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Found 1 result

  1. Ok. What is this? Well the Dream Team is my way of interpreting part of the guidebook post for the Freedom POTUS. Mainly that he wants more state backed supers. So this is the very much work in progress line up and write up for this team. None of this is sacred, all of it is up for debate and change. I left the team deliberately half written because I have no idea if anyone beside me saw the POTUS and went "OH! OH! OH! I KNOW WHO WOULD BE PERFECT FOR THAT!" So yeah very much work in progress and would love suggestions! it also definitely is not formatted. Will do but it wasn't a priority in my half a first draft. Things still missing: More members for the core: This is not the full line up. There's currently no female members for one and I would personally think that this would be a diverse team. Refining responsibilities: Is there anything else that people can think of that these guys should be doing? That maybe they shouldn't/couldn't/ wouldn't be doing? Fluff: they have no hideout etc. Wasn't really sure where was the best place to put them, I was leaning towards the south, might be nice to have Freedom in the east, Bedlam in the North, and EC in the west, so we put this in the south. Just a thought. The Dream Team The Dream Team is The United States of America's government sponsored super team. They began operation on July 4th, 2017 under a charter from the Federal Extra-Normal Defense Fund Creation Act (FENDFCA). They will operate under the public eye, stopping crime and preventing national disasters. Function and Goals Essentially they serve three functions: prevent and mitigate the effects of natural disasters, stop open and large scale super crime, and train other heroes and law enforcement. All of these activities are openly broadcast and displayed to the public, and the website for the Dream Team has information on their activities as well as costs and return on investment made public (It saves a lot of money to have super heroes unwind a tornado before it can cause any property damage!). They also can investigate crimes, but must have search warrants, probable cause, etc. At the end of the day the Dream Team has one real and tangible goal: Protect the American people. Core Members American Dream Class: Paragon State: Texas Juan Carlos-Sanchez AKA the American Dream is the face and heart of the team. His powers are granted from two psychic entities known as Liberty and Justice. They give him the ability to fly, generate a forcefield, and endow him with incredible strength. He is a notably young hero, only twenty five and the son of Filipino immigrants. Juan wears no mask, preferring his signature Stetson hat, Levi Jeans, and Ariat Boots Vaquero Class: Cowl State: California The Vaquero is a Gunslinger from the state of California. Notable for being a quick draw, skilled with a lasso, and having a number of trick bullets that can end situations non lethally. Vaquero was chosen for the team because of his ability to not only talk down common criminals, but also to emphasize with the public. Rumor has it that he has no powers, only his training and skill, making him an ideal for young kids to strive for. Satire Class: Other State: New York Satire is one of those odd heroes. A living political cartoon of more or less unknown origin. His ability to regenerate and shapeshift makes him a versatile combatant. Meanwhile he is already becoming the heart of the team, able to be both encouragement and critic as the need arises. And comic relief. Mostly comic relief. Mystery Master Class: Mystic State: Tennessee Mystery Master is a former member of the Waco Warriors. His magic stems from his connection to the ley lines that cross the Earth as well as the innate magic found in certain geometries. His signature spells deal with reshaping the weather or creating shapes of mystic energy out of the air.