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  1. The penthouse was really designed with fliers in mind. While there were stairs, the upper floors all had easy balconies to float off of and the view of Freedom City was stunning from the large windows that filled one of the rounded walls. Mark and Nina had been over enough to know that there were multiple bedrooms and bathrooms on the subsequent floors but usually Alex and Mike tended to primarily use the open living space for most of their day to day. "Hello, Mark, Nina!" Alex called cheerfully as she floated off of the balcony, a box in her arms. For once, Alex wasn't dressed fresh from work. Her red curls were loose and she wore comfortable leggings under a loose long top with the sort of bright colors that she favored. "And Ritchie. Hello. I picked up a few toys for you, Ritchie, would you like to see what we have?" She held out the box of unboxed, though new, toddler toys for Ritchie to poke through and offered Mark and Nina an easy smile. "Don't worry. We're happy to watch him. I don't suppose you're actually getting a date night out of it; Work?"
  2. "Well, I think it would be fun to plan a wedding. Min and Erik were married long before I came along to cause trouble, after all, so no meddling from me there. In all my many and varied years, I've never planned a wedding," Talya commented, her tone light and conversational and her expression relaxed and easy. One would never know she was picking her way across a personal minefield to look at her lovely, composed features. "I did steal from a wedding once. I wonder if that counts." Her expression softened as her gaze dropped to Eden's excited features, the polished mask falling away. "And you do look stunning, my little love. Do you think you might like to dance? It's not a wedding reception if there's no dancing, after all." She held out her slender hand, coaxing Eden away from Min and Erik. The eldest of the Espadas children laughed as she was twirled under Talya's fingertips, her skirt flaring out. "Thank you for having us, Gina. It's a rare party where we can all just be ourselves. As Mara said, its easy to get caught up in just keeping the day to day afloat."
  3. "Everything. All the things!" Andromeda said, watching his movements before copying them carefully. Once she'd buckled herself into the car, she ran her fingertips over the leather and metal of the car - not the first person to touch the Danger!Mobile with wide-eyed wonder but she moved onto the sunglasses on the console with the same degree of fascination. While Ace talked, she opened up the glasses and lifted them up to her eyes, looking through the darkened lenses and then over them before repeating the gesture. "I want to see the oceans and the mountains and the woods and the cities. All of it!" She set the glasses on the tip of her nose, looking over at Ace a little cross eyed as she tried to watch his face over the sunglasses lenses, "I thought that it was amazing when you all figured out how to make fire but, oh my goodness, then you just exploded! Not just in numbers but in all the things you make. There's so very many THINGS and not just things you need for food or shelter but just... making things to have made them! Do you know how rare that is? It's a gift and I've been wanting to see all of it for ever so long. And now I'm here! I had to wait and wait and WAIT until my heart stopped burning and it was time to end and begin again. Ages and ages."
  4. Name: Janus Danger Codename: None! Year: Junior Pronouns: They/Them Current Intramural Team: Current Roommate: Veronica Danger Reflection: I spent a lot of last year grieving for the home that I left. I want to spend this year looking forward and becoming more comfortable in who I am here. School Club: Drama Club or Choir, maybe Band
  5. "I like Andromeda. I was very flattered when I was given it. Not all of us get names and it really doesn't occur to us to name ourselves. I've been thinking of myself as Andromeda for ages. Well, not AGES, you haven't known about me all that long in the span of existence but it was nice to be noticed!" Andromeda offered with a cheerful smile that was equal parts pride in her name and reassurance. Once again, she patted his arm lightly, "And I don't mind. I know that I'm not human, not really, though it's an interesting condition. I didn't want to start by lying. I mean, I can make this form look more... uhm, human? That's not quite the right word but it'll have to do. But as soon as I open mouth, I know that I sound very alien. I couldn't hear really, not at that distance, just watch and observe. I caught radio sometimes when you started to make those but I know that it's bound to seem a little off so it seems like its best to make that clear right up front and this is easier than wearing a sign that says 'new to humanity', don't you think?" She let out a little breath of relief as they left the confines of the League building. Andromeda dropped his arm to spread her arms wide and turn her face up towards the sun. "It's SO blue. There's SO MUCH blue. Do you find that overwhelming?" She asked, face tipped up towards the sky. "I mean, I understand WHY. The light breaks apart in your atmosphere and scatters all the blue waves about first so its reflecting on millions and millions and millions of particles but its one thing to KNOW it and another to SEE it. I can't wait to see the sun set over the horizon. I didn't want to miss my first sunset."
