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  1. Paragon

    Seal of Sedna(IC)

    Captain also keep in mind that this creature while undeniably dangerous, I do not believe the creature tired to hurt anyone. He should not be treated poorly. He may also have much information on this facility and the preservers. We should use this opportunity to learn as much as we can. I am glad I could help bring this situation to a happy conclusion.
  2. Quintessence Seal of Sedna 1 post. slow month for me.
  3. Paragon

    Seal of Sedna(IC)

    Looking at the strange alien being carefully Quintessence shakes his head. "I must say I wish I could believe you, but your story just does not make much sense. Why would the preservers put you in charge of the facility but not give you control or all the internal systems. More likely you have gained control of the facility in your limited way since they have left. I am going to give you one last chance to shut down the portal and release the people you have imprisoned before I make you shut it down. The choice is yours. With that Quintessence takes a step towards the being in the room and gets into a fighting stance.
  4. Paragon

    Seal of Sedna(OOC)

    well I actually have a decent sense motive so 1 d 20 + 8 = 25!
  5. Paragon


    thats cool. just send me a message if something comes to mind.
  6. Paragon


    quintessence is up for some kitten smack down.
  7. Paragon

    Seal of Sedna(IC)

    Quintessence looks at his companions and shakes is head in resignation. I have tried to explain to my new friend here the dangers of not only Terminus energy, but also the dangers of the beings who are from the other side of the portal. I think I may not have the relevant technical knowledge to convince 'Hrnnnsgh' of the dangers inherent in having a portal open to Terminus. Hopefully one of you more technical people can convince 'Hrnnnsgh' when I have been so hopelessly useless. Though I must say throughout the whole conversation 'Hrnnnsgh' has been quite open.
  8. Paragon

    Back to War-Earth!

    Quintessence would be interested in visiting your world. I would be most interested in D myself.
  9. I'm ready whenever the thread goes up.
  10. Quintessence is up for anything. And welcome.
  11. That works for the techies and the non techies allike. I like to smash things.
  12. Paragon

    Seal of Sedna(IC)

    Well, I was hoping that there was something you could do to help me. My companions and I are here to explore this facility and learn from it. I think my friends would be very much interested in meeting you. They are much more scientifically minded then I am. I think you would find. On ersation with them very fun. I was hoping there was something you could do to bring them here to talk with you. Failing that would you let me go to them and bring them back here?
  13. I would be up for a hero lair. I currently have no place ho hang my cape.
  14. Paragon

    A New Team!

    While not a tech based hero Quintessence was enhanced using advanced alien tech and Is also an astronomer. In addition to that he has the ability to function in space without ship and is very interested in space. I do not know if he is what your looking for specifically, but I would be interested in your team.
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