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Found 7 results

  1. GM Wednesday The 20th of April, 2016 3:34 PM Southern Parkside It’s an average day, the sky is nice but a few clouds are starting to show themselves, life in Freedom City is progressing as usual. Then, a message far too familiar to those living here flares up on the TV Screens all across the city: “We interrupt this broadcast for urgent information” Just a few seconds later, a middle aged woman, holding a microphone shows up on the screen. She is clearly standing on a roof, a few others can be seen behind her. “This is Joanna Olubunmi, reporting live for Channel 5 and all others tuning in. Please avoid the area around Love Street, Parkside at any cost. If anyhow possible, this extends to all of Southern Parkside as well as bordering areas. It appears there are Dinosaurs rampaging through the street. Skeletal ones. The police have secured the perimeter, and it appears the street has been for the most part evacuated. Various heroes have also been stopped at the scene, and have already engaged the hordes of dinosaurs. “ In the meantime, a pillar of dark smoke rises behind the reporter, then quickly dissipates. Throughout the announcement some unnatural screeching, like the grinding of hard materials, can also be heard. Once Ms. Olubunmi has finished talking, the camera cuts to the view of the street. Cars are overturned, newspaper boxes and fire hydrants broken. Most windows of the street-level stores located here have been smashed in, and there even are cracks in the concrete in some places. Obviously striking out most are the skeletons running around the area, attacking objects seemingly at random. There are about two dozen skeletons resembling Velociraptors, slightly smaller than average humans. They are all grouped up in packs of 5, each pack featuring one bigger, bulkier raptor, quite clearly a leader of some sort. There are also lots of bones, quite clearly belonging to other Raptors, scattered around the area, having been taken out by the heroes on scene beforehand. Standing taller than the raptors are three bulky skeletons, standing slightly higher than a human, and about 10 ft. in length. Standing on all four, they have a thick layer of bone on their back, and a tail that a looks more like a boulder than a bone – Ankylosaurs, as anybody that liked dinosaurs in their childhood could easily tell. They were ramming into cars and striking the concrete with their bulky tails, one of them had even started smashing into a wall, leaving some cracks in there.
  2. London, England Thursday April 28, 2016 1:42 PM local time The Ministry of Powers Foreshadow and Ms. Britannia sat in the conference room with Dame Pennington, the current head of the Ministry and one of her analysts. A hologram of Synapse filled one of the conference room chairs, as Synapse was teleconferencing in from the Haven, where she had been in the middle of some projects with VERA. A large screen on one wall of the conference room showed video images from six different incidents over the previous six days, mostly from different parts of the world. "As you can see, there have been multiple incidents in the past six days, all related to the biblical plagues that God is supposed to have visited on Egypt when Moses was freeing the Israelites. Twice in Freedom City, one in Rhodes Island, Washington DC, northern Mexico, and Palermo, Sicily." Dame Pennington stated as the security camera or news footage showed the scenes of the various plagues and the assorted superheroes that appeared to deal with them. "While each of the attacks are clearly connected given their themes, no one has yet been able to determine how the particular locations were chosen as targets. If whomever is behind this continues to follow the theme set out in Exodus, then there could be four more plagues to come. The only question is where they will strike." Department for International Development, 22 Whitehall London Prince Tau Abioye-Imari made his way out of one of the large conferences rooms in the Department for International Development in downtown London, chatting with ministers from Kenya and Tanzania. The meeting had been to discuss some of the DfiD's current projects in some of the poorer countries along the African Horn, projects that involved support by several of the more stable nations in the region. "Will you be returning home to Bangallan soon Prince Tau?" Asked the Kenyan minister as the three made their way down the hallway toward the elevators. Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Hotel, Westminster A butler led Mark Lucas through the lavish entryway of the Cinema Suite of the expensive London hotel. Inspired by the era of the 40's and 50's, the suite was a blend of elements inspired by both Hollywood and Indian cinema. Just off the entry was a large study, filled with priceless antique furniture and other collectibles. Seated on one of the sofas, was Thane al-Darsah, one of Nina's exiled older brothers. Trafalgar Square Jennifer Owens emerged from the Charing Cross Underground Station right to the edge of Trafalgar Square. The young woman had spent the morning at a business meeting at 30 St. Mary Axe or the Gherkin, in the City of London. With that done, she had the afternoon to spend some time taking in some of the city's many sights.
