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  1. Puma was slowly starting to get the picture that something was right with this picture and a bad feeling started to arise in her. It made the stomach churn, growing slightly slick thay whomever this individual was, Patriot had history with this pendejo (idiot), and none of it felt like it was good history between them. "I'm not some kitty cat, and I do not do tricks," she says in response.There was a temper slightly growing as the comment had struck a nerve. She had never dealt with the Quirk individual, unlearned to any sort of potential danger that they might represent.
  2. "Why can't we just take them out, aren't we heroes or something? We should do something about it, stop them," Puma looked over to Patriot, looking for some sort of answer that she might give. The direction to go for the phone however surprised her, "The phone, why would we use the phone why can't we..." Before she suddenly found themselves not alone. She had been so distracted that she couldn't tell that they hadn't been alone, holding herself from jumping a bit in surprise as before them a man and a small baby were now present behind them. The young heroine wasn't sure whom they were, but it seemed like Patriot recognized him, seeing her refrain from attack him. Her own eyes kept towards the baby, watching as it waved to her in their cute little cat outfit. Did they think she was just a big giant house cat in their infant mind? Puma didn't seem to mind as thoughts went back to the issue at hand.
  3. "No sé (I don't know). You think they are some sort of robbers or something, they kind of remind me of when a friend and I went to some abandoned place," she spoke, remembering the strange encounter she had with a fellow classmate at school. Just thinking about it made it feel even more strange as she thought back to that evening. For these anachronistic potential criminals, there was no doubt they stood out in the green forest. "So, what do you want to do about the guests," she spoke, still observing from their position.
  4. "At least it's a place where I can find something to do, see people that are at least somewhat like me," she responds with a bit of a shrug. Patriot regardless may have hit a slight sore spot for Puma as she walked around, tail behind her swishing around as she gave an annoyed look. Puma was so annoyed that she wasn't even paying attention to the growing noise of a car engine, something that she would likely have heard easily if not for the upset feeling that was growing, continuing to speak, "Interested in what?" She'd quickly move to the window, looking down below to the car that had pulled up. Something wasn't right at all, quickly keeping herself small and out of sight as she peered downward, "¿Qué pasa con los trajes? (What's with the suits?) Are these your friends?"
  5. Puma would like to move up towards the window and try not to get spotted from it so she can watch them down below. I got a 30. With permission as well, I'd like to do a notice check then below to see what is going on, getting 17.
  6. It appeared as though things did turn into a quasi-hike as the two made their way along the path. Being out here in the forest, it felt relaxing, surrounded by only the sights, sounds, and smells of nature around them. For Puma it was like a dream, a reprieve from the constant droning of the city proper, with only the sound underfoot of crunching gravel before they reached the towering fire tower before them. The climb up was even more a sight as it felt like back home for the young hero, scaling above the tree line, the tree far in the distance. "So people live up here or something, just watching for fires and stuff, right," she responds back, looking around the dusty room. Puma sniffled slightly from the dust, wrecking her senses temporarily before she adusted, "Seems pretty lonely living all the way out here?"
  7. Heightened senses allowed her to take in the clean, fresh air of the park forest around them as they moved ever further away from the city scape and into the wide and vast range of countryside and forest. Here however it would grow thick as they hit the pine barren, the terrain rich in cedar and white pine trees. She may have grown up on the island, but she had some familiarity of the flora of North America and the creatures there from school both back home and at Claremont. Such a calm and clean area was almost relaxing, though it was far cry from her native tropics. She'd look at the chain link that blocked the road, hopping off and taking off her helmet alongside Patriot. Puma thought that something felt off being out here, thinking they weren't entirely supposed to be here, "So why are we here then if we aren't going for a hike?"
  8. The idea of growing up certainly wasn't what she was thinking at the moment. If anything, the idea of leaving Claremont only haunted her as she had little idea of where she would be going after that. The school gave her a place to be, to learn and grow, but she hadn't thought about the after much at all, what sort of work she would be doing once she graduated. Puma wasn't entirely sure what sort of work somebody like herself would be doing. As they drove on through the interstate, she threw the thought out of her head for the time being. "No, I haven't. I didn't even know there was one nearby," she responded over the roar of the engine and the wind, her grip slacking as she got a bit more comfortable riding on the bike at higher speeds, "Are we going on some sort of hike?