  6. "I didn't choose my name, well, not REALLY. I go by the ones that your astronomers picked; Andromeda. Although it technically covers more than a few of my nearby fellows, they won't mind at all. They don't really pay much attention to your corner of space but I do. I think it's fascinating." Andromeda offered cheerfully. "In your newspapers, they called me the star child but that's not EXACTLY accurate. I'm not the child of a star, certainly, and I'm not a child at all; most definitely. I haven't been a juvenile for ever so long but then most of the story wasn't the MOST accurate. I mean, I didn't fall at all, not really. Well, not until I hit the atmosphere and even that was, well, aimed!" She tucked her hand through the offered arm, offering a cheerful smile as she added, "What do I call you? Are you to be my keeper? I don't really need one but I know I'm not a prisoner but wandering around alone seems to make everyone nervous. I really, REALLY wouldn't hurt anyone. That would be wrong and cruel and callous and I try to be none of those things. I really didn't even fall, its just I was travelling very, very fast and it was a little hard to be close to this city but also not hit anything or anyone. There's so much life here, you see, that its difficult to find a place to impact without causing trouble. I couldn't even see how full the park was until I was through the atmosphere, you know, because it's a lot to try and do all at once, build a body and land and not hit anyone on the way down. It takes effort! I keep telling everyone that it wasn't an accident but I think that they may have some doubts which, I mean, I suppose I understand. I am ever so new to THIS form but I was careful."
  7. It had been a long, long day. Huang had retreated to the Void, silent and sullen, and Taylor had managed to soothe JJ to a fitful sleep finally. His hiccuping sobs would haunt her for a long, long time. She was somewhere past implacable rage and bottomless grief to a place far more dangers; grim determination. Alone, in her sanctum, Taylor looked every inch the mage sans parallel that she was. Hadn't she sacrificed enough? Hadn't her children sacrificed enough? With a grimace she swiped one hand through the air and sent Jack's last note spinning away across the room to vanish into a wooden box. A flick of her fingers bound the box in magic. She'd not let either of her children read that letter yet. JJ was... too young. Too much his father's son and Taylor wasn't about to let Jack's fears and issues of control swamp their son. Not for the first time, she curled her fingers around crackling power as it rose unbidden. She could send out magic and resources. Her husband was very, very good at hiding but the days that he outstripped her powers were long gone. But what then? If he was even still alive... Taylor's hands curled into fists, crushing the light to flickers and embers between her fingers. For all of her power, she couldn't make Jack want to fight for his humanity. All she could do now was deal with the aftermath... Gathering up her power once more, Taylor sent it down to fill the circle at her feet, charging it for a great work as books flew from her shelves at her call. She'd never made a simulacrum before, and this one had to be perfect. Something that would pass as human to mortals and be able to defend her children in a fight... Something that the vampiric half of her offspring would be able to accept into their home... Something that would love them and be able to... if not take the place of their father, at least provide some sort of paternal presence... As the glowing figure took shape slowly in the center of Phantom's circle, she stepped to the side to pour wine into a glass and eye the rough form with a critical eye. Deliberately, she built the form to have a passing familial resemblance but no more. Rougher, older. More worn, more human. Someone who could pass for an 'uncle', perhaps. Someone who it wouldn't hurt to look at every day. Damn you, Jack. Setting the empty wine glass down on her desk, Taylor sketched out symbols rapidly with her fingers; filling the simulacrum with pathos and life and purpose built out of her best memories, and her worst ones. She threaded the void through its veins and the earth through its bones and tied its purpose to the boys. Without Jack it was just her and she had so many enemies. They had so many enemies and after everything else, Taylor could not face losing her boys. "Live," it was a command; it was an adjuration.
