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Avenger Assembled

25th Anniversary - The Terminus Invasion (July 10-13)

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On second thought, this might be a bad idea given my classload; I don't want to leave you guys hanging as you wait on me. Might be best if I just do a vignette.

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After talking it out back stage, we have a bonus thread:


And the Moon Is In Shock (alderwitch, PHANTOM) - This is the apocalypse. In a not-so-simple house, somewhere in Freedom City, the men and women of wisdom gather. With them come the great powers that walk silent through this world - divinities, avatars, and other entities of the sublime. They have come to hash out the terms of survival - on this world, or off it. Who will barter their soul to gain the world? Who will answer to the untenable terms? Come to bargain. Pray you can accept the price.


Taking two more occult/magic/divine characters. This is going to be a thread that's a mix of the "Dormammu, I've come to bargain" scene from Doctor Strange, the Season of Mists arc from The Sandman, and the bit in the motel in Lebanon, KS from American Gods. Bring your own deities, or equivalent force thereof - but try to keep the size of the retinue reasonable. 

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Hmm.  I could bring sandman there but I'm in two threads already so if there's any interest from someone not already in on the action I'll step aside obvs.

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