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  1. ic

    GM "Holding..." said a polite receptionist. "...." There was a pause. "...yes. This is Violet Bloom, Bloom Enterprises" said a voice. It had a kind of cautious steel. An older woman, by guess. Well practised in threats, guile, and bluff. Like a poker player who let nothing out and whose eyes, or in this case ears, absorbed everything in endless calculations. "What do you wish to tell me?" came the practised question. Nothing incriminating, nothing let out. An experienced, astute, and smart lady.
  2. ic

    Flintlock "That would be Spike! Spike the Monkey!" answered Flintlock merrily. The smallest member of the Skeleton Crew stepped up and bowed deeply. "My eyes be sharp as an eagles!" he proudly declared. Flintlock was a bit more sceptical. Or realistic. "Well, not that sharp. Sharper than a blind bat, maybe. But! On the positive side, being of undead persuasioning, me crew can see in the dark as well as a bat!" she explained. "Which comes in handy for sneaking up on icebergs and the like. You have got to watch those sneaky icebergs!" Handsome Jack huffed and puffed, muttering under his breath. "I warned Eddie, I warned him. Das Iceberg! I said. Das Iceberg!" "In any case, Icebergs aside, I doubt Spikes eyes are much better than your beautiful blue..I mean brown eyes!" she said, giving Amir a wink.
  3. ooc

    I'm taking a bet that these guys are minions, so taking 10 for an attack, shiting -3 att / +3 damage, for a 19 roll (Which I bet hits?) and punching one for a damage 6 (Dc 21) attack. If it hits, Ill go for KO and attack the other, although this time I dont want anything more than staggered and dazed (for questioning!)
  4. ic

    The Red Rat "It hurts..." She sprung up, like a cobra struck be lightning. "Right..." She pulled her fist back "!" And, kicked him hard. "You boys are biting more than you can chew" she added. "I want answers, and I am sure you want to give them to me. Well, I am sure you will want to give them to me..." she corrected herself.
  5. ooc

    Usually, just because its easier, we go with the most up to date sheet and dont fret about it
  6. ic

    GM Aside from a few clips of ammo, some money, some suspicious smokes, some mobile phones, and various trinkets, there was not much to be found. Except this: Violet Bloom: Agent A stylish contact card that a couple of the Smoking Wheels' had on them. "Might have fast reflexes, but slow up top..." said Zane! on the discovery. "I know her. Ice queen Hollywood boss" said Zyte, almost spitting. "Produces a lot of action films. Wants to move into superhero adventures. She has tried to woo several superheroes over the years. All rather distasteful, if you ask me" he muttered. "But she has a lot of power and influence. I'd swallow the bad taste if I could get to work with her" he added, without shame. "She has her fingers in a hundred pies. Was she employing the Smoking Wheels? I wonder what for..." he wondered.
  7. ic

    GM Zyte didn't stop filming, not for a second, and not now. Zane! answered the first questions. "The Smoking wheels, they had a reputation for...well....thuggery. A bunch of alpha males that drank too much, and smoked too much other stuff. I'm not talking cigarettes. Plenty of complaints from women on the set too, and a couple of other men. Plenty bad about them, but they didn't discriminate on sexual orientation" he said, uncharacteristically thoughtful. "Eventually, they became a liability. Good guys, I mean, they were a good stunt crew. But nobody would have them on set. Can't say I blame them either...." Zyte interrupted, having contemplated the whole mess. "How do we know they were after the Parrot? and even if they do we know they were out to kill him? Kidnap? Extort? Frighten?" he mused.
  8. ic

    Flintlock Through the endless ether Flintlock swam. The world seemed faint and dream like to her astral body. Firstly, and swamp harbour base why is this still open? and so her projection floated into it. Rusty musket barrels, rusty blades. The trappings of pirates as sure as rum was rum. She should know. She was one. And then, in multiple planes of existence and spirit, and glowing sigil on a ruin. Somehow, it imprinted a person onto her astral mind. Black hair, black eyes...Jacquotte Delahaye! Ah! There was a name from centuries yonder she would not forget. Nice lass... She snapped back to her body, her eyes wide open. "Pirates! I mean...more Pirates!" she gasped. "Well, I didn't see any pirates, but I felt a presence. Jacquotte Delahaye, pirate queen! Well, second pirate queen after me, is!" she added, hastily, knocking her eyes back into focus. "I don't know if she is alive, or dead, or even there any more. But I think she is back!"
  9. ooc

    Ok so that is just enough Toughness Save vs TTM: 1d20+2 12 is his roll, but I forgot to add his undercover shirt to make it 14, which is a fail by 9. Bruised and dazed.
  10. ic

