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  1. Mr Murk Mr Murk looked around. In a manner of speaking. "Mmmmh. Patience is a virtue, I am told. No rush. Tea would be nice" he commented warmly. "Ill just peruse the books whilst you finish up here?" he asked. He held his cane stiffly and went to one of the bookshelves, quietly reading the ink. Not the book, the ink. He was blind, but he could feel the ink, the words, the letters, the caligraphy, even the flourish of the soul as thought poured into word. It was rather delightful, really. For the most part. There were of course some books that could drive a man to madness, such as those detailing the Unspeakable one and his nameless cults that were without name (and with good reason). "I could spend hours in here" he murmured, although with a voice pitched just load enough for Grimalkin to hear. "Or days. Years even. Why, I could spend centuries in here...."
  2. GM "I told you I was staying on the Plane, right?" smiled North. "Cheer up. Its only 20 miles" said Sgt Henry, strolling in from the Cockpit. He was already in lightweight Jungle Khaki, a knife strapped to his belt, a Tranq-Gun in his hand, a smile on his face. "Its a wonderful jungle out there" said Cortez, taking a Tranq-gun for herself, and a WEST Scanner. She offered some scanners to Delta and Archeville, although it was arguable if they would get any mileage out of them. There was plenty of water and rations to go around. Sgt Henry helped himself to a machete and rope. Cortez had a first aid kit on her back. "Of course, if anybody can teleport us there, that would be spiffing" chimed in Henry. "I rather look forward to Jungle trips" murmured Cortez, keenly. "Plenty of wildlife! And I have antivenom in case anyone gets bitten!"
  3. Still good! To save face, this is still an incredibly expert, clever Dok! (Its just the tech here is Cosmic / bordeline PL X)
  4. Give me a Knowledge [Physical Sciences] Roll! You can automatically detect the portal to the Lost World given your skills etc, to within a few yards. DC 30 DC 40 DC 50!!!
  5. GM The HORIZON began its final descent. Despite its air conditioning, one could almost feel the humidity and heat below, as rich ultra green jungle covered almost every inch of the hills and plains. The Crow Residence was sprawling and crumbling. It was not easy to maintain out here, but somehow it remained upright. The runway, at least was useable, and Sgt Henry landed the plane with only the mildest of bumps and jostles, attributable to the state of the runway rather than his skill as a pilot. Doctor North was already on the sensor array alongside Cortez. "Not really our area, dimensional anomalies" he conceded. "If you would be so good, Doctor?" he asked Archeville, pointing to the computers that gave up to date readouts and holographic displays on null-infinity paradoxical antievents, and hyperdimensional lensing effects. Quite the cutting edge in science!
  6. GM The hills of Wales would be a little bit hillier after today! The Force of Dreadnought drove the Giants head a dozen feet into the ground. He looked, for a moment, like an inverted statue of Easter Island - head in the ground, tremulous body quivering in the air. And then he fell unconscious. He would wake up with a very stiff neck indeed! "Bah!" grunted the last giant on its feet. "The world is DOOMED!" he said. "For King Cauldron be its only hope!" But it did not stop fighting. It didn't have the brains, maybe. Or its heart was too big. With a massive grunt of effort, he picked up a boulder. To say it was a boulder was an understatement. It was halfway to a mountain, almost bigger than the Giant himself. It was so huge that the Giant had difficulty standing upright. It was the biggest lump of rock in the hills and he tore it out of the ground with fingers that must have been stronger than steel. And then, with a huge effort, he dropped it on Klara!
  7. Tough Save: 1d20+11 22 Bam. Failed by 15, straight Knockout! Round 5 23 - Voin - Bruised - 2 HP 20 - Dreadnought - Bruised - 0 HP 0 - Giant 1 - Bruisedx2 The Final Giant will pick up a massive boulder and drop it on Voin! This is going to be a damage 12 area effect, so feel free to make those toughness and reflex saves!
  8. GM And so... The HORIZON was the flagship of WEST, or, more precisely, the flagplane. A converted 747, it was faster, sleeker, and full of every bit of laboratory or scientific equipment that they could fit, including an infirmary and an aquarium. The aquarium was, probably, there as a luxury item (and was the seed of much argument on funding). "You wont see me in the Jungle" smiled North "although I did my time sweating when I was with the WHO" he explained. "No, Ill stay on the Horizon and monitor the communications and sensor arrays" he said. "I know I'm not cut out for Jungle trekking, but I could hardly stay behind when there is a blaster carrying monkey in the mix, can I?" The HORIZON started its descent into the Jungles of Brazil. "Got an old house here we can use. Pulled in a favour from the British Museum, belongs to the Crow family. Dusty Antiquarians. But It's the nearest airstrip to the portal to the Lost World" explained North as they descended. "Should serve, but its twenty or thirty miles through thick jungle to our best estimate of the portal. And who knows what else?" "Strap yourselves in!" called a friendly voice over the intercom. Sgt Henry "Henry" Henry, ex British-SAS, pilot and jungle warfare expert, was more than happy to work for WEST and this was the perfect job for him. He piloted the HORIZON ably, and clearly was experienced. A jovial man with a broken nose, cauliflower ear, and several scars, he still had a broad grin and a respectful, happy attitude. Agent Cortez was a tall, thin Brazillian scientist, an expert in zoology, who had the body of a Brazillian model but the face of someone hit with the ugly stick; lopsided, and angled in all the wrong places. She had a sensibly shaved head and a cynical but intelligent attitude. She seemed rather pleased to be on the job and with Doctor Archeville. She strapped herself in silently and gritted her teeth. "I love my job. But I hate flying..." she groaned as everyones ears (well, those that had ears) started to pop...
