16. OOC for this Synapse and Foreshadow attend the Winter Olympics! Some politics, some athletics, some icy danger! To kick off, please feel free to post your arrival to Soshi, by air sea or land. Foreshadow has also experienced a fore-vision of Sergeant K approaching him, and also of Sergeant K getting shot (lethally? who knows...) Feel free to make appropriate Knowledge (Current Events) or Gather Information rolls about any specifics you want to know - either now, or in the course of the thread.
  17. Saturday, February 1st, 2014 Before midnight (but not by much) Winter had descended with a vengeance on Freedom City once again, but bitter cold and blowing snow couldn't keep young and restless music fans at home. After all, inside the Wall, the press of bodies on the dance floor provided plenty of heat, and the bustling bar provided a different kind for the club goers staying at their tables. Asli Sadik sat backstage, listening to the dance music and to the people outside moving to it. She took deep breathes, calming the butterflies in her stomach. She'd been going on stage for a little more than a year, but somehow every single time she did it she got scared. To distract herself, the woman leaned forward and examined her stage makeup once again. She had decided on a grey-and-black camouflage; she avoided makeup in her daily life, but on stage everything was fair game. A touch there, a careful smudge there, and she had to sit back. Anything more would ruin the effect. Now it was just time to wait.
  18. Rolling and suchlike for >this thread. Jiggity.
  19. OOC for thread, as we start pulling the team and relationship map together, and may see the beginnings of conflict and investigation!
  20. GM September 1st The Ministry of Powers, London There were, of course, a number of government agents. Armed ones, too. And a number of bustling, virtually faceless civil servants. But the only two men with any gravity in the plush office, decorated in oak, with lined leather volumes gilding every wall were the Minister for Powers, the Rt Hon. Cecil Booth, and Sir Cruxberry, who actually ran the agency. Cecil Booth was middle aged, slightly rounding, and moderately intelligent. A career politician, he had never been particularly successful and had never really failed. He had slowly risen the ranks, never destined to be a star, but never destined to take a fall. "Good old dependable Booth" was the genial comment that accompanied his name, when it was mentioned. He was even respected by the opposition parties, which of course only served to further dampen his career prospects. He had never wanted the portfolio for the Ministry of Powers, but once he had it, he had applied himself to it. Sir Cruxberry was older, ex army, and a veteran of war and spying. He wore a patch over one eye and walked with a noticible limp, but his solitary blue eye shone bright. His form was lean and his hair was white and clipped like his moustache. Somehow, one was left with the feeling that ones boots were not quite polished enough when one talked to him. Or that he could kill you in some ingenious but terribly effective way without breaking a sweat. "Thank's for popping over" said Booth, offering Young Brittania a cup of tea, of which he had already drunk several cups and was quietly trying to hold on to his bursting bladder. He was quite excited to have the heroine in the room. "For Queen and country and all that" he continued, with encouragement. "Look, I expect you know what this is all about. The Vanguard, they vanished without a trace a few months ago. Quite the mystery. Left us defenceless, and beside that, we would rather like to know what the devil happened..." he said with a helpless shrug, backed up by the precise gaze of Cruxberry who spoke no words but communicated his iron agreement.
  21. Supercape

    Hospital Visit

    GM Wiltmoor hospital Just outside London September 1st "Just a second ma'am..ill buzz you through" said the nurse. He was dressed cleanly and causally, middle aged but fit, with a pleasant smile. "Your father is here already..." he explained kindly as he lead Lady Dawn Farrington through the clinical and friendly corridors of Wiltmoor hospital. It was expensive, to say the least. But it was money that showed in the high level of staffing, expertise of said staff, and architectural beauty and function of the building. It was actually fairly secure for a hospital, but it hid it well. The grounds were expansive, and green, and the fencing discrete. "Susan..she is doing ok, you know. She still has some days where she is bad, but on the whole, she is making progress. She is learning to talk about and cope with her problems" he smiled, encouragingly. Further into the bowels of the hospital, outside the ward Susan was in, stood her Father, in consultation with Doctor Felicity Green, her psychiatrist, and a tall, bulky man wearing regulation agency suit and carrying an enormous briefcase that carried God knows what inside. A weapon? a bomb? "AH there you ah, m'dear" said Lord Farrington, stiffly, trying to contain his irritation at his daughter's appearance behind a stiff upper lip. "This man, Mr. Smith.." he said indicating the suit "...has come from the Ministry. They ah...were just checking up on your Sister. And you, I understand..."
