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Found 20 results

  1. The Rope Power Level: 10 (150/152PP) Unspent Power Points: 2 Trade-Offs: +5 Defense/-5 Toughness, +2 Attack/-2 Damage (Shadow Snatch) Theme: Majula In Brief: Cowl wielding the powers of shadow through a magical rope Alternate Identity: Devon Dancer (current legal name), One Who Watches and Judges (Shadow Title), Kurush/Kūruš (birth name) Birthplace: Somewhere in the Western USA Residence: Freedom City Base of Operations: The Throne of Shadow Occupation: Professional Dancer Affiliations: Wu, the Seeker of Knowledge, Master of the Throne of Shadow F
  2. Timeline 2020 Calling All Heroes: Santa Muerte meets the other superheroes of Emerald City. Shadow Man: Santa Muerte investigates a sighting of The Terror.
  3. In Brief: Orphaned Latina Necromancer Character: Santa Muerte Power Level: 12 (Built as PL10) Tradeoffs: None (At PL10: -2 Attack / +2 Damage, -2 Defense / +2 Toughness) Power Points: 182/183 Unspent Points: 1 Alternate Identity: Ximena Romero Identity: Public Legal Status: USA citizen with no criminal record Birthplace: Emerald City, Oregon, USA Base of Operations: Emerald City, Oregon, USA Residence: The penthouse loft of the 23 B Apartments on University Hill Occupation: Witch Affiliations: Mic
  4. ATLANTEAN TECHNOLOGY Ancient Atlantis possessed truly advanced technology, including energy weapons, force fields, and aircraft, among other things. However, this technology was made up of a combination of scientific principles, the alien science and technology of the Preservers (including various artificial intelligences, Preserver Stones, and molecular-, atomic-, and even quantum-scale engineering, and harnessing "cosmic" energy), and Atlantean understanding and use of magic (including ley-line energies, enchanted crystals, and tapping into various elemental and geomantic forces
  5. ATLANTEAN TECHNOLOGY Ancient Atlantis possessed truly advanced technology, including energy weapons, force fields, and aircraft, among other things. However, this technology was made up of a combination of scientific principles, the alien science and technology of the Preservers, and Atlantean understanding and use of magic, including ley-line energies, enchanted crystals, and tapping into various elemental and geomantic forces (some of which may have weakened the strata and geological stability of the island-nation). Some Atlantean technology survived the Sinking and the
  6. Hex Alternate Identity: Leonard "Len" Kepler Base of Operations: Emerald City Concept: Superhero Wizard Table of Contents Allies & Enemies Costume & Appearance Current Role & Hooks Design Notes Headquarters History Personal Life Personality & Motivation Powers & Skills Timeline Allies & Enemies Allies Briana Whitethorne An old-school, broom-riding, wand-firing, cauldron-stirring, gravelly voiced, Scotch-drinking, pipe-smoking, dirty joke telling witch. S
  7. In Brief: Jason Chorde + Non-Snarky Harry Dresden + Gender-flipped Witch-skin Mercy with Winston's barrier projector Character: Hex Power Level: 12 (Built as PL9) Tradeoffs: None Power Points: 185/187 PP Unspent Points: 2 Alternate Identity: Leonard "Len" Kepler Identity: Secret Legal Status: USA citizen with no criminal record Birthplace: By the side of a county road in rural Oregon, USA Base of Operations: Emerald City, Oregon/Washington, USA Residence: A small house-barge moored on the Southern
  8. Friday, October 26th 2018, concurrent with Let's Fall in Like Athletic Field The Autumn Dance was still thrumming away in the Auditorium, Astrid's raucous guitar roaring and screaming into the night, as two of Claremont Academy's magically-inclined students went out on an impromptu ghost-hunt. "I believe it to be here." Dio stabbed at the ground with his powerful tail, the junior hierophant having prowled and sniffed at the baseball diamond for a good minute after they'd arrived "But my skills for divining secret tunnels are...they're not very good."
  9. This is mainly Ecalsneerg and I's thing, but I feel a few extra eyes can't hurt. Aiam addendum: This is what I sent as an initial suggestion to Ecal, none of this is his work, all blame falls on my shoulders. Basic overview: The Pact was created in the First Century CE by Simon Magus, that era's Master Mage. Before the Pact the gods walked freely on Earth and all too often victimized or manipulated mortals. Simon Magus ensured that divine and infernal forces would need human permission to enter the Earth's dimensions, changing the fundament
  10. Dreaming Deep Far beneath the surface, under and dimensions away from the Earth, sleeps a crab-like monster little bigger than a puppy. It lies nestled in the arms of two people who love it more dearly than its own kind ever could, and its mind resides almost wholly in the Dream Dimension. Around them, for hundreds of thousands of miles, is the dream-self that those unfortunate to meet it in their nightmares have seen, a Nameless One little more horrible and soul-shattering than the Unspeakable One itself. The monster doesn't know how or why it came to Earth-Prime, it only
  11. OOC thread for rolls and resolutions for thread. Weird times in Small Town, Arizona, U.S.A. Nick, Equinox and Pitch investigate!