  9. GM It was Dusk in Wharton Forest, and the sound of insects could be heard. There was the smell of rained - on - grass and something sweet and sickly underneath. "Gtumph! The indignity!" humped Boddyflock, although he and his men were glad to be alive. Unfortunately, the nauseating fungal cloud had inspired Boddflocks four men to empty their gastric organ quite violently into the palm of Neverboy. Small in quantity, their vomit, but most displeasing all the same. The Fun Guy groaned, then screamed. Clawing at his face as if he might rip it off. "Nwyawwwwlllmn..." he screamed, which could have meant anything or nothing, or quite possibly both. The fungal strains lining his skin were livid purple now, and his skin more mottled than ever! He clawed and groaned, he staggered aound in abject agony.
  10. Race Time!!! Sir Prize's bike has a 500' headstart, and is a speed 5 machine. Against him is the need to make a drive roll. He is good, but still... Drive Roll: 1d20+15 26 he makes it - for now! Let me know how you wish to [try to] catch up! All out movemenet and extra effort for that real zip speed all allowed! (we need to track CON rounds if the former!)
  11. GM Anarchists were anarchists, and thus most inclined to freedom. SIr Prize was free to go where he wanted. And they were free to spit at him and call him a coward. And so it was! The groupthink metality was swaying towards a rebellious contempt for their leader - who had fled the field! Twas not good publicity, to say the least. And now - the chase was on! Further down the beach, with waves and starlight for company. Sir Prize and Lady Key had the lead, and it must be said Sir Prize was an excellent driver ontop of a powerful motorcycle. And yet, on his trail were a man-car, Chromium, and the mighty Fascimile!
  12. GM Of course, the search result produced results. Unfortunately, a lot of results! The principle could be determined - metaphasic reaction, a theoretical (although by the looks of it, this laboratory had made the theoretical a little more practical) hyperdimensional radiation that could phase matter (or energy) out of reality. Or it could phase reality out of matter (or energy). It was all relative, really... Predictably, there looked like there had been ideas to weaponise this. Quite how, that was another matter. "You go ahead and shove that computer. I'm going to plant the explosives..." grumbled Jones, proceeding to start doing just that!
  13. Mr Murk Mr Murk gave a look around. Or at least appeared to. He was, after all, blind! "I was rather hoping to speak to the owner of the shop" he said, gently. "Ah...the real owner of the shop" he added, even more gently. He took off his glasses to reveal milky white, quite blind, eyes. And yet, he looked directly at Grimalkin. Of course, he could make his eyes look like anyones, as he was quite wrapped in the dusty dimension of the Murk, but he had found the effect of blind eyes watching someone rather helpful at times. Disconcertingly helpful. It was a signal that all was not humrdrum and routine. He had no clear idea of what Fae senses Grimalking had, although by his guess, she must have picked up some uncanny attributes. She might already know he was not what he appeared. His modus operandi for this situations was progressive revealing the truth. But whilst the progress might be slow, his initiation usually wasn't. To start with the mutual understanding that neither he nor the prospect were of regular flavours need not be delayed. "Is that you?" he asked.
  14. Rather than a protracted social conversation, I think it might be better to meld this exposition with the niceties of preperation, travel, and the investigation itself. If you have any reasonable equipment or prep requests, please post them here and IC. You can assume that W.E.S.T is very well equiped for its job (including field work) so things like survival gear, scientific equipment, rations, etc are all pre-loaded. On the other hand, this is Rapa Nui, so any exotic requests wont be immediately available (on the other hand, you are not in a rush!). Draft WEST guide (I will complete it and post one day! )https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10948-west-draft/ For reference, the WEST Jumbo Jet: Agent Cortez will be a standard WEST field agent Sgt Henry is a SAS man with skills in Jungle Warfare and Pilot. As such, he is more than your regular soldier! Finally, everyone has access to Tranq Guns (Fatigue 5, Poison, Ranged, 1 Shot only before reload)
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