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  1. Starshot "War...." No, I don't wish war. A hunt, yes. But war... He shook his head unconsciously. "I never wish war. But the pira...the sky-devils will bring terror on this world, terror and slavery. This, I cannot stand for" he said, gravely. "Nor should you, nor any race that walks under the sky" "For now, we are going to spy on the sky devils, to see what they are up to. A wise man knows his enemy before he makes war. And that is my intent..." He grew even graver. "But if, or when, war comes, what will you do?" he asked the Chief.
  2. GM ELVES! Now, Luther LeGrasse knew a little about occultism and myths; he had to superficially scan the wikipedia entries in order to get his act together. But...the real deal was something else. Still, he kept his cool. It would simply not do let anyone know of his shameful ignorance. "ELVES, YES!" Now, a more immediate problem presented itself. Namely, she was running across the water with gaity, and taxi's tended to sink in the water. Still, damned if Lament would give up the chase... He jumped out of the car and dived into the water...It was not cold to his skin, for the Void warmed his bones, and he did not need to breathe, for the Void fed his blood. He dived down, down...perhaps if the Elf did not see him, she might stop. For he surely would not match her speed by swimming.
  3. GM "Hey Detective Kidd! Remember me?" jumped in Jack Jackson, followed by his cameraman and sound engineer. "Hey! Hey! Like a piece of doggie doo on the bottom of my shoe! How could I forget?" grinned Det Kidd, pointing his finger and the reported and mock firing. "The Tommy Cult? You got shot to hell, if I remember...." said Jack Jackson, igoring the jibe and counter thrusting. "Sure did" said Kidd. "But it hurt less than listening to your shows!" The two stared each other down for a moment. "So, what you doing here? Another cult to shoot up? Going to blow up the building?" asked Jack Jackson, thrusting the microphone in Kidd's face. "No comment. Get that outa my face..." snarled Kidd, pushing the microphone out of his face and pushing Jack Jackson away. "Careful there, cowboy!" yelped Jack Jackson. "Don't want another police brutality charge, do we?...and whose this kid you are talking to?" he said, spinning around and sticking his microphone in the direction of Justice. "Any comment?"
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    Zip Zap OOC

    Giant Robot FIGHT! As it is powering up, its initiative is 0. Feel free to roll initiative but is will probably be academic as you will beat it! Which means Delta is up!
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    GM The Lab technician, whose name, apparently was "SANCHEZ" (or so it said on his name tag) and Lulu started edging out from the cover of the rock. The atmosphere was horribly cold, and foul to the nostril and lung. It was not a habitable place, by any shot. Sanchez shook his head, holding his hand to his mouth to try and filter out the sulphurous dust. Lulu did the same and with her other hand looked at her WEST Scanner. "I got...nothing. I mean, literally nothing. No background energy...no background dimensions even....this must be somewhere completely outside spacetime as we know it" she said. "KILL ALL HUMANS! KILL ALL HUMANS!" Squarked the robot as its power systems came online. The stun grips sparked, the blaster cannons oozed ionic charged particles, the eyes glowed red. "KILL ALL HUMANS!" it repeated again, just to make sure its intentions were absolutely clear.
  6. Lament "Aha! The Chase is afoot!" roared Lament as the Taxi hurled itself through the street. "You sir, are bold and brave! Neither craven nor coward! May you hold your head high when telling this tale to your Grandchildren by the fireside!" he said graciously to the taxi driver who was, as far as Luther was concerned, a good man. He leant his head out the side of the taxi, holding on to his fantastically tall and fantastically splendid tall hat. "HALT!" he shouted at the...well, whatever it was. He hoped he did not have to swim! Brrrr! The water would be icy cold, but the Void would at least sustain him from the chill. Or the need to breathe, come to that....
