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  1. Saturday, May 18, 2019 Bayview Heights 9:53 PM Miracle Girl It was quite a warm evening, considering it still was the middle of May. Which was a good thing, because the outfit that Casey was wearing wasn't exactly winterwear. Sure, her powers meant that even if it came down to it, the cold wouldn't be too bad, but the warmth was appreciated nevertheless. It wasn't her own outfit. One of the other girls in her sorority had gotten an invitation to an "exclusive party" up at Bayview Heights, and had decided to bring-slash-force Casey along with her. The invitation, quite a fancy letter, specified goth outfits, but fortunately, her housemate could provide one of those. And so the two of them made their way up Bayview, having been dropped off by a friend who was visiting her boyfriend who lived nearby. The party was held in one of the mansions that dotted the area. As Casey and her friend approached, it was quite apparent which mansion. Although officially the party only started at 10, it seemed that quite a few people had arrived earlier, as faint music could be heard (even with just human hearing), and through the windows, one could spot the changing colours of lights, synced with the music. The gate to the driveway stood open, and on it, a few people were chatting amongst themselves – all dressed in goth style clothes as the invitation had specified. Up by the door, the doorman stood, staring into the distance blankly. Dead Head Burt had been tracking this particular case for a few weeks now. It was quite a peculiar one – he'd essentially stumbled across it on accident, it was different from what he'd seen in his long career, yet most of its individual aspects seemed familiar. The latent magical energy that was just part of living in Freedom nowadays – especially ever since the last Invasion – showed more disturbances than usual. And the fact that cemeteries were involved in a lot of them meant that this was firmly in Burt's domain. But finally, he'd found a solid lead. It was more of a hunch, really. But it was a hunch that seemed about right, because energy was gathering in one place, streaming in from all over Freedom and even beyond. It was subtle, and Burt probably wouldn't have noticed it had he not visited a few cemeteries right after one-another on a patrol, but something was here. Inside this manor, which seemed to be hosting some kind of party. Was it related to what he was investigating? Perhaps.
  2. GM March 9th, late evening The sky was black, and it was raining. There might even be thunder and lightning later. It was that kind of smell in the air. Particularly on the rooftops. It might be raining more than rain, this night. A small gang of men held another man by his legs over the side of the building. It was a good thirty feet drop. He might survive, if he landed right. But being dropped head first was not the best way to land right. It was the best way to spray brains all over the pavement. "Please! Please!" he yelled, in a Japanese accent. The five men who were tormenting him looked thick and heavy set. Hard men, but not the brightest. "Give it up" demanded one of the thugs. "Where is he? You really want to die for him, you Yakuza scum? This city belongs to us, y'hear? Big Al and the Mob!" Perhaps he should not have been speaking so loudly. For Talon was prowling not far away!
  3. GM Thursday, April 20th, 2017 2:24 PM Morning, this came in today. Not as in, was sent, but as in “suddenly popped up in my drafted messages”. Is directed towards you too, so check it out: Hello You may remember me, I’m the one that helped you with Solemn’s network. I’ve got some information you and your scaly buddy are almost certainly interested in. New stuff about the guy and some stuff heating up again. The bench, where we first met. Today, 7:24 PM. Both of you. This is not a request. -Ph0enix Thoughts? Sounds pretty damn ominous, but going’s probably safer. All messages by Bonfire, written in quick succession, and received by Leviathan.
  4. Wharton State Forest, just off Sorrow House Road Right Now The creature in the clearing lounged in a throne made of bone enjoying there first taste of freedom in centuries. It had expected someone to try and stop its return but was really disappointed by the effort, only a single human female had tried to stop them with her flaming sword. She was now held by some of the skeleton warriors, servants of old returned to carry on there servitude. The glowing green eyes beneath her hood was a nice touch they'd have to determine how she managed such a trick. "Did you expect to be able to beat me all by yourself pitiful human?" "Not exactly." the woman voice had an accent unfamiliar to them "Let me tell you how this all started a..."
  5. Supercape

    Hot Shot

    GM Feb 18th, The Fens In the morning... It happened practically outside Bonfire's door. At some ungodly hour in the morning, when everyone should, rightly, be asleep or nursing a hang over after partying to hard the night before. Or at the very least, pounding alertness back in to their head with a strong coffee. On the streets in the Fens, where the paucity of wealth and opportunity oft forced the youth into nefarious and dangerous pastimes. A gang of thugs was engaging in mindless vandalism. Baseball bats and clubs, sticks, and stones. These wonderful devices, and more, were being used to splendid effect in the ignoble pursuit of window smashing and car wrecking. There was the growl and scream of angry dogs, for this gang was armed with what looked to be rabid and viscous dogs. And now, a patrol car arrived. "Halt! Put your hands up!" Then screaming. A shot. Two shots. And more screaming. The two police officers were pinned to the floor by the thugs and the dogs, and looked, verily, to be in danger of imminent loss of limb. Or quite possibly life.
