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  1. GM This was a matter that made Jones explode, even if the bombs would not. He smashed his armoured fist down on one of the computer banks, shattering it. Sparks flew onto him, but he was livid enough not to notice the petty burns. "DAMN YOU!" he screamed, voice raw. "ANNA WOULD NEVER DO THAT!" he yelled at Robin, face completely contorted with rage. He levelled a fist at Robin. "YOU BEEN PLAYING ME FOR A FOOL!!!!" he said, now convinced of his righteousness. Whatever doubt he had, melted away in a moment. And any judgement with it. Clearly this was his red rag; suggesting that his mentor, the brains, was anything other than perfect (in his eyes, anyway). "GIVE ME THAT BOMB NOW OR ILL TAKE IT FROM YOUR CORPSE!" he demanded.
  2. Starshot "Perfect" Starshot made sure that his Plasma Rifle and Helmet were fully charged - they should be, after the spell on the Xeno - and stepped outside into the foothills. "Time to put on your marching boots" he said, with a smile, as he felt the ground beneath his own. By the time this little adventure was over, he would need a new pair. Yuvidian synth-leather had an excellent reputation, but even the tri-carbonate weave only lasted so long. "A couple of hours march, to be precise. And we best keep it slow and quiet when we get near..."
  3. Sgt Shark Woah! This fellow looks like he was drawn for a Kid's Cartoon Show on Saturday Morning! ....And in the crazy world, maybe that is his origin! "The One True Scotsman?" gasped Sgt Shark, increduluous. He had met plenty of brave Scotsmans in the Army, and the SBS, and he couldn't see any of them taking kindly to somebody professing to be the only true Scotsman in the world. "You...do know this is the United Kingdom?" he asked. He was hardly a major in political science, but he did read the newspapers. And not The Sunshine, either. "Democracy?" he posed. "Constitutional Monarchy? Referendum? Does this mean anything to you?" he asked, honestly rather intrigued.
  4. Initiative: 1d20+15 30Init Notice: 1d20+13 24
  5. Sgt Shark Sgt Shark felt his senses spark, and the smell of danger hit his nose. The ship was falling, or disintegrating, or collapsing. Quite possibly doing all three. As sturdy as he was, he wasn't armour plated or invulnerable like Sea Devil or Asad. And sometimes, one had to beat a hasty retreat. With a flick of his mighty limbs and an eel-like agility, he whipped through the churning waters and out of one of the port holes. "Get out! Or Get crushed!" he yelled - to everyone, really. Unless Asad could somehow throw the whole thing to the moon. Possibly, he could.
  6. Reflex vs Area: 1d20+10 22 Tough Save: 1d20+10 17 I think thats a bruise given he made the Reflex Save.
  7. Mr Murk Mr Murk nodded, solemnly. "Would I choose Immortals first?" he posed the question to them both. "I think not. But that is no easy question to answer. Unfortunately, the world is full of questions that are not easy to answer, and yet answer them we must. What then, do you mean by your question?" "This is no secret society to better the advancement of one at the expense of the others. History is littered with groups that have banded together in secret, out of fear of persecution. From the Jews of antiquity to the secretive gay clubs of but a few decades back. It is true that with such grouping their is the risk of preferential treatment. I see no solution to that, for we must all choose how we act" "But as for accountability, I note your concern. Who watches the watchmen? The only defence, as I see it, is the law. In this case, the Codus Immortus" "But you must be quite clear. Members are not here to protect eachother, or at least, are not obliged to in the slightest. They are only required to protect each other from the worst torments that only Immortals could suffer" he said. "This is no Mason's club" he said, distastefully. "Even if you do not sign, and I would put upon you no pressure to do so, I would still choose to protect you from Promethean torment, even if I would not be obliged to" He paused and studied Grimalkin closely. "You are concerned, I think, that we are a cabal..."
  8. You can treat that as automatic for this device and your skill.
  9. Just got reminded the Big Cultist is already unconscious! So going for the Illusion Creator
  10. Sorry for letting this drown in the sea of my life! @Exaccusdo you want to respond to Voin or shall we press on?
  11. GM There was the slight raise of an eyebrow, but Uplift said nothing. Instead, he slowly walked down some gleaning stairs to them, almost silent, very agile. "A number of fields, as you summise" he said, cool. It was not a warm voice, but it had no deathly chill to it either. Uplift came across as measured, intelligent, and driven. But not driven by furious emotion, but by...something else. Philosophy, perhaps. "It has been some...time. But I believe I recognise you as Doctor Archeville" he said. "I never forget a face" "I never forget anything" he added, the slightest spice of vanity in his voice. "Not any more". He studied them carefully. "What have you learned so far, then?" he asked.
  12. Starshot "I agree. This will need patience, but we must not delay too long" Too many battles lost from the rush of war. And too many lost from the stasis of caution. How delicate a line to tread betwixt the two! "In any case, we need to find out what we are dealing with first and formost" he concluded. "Then devise strategy. Im inclined to think cutting off their communications would be a good idea. If they can call in space ship support we are done for". "Lets scout then. On foot would be best. See what it happening on these settlements. All we need to do is get there....If the Xeno and the ATV is out of action, then I think we shall have to use the Pirate Flyer, but do a lot of boot-work..."
  13. That will be underwater as thats where he is sinking...is that ok? (I will guess so?)
  14. Er...yes! Of course! Which also means you are up, @Avenger Assembled
  15. GM "The risk is always going to be massive" countered Diamondlight. And he didn't mind. Risk was a like a drug, and he was hooked. But one had to play risk, like a maestro played a violin. "But lets be clear. We aren't here to fight, or even grind horns. This is bait, to find out whats going on. Pure and simple. Its...intelligence gathering...." he summised. He wasn't exactly a spy, but he wasn't far from it either. "If you cant fit in the suit, then you will either have to wait outside, or come up with some appropriate black tie attire" he said, wondering, with some amusement, what she would choose...
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