    GM One thug lifted of his quad bike, quite shocked. With a spin of air, and a spin of body, he slammed straight into the thug next to him, the both of them collapsing like domino's, groaning on the ground. "The amazing Hyperactive strikes again!" yelled Zyte, filming the whole thing. The threat was over, and Hyperactive was left with the conscious, or semi-conscious bodies of the four men, four quad bikes, and some scared witless nurses. One whom had already handed their notice in, saying they were moving to Alaska. Zyte was staying right where he was. His hand didn't leave the camera. Zane! approached the four men and squatted on his haunches, examining them. "Hey! I know these guys! They are a stunt crew, called the Smoking Wheels! Got a bit of a bad reputation. Blacklisted, from what I hear..."
  11. ooc

    Round 1 22 - John, 4 HP, Unharmed 10 - Bystanders 6 - Blowfish, Unharmed 6 - Thugs And we are up. At the moment, JOhn has a nurse by his side, Jane in a bed behind him in a single room, and Blowfish et al are about 25' away.
  12. ic

    GM "Oh I'm going to hwwwfff...leave, am I?" snarled Blowfish. "Look at him, boys, he's telling me to leave..." Instead, he pulled out a pistol. It wasn't big, it wasn't flashy. It was just functional. It fired bullets. And it was a signal for the others to pull out their guns, too. "Now if the rumours are true, you are some hard nosed tough guy. Tough enough to beat down my two toughest guys. And perhaps tough enough to beat all of us down. But the other thing is, we are in a hospital. And whilst you got your code of honour, I got my code of survival" he smiled. It wasn't exactly funny. "And I'm reckoning, from what Vassily said, you got a soft spot in your heart for a certain woman. Well...I do like leverage over someone..." "Go get her, boys!"
  13. ooc

    Ok! So I am awarding John 1 HP for the PLOT device of Smokey Ace, who may feature in the future (depending on your taste). I am awarding another HP for having a fight in the hospital, and Jane being vulnerable. Which makes The Tattered Man - 4 HP - Unharmed And in need of an initiative roll! As for Blowfish and he thugs, Initiative: 1d20+4 6
  14. ic

    GM Blowfish was advancing, with his goons. Not fast, but with full forceful footsteps nonetheless. The card in his hand started smoking. Not on fire, but slowly smoking. "Now Smokey Ace, he lets you ask questions. Him and his never been wrong so far" he said, firmly. "And I'm betting they ain't being wrong now. So I got to asking. He burnt down my club?" He pulled out another card with his other hand. The Burnt Man "Now him, I want to speak to. Maybe even more than you" he shouted this time. "But I got to thinking. There was something off, that evening. Amber was in on it, and you best believe I got her card too" he said, threatening. "But somebody else was in that club that night. Some new face, somebody who I wasn't that inclined to trust. Someone disrespectful...So I got to asking Smokey Joe whom that was...and what he wanted..." He once again thrust the Tattered Man card in front of him. "Guess what he pulled out...this damn card. And with it, Ruin!" he almost screamed, livid and red, his tic worse than ever. "Now I gets to digging, and I hear talk of the Tattered Man in Bedlam. Someone, it seems, I don't want around. Someone who has it in for me. Just because I disposed of some dumb broad who didn't show me respect" He paused, shivering. "I gets to asking all sorts of questions. And I am goods at getting answered. The Tattered Man, and Vanity's sister. Ruin. And I hear about the hospital. About a car crash. About a little Miss Silverfinger" he smiled. "And now, I get here and my card starts smokin'" he said, waving the Tattered Man which was now beginning to disintergrate into embers as he got closer. "And I know you are here. And I am guessing your new girlfriend too!"
  15. ic

    GM "Well for what its worth, I think you make a love.." She was interrupted by a scream down the corridor. Two orderlies were being brutally shoved to one side by Blowfish - or more accurately, his entourage of goons. Six of them, as far as John could see. They weren't carrying weapons openly, but it seemed unlikely they had come unarmed. "You!" shouted Blowfish at John. He held up a card, a scuffed, almost charred card. For all its distance, somehow John could see it from a distance. It was a tarot card. The Tattered Man... Wait. There was no such thing as a Tattered Man in a standard Tarot deck, was there? But there it was, plain as day. Plainer, in fact. Somehow he could see the detail at a few dozen yards. The Tattered Man. The card was trembling in the hand of Blowfish. "You! I got friends in high places, I got friends in low places. I got a friend who knows sorcery. Didn't believe it at first, but tried him out. Smokey Ace, master of cards. Now, I owe him, and I don't like owing people. But I needed to know just who you are..."