  6. GM ASTRO Labs Downtown, Freedom City, NJFriday, October 28th, 2016 11:00 PM There were many sounds one didn't want to hear in Freedom City's illustrious tech sector. Explosions could signify a castrophic event, or even the game changing creation of a new powered player in town. Screams and wails often followed a tear in the natural laws of the universe. Then there was of course H. Gordon Willicker's crickety knee. A sound that would be inevitably be followed with a ten minute description of the current pains that plagued his body. In graphic detail. But, the worst sound? Absolute silence. Just after the silence alarm was tripped in the world renowned ASTRO Labs facility, not a peep could be heard. Or seen for that matter. The patrol cars had yet to arrive on the scene, but news was quickly spreading throughout social media. Something weird was happening in ASTRO Labs...
  7. GM Thursday, April 13th, 2017 The Freedom Ledger Office, Freedom City 2:24 PM It was a slow news day so far. There had been some reports about a corrupt politician going around the entire last week, so the quiet was certainly appreciated by most of the office. Everybody needed some time off occasionally. Still, slow news days meant that generally, the one thing most people did was smalltalk. Smalltalk, or stare at the screen of their respective preferred devices. Something which Dancia Devons now had ample reason to do, as she received a message by an unknown number. Which, in her line of work, usually either meant trolls, death threats, or information. In this case, it was, most likely, the latter. Hey Remember that thing you said back at the Christmas party Have something that might interest you, and could need some help with it Where and when can you meet me Preferably Riverside, but I can adapt -Bonfire
  8. This is a mistake, Tristan Delacroix thought glumly as he waited on the moonlit beach. Tonight he was a slender, middle aged man, tanned to the point of leathery wrinkles. Freedom City wasn't known for its surfing, and furthermore this was the wrong time of year for it anyway, but the disguise still brought him some comfort. Just some guy enjoying the beach, late at night. If only the rest of his plan was as simple. He spent the whole day second-guessing himself. Easy enough to think about inviting an outsider to his new lair--well, no, even that wasn't very easy--but actually following through with the idea brought the risks to the forefront of his mind and pushed all possible rewards to deep, dark corners. Even just Bonfire, whom he trusted fairly well by this point, could cause him terrible harm. Perhaps just inadvertently; trusting the other hero's motives wasn't the same as putting potentially his entire heroic career in Bonfire's smoky hands. The blog deal hasn't backfired yet, he reminded himself. No, no, that's unfair. It's going well. That's probably how Rayzer heard of me, so failing all else, at least Bonfire is effective. That guy was all the way on the West Coast! I could probably go to space and get recognized before long. At any rate, it was too late now. He had already contacted his "publicist" to request a meeting, with vague details, and most dangerous of all, advised Bonfire to bring a camera. Tristan was sure that he could pick and choose what was photographed, but would that be enough? What if he missed something? He imagined a fan intensely studying their computer screen for clues, and finding a loose thread that unraveled the whole tapestry he spent years creating. Never before had his cover story felt so flimsy. Tristan shivered from more than the chilly air, but didn't leave the beach. All he could do was proceed with watchful caution and trust his ally. Time would tell if that was enough.