  8. A few of the staff members were watching the woman in the waiting room with the same fascination that she was following the fish in the aquarium. Her white hair floated around her face, and her slender back was to Ace as she pressed her gloved hands to the glass of the aquarium. Her nose was almost pressed against the glass. "But WHY do you keep the fish in a habitat in your building? Is it just to watch them swim? They are brightly colored. You have so very many creatures on this world... how do you even come up with names for all of them?" Her nose was all but pressed to the glass until Ace spoke and she turned with a bright smile on her features. Ace was one of the few people who might catch the resemblance to the dryads that the Preservers had made. None of the humans that Andromeda had encountered had any knowledge of those protectors but she really had tried to make a form that would show that she meant no harm to the humans or their planet. She offered Ace a bright smile. "I made 'a scene' when I arrived but not a GOOD scene. There are differences. It wasn't like a wedding but more like a car accident," Andromeda recited, "And I do not want to make BAD scenes. I just want to see the planet and all of the people and all of the THINGS. You have so very many things." Andromeda offered as she turned around and splayed her hands to her sides, the gesture wide, "Do you do the palm pressing of greeting? The hand shake? It is important that I ask before touching. Touching without asking is rude."
  9. Ray let out a little breath. He had no idea about Jessie's internal issues but even with powers, he was well away that meeting some strange dude after talking on messaging service, even having met face to face once before, was a fraught topic. Mindful of the nuances, he offered a public enough place that didn't require Jessie sharing more information than she wanted to about her life. 'Well, you already know my shop, why don't we meet in front of there and we'll head up to the city together?' The advantage of running his own business meant making his own hours and Ray didn't have to look at his calendar to know about the appointments he'd already scheduled for the week. 'Wednesday sounds good to me. I can finish up my last client before lunch and then close up for the afternoon. I'll put your number in my phone. Just text me if you want to cancel or reschedule.' Ray paused and then added, 'Night, Jessie. And, in Aquaria's defense, human relationships are super weird and complicated. See you Weds.'
  10. Sofi's notice check: 19 Alas, close but no cigar. Will save check: 14, 15, 10
  11. 'I don't although I like animals' Ray couldn't help but bite back a smile. Hence the question about liking dogs on the profile, 'Just as long as you don't hate it. Life's to short to spend it spending lots of hours on something that you hate. I mean, once you have the necessities covered. Food, shelter, a bit of fun, all that.' Ray turned his head to glance at the clock again and found himself surprised at how much time had passed, 'Life's also too short to miss out on museums. You free sometime this week? I can swing by and we can go by the Met. Just as friends not as weird... Eros website whatever this thing is. Nothing weird or creepy; you have my word as an ex-angel.' There was no smiley face, but hopefully his dry humor came across nonetheless.
  12. Mia pouted at her father, tiny fists frozen in a solid guard position. Having four children under ten and a dojo downstairs meant that alot of rambunctious wiggle time was in play-as-practice. She huffed a sigh and recited, "Only to protect myself or someone that needs it," Mia recited and then scrunched her nose at her father, adding, "An' when I do hit them, I make sure they don' get up to try 'gain. I heard you say that in class today! Mommy let me come down to watch cuz Terry an' Emmy were taking a nap an I'm a big girl an don't NEED naps no more." "Were you being too rambunctious to let the twins sleep, my little love? I thought you were going to be good for your mother while I ran out to the store," there was too much fondness for that to be scolding, as she ruffled the girls fair hair and offered Jack a smile. "And that's right, my darling, if we knock someone onto the ground, we want to make sure they stay there." Talya smiled, a small curve of her lips as she offered that advice that was SURE to come back around to cause problems on the school yard later, no doubt. There was more than one reason that their children were going to Nicholson, after all. Her gaze travelled back to Octoman as she waited to make sure he was watching her mouth before she spoke again, "It's up to you, in the end. If you want help breaking the news to your parents, we can help there. If you'd rather keep your secret, I'll see what we can do about surreptitious admission to Claremont academy. And, yes, I will give you the address here if you get in trouble or need a superhero who's an adult. I trust that we don't have to tell you just how important it is that you not share our personal information with anyone." Talya tipped her head towards the little girl giggling in Jack's arms as she tried to capture one of Octoman's waving tentacles. "This IS our headquarters but its also our home."
