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  1. Of course! Ill suggest, for starters, that the faint and fear - or even the revival - means Echohead loses the copy in his head. I dont think thats worth an HP, but just for fun! He can copy someone else of course.
  2. Echohead "What...where...who....no! Miss Violet! The pretzels!" started Echohead as he woke up. Why Miss Violet? Why pretzels? Nobody shall ever know, for 'twas a dream. Maybe Freud could speculate. But most likely we would not want him to. After all. Violet. Pretzels. Best say no more. It seemed that a brief passing out had somewhat stabilised his blood pressure and his vagus nerve had somewhat normalised. Whilst his eyes briefly pointed in opposite directions, they did converge on Pan and Echohead started to get his act together. "Why...I was j-j-just resting my eyes!" he said, pulling up his turtleneck and readjusting his sunglasses. After all, he always wore sunglasses. Even when he didn't need to. Arguably he would wear them in a cave. He had an unconsious reasoning that he would be safer if he didn't see all the things that could kill him. "Where are we? What do we do?" he jammered, looking for direction from somebody. Anybody.
  3. GM "The Knights of Anarchy are a motorcycle club. AN-AR-CHY! AN-AR-CHY! AN-AR-CHY!" he yelled. He had a curious mix of superficial linguistic fluency and lack of any real depth of intellect. "We are the brothers of our founder, SIR PRIZE!" he said, proudly. His belt did indeed have a "KNIGHTS OF ANARCHY" engraving on it. "And tonight we have a celebration! A festival of engines and beer and jousting by the beach!" he said, still proud. "Now, you look like a cool guy. With a motorcycle! Why don't you come along at midnight, see if you like it?" he asked.
  4. GM "At least it would be art!" declared the Knight. He had a bad nosebleed. A very bad nosebleed. There was claret all over the road pavement. But at least his limbs were bending at the correct points and there did not appear to be any splintered ribs erupting from his chest. He tried to get up. He got to the half way point then sat down again. "My bike!" he lamented. the front wheel was bending at very incorrect points. And it was rather scratched. "You, sir!" he said, in his faux-medieval american voice. "Did unhorse me! A low blow indeed! A pox upon ye, Sir!" he said, indignantly, although it was somewhat muted by his bleeding nose and the knight holding his head back in an attempt to stop the bloody fountain.
  5. Echohead "oooh dear...I don't feel well...I don't feel well at all..." gasped Echohead. His head started to swim. He felt his heart spas, like it was being twisted into a corkscrew. It felt too big. He imagined the veins and arteries swelling like balloons, then popping. He wasn't getting enough air to his lungs, surely. No matter how hard and fast he gulped down air, there wasn't enough oxygen. There must be a leak! The air was going! They were going to get sucked out in space. His head felt lighter and lighter as he imagined his lungs inverting and burstinh. And then he imagined nothing at all. He had fainted.
  6. GM The Knight of Anarchy did not seem to heed the words of Alex. Perhaps he did not even hear them over the engine noise and rush of adrenaline through the blood. Alex's trick was not easy, but it was pulled off. And, as he had sumised, it was also impressive. There was a small audience of people strolling along the beach front eating ice creams and holding balloons (or in the case of one petulant small child, eating a balloon and holding an ice cream). There was the sound of chain mail metal grinding against tarmac. The Knight was on his front, bruised and stunned from falling off his bike. His lance was thrown to one side. "Mnywah!" he grumbled, eloquently, trying to put his brain back together again.
  7. Au contraire That cool, risky, and life saving stunt means Fax - 4 HP
  8. Gosh I am not quite sure how you would do that stunt, but lets say a relfex DC 15 to side step at the correct point (or get smashed) and a DC 20 melee attack roll to do the trip!