  9. The Gas Man (Tier 1 NPC) Character Name: The Gas Man (Brad Bilker) Power Level: 7 Power Points: 105/105 Trade-Offs: +1 Attack/-1 DC, +1 Defence/-1 DC Unspent Power Points: 0 In Brief: Bounty Hunter who stays just inside the law. Ish. Description: Age: 45 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Male Height: 5’11” Weight: 95Kgs Eyes: Brown Hair: Grizzly White - Brown Brad is getting on a bit, but still in excellent shape, with a grizzly, battle-weary kind of appearance. He has a couple of scars and a slightly broken nose that are testament to his profession and history. He usually wears paramilitary type gear, although is not opposed to a more casual look if the job requires it. History: The Gas Man was a marine, and a good one. Very good. Served his country, did his job, saw plenty of action. Liked the action, didn’t like the pay. He was one of the many soldiers given vaccines against chemical and biological agents (ill researched and the subject of many litigations thereafter). He was fortunate, however, as he was the only soldier to develop complete and absolute immunity to such hazards thereafter. Jacking in his career, the Gas Man uses his newfound immunity and military skills as a bounty hunter and mercenary for hire. He has plenty of contacts, and is well equipped, but not smart enough to capitalise on his fortune. His one natural talent is the ability to somehow slide into just the right side of the law, even though his methods, whilst not lethal, are pretty questionable. Powers & Tactics: The Gas Man has developed complete immunity to chemical and biological agents. Combined with his military training and gathered equipment, he will drop gas grenades onto his bounty targets, being completely immune himself. Personality and Motivation The Gas Man is a somewhat burnt out figure. He thinks he has been hard done by, and should get his just rewards. His is basically amoral; meaning that he has no real desire to commit crime or hurt people, he just doesn’t really care much – or at all – about others. He does however have some loyalty or at least respect to those with military backgrounds. Whilst not particularly intelligent, the Gas Man does have a knack for staying inside the law – or at least largely sliding free from legal consequences of his actions. For instance “I didn’t deliberately gas Mrs Smith, I just happened to drop one of my grenades by accident…” He does get in trouble of course, and he is constantly fighting to maintain a reputation and his business, but somehow the Gas Man keeps on gassing… Abilities:6 + 2 + 6 + 0 + 0 + 2 = 16 Strength: 16 (+3) Dexterity: 12 (+1) Constitution: 16 (+3) Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 10 Charisma: 12 (+1) Combat: 16 + 16 = 32 Initiative: +5 Attack: +8 Grapple: +11 Defense: +8 (+4 Flat Footed) Knockback: -3 Saving Throws: 3 + 5 + 4 = 12 Toughness: +3/+6 (With Vest) Fortitude: +6 (+3 Con, +3) Reflex: +6(+1 Dex, +5) Will: +4 (+4) Skills: 52R = 13 PP Climb 4 (+7) Craft (Chemical) 2 (+2) Craft (Mechanical) 4 (+4) Drive 4 (+4) Intimidate 8 (+9) Knowledge (Streetwise) 4 (+4) Knowledge (Tactics) 4 (+4) Medicine 2 (+2) Notice 4 (+4) Sense Motive 4 (+4) Stealth 4 (+5) Survival 4 (+4) Swim 4 (+7) Feats: 20 Connected Equipment 18* Improved Initiative 1 NB: Equipment given is as an example or standard. The Gas Man has a lot of military and industrial contacts and other equipment or weapons might be suitable. Equipment: Multi-Tool [1 EP] Night Vision Goggles [1 EP] Stun Ammo [1 EP] Undercover Vest [4 EP] (Protection 3, Feats: Subtle) Submachine Gun [12 EP] (Blast 4, Extras: Autofire) Back up Light Pistol [6 EP] (Blast 3) Boot Knife [4 EP] (Strike 1, Feats: Mighty, Thrown, Improved Critical 1) Vehicle: The Gas Van STR 35 [1 EP], Toughness 10 [1 EP], Size: Huge [2 EP], Features: Alarm 1, Hidden Compartments 2, Oil Slick, Smoke Screen [5 EP], Powers: Roof Turret Net Gun (Snare 5) [10 EP], Speed 5 [5 EP], Total Cost [24 EP] Gas Grenade Bandolier 35 EP Array, Feats: Alt Power 2 [37 EP] BP: Dazzle 5 (Visual Senses, Extras: Alt Save [Fort, +0], Area [Cloud]) linked with Nauseate 5 (Extras: Area Cloud, Ranged) [15 + 20 = 35 PP] “Tear Gas” AP: Fatigue 5 (Extras: Area Cloud, Poison, Sleep [+0]) [20 PP] “Sleeping Gas” AP: Obscure 5 (Visual Senses, Feats: Slow Fade 1) [11 P] “Smoke Grenade” Powers: 12 PP Immunity 12 (Chemical descriptor, Disease, Poison) [12 PP] Totals: Abilities 16 + Skills 13 + Feat 20 + Powers 12 + Combat 32 + Saves 12 = 105
  10. Monday, June 13th, 2016 AEGIS Headquarters, City Center, Freedom City 8:21 AM A Monday morning. Nobody likes Monday mornings. Not even the men and women at AEGIS. No matter how much they liked their job, they also liked sleeping, and Monday mornings generally didn’t allow for the latter, even more so when employed by the American Elite Government Intervention Service. Among the many employees currently working, both in the Federal Building, and the actual headquarters below, were Agents Ethan Stone and James Warne, codenames Upgrade and Adept. After a run-in with an upstart hero a month ago, the two of them had been working to get the permission for a formal AEGIS Investigation. Not an easy task by any means. The company was spending a lot of money on their legal team, doing the best to make sure AEGIS would not come after them. Amongst them, Jonah Cullstone. Harvard Law. He had been making sure that any progress was denied, every little vulnerability covered. And not only was there opposition from outside. Many people inside AEGIS also believed that it was best to allow Neutron Industries to continue what they had been doing, they were important to the government. World needs power, and so long as they weren’t doing anything illegal that could be proven, there was no reason to interrupt. Not that that had stopped the two agents. They continued doing whatever they could to gain permission. And they were not alone, a variety of people all across AEGIS gave them their support. When James Warne entered his office that Monday, he was greeted by a familiar face. Vincent Clarkson. Clarkson had been assigned to the last assignment dealing with Bonfire and Neutron Industries, and had helped the agents with their efforts to get permission. His face showed exhaustion, and a smell of coffee accompanied him. In his hand, a file, only a few pages of paper inside. “We’ve got the Go-Ahead.“
  11. OOC for this Currently, Clarkson's in Warne's office together with him. Upgrade has already been informed and can arrive whenever it feels appropriate!
