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Changes are a-comin'

Dr Archeville

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Hey all.


So first off, I am sorry for having left you all for so long.  I've had a number of issues plague me for the two years or so; some are improving, others are not, some are worsening.  And I've finally come to accept that I don't have the time/energy/non-depressed brain/something to participate here as a player at any point in the foreseeable future, much less as an Admin, so it's time for me to pass both de facto and de jure Admin-ship on to someone else.  Someone much more else.


I realized there really was only one real choice, one person who'd have the time, energy, and interest in fully owning & running the site.  Well, two people, technically.


Over the coming days (as I work out exactly how to do so), ownership & Adminship of Freedom City Play by Post -- including the FreedomCityPlayByPost.com, .info, .net, and .org domain names -- will transfer to Avenger Assembled and Electra.  AA will be promoted from Red-named Mod to Purple-named Admin, but, per her request, Electra's visible status as a Player will not change, though she will be talking with Sorus to see if there's more she can do behind-the-scenes to make his life easier.  I will be staying on as co-Admin for a few days, to make sure everything transfers smoothly, then downgrade to a Mod, so I can retain access to the RefCave in case of any problems or SNAFUs.


Also, Supercape has retired the site as a Moderator, and the Ref Team may be looking to hire on new Mods, so there are more changes to come.


I am proud of what I'd built here over the years, and know that could not have been done without all of the fantastic Mods and players here.  I thank them for all they've done, and wish you all the very best.

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Dok, it is good to hear from you, even if it is just for you to say that you are not likely to be back anytime soon. I fully understand your reasons for focusing on other things, and wish you the very best! When/if things change for you, we would always love to see you back here!

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I for one look forward to serving under our new monkey overlord.

Doc, it's terrible to hear that you're not going to be around. You rescued this site from an early death. This is an end of an era. I hope one day a scientist with a body like Fabio will ride his sonics back into town.

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