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  1. ic

    GM "I don't want to kill. I want to break...Her-er-er-er-er-er......." Something splintered in more than four dimensions. There was a juddering sound, like rubber vibrating. Everything felt truly terrible for a second. Or maybe longer. Or maybe shorter. It was hard to tell. The Shadow realm was present, then was not. Everything froze. Hyperactive found himself in a sea of ember, glistening, floating. It was like a beautiful hellscape. He could see, like ghosts, the people around him, still like statues. Zyte, Zane!, Bloom, Sugar. Perhaps they were moving slowly. Perhaps not. The buildings and set were made of moss-covered stone. Cracks webbed the ground and the architecture, and hot gas seeped like glaciers from them. On the ground, before him, was Gold Star. Frozen. Like a ghost. And then, from Gold Star, a more solid person emerged. Adam Altman, a duplicate. Whereas Gold Star was all cool determination. Adam was pure fear. "Uuuughhh...." he shuddered, looking around. "What did you do?" he asked Hyperactive.
  2. ooc

    Ok post the attack IC and ill take it from there. Dropping out of combat for a bit!
  3. ooc

    Would you be happy to make that some kind of interdimensional chaos effect?
  4. ooc

    Ok so lets call that a dimensional attack stunt for an HP?
  5. ic

    Synth / Nyberg "I am afraid you cannot" answered Nyberg. "You have not persuaded me beyond reasonable doubt that AEGIS is not mixed up in this. Your words are plausible, but not definitive. You would say exactly the same thing if you wished to trick me into incarceration and dissect me" he explained. He was not angry, just cold. "And that is a risk I cannot take. SHADOW have been after my cells for years now, and I cannot take even the smallest risk that they will find me. For all I know, that has already happened thanks to you" He tensed, ready for action. "So now it is your choice. You may attempt to incarcerate me with my resistance, or you will not. If you are honest and true, then I apologise for my resistance - but it is the only choice I can make..."
  6. ic

    The Red Rat "I have a clanging headache" conceded the Rat, pressing her fingers to the her temples and crossing her eyes. She got her self some paracetamol. Inferior capitalistic paracetamol, a certain something told her. "There was a DJ, playing some inferior capitalistic music. A party. Some thugs. Oh, and they got my guns..." she conceded, showing the scientist her empty palms. "Which is, from a tactical purpose, sub-optimal" she conceded. And rather irritating. "I'd rather like them back. Unless you happen to have a pair of superior soviet datalinked bleeding edge snub nosed pistols with multiple fire modes around?" She wanted to flop into the couch. She decided not too. "Other than that, well, it was all rather strange. I was hoping the computer would tell some tales on the matter..."
  7. Not going to get much from that: Angel is not actually actively deceiving and that's not really enough to get a feel of his motives outside of the narrative IC.
  8. ic

    GM "Morello. Angel Morello" answered the Man. He took out his right hand and offered it to John. It had, John noticed, a calloused look. Angel was no stranger to manual work, or at least physical activity. "It certainly is atypical. The Church of St. Howard. Abandoned in the 19th Century. Many stories. Maybe some are true. Maybe many are true, strange as it seems. But this I have read; it was an asylum, of sorts. Not the good sort, either. The local clergy decided to use it for care, and not the good sort of care, of the insane. Seems more people went mad inside than out of it, or at least that's what the stories say" Angel studied the building for a time, admiring the architecture. "It is beautiful, is it not? Even if it is cold" he sighed. He turned back to John. "I intend to go inside. I am an investigator. A seeker. Of sorts. I used to teach History and Occultism in Colombia, so I have a nose for the strange and mysterious" he added, giving his little chimpanzee like smile. "And as for you, come now. Everybody who walks within a dozen yards of this place turns away. You only come here if you are driven, so to speak. This much I have observed....and you do not turn away, so I conclude you are driven too....ah! But if you feel you must keep your secrets, I will not pry. I too, like everyone, have my own story, and some chapters are too painful to speak of..." he sighed, looking away, morose or even macabre, at the grey horizon. "Still, if I can be of assistance..."
  9. ic

    GM At the Church of St. Howard 'Twas indeed an old church. In an overgrown, forlorn patch of struggling yellow grass. It was overcast in sky and a dreary light fell slowly to earth from grey and black clouds. Crows flapped around as John approached. He felt the presence of graves beneath his feet, forgotten for centuries. Nobody seemed to want to remember this church, not even the dead. A few lights were on inside, and John could see some signs of renovation, but they were thin. If this was a converted restaurant, it did not seem to be making much effort to attract custom; although one could appreciate from the architecture that should it ever do so, and sprinkle some gay essence on the place, it would be an impressive place to dine. "Feeling hungry?" A voice from behind him. Standing there was a man of shortish build, with a rather simian looking face - like a smiling chimp. He was far from handsome but had a confidence about him, an easy smile, and was of intelligent cranium and countenance. A mop of brown hair, a deep olive skin. Together with his accent, John would place him somewhere in south America by origin, maybe Colombian. "Not many people come here. Not many people at all" said the man, still smiling and ambling up to John in an easy manner, his hands tucked casually into his leather jacket. "You don't seem like many people though, Hombre?"
  10. ic