  12. GM Friday, November 4th, 2016 Freedom City 2:24 PM Some time ago, Leviathan, the sea-monster prowling Freedom’s streets, had met Bonfire, a blogger and fellow Superhero. Bonfire was fairly well known online, even though he had not started much later than Leviathan, which came as a surprise when Tristan Delacroix ended up checking the internet on information on the smoke-controller he had met. It was an interesting sight, seeing just how much all of Bonfire’s internet appearances influenced his popularity. An effect of which, perhaps, Leviathan could profit from as well? Perhaps not as directly. Selfies and long posts describing his most recent missions probably weren’t Leviathan’s style, after all. Either way, talking to the man himself probably was a good way to start. Fortunately, reaching Bonfire was an easy task. In between fan-mail, a business address and a variety of other functions, actually sending him a message was easy.
  13. GM Sunday, February 12th, 2017 Silberman’s Books, West End, Freedom City 2:34 PM It was a fairly busy day at Silbermann’s, Sundays usually were. Still, when all the sudden two people appeared out of nowhere outside, some eyebrows were raised. One of them was easy to recognize, self-pronounced Freedom’s HOTTEST newcomer and occasional guest Bonfire. As usual in streetwear, with his signature smoking head. The other one was more of a mystery. A hero in full costume, holding a pizza box in hand. They exchanged a few words before entering the store, with Bonfire (unsurprisingly) making a beeline to the counter, even if he had to wait for a few moments due to the line. - The police had arrived soon afterwards, and after turning over the two Dragons, and a few exchanged words, mainly the police thanking the two heroes, it was time to get coffee. Bonfire gave a few instructions, and then, he and Hyperactive were in the West End, in front of Silbermann’s Books. “There we go. Some of the best coffee in FC, and I know the owner.”
  14. GM Sunday , February 12th , 2017 Pennsylvania Avenue, Southside, Freedom City 2:24 PM Freedom City was a strange place indeed. Some things were easy to get used to. Sure, somebody flying through the air only feet above your head was strange the first few times, but with how often it happened, most people learned to ignore it. A sudden explosion, happening somewhere off in the distance? Not that big of a deal, perhaps people walking that way turned around, but no real hysteria amongst the crowd. A car driving down a street, actually gaining some airtime thanks to there being a minor hill, was a bit more strange, even for Freedom Natives. Somebody flying after in in the air only added to that. It being two people, who also happened to be fighting each other, even more so. Tyson Masters hadn’t been in Freedom for long. The city truly was something. And while he didn’t have much experience with some of the things it offered, a car chase sounded like something he could help with. Even if one of the chasing parties was a single person, flying through the air. All covered in blue, with half-translucent blue wings sprouting from their back. They were currently chasing after the vehicle, all the while dodging pillars of smoke appearing out of mid-air. And following them, but quickly losing distance, was a cloud of smoke. A cloud of smoke, currently yelling. Depending on his knowledge, Tyson may have been able to identify this cloud as Bonfire, one of the many heroes local to Freedom City.
