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  1. One of the perks of having a show on the Discovery Channel was a generally cordial working relationship with public broadcasting systems all around the world. It was especially nice in cases like this, where instead of doing interviews on the street or in a rented conference room, they were able to line up a cozy little interview space at the FCTV studios right downtown. The SuperCrime crew had piled all their outdoor gear in an unobtrusive corner and taken an hour's break to thaw out, eat lunch and back up footage of the morning's work. Now Paige was redoing her makeup in front of a mirror in
  2. Wharton State Forest, just off Sorrow House Road Right Now The creature in the clearing lounged in a throne made of bone enjoying there first taste of freedom in centuries. It had expected someone to try and stop its return but was really disappointed by the effort, only a single human female had tried to stop them with her flaming sword. She was now held by some of the skeleton warriors, servants of old returned to carry on there servitude. The glowing green eyes beneath her hood was a nice touch they'd have to determine how she managed such a trick. "Did you expe
  3. GM Train Station Mystery, New Hampshire 2:24 PM Saturday October 11th, 2014 Amddiffynnwr O Lleu Llaw Gyffes has eyes where it is needed. All members of the order understand this simple principle. Perhaps none more so than Cerys Pfer, whose cover at Claremont has gone through it's own series of trials over the years. An agent for the order had been tracking rumors of a lost artifact in a small town in New Hampshire known as Mystery. Until suddenly the order lost all contact with him. As such, it befell on their closest contact in the area Cerys to perform her duty and recover the art
  4. Blodeuwedd Power Level: 12/15 (226/239PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 13 In Brief: A Welsh Ninja trained since an early age to battle rogue gods and spirits. Residence:. Base of Operations: Catchphrase: Alternate Identity: Blodwen Jones, Cerys Pefr, Ellis Bexter Identity: Secret Birthplace: Caerdathyl, Gwynedd, Wales Occupation:University Student Affiliations: Amddiffynnwr O Lleu Llaw Gyffes (Defenders of Lleu Llaw Gyffes), Blue Jay, Crimson Tiger, Kit Family: None, orphaned at birth Descriptio
  5. OOC for >this thread Go ahead and give me a Knowledge (Arcane Lore) Check. We'll give our Welsh contemporary a +2 Circumstance Bonus. DC10 DC20 DC30
  6. OOC for this. Everything there is pretty much googleable, I don't expect any of them not to know the terms. To keep things simple I'm using Fomhóraigh for the mythical versions and Formorians for those from the book.
  7. Toraigh, Republic of Eire 20th December 2016 GM Post Tomas O Floinin hating this island a little spur of rock sitting of the coast of Ireland, but it contained a treasure worth more than it's weight in gold so he'd spent months searching. None of the obvious historical or mythic places held the object, so he'd spent month growing to hate the island more as he scowled every millimetre of the place. Finally after all that time he'd found the object so in the middle of the night he ended up digging for the item, in the dark it wasn't that impressive an object, just a
  8. Fred's Diner. Corner of 49th and 6th. Freedom City, USA. 11:29 PM Freedom City's cowls were a rarefied bunch. They knew each other and how they worked; and when one disappeared, it was noticeable. Not enough to cause a massive stir - some heroes just came and went - but Cerys Pefr knew Morgan Crowe a bit better than most. He might be appalled why, mind, or approving - either-or. As it stands; he'd dropped off the grid about four years ago, shortly after a quiet wedding to a young lady. Scuttlebutt said he'd disappeared from the very limousine carrying them to an airp
  9. Nơi mẹ Restaurant, San Diego It was one of those small out of the way places that only the locals knew about that served possibly some of the best Vietnamese food outside of the country. Blodeuwedd was quite proud that she'd been able to track down the place despite having only been in town for a few hours. Having just finished up some business for the Order and having a few hours before her flight back to Freedom City she thought she'd catch up with her old friend from Claremont Giang Trang. Right now was almost unrecognizable in a well cut suit her hair pulled into a
  10. ?????????Monday, June 8th, 2015???? Time had become a distant memory. Day in and Day out the three teens had been dragged out to fight for the entertainment of an alien audience. Never as a team. Always one on one in a staggered order until they were left exhausted. Their clothes were torn, their bodies battered. And worst of all they hadn't spoken to anyone in a week. At least not out loud. Errant, had been acting as a communication relay from his cell when it wasn't his turn to fight. Perhaps serving as the only saving grace in keeping a measure of sanity. Each of their cells remaine
