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Okay, so I'm feeling a drive to write up another epic, sweeping story with marching armies, glorious monsters and evil magic, and the superheroes determined to save a world from the evil Warlord.

For the uninitiated, War-Earth is an alternate universe of my own design, not quite Freedom's Reach - the original idea was made after watching Cyborg The Barbarian, and expanding from there; not just one city fighting a summoned army of monsters, but a heroic world trapped in a medieval stasis by a Dark Lord-turned-Warlord, who has made it his own personal playground. It has appeared twice thus far - the first time in Unstuck In Time, and the second in Now You're Moving With Wormholes. (Good reads! Go see, go see!)

Anyway, got a good few ideas as-is, I'll slap a few up here and see if any of them appeal. I'm also open to suggestions and volunteers for such threads! (If I get a lot, I may end up running 2 or 3 in a combination story akin to The Jade Arenas Of Heaven or the like, but we'll see). Note, all of these are off-the-top-of-the-head thread ideas, and quite a few of them probably need hammering down as-is.

(A) The City of The Three Sisters is under attack! But not from without, instead from within! Granted, the heroes of Unstuck In Time repelled the invasion force, but the Warlord has taken note of these new interlopers; he wishes to remove this power base that has opened such a link between worlds. Can the heroes, called in by a magus of great power or by the Sisters themselves, find a way to bring the City together, and prove that Freedom can triumph against Tyranny once again!

(B) Strangers In A Strange Land have been flung to this strange world, into an academy of ancient evil. Trapped and powerless, they must use all the wits and skills they have at their disposal to escape, and possibly find a way home! Or at least back to the portal that brought them there. And hey, might as well do a little damage to the Warlord's magical war machine in the process!

© Peaceful Negotiations in War-Earth? Quite possible! A newly freed Free City wishes to speak to representatives of this Earth-Prime, from where these heroes have come from before, with the aims of creating a united front against the Warlord and all others like him. Can the heroes assist in this endeavor, protecting the Freedom League or whatever fitting organization's representatives as they work proper diplomacy? Or will they be crushed under the weight of the villains from both sides of the multiverse, the Warlord trying to stop his enemies from subverting his great game, or the villains of our planet simply seeking to subvert any plans the Freedom League has?

(D) Kidnapped! Not just content with seeing his minions do battle with these heroes from other realms, the Warlord has decided that he must see them for himself! Stretching out his mighty hand, he has shanghaied a group of heroes from our world, with the intent to interrogate and test them in his tenebrous fortress; running them through mazes or pitting them against some of the more dangerous creatures at his disposal. Can the heroes win free and strike a blow in the Warlord's own seat itself?

Thoughts? Suggestions? Expansions? :)

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I would be quite interested in getting Gabriel involved.

Offhand, A and C appeal the most to me as the player, and seem like good fits for Gabriel as a PC.

For reference, he's combat-capped at PL12, but can crank his People Skills to the limits for PL15 (but they default much lower).

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I'd love to have Dok get in on these -- any sound good -- though my presence here lately has been lacking, so I'm hesitant to make any 'official' requests.

I'm in the same boat. I had a great time in Wormholes, but I won't be able to post regularly until the end of the month. Enjoy!

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I'm still assembling the ideas together - I'll be sending a package detailing the whole kit and caboodle to the refs sometime this month. So yes, still taking volunteers!

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You know option A & C would make for good parallel threads with one group trying to negotiate a peace whilst the other stop people from within tearing the fragile peace apart. Not sure if any of characters would help, unless they need a good lawyer... :)

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If the King of Suits can be of any use at all, I'd be glad to pitch in with this.

What TiffanyKorta said, a dual mission like that would give everyone something interesting to do.

EDIT: B and C sound best for KoS.

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