  22. The Vanguard were the united kingdoms major superteam in the late twentieth century, forming slowly between 1970 and 1980. Much is known about them, from press cuttings and interviews. Of course, some information is more classified, and known only to those with access to the Ministry of Powers files on these exceptional individuals. What is not known is how and why they disappeared overnight...
  23. Synapse Player Name Thevshi Power Level: 12/15 (217/250PP) Trade-Offs: -2 Def/+2 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 33 In Brief: Rebellious genius Englishwoman with mental powers. Alternate Identity: "Dee" Farrington; Lady Dawn Farrington Identity: Secret Birthplace: Bournemouth, England Occupation: Activist Affiliations: Ministry of Powers (not by choice), Vanguard Family: Lord Erasums Farrington (11th Earl Farrington (father)); Lady Margret Farrington (mother); Lady Susan Farrington (twin sister); Edward Farrington (Viscount Farrington (brother)) Age: 25 (DOB: 5/18/1990) Gender: Female Height: 5' 7" Weight: 120 lbs Eyes: Blue Hair: Black, with green stripes (naturally blonde) Dee is slightly taller than average, with a slim build. Though an attractive young woman, that attractiveness is somewhat diminished by her generally irritable disposition. Her shoulder length hair is black, with a few colored streaks (the color of which varies from time to time between green, blue, magenta, purple and orange), though her natural hair color is blonde. Dee typically dresses in dark jeans, with T-shirts (typically with a band logo or some political statement on them) and a black leather jacket. Dee has a number of piercings in each ear, as well as tongue and bellybutton piercings. She also has gotten a few tattoos over the years. One is a grouping of Chinese characters on her left shoulder blade. The other is of a black circle made of twisted thorn branches on her lower back. Power Descriptions: Synapse's Telekinesis, Forcefield, Mental Blast and Paralyze attack all involve a manifestation of red psychic energy that are readily visible. Her Mind Control and Telepathy, are considerably more subtle in nature, making them somewhat more difficult to detect by either the target or others with mental awareness super-senses. History: Dawn was born into an aristocratic family in the United Kingdom. Much of her early life was spent in either London, where her father serves on the House of Lords, or at her family's estate in Dorset, most often in the care of nannies hired by her parents to help raise her and her siblings. The family's head butler, Arthur Winston-Smythe was also a prominent figure in caring for the Farrington children, traveling between London and Dorset with the family. Growing up, Dawn and her twin sister Susan were inseparable, as one would expect of twins. Their older brother, Edward, was somewhat distant, but it did not matter much as they had each other, particularly when their parents began to send them off to expensive boarding schools. In his position in the House of Lords, Dawn's father worked closely with the Ministry of Powers and was a strong supporter of Taskforce UK. In particular, Lord Farrington was a close associate of the team's mentalist, Headcase. When the Ministry revived its Powers Project, Headcase convinced Lord Farrington to include Dawn and her twin sister Susan in the Psi Initiative, confident he could induce psychic powers in the two girls. The two girls were subjected to the process, with Headcase himself directly involved. Over the course of several weeks over the summer when the girls were eleven, they underwent the process. When it was over, both girls had gained mental powers. However, something had gone awry in Susan's case, the process causing damage to her psyche, driving the girl insane. Headcase was forced to subdue her, and drugs were used to suppress her powers. Dawn's parents had no choice but to commit Susan to a private mental hospital, where she could be provided the best around the clock care, and carefully kept be out of the public eye. In Dawn's case, the