  3. May 6th, 2014 The sun was bright and the sky was wonderfully clear as Baxter Bowles entered his uncle's old storage unit with a printout of the blueprints and flash drives with the programming he had found in his email a few days previous. It had taken some doing to find a few hours to himself but now here he was. The lights flickered on as he flipped the switch, casting a soft humming glow over piles of assorted electronics and a small work table.
  4. GM Continued from OVERTHROW in City Hall! The Iceberg, headquarters of AEGIS, Freedom City September 12th, 2012, 2.15 PM The walk to Director Powers' office was a short one, made longer by that sense of unfamiliarity coming from new environments and the unceasing hustle and bustle of the American Elite Government Intervention Service going on all around them, reports of events happening around the globe the subject of constant surveillance and study, dour military officers considering tactical difficulties and pondering the best way to safeguard the world marching cheek-by-jowl with lean and excited scientists explaining new breakthroughs in cybernetics and the tantalizing results of new tests done on metals from another dimension, and they quickly opened ranks to accept the neat and professional shapes of the direct agents of AEGIS, who opined on new ways to undercut and overcome the forces of evil and villainy. They quickly stepped to the side to let Agent Anthea, Agent Silas, and the heroes of city hall past, giving them stern but warm words of welcome, and more than a few quiet waves and thumbs-up as they went by. For their part, the guiding agents looked neither right nor left, acknowledged only a few close friends and followed the dark purple line that led them straight to the office whose thick oak door was marked H. Powers, Dir. of AEGIS with a smaller sign below it saying "Do not disturb, bureau business" Knocking three times on the panels, Anthea called in "Mr. Powers! The fine people you wanted are here." From within there was a brief sound like shuffling papers, and then the door was abruptly opened to reveal the towering, eyepatched, confident and vigorous master of the agency, Harry himself. Dressed in a neat black AEGIS uniform, the man oozed command from every inch of his being. "It says do not disturb, agent" he snapped, shutting the door behind himself and briskly taking the lead down another corridor following a green line "Do you think I put it there as a test? Dismissed! You and Silas are due for another assignment in four hours in India, get ready" he said crisply, folding his hands behind his back and leading the team in silence to a room dominated by a narrow table and large screen. Silas and Anthea saluted and marched off, Silas giving a slight wave before they were out of sight. Tapping a small button on the table, the screen clicked to green life, showing the schematic of a ship, and the layout of a base. Turning to face the assembled heroes Harry Powers said gravely "Good day, I am Powers, the director of this agency, I am pleased to meet you and would like to request your assistance on a delicate mission." turning to Gabriel he added "Of course, I cannot force you to help, and if you would prefer not to act in tandem with us, you may use the information I am about to give you as you see fit." he leaned on the table, his one eye boring into the very hearts of the group who had saved city hall "Any questions before I begin?"
  5. August 30th, 2013 Just after dinner Claremont Academy, Games Room Tona Baudin sat on the couch, huddled into herself, stealing looks at the women across the table from her. The young archer was wielding unfamiliar tools, weapons which she had never considered until today. She felt the stares of the other three young females, and glared daggers at the only thing left for her to choose. "I don't see why we can't both be ninjas," she said, for the third time. She looked at Sam Vance, who was already shuffling her two decks of cards. "We both like sneaking. Why can't we both be... sneaky people?" She looked at the cards already in her hand, the Pirate deck. She had chosen it mainly because the pictures looked a bit more real than on the other cards; and now she was staring at the Alien deck. She knew she had to have two decks, but the combination reminded her uneasily of her trip to Sanctuary. Tona's eyes shifted to Kristen and Jennifer, looking for support. She didn't really know the two other Claremont students very well, but apparently they were also dating, and Jennifer had a yen for board games. The idea of the four girls bonding over pieces of cardboard was evidently normal for this dimension, because Sam hadn't reacted oddly to the suggestion. Which was why Tona was here, feeling -- oddly enough -- quite at sea.
