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  1. Gun Run

    GM "I'm sure I can steel myself" retorted Flare. She gave a limber turn of her body and fired another ember glow into the Casino entrance hall. This time, it exploded in mid air, releasing a massive brilliant light in the air that shone with furious incandescence. Once again, the folk of Freedom City were quite blinded, stumbling around. "I can't see!" "I've gone blind!" "By gosh, that was bright!" They said. A British tourist was responsible for the latter statement. With that, Flare ran into the cloud of brilliant light, without any apparent ill effect.
  2. Gun Run

    Thats good for me. So Flare: Firstly, the blast she fired at Bird of Arms has the secondary effect modifier, meaning he must make another save vs Damage 6 and Dazzle 6 (Tough 21 and Reflex 16 respectively). As a move action she will fire a flare cloud into the security guards creating the same havoc as the hospital, and then move another 30'. Note that the flare burst noted above is a cloud extra, which means anyone walking into it (it covers the entrance to the casino) takes a Dazzle 9 effect, which I shall wave as affecting them all. It does not obscure sight however. Bird of Arms is up.
  3. Industrial Strength

    GM Lord Crane was a bit disorientated, what with being dumped rudely on his posterior. The hot steam and water did not help his disposition. "I am no fiend! How dare you call me wicked!" he protested. His hands scrabbled around the few inches of hot water until they found his elegant revolver. Frantic, he pulled the trigger. Fzzz.... "Blast! The powder is wet!" he cursed, before squeezing twice more. On the seconds squeeze, a round was released, which fired wildly and richocheted off some distant rock. And then... The Greenlandic hunter, Midnight Spear, appeared, silent as you like, his spear in hand, studying the situation. He spoke not a word, for none would understand him. But he seemed intent; on what? And then.... "There it is!" declared a Texan voice full of southern twang. The gunslinger appeared on the other side, more noisy but hardly bullish. In his hands, his two revolvers, forged from the same metal as Mr. Hale's sword. They appeared to tremulate, ready to destroy the meteor...
  4. Industrial Strength

    Round 2: 28 Lord Crane - Unharmed, Disarmed 18 Midnight Spear - Unharmed 11 - Gunslinger - Unharmed 11 - Black Knight - Unharmed, 3 HP 10 - Sailors [2] Unharmed, Disarmed 9 Wolves [4] Unharmed Lord Crane will, as a move action, pick up his pistol, and fire from a prone position. Fires at Wolf: 1d20+10 13 Missing. Midnight Spear and Gunslinger both appear on the scene as per IC. Black Knight is up!
  5. Gun Run

    That works fine for me. Its like an improvised weapon. Its probably only a move action but as staggered that's how it rolls. I would also say as its an improvised weapon its +2 Damage.
  6. Industrial Strength

    GM Through the mist, the four wolves could be seen now, running and full speed. The sound of splashing through shallow waters. And then, they pounced! The two sailors put their arms up, screaming in fear. These were rabid arctic wolves, full of teeth and sinew, and they did not hold back. Crimson blood flowed as the sailors went down under tooth and claw, the wolves mauling them badly. Lord Crane ducked, disarmed of his pistol, but pulling out of his belt a bony knife. It was a poor weapon, but it was better than his fists. Before he had a chance to use it, there was another seething invisible pulse from the meteor, for it was now vexed. The firearms dropped, free from magnetic clutch, and splashed to the water. But now, there was a sickening softening of gravity, the brief feeling of levity, and then a pulse of crushing gravity. Lord Crane stumbled and fell in a suitably ignoble fashion, a small yelp coming from traitorous lips.
  7. Industrial Strength

    ok lets skip straight to the wolves, all four of them! One each will jump at Crane, each sailor, and the Black Knight. They use the Wolf stats but being big and strong have an additional +2 STR and +2 CON. Jump at the people around the meteor (charge): 4#1d20+5 12 23 17 13 So the two sailors are hit, and I will waive their save; they are disabled and staggered and essentially out of combat (and in fact have serious injuries). At the end of the round, there is another pulse of activity from the meteor. The pistols drop, and everyone must oppose a DC 20 Trip attack (STR or untrained acrobatics, whatever is higher). Save vs Trip: 1d20+3 19 Lord Crane knocked on his ass. Could you make an opposed trip roll to see if knocked down? You are free to make a reaction post. Round 1: 28 Lord Crane - Unharmed, Disarmed 18 Midnight Spear - Unharmed 11 - Gunslinger - Unharmed 11 - Black Knight - Unharmed, 3 HP 10 - Sailors [2] Unharmed, Disarmed 9 Wolves [4] Unharmed
  8. Industrial Strength

