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  1. ooc

    For now, yes! I'm adding a few ranks of Slow Fade to the drain to make it meaningful: Recover 1 point every hour. As far as I know the only way to recover from a drain effect is a boost effect. So with extra effort / HP expenditure we could hand waive a recovery as a stunt? As I understand it the healing power does have these limitations by design so that it is not a "ping back from anything" kind of power (which, in array costing 1 PP would be pretty cheesy!)
  2. ooc

    Not quite: as per Ultimate Power, Healing allows you to recover damage conditions, which does not include ability damage (or status effects), so you still have CON 3 drain. On the positive side, HEaling gives you a bonus to the Poison effect which would kick in after a minute (another Drain 4 effect) - after which no further saves needed. With a Fort save of +3 and the Healing 10 power giving another +10, a total of +13, means you cannot fail the poison save! Feel free to narrate that as you wish (e.g. the poison pouring out of the bite marks).
  3. ic

    GM As Vesper sank into unconsciousness, the snake let out a hisss, like it was deflating. Its black eyes became a little less black. It now appeared, if not benign, at least less determined to sink its teeth into either Rosa or Kimo. Instead, it slunk to the ground, and slithered off. Rosa was whiter than ever, despite her Colombian skin. "What...what happened?" she said, hardly believing her own eyes. "What was she? What are you?" Medical instincts kicked in as she saw the wound on Kimo's calf. "Oh my God! you are bitten! Let me see? are you alright?" she asked, as she moved over to examine the bite.
  4. ooc

    Not in the same round, but if you post IC first, lets see what happens!
  5. ooc

    That will hit! Toughness Save vs KK: 1d20+0 1 and she is out like a light. No need to roll for a grapple of an unconscous body. Your CON is now 7, meaning a Toughness of +7, Fort of +3.
  6. ooc

    In accordance with Gears advice, taking an aimed (+4) shot, shifted +2 accuracy, -2 damage. Possibly its flat footed or suprised too but not including that. Fires at drone: 1d20+16 27 I guess that hits (if not, its scary!) so a DC 21 Toughness save. in case its needed Ill throw out an initiative roll too: initiative vs Drone: 1d20+10 22
  7. ic

    Starshot I guess I am, but those four blasters look pretty handy....he thought to himself. He didn't recognise them, but he was glad Gear had his back. Try not vapourise it....well, easier said than done.... He kept quite still, holding his breath, and took a bead on the drone. Not the hardest thing to hit, but not the easiest either. He took aim, neither too fast, nor too slow, crouched with one knee supporting his elbow. And then, a squeeze on the trigger...
  8. ic

    GM The smoke swarmed away, and the wood splintered. If any serpentine God was watching, it would be displeased. Shards of half rotten wood fell down on them all, and for a groaning second, one could imagine the whole shrine would collapse. Vesper rolled away, laughing. "I knew you were sometin'" she cackled as the impact hit her and she tumbled out of the shrine, through the splintered hole, and landed face down in some shallow mucky water. Now the smoke had gone, Kimo could see an asp, or viper, or some such snake, coiled around his boot and poised. It did not delay further, but sank his teeth into his calf...
  9. ooc

    ok we can basically waive the Bluff check. The intimidate check is vs: Sense Motive vs Intimidate: 1d20+13 17 so won't work. However, Vesper is fragile. Also, sitting down, Ill give her a -2 penalty to her reflex. Reflex Save vs Shockwave: 1d20+0 20 which she actually makes for a DC 19 Toughness save. Save vs Toughness: 1d20+1 12 Its still enough to stun and bruise her (I am assuming its non lethal damage) In response the viper snake at your feet will sink his fangs into Kimo. We are using a modified Snake (Viper) statistics, and assuming that Kimo is flat footed and its an "Aimed" attack due to the thing being only felt not seen and having snuck up on him. Attacks Kimo: 1d20+7 12 with +2 for aim makes 14, which just hits him. You can choose to narrate that as kicking the thing of your foot just after it sinks its teeth in. No real damage effect (a little blood but nothing to cause a bruise or injury). But its a Drain Constitution 4 effect for you to roll!
  10. ic