  9. GM The Knight raised his eyebrows at the transformation. "Sorcery! Witches and Witchery!" he declared. He certainly paused for thought, but he had the loopy determination of a fanatic. "No matter! My will is mine own, and shall not be diminished! Onward! CHarge! Clippity Cloppity Clippity Cloppity!" he yelled, mimicking the sounds of horsehooves. Sort of. The engine of his motorcycle certainly revved, however, and in a moment he was accelerating towards Alex with lance held ahead of him. There was no way to avoid the lance - either Alex would move, or it would hit Alex. Or, at best, even if the lance missed, there would still be a crash....
  10. Echohead Echohead gawped at the view. For all his fear, he had a love for science and a love for beauty, and the Castle tickedb oth boxes. "Beautiful..." he whispered out loud, humbled. He was so entranced, he stopped being afraid. At least for a moment. He saw the treacherous conditions for docking. "I uh...uh....c-c-can we dock there? I mean...uh....its not too late to t-t-turn back..." he gulped, wiping his sweaty brow again. It was a surprise he was not clinically dehydratd given his sweating antics. If there was a gold medal in the competitive anxious sweating category, Italy would take first place. And probably be given silver and bronze as well in recognition of outstanding individual achievement. This was space, after all.
  11. GM "Yes yes, of course! I knew that, of course!" said the Black Rose, as he surveyed the Fae Realms. "Now, dear ladies and gentlemen and you" he started, nodding at Neverboy for the latter "this realm is where I have determined the best chance of locating the best fungus is. And more so, I hope that we have arrived at the area of this realm which has the greatest concentration of fungus!" There were indeed some very colourful mushrooms to be seen scattered around some nearby trees. Some where as small as a button, and one was as tall as a man. "There! Hmmm....I wonder if these would do?" he pondered, putting leather finger to the place in his glass fishbowl helm where his chin was approximately located. "Would any of you care to eat them to determine if they are poisonous?" he said cheerfully. "I am afraid I have no sense of smell. Or indeed a functionoing gastic system...alas!"
  12. I dont know if this will help, but as Sgt Shark is a marine Biologist, using Knowledge [Life Sciences] with add +2 bonus from Favoured Opponent [Marine Life]? Know Life: 1d20+12 15 pfft, Ill let Asad and Sea Devil do the work!
  13. GM The Wall was smoking. He even smelled of ozone. He had taken more punishment than any man had a right to withstand, but he did not give up. His eyes darkened and he charged, with gritted teeth and pulsating veins, straight at Justice. Once again, he stopped in his tracks when the Justice blast hit him, sagging to both knees. And then, he got up... "Gotta hand it to him, he's determined...." commented Kidd without thinking. "Shoot him you idiot!" screamed Blowfish at his bodyguard. Surruptiotiously, he pulled out a knuckleduster from the lining of his jacket. A weapon of last resort. But a weapon still. The poor bodyguard fired! BAM! A single shot into the belly of the Wall. Blood leaked from the wound, but the Wall did not stop. He stood tall and proud. Kidd spun around with the shot with a grin on his mouth. "You fired first...." he whispered, as the Bodyguard turned white. He turned even whiter when Kidd unleased a shotgun shell at him. White and Red, and knocked back ten feet....
  14. Round 1 (ish) 22 - Justice - 2 HP - Unharmed 18 - Kidd 16 - Wall - Bruised x3 5 - Blowfish 1 - Goon Kidd is delaying his action, so the Wall comes up next, and is thus hit by another Justice blast. Tough Save: 1d20+5 14 another daze, another bruise. Blowfish will bring out a knuckleduster from his jacket pocket, but not act. The Goon will panic and shoot the Wall Shoots The Wall: 1d20+3 18 hitting for a DC 18 Tough Save Tough Save: 1d20+4 20 but the Wall makes that save. Kidd is going to respond now by shooting the Goon Shoot the Goon: 1d20+12 19 easily hitting, DC 20 Lethal Damage toughness Tough Save vs Shotgun: 1d20+2 13 bruised, injured, dazed. Round 2 22 - Justice - 2 HP - Unharmed 18 - Kidd - Unharmed 16 - The Wall - Bruised x4 5 - Blowfish - Unharmed 1 - Goon - Bruised, Injured [Dazed this round]