  15. For this thread. How about we start everything out with Bonfire making a Notice check. That sounds about right.
  16. GM Over the past few week, there'd been visitors to the fens, driving in with a sleek, too-nice car, and Cassidy had noticed people he didn't know in the building. Standing alert, aware . . . Aware of him, in fact. Now, they were the only people Cassidy had seen in teh building. And as if that wasn't enough, today it was raining. The sort of cold, hard January rain that hit the ground and turned to ice. The fens had retreated into itself; no one wanted to step aside for fear of slipping. It made sense, then, that it was a little quiet that night, in Cassidy's apartment. The lack of footfalls above his head, the lack of arguments from next door . . . Maybe it should have comforted him. At the days' end, the steady pitter-patter of rainfall still audible through the shoddy Fens architecture, Cassidy's phone began to ring.
  17. August 1, 2016 It was Puppet Day - and things were a mess. Despite the public service announcement by Johnny Rocket and Dr. Metropolis (the latter six inches tall and made of hovering brown and green felt) that the Freedom League was on the case, the mass transformation of close to a third of Freedom City's population (especially its superhumans) was causing chaos all over the city. There was plenty for heroes to do, large and small. - The Dakanan Consulate For all their substantial superpowers, Edge and Monsoon had been pressed into service for the moment as child-minders - an assembly of children between the ages of one and six, the dozen or so children having drawn an unlucky straw and had two parents turn into puppets. Though neither Mark or Nina had much experience with childcare, they had quickly moved into action. Mark kept bags of snacks and bottles of milk and juice full, while Nina's stories kept older children occupied. Those that weren't playing iPads, anyway. Freedom City kids were resilient. "And then, all the world was transformed into a strange medieval society! I myself became a marid, daughter of the king of the seas, wedded to a handsome prince from the jinn kingdoms! Only our friends-" "Are you and Mr. Mark married in real life?" asked one small girl with a head full of blonde curls and a curious expression on her face. "Ah, no, but-" "But he said you two live in the same house!" asked one little boy of about the same age. "Are you two brother and sister?" "No! But we will be married soon! Now, children, back to the tale..."
  18. Silberman's Books. August 31st, 2016 10:05am. It was just after 10, and the forecast was brutal; the store had only been open for a few minutes, and it was already a furnace, because the AC was down and it would be a few hours before the HVAC repairman could make it over. This and the large standing sign in front of the door warning about the lack of AC kept a lot of the regulars from coming in for their morning cup, which was sad, but seeing that many of them were elderly, Lynn that it as best that they knew from the get-go. Of course, due to their respective powers, neither Lynn nor her partner Gretchen was uncomfortable, so they pretty much had the store to themselves so far this morning; Lynn was using it as a chance to catch up on paperwork in her office, while Gretch sat on a stool behind the counter reading Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung, a collection of reviews by legendary rock critic Lester Bangs. Normally she'd be on her laptop, but without working AC she was concerned about the poor thing overheating. Several industrial standing fans were set up around the store to offer some relief for any would-be shoppers, and an oscillating desk fan perched on the counter next to Gretchen, occasionally stirring her hair with its breeze.
  19. GM Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 The Theatre District, Freedom City Afternoon Mona and Mickey Simms had arrived in Freedom City a few days ago. That meant, it had been time for a little tour around the city, learn about various places the locals went to. While Mona had probably visited most spots in the city a few times before, it still felt like a good idea to walk around the place together with Mickey, show him some stuff she’d seen the last times she’d been here. Today plan had been the Theatre District. Unless one was looking for theatre, or night clubs, one didn’t really go there. There were a few exceptions, like a really good and somewhat well known Chinese restaurant, or a museum on the history of theatre, but all in all, it wasn’t the most populated area. Still, it was one of the few places the two siblings hadn’t been yet, and why leave out one? The two had been walking around for some time, enjoying various sights, when suddenly a group of roto-drones flew past them a few feet above at high velocity, turning a corner behind one of the many theatre buildings. And just as they turned, a cloud of smoke appeared from the direction the drones had been coming, flying at about the same height but slower. The cloud headed the same direction as the drones, when it suddenly started speaking. “ ----. Lost them.” The cloud continued moving the same direction, addressing the two teenagers. “Hey, you two. Any ideas where those drones headed? They’re pretty dangerous”
  20. August 19, 2016. Freedom City. The Waterfront. The Abandoned Warehouse. Yes, That One. 11:00 PM. It had taken a great deal of research and effort to get to this point. Over a month of work, which was quite a bit for the supergenius heroine known as Terrifica. Still, now she knew exactly what needed to be done. She had posted a need for superheroic assistance on Capeslist, and two had bitten, filling the Thief and Grifter archetypes (phrased in a way that would decidedly not set off red flags across law enforcement and superheroic systems, of course). That wasn’t all they could do, naturally, but it was what she was looking for. Time had run out and she could wait no longer for responses to the Hitter and Hacker requests. However, she had sent a message to Miracle Girl, who would suffice for the former and Terrifica herself would quite suffice for the latter. Now it was a simply matter of time until everyone arrived. Terrifica had arranged a table and five chairs for the occasion, just in case a Hacker decided to show up at the last minute. The last batch of criminals to use this place were currently in jail. And of course, Terrifica herself waited in the shadows. She was no fool. She would only reveal herself when everyone had arrived. Any second now, someone should be arriving.