    Synth A grumbling sense of frustration, perhaps even despair, hit Synth, watching the building. She was still dressed as a depressingly filthy tramp. It seemed even the tramps avoided her. She muttered a bit about the CIA microchip in her head just to add to the facade. Paranoid delusions with thought insertion! came the memories. But AEGIS had the place locked down tight. And it had no become a less fruitful target. Firstly, she had seen what was inside, at least to some degree. Secondly, whatever there was in there that could help would be locked down even tighter, or, probably, the scientist had either destroyed or removed. It was worthy of a sigh, and a sigh she gave it. Instead, the prospect of investigating Williams and Knight reared its ugly head. But perhaps not like this... Instead, a trip back to her flat. Grab the spare key in the flower pot. A shower, a change of clothes, and an attractive young blonde woman with cropped hair, the best clothes she could get, and that "power lawyer" look...
  11. ic

    GM "Stand then" said Vesper, vexed. "The snake people, Oui" she said, her voice taking an a droning song like texture. "They were here before Atlantis. The mighty empire of Lemuria, stretching from Leng to the Savage Lands. Come the war with Atlantis, when earth and sea shook and trembled, they were driven below ground..." She took up two handfuls of black earth, muddy and dense, and showed Rosa and Kimo, also as an offering. The smoke on the ground was now thick and impenetrable for at least six inches. "You have heard of Set? You have heard of lizard cults around the world? They were born from Lemuria. Their blood even runs in some strange folk. Maybe you have even heard of the Cult of the Yellow Sign and their dread unspeakable god. would drive you mad if you knew it all....HAHAHAHAHA!" she screamed. "Sorcerers they were. And, if you look careful, the remnants of their sorcery remain. Like this shrine...." she said, pleased with herself. Kimo felt something slithering over one of his boots.....
  12. ic

    Synth (as Hobo Woman) Synth paused a moment to turn her clothes inside out and smear them with the residue of subway stations; black soot. It was not ideal, but a casual glance might be fooled. She had endured quite the trek in the last few hours, but Synthetic flesh was resilient. Still, it did not take much acting to bend over and start walking with a slow shuffling gait. A touch of Parkinson's disease! came the memory. It was a fair suggestion for a hard living woman in her fifties with no medical care. Barbarians! spat Synth inside her head, wondering at the state of medical care and inequity of wealth. She shuffled onto the platform of the subway, pondering next move. She would draw the kind of attention that was not attention - people would avoid her furiously, both physically and with their gaze. A well trained agent would look twice, she was sure. As much as it sat uncomfortably, she would have to steal again - clothes. Perhaps a shopping bag left unattended, if there was one. The other option was to sidle off to the subway "Staff only" section, maybe grab some uniforms and change shape again - although she did not relish the thought of another rapid transformation.
  13. ooc

    Given Endurance 5, thats a +20 bonus on top of Con, or +30 total!
  14. ic

    GM The woman gazed up at Kimo from her crouch, meeting his gaze with her yellow eyes. "What is that, Jaundice?" asked Dr Sanchez, coughing a little and waving the fumes from her mouth. "Are you sick?" she asked, sniffing. "Self-medicating for pain?" The woman laughed gently at them both. "Non. I am as sick as anybody hehe..." it was almost a cackle. "This place is rich, in power. You can feel, it can't you?" she asked Kimo. "There is something about you. Bold, maybe....well, my name is Vesper at least that's what I say my name is, and that's what they call me haha!" She beckoned them to sit by her, where the fumes were strongest. "Mad old swamp lady will do, if you want" she said a bit more softly, gazing at the flames. "And this shrine is for me haha. At least, I sit in it. But its as old as hills, I reckon, don't know how old. Older than you or me. I reckon these trees all bent themselves this way by witchcraft before man was born. When the snake people owned the earth..."
  15. ooc

    Sense Motive: 1d20+13 15 You call her bluff, ill post accordingly. Will Save vs Mind Reading: 1d20+12 17 She just makes the mind reading. Could I trouble you for a) another notice roll? b) a DC 10 Fort save from inhaling the drugged fumes. For save vs fumes: 1d20+2 12 which Rosa makes.