  11. Freedom City, New Jersey, United States Wednesday, January 6th, 2016 Midmorning A neon green bolt sped through the center of Freedom City with a tail of red and blue lights stretching behind it for a solid block. As it turned the corner with a squeal of tires, Blue Jay swung into an alley on a blue-white grapnel. She was moving fast, fast enough that the buildings were a blur around her, fast enough that one grapnel shot took her entirely through the alley, and when she shot out the other end she was just in time to see the car chase shoot past her. The archer swung around a
  12. GM The Super Museum Midtown, Freedom City, New Jersey Saturday, October, 31st, 2015 8:30 PM For many in Freedom City, Halloween was a time of relaxation. A day for those who didn't already don a mask on a nightly basic to put on a costume and get in on the fun. If you went to the right places the crowds were comparable to the zombie hordes sprawled on many a tv set. Malls, bars, and even museums offered special events and trick or treating opportunity. One such museum was the famous Super Museum in Midtown. Normally a super or two volunteered to pose for pictures followin
  13. OOC for this thread Tiff let me know if you'd rather use Revenant than Blod. I wasn't clear on the who for this belated Halloween thread! DC10 DC20 DC30
  14. GM UC San Diego; San Diego, California Wednesday, February 18th, 2015, 4:04 PM Giang Trang's was no less active outside of the comforts of Freedom City. The Environmental Systems Major was always on the move in one way or another. In the interim between her classes she had only had enough time to make it back to her apartment for a quick change before heading out. Being a lifeguard was a seasonal occupation, but a need for pay was not equally so. And if it wasn't for the man laying outside the entrance to her dorm Giang may have had a shot of finishing another workday. He was badl
  15. A Blind Alley, West End, Freedom CIty 7:30 pm 20th March 2015 Freedom City was for many a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Yes the near by New York had it impressive buildings but only Freedom offered so many superheroes. Despite this the city still offered dangers for those who didn’t have their wits about them. The well dressed woman had obviously taken a wrong turn whilst exploring one of the lesser known area of Freedom City. She hadn’t realised it yet but she’d started walking down an alley closed at one end. The two muggers who followed in behind her d
  16. Friday, May 15, 2015 Port Regal, Freedom City Sundown The setting sun cast long shafts of golden light across the city, making long shadows on the lawns of the oldest homes in Freedom City; complicated gables and spires threw Escheresque shadows across wide, manicured lawns. This was once the quarter for the rich and powerful, and although many may have relocated north of the bay, it held old money, old power, and old secrets. Three women were determined to reveal some of these secrets. Blodeuwedd had been making her regular patrols along the waterfront when a silent alarm drew her attention
  17. Because even when you're dealing with that dick you still need to follow the rules.
  18. December 17, 2014. The West End, Silverman’s Books. Unknown Parallel Earth. Unknown amount of time after sunset. The books were getting a little dusty. Wynn Epstein hadn’t been inside in a few months, since the rebellion’s last gasp took a few employees…off the payroll. But today she was back, and cleaning up. New glass windows to replace the boarded up and broken ones. In the morning, a few new eager employees from Claremont would be by to help out, and best of all, a Carson security robot was schedules for delivery to keep things orderly. Everything was going to go just fine, and so
  19. OOC for this thread. Oh and give me a Survival roll. Heck, give me a notice roll.
  20. Well, you all know what this is for.
  21. OOC for >this thread in which we aim to punch UFOs while riding dinosaurs Those in FC. Feel Free to give me a few rolls DC15 Notice Check DC20 Current Events
  22. GMLacandan Jungle Chiapas, Mexico Monday, June 1st, 2015 3:04 AM Six hours. It took Six Hours and onetime zones for Miracle Girl to fly Blodeuwedd into Mexico under the cover of night. And it would take another six hours to fly back. Casey was the only other student on campus who could cross the distance that the Welsh ninja could find despite it being so early in the morning. The senior was on a bit of a timeline as it were with the festivities later on in the day. But, when the Raven herself shows up in the middle of your dorm explaining there is a situation. Well, one didn't argue. Th
  23. This is the OOC for the nautical hijinks of Cyberpirates of the Atlantic Basin! Please tag to let me know you're ready. With your character's Civilian Name, Heroic Name, and a link to your character sheet, please.
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