    GM Piper scratched her hair. It was in impressive knots, and came out in clumps. Iron Deficiency! "Dick? Yeah, Dick's a good guy. I mean...if I wasn't this..." she mumbled. Once again, she rubbed her stump. "You know, I can still feel it...not like a phantom pain, yeah, I read about those. No, its more like I can feel it move. I can feel it wriggle...scuttle..." she shook her head again. "I must be losing my mind. I must have lost it already. But I can feel my finger. Like it is alive. I can feel cold clammy stone. I can feel darkness, wetness. I can feel the rats rubbing on it...THE RATS!" She screamed the place down for a moment, to the shock of all that were witness. Piper grasped John with nine fingers. "I CAN'T get it out of my finger is still alive! Its horrible!"
  11. ic

    GM Just drinking water, as expected, lifted her strength. She ordered a salad. Vegetarian. It was not much. It wouldn't put meat on her bony bones, but at least it had a few vitamins, a bit of protein. Even then, she tossed it round her plate. "Look, I can't trust anyone right now. But I can't go on like I have" she explained, by way of explanation. "I mean, I would really like to know who you are, but lets be honest, beggars can't be choosers..." She forced a fork full of leaves and avacado into her mouth. She made herself swallow. "It was a few weeks back. I don't really know when. I lost track of time. I got roped into cooking in this old church on the edge of town. Not a church now, a restaurant. Spooky place. Being renovated by a Monsieur Jaune. Creepy guy. But he had a ton of cash..." she shrugged, appropriately. "Gave me a bed too. I guess I was excited. Proper chef. You know, foot on the ladder to success..." she said, musing over her dreams. A faint smile wafted over her lips. "But it was sick. Rats in the basement. In the walls. A few creepy guys came in and out. Strange foods. Dried. Spices I couldn't recognise. It felt more like a chemical plant than a restaurant. Although I did cook, and Monsieur Jaune liked what he tasted..." "I could have taken it, at least for a bit. Till I woke up one day with something chewing on my hand...." She held up her hand showing John the stump. "Then I ran...I think something snapped..." she said, clutching her head again.
  12. ic

    GM Piper's eyes were dry and unblinking, bloodshot. "Eat, yeah...sure, I'm hungry...." she mumbled. And she clearly was. John could see she was emaciated and more importantly dehydrated. It was a wonder she was still standing. "..but...I sure lost my appetite..." she added, rubbing the stump of her hand. She wobbled a bit, and dropped the knife. Clearly standing was taking its toll. "Oh shit..." Piper fell to her knees, clutching her matted hear. "It was horrible...horrible...every time I put something in my mouth I think of...Oh god..." She tore her eyes around the loathsome state of her appartment. "God, take me out of here. Anywhere. Ill...try...."
  13. ooc

    Could you give me a bit of detail on that? In general, there is some caution about "dimensional movement attack" type powers, as it removes NPCs from play etc. This kind of depends on what you had in mind though? Taking an NPC out of play - into a realm he cant escape from and where he cannot cause collateral damage is a bit of a stretch on first glance. How do you feel about it?
  14. ic

    GM Hyperactive could hear some singing behind me. Like burning plastic. Bloom screamed and patted down her hair, which was encased in enough plastic hair spray to build a B-movie set. It was no alight and she was smacking the flames down into puffs of rather unpleasant smoke. Her scream seemed more of fear than actual pain, but it must have smarted all the same. Gold Star gave a look to the camera. "She is a bully. I give bullies what they deserve!" he said loudly. One of the junior grips, no doubt a frequent target of Bloom's acrid personality, actually started clapping...
  15. ooc

    ok So Bloom has a Toughness of +0 but its hardly a heavy attack (DC 16) Tough vs Gold Star Blast: 1d20+1 21 even with that stupid +1 my finger slipped on, she is unscathed. Post that IC and for reference: Round 6 23 Hyperactive Unharmed 1 HP, bruised 22 Sugar Foxx, unharmed 17 Gold Star Bruised 15 Smoking Wheels [5] Unharmed 10 Everyone Else 0 The Parrot Unharmed Meaning Hyperactive can act again!