process was far more successful, as her psyche had not been harmed, at least by the psi initiative process. The fate of her sister, and her parents reaction in quietly tucking Susan away, served to create a rebellious attitude in Dawn (who began refusing to acknowledge that name, insisting on being called "Dee" instead), as she blamed her parents, and in particular her father, for what had happened to Susan. Always an extremely bright girl, Dee began to do everything she could to act out against her parents. In addition to generally being as difficult as she could, Dee began dying her hair; eventually got additional body piercings and tattoos; and otherwise generally acting as unladylike as possible. During the times she was home (either in Dorset or London), she would regularly sneak out at night, either going to concerts or nightclubs. Unbeknownst to her, during those late night outings, she was often followed by Arthur, the family's butler, who had for a time served as an agent in MI6, as he did his best to keep her from coming to harm. Her behavior carried over to the boarding schools her parents sent her off to, including incidents such as mixing together a chemical formula to generate massive amounts of smoke in chemistry class (and thus causing an evacuation of the building) to repeated violations of school curfew and other rules. Among the prestigious boarding schools she got herself kicked out of were Brighton College, Queen Ethelburga's College (York), Wycombe Abbey, and Cheltenham Ladies' College. As much as Dee hated her parents, she despised Headcase even more. Unfortunately, over the years she was required to have regular meetings with the mentalist, as he helped her learn to use and control her ever strengthening powers. Despite her rebellious behavior and expulsion from several boarding schools, Dee eventually attended Oxford University. Dee's rebelliousness subsided somewhat, in large part due to the fact that the university was far less restrictive than her boarding schools, and the fact she wanted to be there. While she still enjoyed having a good time, she had little trouble maintain excellent marks. It was early during her time at Oxford that Headcase took Dee (despite her protests) to meet the other members of Vanguard. Unlike so many others, she was not overly impressed with Champion. Certainly he was powerful, but to her, he was just a figurehead for the status quo. Y Dderwen was rather inscrutable, and the young woman did not quite know what to make of him. Lucy on the other hand, she found to be rather cool, even if the older heroine was working with the government. After finishing her degree, Dee ignored her father's attempts to steer her towards going into research work with corporations at which he had connections or for the government. Instead, the young woman joined a human rights group and left England to spend a year teaching and working on aid projects in Africa. After returning from Africa, Dee was contacted by the Ministry of Powers to be part of a new Vanguard and help search for the whereabouts of the previous team. Personality & Motivation: As a first impression, Dee generally comes off as rather irritable, though she can be generally pleasant as long as someone does not do anything to aggravate her. Unfortunately, it is not that difficult to aggravate her. For the most part, Dee is happiest when she is left alone to do what she wants. In addition to a rebellious streak, Dee is also something of a thrill seeker, one who loves racing motorcycles, or extreme snowboarding. Although there is a great deal of anger, and even hatred, directed at her parents (and to a lesser degree, her older brother), there is still a part of Dee that cares about them, though she is extremely reluctant to show it. Being a superheroine has never been anything Dee has strived for, particularly if it meant working with the Ministry of Powers. However, she reluctantly realizes that despite what she might feel about the government in general, and the Ministry of Powers in particular, choosing not to do anything could