  6. Silver Spider Power Level: 9/10 (145/153PP) Trade-Offs: +2 Attack, -2 Damage (unarmed), +1 Attack, -1 Damage (Web) Unspent Power Points: 8 In Brief: Young genius with minor gravity warping powers after a lab accident. Alternate Identity: Jennifer Owens [Adoptive], Sierra Thomas [Actual] Identity: Secret Birthplace: Freedom City, USA Occupation: Lab Tech, Adventurer-scientist Affiliations: Owens Enterprises Family: James (adoptive younger brother), Judy (adoptive younger sister), Marcus (adoptive father), Karen (adoptive mother), Alisha Thomas (Biological Mother, [captured by Omegadrones] deceased), Unknown Biological Father. Description: Jen sticks to blue jeans and t-shirts most of the year for her casual outfits, when she's in the lab she usually wears a black pantsuit with a light colored blouse and pumps. She lets her hair hang straight to about shoulder length but when she's in the lab it usually gets tied up in a bun. Her heroic outfit is a silver and blue costume with a web motif across it. Age: 20 (DoB: January 1st, 1992 [given by Child Protective Services], November 30th, 1991 [Actual]) Apparent Age: 20 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Black Height: 5'9†Weight: 160lbs Eyes: Green Hair: Black Power Descriptions: Her gravity altering powers don't give off any visible sign (lights, sounds, etc) when she uses them. History: Jennifer's first year on earth was spent with her mother, living in a one-room apartment in the Fens. Her mother worked two jobs to make ends meet. Their life was difficult given she didn't know who the father of her child was and her parents had died years earlier. Still, Alisha felt all she needed was her daughter and everything would be alright. That dream of hers came to an abrupt end in early fall 1993 when Omega invaded Freedom City. Alisha had been on her way back home with her daughter after a day at the Hanover Zoo when the bus was attacked by Omegadrones. Sierra was stuck near her eye by some of the broken glass as they made their escape. Seeing people dragged away and having caught the attention of one of the drones, Alisha did her best to hide her child in the hollow of a rubble pile before she was dragged away. When Sierra was found, no records of fingerprints could be found and her mother, having no close friends, didn't have anyone who could identify her. She was entered into the system as 'Doe, Jane' and remained there for several weeks before being adopted by Marcus and Karen. Her parents own a powerful and successful company, Owens Enterprises, having contracts with dozens of other companies, law enforcement, government, the military, and more researching everything from medicine to weapons to gravitons and their applications. From a young age Jennifer showed an interest in science and technology. Growing up she routinely won her school's science fairs, as a child she built a robotic cat out of old VCRs and a box of scraps from her dad's company. During the summer break, she'd accompany her father and sometimes her siblings on 'field trips'. By the age of 16 her custom built motorcycle could hover off the ground and had a force field but due to it being horribly fuel inefficient it was mothballed. At 18 she had a near doctorate education in multiple scientific fields and had been inducted into the Order of the Engineer. At 20 she was splitting her working hours in the labs at O.E. and on various field assignments with her father. During the Mutagenic outbreak in March 2012 one of the security guards, Steven Barrett, in her wing of the labs had downloaded an assortment of blueprints and stole a few prototypes from the vault. When she tried to stop him she was blasted by a weaponized graviton emitter into a shelf full of chemicals. After a few days in the hospital she was cleared to go home and resume her routine. The first morning after being released, while practicing her rock climbing for an upcoming field assignment in the Andes in Chile, she jumped to reach one of the higher handholds she liked to use to pull herself up with and ending up clinging to a smooth patch of the wall some fifteen feet up. After an overwhelming mix of fear and excitement ran their course through her mind, she finally dislodged