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Found 4 results

  1. GM March 5th, Around Lunchtime And around Lunchtime, Marjorie Doors was most productive. For those dear readers who do not know Marjorie Doors, she was some kind of administrator in the Freedom City University, and a busy little body she was too (although not so little). Marjorie Doors lived alone and loved cats. And loved snooping and gossiping even more. Now, Ms Doors was not productive for most of the day. At least in a conventional sense. She was extremely productive at looking productive without actually being productive (a lamentably comm
  2. The Gas Man (Tier 1 NPC) Character Name: The Gas Man (Brad Bilker) Power Level: 7 Power Points: 105/105 Trade-Offs: +1 Attack/-1 DC, +1 Defence/-1 DC Unspent Power Points: 0 In Brief: Bounty Hunter who stays just inside the law. Ish. Description: Age: 45 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Male Height: 5’11” Weight: 95Kgs Eyes: Brown Hair: Grizzly White - Brown Brad is getting on a bit, but still in excellent shape, with a grizzly, battle-weary kind of appearance. He has a couple of scars and a slightly broken nose that are testament to his profession and history. He usually wears pa
  3. GM Friday Mid Afternoon, June 3rd Starbase Coffee Southside A blend of pleasant coffee aroma swirled in the air. It was hot outside, and a pervasive kind of dustiness filled the air, a precipitation of pollution and sweat. Nobody was feeling very energetic, despite the caffeine. And at this time of afternoon it was never that busy. And today it seemed positively quiet. A trickle of the tired, a line of lethargic. Jack Longwheel ordered his coffee. It was full of cream and milk, and Jack Longwheel did not mind. He had given up trying
  4. GM April 20th Freedom City Sewers... The Secret hideout of the mysterious "Marie" Over the least 24 hours, Freedom City had had brown outs. The Nuclear reactors on the east coast had all reported glitches and power failures, and many were operating on reduced output, or even shut down whilst maintenance tried to work out what the hell had gone on. It was not enough for Marie. "that Uranium-7 pulse should have knocked them all out!" she spat, her eyes glowing a furious green. The hideout was not too shabby, w
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