well lead to innocents being hurt. Powers & Tactics: Thus far, Dee has had little in the way of combat experience, and thus has not developed any particular tactics relating to her powers. She has learned to use her telekinesis to protect herself with a forcefield, and will almost always put up the forcefield if she gets into combat. She also has generally sought to avoid using her powers in general. However, she learned to control her powers as they grew in strength over the years, in order to avoid them accidently going out of control. Complications: Twin Sister: Susan is still perhaps the single most important thing in Dee's life and the young woman is determined to take care of Susan the rest of her life. Dee hopes that someday she might be able to find a way to repair Susan's psyche and restore her sanity. The "bad girl": A number of tabloids have carried pictures of Dee over the years (and some of her wild antics), so she has developed at least a small amount of fame (or infamy, depending on who you ask) as a result. There has to be a story here: Besides the general tabloid attention Dee occasionally gets, one investigative reporter, Billy Bunting, has heard some rumors about the Ministry of Powers having some sort of psychic powers program, and that it might be somehow connected to the Farrington family. He is determined to find out if there is anything to these rumors. Another reason to hate that guy!: For some reason, whether by accident or specific design, Headcase's tinkering with Dee's mind to induce her powers has left her particularly vulnerable to his abilities. If targeted by Headcase's powers, Dee automatically fails her saving throw for a HP. Abilities: 0 + 6 + 6 + 12 + 12 + 2 = 38PP Strength: 10 Dexterity: 16 (+3) Constitution: 16 (+3) Intelligence: 22/30 (+6/+10) Wisdom: 22/32 (+6/+11) Charisma: 12 (+1) Combat: 6 + 12 = 18PP Initiative: +10 Attack: +3 Grapple: +3 Defense: +6 base, +9 with Dodge Focus (+3 flat-footed) Knockback: -1/-6 w/Forcefield Saving Throws: 5 + 6 + 3 = 14PP Toughness: +14 (+3 Con, +11 Forcefield) Fortitude: +8 (+3 Con, +5) Reflex: +9 (+3 Dex, +6) Will: +14 (+11 Wis, +3) Skills: 124R = 31PP Bluff 6 (+7/+11 w/ Attractive) Computers 14 (+24) Concentration 4 (+15) Craft: Chemical 2 (+12) Craft: Electronics 6 (+16) Craft: Mechanical 6 (+16) Drive 10 (+13) Disable Device 15 (+25) Kn: Behavioral Science 1 (+11) Kn: History 2 (+12) Kn: Popular Culture 4 (+14) Kn: Philosophy and Religion 2 (+12) Kn: Physical Sciences 6 (+16) Kn: Technology 10 (+20) Medicine 1 (+12) Notice 4 (+15) Perform (Piano) 12 (+13) Pilot 4 (+7) Search 2 (+12) Sense Motive 9 (+20) Stealth 4 (+7) Feats: 14 PP Attractive Benefit 4 (Wealth 2; Member of British Aristocracy, Member of Vanguard) Dodge Focus 3 Eidetic Memory Improvised Tools Inventor Luck 2 Speed of Thought Powers: 4+13+8+10+12+9+35+2+8+1 = 102 PP Comprehend 2 (Understand All Languages and Speak Any One Language at a time) [4PP] Communication 4 (Mental, 1 mile radius, Extras: Affects Others, Area; Power Feats: Selective) [13PP] (Telepathic Linkup) Enhanced Intelligence 8 [8PP] Enhanced Wisdom 10 [10PP] Forcefield 11 (Feat: 1 alt) [12PP] AP: Telekinesis 5 {10/10} Power Reserve 4 (8PP reserve; Base Powers: Mental Blast [10 total], Paralyze [10 total]; Feats: Additional Power: Telekinesis [9 total]) [9PP] Psychic Powers Array (32PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) [35PP] BP: Paralyze 8 (Extra: Perception) {32/32} AP: Mind Control 12 (Feats: Subtle; Mental Link) {25/32} AP: Telepathy 12 (Feat: Subtle) {25/32} AP: Mental Blast 8 {32/32} Quickness 4 (X25) (Flaw: Limited to mental tasks only) [2PP] Super-senses Detect Minds (Mental Awareness) (Very Common Descriptor, Ranged, Accurate, Acute, Radius) [8PP] Super-Sense (Communications Link [mental] with Foreshadow II) [1PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Melee 15/Tou Damage Mental Blast Perception 22/Will Damage (Psychic) Paralyze Perception 22/Fort Paralyze (Psychic) Totals: Abilities (38) + Combat (18) + Saving Throws (14) + Skills (31) + Feats (14) + Powers (102) = 217/250PP