herself several minutes later. Spending the rest of the day experimenting with her new powers she found what she believed to be her limits. Over the next week she learned how to control the power and made a point during this time to tell no one, going so far as to keep her recordings in a plain notebook. Planning to keep her powers a secret, she went about her life until some members of The Brotherhood tried to mug her, using weapons obviously made (poorly) as close to the specs from the stolen blueprints. Using a prototype polymer spray and it's launcher she had signed out to work on at home, she tied up the thugs in what looked like a silver spider's web, destroyed their knockoff-weapons, and made an anonymous phone call to the cops from a payphone. It was there she got the idea to use her abilities and scientific ideas on a more localized level. Personality & Motivation: Jennifer is normally a friendly soul, lots of smile and jokes. Her motivation for going out and fighting crime is based on a mixture of guilt over her failure to keep Steven from making off with a bunch of her family's tech and her having taken the Engineer's Oath to heart. Powers & Tactics: Silver relies heavily on her web launchers as her gravity altering abilities generally aren't very useful in direct conflict. She also relies on her enhanced speed and agility to quickly find an opening to exploit with her enhanced strength or webs. Aside from her metahuman abilities, Jenni is a genius and skilled in my scientific fields. With access to the right tools and materials, she can likely whip up an invention to aid in nearly any situation. Complications: Enemy: Some of the border patrols around New Freedom were not happy with her and her father's team taking a spacecraft that had crashed close to (but not within) their territory. The leadership might send mercs to take out their frustrations. Fame: Jennifer Owens is fairly famous, being the oldest child of billionaire, genius, adventurer, philanthropists. It can make her civilian identity a target for kidnappers among other things. Secret: Identity. Abilities: 14 + 10 + 12 + 14 + 2 + 2 = 54PP Strength: 24 (+7) Dexterity: 20 (+5) Constitution: 22 (+6) Intelligence: 24 (+7) Wisdom: 12 (+1) Charisma: 12 (+1) Combat: 8 + 8 = 16PP Initiative: +9 Attack: +4 Base, +5 Melee, +10 Web-array, +11 Unarmed Grapple: +10 Defense: +9 (+4 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Knockback: -4 Saving Throws: 0 + 1 + 4 = 5PP Toughness: +9 (+6 Con, +3 [Costume]) Fortitude: +6 (+6 Con, +0) Reflex: +6 (+5 Dex, +1) Will: +5 (+1 Wis, +4) Skills: 68R = 17PP Acrobatics 4 (+9) Bluff 8 (+9) Computers 2 (+9) Craft (Chemical) 2 (+9) Craft (Electrical) 2 (+9) Craft (Mechanical) 2 (+9) Disable Device 2 (+9) Investigate 4 (+11) Knowledge (Earth Sciences) 2 (+9) Knowledge (History) 2 (+9) Knowledge (Life Sciences) 2 (+9) Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 2 (+9) Knowledge (Technology) 2 (+9) Medicine 2 (+4) Notice 9 (+10) Search 4 (+11) Sense Motive 8 (+9) Stealth 8 (+13) Survival 1 (+4) Feats: 27PP Acrobatic Bluff 2 Attack Focus: Melee Attack Specialization: Web-array 3 Attack Specialization: Unarmed 3 Benefit (Wealth) Dodge Focus 5 Eidectic Memory Equipment Evasion Improved Initiative Improvised Tools Inventor Luck 3 Move-By Action Quick Change Powers: 2 + 1 + 6 + 1 + 16 = 26PP Leaping 2 (x5) [2 pp] Speed 1 (10 MPH / 100ft/move action) [1 pp] Super-Movement 3 (Slow Fall, Wall-Crawling 2) [6 pp] Super-Senses 1 (Danger Sense (mental)) [1 pp] Device 4 (Web Shooters, 20pp of traits, Hard to Lose) [16PP] (all powers chemical) Synthetic Webbing 8 (16pp of traits, Power Feats: Alternate Power 2) [18PP] BP: Snare 8 (Web cocoon) [16PP] AP: Trip 8 (Power Feats: Improved Trip) (Web line) [16PP] AP: Dazzle 8 (visual) (Webbing in the Eyes) [16PP] Super-movement 1 (swinging) [2PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC20 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Snare Ranged DC18 Reflex (Staged) Entangle/Bound Dazzle Ranged DC18 Reflex (staged) Blinds Totals: Abilities (54) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (5) + Skills (17) + Feats (27) + Powers (26) = 145/153 Power Points
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