  21. GM Friday, July 15th , 2016 One of many Starbase Coffees, North End, Freedom City Noon It had been an average Friday so far. The weather was nice, and so were most people. It had been rather quiet here in the North End recently, not a whole lot of news-worthy ongoings. The fact FCU’s semesters had ended probably played a major role in that. July was usually when the North End was most quiet, and quite a few locals were aware of that. Still, during lunch there was not a whole lot of action. A few people walking around the streets, most of them sitting in one of the many restaurants and coffee stores. Amongst them, Dimitri Peshkov and Leilani Keli'i , member and mentee of the Freedom League Auxiliary, enjoying some time off. While some people probably realized who was currently sitting over at that table, nobody brought it up. The few other people in the store seemed content just enjoying their own coffee, some typing things on their Laptops or Tablets. Among said other people, Cassidy Bauer, Freelance Photographer and secretly super-hero/villain/terrorist, depending on who you asked. The past few weeks had been rather quiet, which while nice for his health, meant that money wasn’t something he could easily spend. So, Starbase Internet it was. And then, what nobody except one person in the area looked forward too. The very distinct sound of something smashing into a stationary car with high force, and the alarm sounding off afterwards. And then, just a second later, a rock flying through the Starbase’s Front Window, fortunately missing everybody inside.
  22. This is the OOC. Feel free to ask me quite literally anything about the thread, especially if it doesn't make sense. I've likely missed something. As the proposal stated, Terrifica posted on Superhero Craigslist looking for some help. Got two, sent a message to Miracle Girl to lend a hand. No more, no less.
  23. GM Wednesday The 20th of April, 2016 3:34 PM Southern Parkside It’s an average day, the sky is nice but a few clouds are starting to show themselves, life in Freedom City is progressing as usual. Then, a message far too familiar to those living here flares up on the TV Screens all across the city: “We interrupt this broadcast for urgent information” Just a few seconds later, a middle aged woman, holding a microphone shows up on the screen. She is clearly standing on a roof, a few others can be seen behind her. “This is Joanna Olubunmi, reporting live for Channel 5 and all others tuning in. Please avoid the area around Love Street, Parkside at any cost. If anyhow possible, this extends to all of Southern Parkside as well as bordering areas. It appears there are Dinosaurs rampaging through the street. Skeletal ones. The police have secured the perimeter, and it appears the street has been for the most part evacuated. Various heroes have also been stopped at the scene, and have already engaged the hordes of dinosaurs. “ In the meantime, a pillar of dark smoke rises behind the reporter, then quickly dissipates. Throughout the announcement some unnatural screeching, like the grinding of hard materials, can also be heard. Once Ms. Olubunmi has finished talking, the camera cuts to the view of the street. Cars are overturned, newspaper boxes and fire hydrants broken. Most windows of the street-level stores located here have been smashed in, and there even are cracks in the concrete in some places. Obviously striking out most are the skeletons running around the area, attacking objects seemingly at random. There are about two dozen skeletons resembling Velociraptors, slightly smaller than average humans. They are all grouped up in packs of 5, each pack featuring one bigger, bulkier raptor, quite clearly a leader of some sort. There are also lots of bones, quite clearly belonging to other Raptors, scattered around the area, having been taken out by the heroes on scene beforehand. Standing taller than the raptors are three bulky skeletons, standing slightly higher than a human, and about 10 ft. in length. Standing on all four, they have a thick layer of bone on their back, and a tail that a looks more like a boulder than a bone – Ankylosaurs, as anybody that liked dinosaurs in their childhood could easily tell. They were ramming into cars and striking the concrete with their bulky tails, one of them had even started smashing into a wall, leaving some cracks in there.
  24. OOC for this A short action scene, followed by some social interaction! Feel free to make any reactions, no need to roll for iniative just yet!
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