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World's on Fire

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OOC for here.

Straight forward, there is a movement to Lonely Point and base, where this boogie woogie is going down.


If you like to take a Bruise for an HP you may as this at the end of the cycle.
There is some small resistance, but at this point any scraps/fighting with Drones on the way is incidental.

Taarvon and Shivan are at PL14 caps.

Shivan is +1 Dam/ -1 Attack; +1 Tou/-1 Def
Taarvon is has no offensive tradeoffs, and is +4 Tou/ -4 Def


There are no-trade-off PL11 minions as well once you arrive. 

So post travel interaction/working out plan, and then I can set scene for arrival.


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There are hundreds.  And to be expected the enemies will fight to attrition, and will generally assist to try and swam overwhelm a target, there is only a couple score of armed forces 
They are tangentially dealing with the remaining Army/Military from the Base, who have hunkered back and trying to survive.  However most of them are just grinding at the other Nihilist forces, as Taarvon is trying to push to Shivan, and whatever other goal they have.

You guys can toss in a reaction.  And move towards deciding what you want to hit first.

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GK will be building a nice big wall between the armed forces and the bulk of the fight, either at the top of things or right now, if he has a chance in (functionally) a surprise round. It's unlikely to be subtle, though, so I don't want to jump over anyone else's plans.

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