  7. GM "Proof? What do you think I am, a cop?" grinned Detective Kidd. "Look, kid. I ain't got a plan to deal with it. Nobodies got a plan to deal with it. Not until the bullets start flying and you can be Detective Kidd will be squeezing the trigger when it happens. They call me bulletbroof Kid, and they ain't wrong..." he grinned, relishing the thought. "This is gonna explode, and when I do, I'm just aimin' to keep good peace loving American's out of the firing line. Or maybe make sure they have enough gunpowder to fire back" he said, grinning again. "Oh look, its Detective Kidd! The Bulletproof Kid!" said Jack Jackson over in the distance, spotting Kidd talking to Justice and starting to walk over. "Oh Gods, not this idiot...." muttered Kidd, rollin his eyes but not running away.
  8. Lament "Dear Sir, I must be swift as as a sparrow!" said Lament, dramatically. "Some villain has abducted children! I am in pursuit!" He pointed down the street to the dimmed lights. "There! A tunnel of darkness! Pray, we must follow!" he said. "Into the mouth of despair! Please, good sir! I need your wheels and your hands...or if you would not give chase, then your wheels!" It was a bold move, of course, and dramatic. And rather crazy. But Lament was a master of the art and craft of theatre, his voice rumbled deep, his brow communicated desperation and nobility, and his voice was full of righteousness. Mayhap he might succeed!
  9. GM Dt Kidd gave a grin, igoring the jibes and protestations. His grin looked very much like a smirk. He started talking when Justice asked about Blowfish. "Blowfish is an opportunist. A shark. Don't underestimate him" he said, more seriously. "He got wind of the proposal, and took it over. Gets grant money. Uses cheap immigrant labour to build it. Then, when they live below the poverty line, when everyone starts spitting at them, he swoops in and offers them a better deal. A life of crime, with the added bonus that he has leverage on them..." "Its a neat deal. You got to give it to the man" he said, half admiringly. "But it means we got a big gang problem now. And to make things worse, some of the labourers have peeled off, thinking they are exploited, and want to form a...a resistance, I guess" he said, stroking his trimmed beard. "Except don't think this is some hippie dippie peaceful protest. The resistance is as violent as Blowfish, crooks and thieves and low life scrum. Lead by some knucklehead called the Wall..."
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    Ronin.... "Lady H" said Ronin, both surprised and pleased to see the good woman there. The cold thin tall man....sheesh, he needs to get out in the sunlight more...he didn't recognised. Doctor Thorne? She looks crazy. Kinda sexy-crazy. But I guess that's what I need...ah...I mean need for the investigation....of course....he said to himself. "My business is Ink. Like, crazy ink" he said. "But I guess you knew that already, the way you are talkin'" He cracked his fingers, eyeing up the threesome. "So if thats the business you are in, then I'm happy to lend a hand. In fact, I insist on it...folks in Nancy street are going to riot soon, and I'm guessin its not Just Nancy Street that's a bubbling pool of cooking oil, either...."
  11. If its OK with you Ari, Echohead will copy Randalls skill. Its 10PP worth of what I presume will be skills mainly (although any "space" feats you feel are mental and pertinent would work I guess). Ill let you decide how to spend them!
  12. Echohead Tentatively, Echohead put up his hand. Good golly! SPACE! in a SPACESHIP! It was like a childhood dream. Except... SPACE KILLS YOU! Yes, except for that part. Like, travelling through hard vaccuum. He gulped. "Yes Sir Mister Randall. I mean, we all want to track down Black Star and bring him to Justice! No question!" he said, trying to firm his voice despite a wobbling throat and a weak chin. "Except space is a bit ah....dangerous. I haven't been in space before...." he gulped. "Could I ...ah...borrow your brain?" he said. "I mean...not take it out of your skull. Or eat it. I mean...can I copy it psychically into here?" he asked pointing at his skull. He could have just done it. But he preferred asking permission. It always seemed polite. "Not a total copy. I just want to copy your skills and experience! Like, how to repair a warp drive or something" he blubbered, wondering if warp drives were real....
  13. OOC for this You can have a wide degree of narrative licence as to how you propel yourself into this thread, and feel free to use knowledge rolls as a preamble (With a specific question)