  12. GM June 12th, 2014, 4.45 PM, Half-Moon Summit Park, west Springsvale, Arizona "Found it like this. Last week." said Jane Aqui as she climbed out of the truck, the middle-aged park ranger tilting her broad brown hat a little farther from her eyes, the better to squint at the ungainly, smelly heap in front of her. She'd kept a polite few feet from the new arrivals since first meeting them, the odd crew seeming to get a little more awe even than the usual outside the world's super-capital. Even the evidently taciturn Jane had dug a little deeper than the usual "Can you really do magic?"
  13. GM An abandoned hotel on lantern Hill, Freedom City, Earth 2014, June 12th, 12.02 PM It had started small, like most problems do. Something that caught the eye, but easily dismissed as a trick of the light, hazy memory, or the work of an over-active imagination. Then it got bigger, more clear, harder to ignore. Maybe window shivered like rubber, someone's faced changed in the flicker of a second, something you knew you'd seen, maybe you heard the asphalt speak to you. That was when the first suspicions arose. Then Eldrich appeared, in full view of the public, warning the world ab
  14. What: Master Mage Adrian Eldrich, in a ludicrous display, loses one of his manifold off-screen battles with monstrous, mystical madmen from beyond the veil! Not only is he conquered, but his body is turned into a facile puppet and his soul enslaved! Said conqueror(their identity unknown) promptly rolls into the World of Freedom, seizing the mystic reins unseen and and directing the dimension's very essence into one more suited to their will. They masquerade as the good-hearted magus to the rest of the dimension, but bit by bit, enough pieces fall out of alignment(weird things happening to
  15. Out-of-character discussion and resolution thread, compatriot of thread where Babybrawler, Equinox and Foreshadow II deal with a little Dark Lord problem... EDIT: Note that things can have plenty of slight, flavor differences between this and the 'real' Freedom City. For instance, the location of Parkhurst.
  16. What: Mysterious happenings at a small town in southern Arizona, which overnight has somehow become a thriving mini-metropolis, lead magically-affiliated heroes to the scene. Who: 3-4 magic-affiliated heroes, any PL. How: All magical slamdowns and bizarre magic traps all the time, relatively little interaction or other Skill requirements. So yeah, already told Supercape and trollthumper the details, but if anyone would be more interested if they knew more of the 'backstory' of the thread, just ask and I'll send a PM. Think of it as Dr. Fate and Pals go to Night Vale.
  17. GM Lantern Hill, 537 Herge St. 5.06AM, Thursday, 10th October, 2013 The black knight had seemed like bad news from the start. At first it had just been Morgan's contacts in the realm of spirits earlier that week, mentioning some change in Avalon that wasn't to everyone's liking, some new contender who was trying to shake things up. Such usually raised hell for a few months then withdrew from the world stage, but this one had persisted. Even a few of the lesser Fair Folk lords and ladies gathered to their cause. Then the Order sensed a surge of power in places once associated w
  18. Player Name: Elegy Character Name: Gloaming Power Level: 10 (150/157PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 7 Progress To Bronze Status: 7/30 In Brief: A young mage, displaced by death and time, commanding a power between Light and Shadow. Alternate Identity: Seth Syme Identity: Public (But Not Widely Known) Birthplace: Freedom City Occupation: Sorcerer Affiliations: Presently None Family: Long Deceased Description: Age: 339 (DoB: April 22, 1674) Physical Age: 20 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5'11" Weight: 163 lbs Eyes: Glowing Orange (Originally Blue) Hair: Brown Though
  19. GM Claremont Academy, Freedom City April 14th, Sunday, 11.59AM Another crisp, breezy spring day in Freedom City was at its height. The sun shone weakly down through a thick bank of clouds that hadn't shown any sign of leaving since morning, a gentle sea breeze was rushing across the Bayview Hill, and Claremont Academy was its usual quiet self. The grounds were well-populated, dotted with the school's outlandish students taking a breather from learning how to be the heroes the world would need. Most students were either off-campus or enjoying the outdoors before the week started t
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