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Claremont Academy has organized a summer school program based around projects on and vists to non-human societies. This thread is about a visit to Coalition space, the newly-joining worlds of Xix(around the nearby, undiscovered star of Lia) hosting an open celebration around their union with the interstellar alliance. The hope is that observing a peaceful transition between isolation to community will provide a safe, helpful means of understanding the galactic neighbors they might encounter later in life. 


At the same time, a group of spacefaring heroes have also come to the party. Some are already aligned with the Coalition, there to observe and guard the dignitaries at work finalizing the union of Lia and the galaxy. Others, however, are there following rumors that something horrible is planned, some devastating strike at the heart of the young civilization by an unknown threat. 


WHO: 3-6 PCs, from either Space or Claremont Academy, no PL limits. 

WHAT: Mingling, then reaction to a crisis, depending on reaction combat or escape closes thread(with possible follow-up). 

WHEN: Summer vacation, dated July 5th, 2019.

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Horroshow's already in a Summer Vacation thread, so my Claremonter will need to skip this.


But Doktor Archeville just moved to SPAAACE, so I'd love to get him in on this!

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Forever Boy's already in the Carribean, but U.F.O. would be up for being a space rep.


So, summer plans in the Carribbean will not hinder anything for Forever Boy, so he's up for the Claremont side, with U.F.O. still being available for the space side as well.

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According to Thev, this will not overlap with Dead Men Tell No Tales, so I'll put up Lulu. As a telepathic universal translator, she could be very useful in space.

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So Ari, as I mentioned to you in chat, I would be up for my Space Squire to be there on the space side of things.

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Let's lean a little over to Space for filling it out:


Star Squire Kath'Lana




For GMPC, I'm going to pick Sun Dragon.

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