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Nostalgia Trip: 1980s Edition


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Here's an idea. Four Claremont students meet a mysterious punk and decide to help rescue her misfit friends from the clutches of some very, very bad people. Oh, and they also go back in time to the 1980s. Expect copious amounts of "subtle" references and 80s nostalgia porn. If any of that sounds at all interesting and not a nightmare to you than feel free to submit one of your Claremont PCs for play! 


Power level requirements are loose. I'd prefer PL 10, but PL 7 and everything between the two is more than acceptable. There are no especially vital skills in this, but Computer, Disable Device, Knowledge (Cosmology), Knowledge (History) and Stealth can be relevant and useful at certain points, if not fundamentally necessary for the overall adventure. 


Feel free to ask me any questions either here or on the Discord. Recruitment will stay open until I have four players and will work on a first come first served basis. 

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Horrorshow in the 1980s, before the time of Chernobyl Disaster?  Thinking he can get a phone call out to his young parents-to-be, to someone in charge, and avert it, but continually being prevented from doing so, until he's snapped back to the present?  That sounds like some tasty drama!

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The thread is and the trip about to start, y'all! @Dr Archeville@Heritage, @Tiffany Korta and @TheAbsurdist made it!


@Avenger Assembled Thanks for the info about Gizmo and Electra's PCs, AA. I don't think have my need for a cameo beyond references, though. Appreciate the offer all the same. 


@olopi Sorry you didn't makeit, olopi. The hard cap was four PCs. Next time I GM a thread I'll try to get Lady Liberty in it.

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