    Lord Crane will not act on his round, delaying. YOu cannot see the Gunslinger or Midnight Spear at this distance (although if could roll a notice for me for future that would be grand). Meaning Black Knight is up.
  9. Gun Run

    That will miss (Def 12) Round 2! 20 Spitfire, Staggered, 2 HP 17 - Flare, Bruised 12- Bird of Arms, 4 HP 10 - The Plebs. Flare is at the entrance to the casino, so 20' away. We are getting bystanders and a couple of security guys in the mix, Ill give them an Init of 10.
  10. Gun Run

    GM Spitfire charged into the bike that promptly did a bit of melting, and a bit of exploding. With a little peppering of smoke. It looked rather impressive anyway. A burning wheel started rolling down the boardwalk. Little else was left, although Spitfire had burning petrol all over his body. "Come on!" complained Flare. "My money, my phone, and my bike???" Her phone, although cracked, was still on. And still connected. A sound could be heard from the speaker. The connection was still on... "Are you alright? What's going on? Wait...I'm nearly there...." Flare started backing up the stairs, her feet nimble and light. She reached the impressive glass doors of the Casino, and took aim. "I'm not a violent person..." she tried to explain. But pulled the trigger anyway, releasing the same red-ember hued flare into the Bird of Arms, which exploded into light and heat when it hit him.
  11. Gun Run

    And in response, Flare will back off into the Casino as a move action, and fire at Bird of Arms as a move action Fires at Bird of Arms: 1d20+12 24 I think that is a hit, and thus a Dazzle 6 [Reflex DC 16] and Damage 6 [Toughness DC 21] Save for Bird of Arms. And then Bird of Arms is up. You may also make a notice roll (DC 10) to hear that Flare's dropped mobile still has somebody at the end of it. DC 20 To make out the details (Ill put it up in IC, prefer to be transparent about this and trust you wont metagame! ) Spitfire can make the same rolls at -5 penalty for distance.
  12. Gun Run

    I'm not sure it can make that, so I am just going to say its toast.
  13. Industrial Strength

    INitiative rolls for our motley crew: Init Rolls: 5#1d20 17 1 6 10 7 Ok so that is suitably lazy use of Orok. But adding in the various modifiers. Round 1: 28 Lord Crane - Unharmed, Disarmed 18 Midnight Spear - Unharmed 11 - Gunslinger - Unharmed 11 - Black Knight - Unharmed, 3 HP 10 - Sailors [2] Unharmed, Disarmed 9 Wolves [4] Unharmed
  14. Gun Run

    GM Bird of Arms flew through the air, this time not propelled by his wings. He fell slightly short, tumbling gracefully into Flare although without the full impact he desired. "Oh for fu...flphhh..whpphhh...." complained Flare, getting a mouthful of feathered wing. She took a few steps back, clutching a bruised rib from avian foot. She raised her pistol quick as a flash, and dropped her phone, that cracked with the force. "You guys are twisting my melon!" she said, angrily. "Can't you leave a girl to do some business? You cost me a million already..." Spitfire had landed gracefully, but the Patrol Car had not. Acrid smoke was pouring out of its engine, which was, improbably, still running despite the crumpled bumper and twisted bonnet.
  15. Gun Run

    ok, so first off, a toughness save for Flare: Toughness Save vs Bird of Arms heroic charge: 1d20+4 20 so Flare is bruised. Initiative Roll: 1d20+16 17 Round 1! 20 Spitfire, Staggered, 2 HP 17 - Flare, Bruised 12- Bird of Arms, 4 HP Bird of Arms and Flare and 25' from her motocycle. Spitfite is a further 25' away next to a half - wrecked (but for the sake of fun, just injured and still functional) police car!