  13. Signature was getting too long, so I am putting things here! - Character Master List Reward Tracker Phantom (PL14 Hero) - | Reputation | Guidebook | HellQ | Interview | Portrait | 20Q | News | Eros Unlimited | Playlist "Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it." - Terry Pratchett Psyche (PL12 Hero) - | Reputation | Guidebook | HellQ | Interview | Portrait | 20Q | News | Eros Unlimited | Playlist "She's been everybody else's girl maybe one day she'll be her own." - Tori Amos Nighthawk (PL10 Hero) - | Reputation | Guidebook | HellQ | Interview | Portrait | 20Q | News | Eros Unlimited | Playlist "I fear not the man who has practiced ten thousand kicks one time, but the man who has practiced one kick ten thousand times." - Bruce Lee Bombshell (PL10 Hero) - | Reputation | Guidebook | HellQ | Interview | Portrait | 20Q | News | Eros Unlimited | Playlist "I've never been the girl next door." - Bettie Page Volcanic (PL10 Hero) - | Reputation | Guidebook | HellQ | Interview | Portrait | 20Q | News | Eros Unlimited | Playlist "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul, on fire." - Ferdinand Foch Renegade (PL10 Hero) - | Reputation | Guidebook | HellQ | Interview | Portrait | 20Q | News | Eros Unlimited | Playlist "Doubt is not the opposite of faith. It is one element of faith." - Paul Tillich Sofia Orellana (PL8 Hero) - | Reputation | Guidebook | HellQ | Interview | Portrait | 20Q | News | Eros Unlimited | Playlist "A lot of hacking is playing with other people, you know, getting them to do strange things" - Steve Wozniac Janus Danger (PL10 Hero) - | Reputation | Guidebook | HellQ | Interview | Portrait | 20Q | News | Eros Unlimited | Playlist 'Is this a story that you know? / Are you sure that where it leads you / Is a place you want to go? / Do you really understand? / The moment that you leave the path / The future's in your hands...' - Seanan Mcguire Star Child (PL10 Hero) - | Reputation | Guidebook | HellQ | Interview | Portrait | 20Q | News | Eros Unlimited | Playlist
  14. Murmuring and questions were lost for a moment as the journalists jockeyed for position, eagerly trying to get the attention. Unfortunately, the more... problematic elements of the press corp were quick to leap into the fray. "What is the league going to do about the Terminus children? With the clinic and the recent exposure, Freedom City is once again a nexus for those tainted by the Terminus energies?! How can the League keep us safe from the threat inside our own children?" The histrionic timbre rose above the gamut, spitting out soundbites rapid fire and hoping for a good look or a word, or - at worst - something that could be chopped up to continue to push the T-baby menace story that their network had been running heavily for the last year or so. "Fft, T-babies - old news. What about more... personal team ups?" That was the Tattler, an absolute gossip rag as the reporter swung her microphone towards the team. "With the League full of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.... Can we expect an all star wedding anytime soon from any of you or should Freedom City hopes for a League rescue-romance remain alive?"
  15. Volcanic had been noticeably quiet compared to her assigned partner as her attention was on the situation. Clever banter wasn't so much her strong suit at the best of the time and there was... something in the song of the earth below that she couldn't quite parse. It was nagging at her just as the tiger talked and then pounced. Letting her flames die out enough to drop to the earth, the elemental landed at the edge of the crater, her posture wary. "Facsimile, maybe don't taunt the god?" Volcanic suggested, the tightness of her voice coming across through the crackle of flame. Sandman. Frost isn't here so you're my mystic go to. God in the shape of a white tiger. Whatcha got? "Easy, there, big guy. Spit my friend out and maybe we can talk. Why you eating dogs?"
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