  9. "I guess I could try and get out that way sometimes. Maybe I could get someone from the church to drop me off over there. They aren't that bad, not as weirded out by me I guess, something about seeing another one like me from awhile back," she responds, watching the world go by at breakneck speeds and exhilarating rush that only a motorcycle could offer. Puma hadn't put too much mind to it, but from her small world back home, Freedom City and Claremont had opened the door to find more than just self-loathing. For once in her life, she was starting to like she had some sort of purpose, but just couldn't put a finger on it at the moment. She held a little bit firmer as they increased the speed, pushing forward as they made their way, "I like to do track at school, but since schools out... well I guess climbing. I do some sketching when I can, really nice when you're up in a tree, good view."
  10. Puma held the jacket in front of her, inspecting it before rushing back to the house to change, switching from the varsity jacket to the bike riders' jacket that was handed to her. Natural curiosity and excitement had gotten the best of her and all she wanted now was to get on and have a ride. Once back she donned the jacket, politely grabbing the helmet and positioning it over her head until it was snug and comfortable. She'd give a thumbs up when she was ready, mounting up on the bike with a little uneasiness before getting properly situated. her arms would hold on tight to Patriot's waist as they drove on at speeds that she could only dream. "I get a field trip here and there. Sometimes they let me out with supervision, usually with another student or something," she responds to the best of her ability, recognizing a few of the landmarks as they passed by as she was familiar with. It was an exciting time, one that let her adrenaline slowly come out as she traveled around in style with Patriot.
  11. "I've never rode a motorcycle before, I don't even have my license to drive yet," Puma would respond to her, cat like eyes moving over towards Patriot's bike. The closest thing she had ever driven was that of a bike back on the island. She'd walk over towards the bike, hands still in her jacket pockets, inspecting it inquisitively. Puma knew nothing about car's nor bikes, but she could still see how cool it was to have something like this in your garage. Her head turned to face Patriot, "You said it can go sub-sonic, where would you go to do that?" she'd ask her. The werecat wasn't really the most knowledgeable when it came to the sciences, but it did interest her when it came down to cool sounding words that seemed at a least a bit scientific. This was especially so, she never really got to go out unless it was a class trip, while living and staying at the church it was like being locked away, not that she minded it too much. She drew stares much of the time from the non-meta populace, whispers of her looking like an older former hero that intrigued her but served only annoyance at the moment.
  12. The teenager looked towards the professional with a look of curiosity, thinking that they'd potentially be a little taller than she was, but that was not the case. As Patriot gave a wave, an older Hispanic woman's face looks through a curtain with a raised brow before seemingly turning back to her whatever work she was doing. It was the church office, Puma lived upstairs mostly by herself. Others from around the neighborhood did snap a picture or two however, seeing a hero come through their area in somewhat plain clothes wasn't too common an occurrence, not for a long time. "Yes, and you must be Patriot, right?" Puma spoke, her hands in the jacket pockets. She definitely was a sight, a black furred werecat like being with a lithe body, long curly black hair tied back into a ponytail, "So what do you want to do? The school only really said that you'd be here I guess in a mentorship program or something?"
  13. Puma sat on the small concrete porch of a church caretaker building. Having no family of her own to go back to, an agreement been made for her to board at a small Catholic church that one of the nuns back home had ties to. She would have rather gone back home, but the cost at the moment was out of the question for the time being, besides the necessary extra-curricular school activities that she had been up to and some of her mediocre grades made her take some remedial courses during the hot and sticky summer months. Island beaches and familiar faces clung to her mind like a distant dream. She'd sigh, hearing the sounds of a motorcycle coming her way. Today was supposed to be some sort of mentor training program day where she would hang around with an official hero, perking up a little as they got closer. Puma would stand up, stretching a little bit and waving them down once she'd spot them. Even in these Summer months she still wore the varsity jacket over the more suitable heroic blue and yellow unitard she typically wore, letting her at least stay cooled off with the hot weather, a bit of her not wanted feel exposed, even if it meant dealing with the heat. "Is this my babysitter?" she'd think to herself, waving them down while she walked over to the street.
  14. La Puma Negra: 2 posts Teaching A Cat Some Tricks (0) Gunsmoke and Mirrors (0) Celebrity Skin (2)
  15. "Except we're in it," Carmen says as she reads over the article in the newspaper. It increasingly felt like everything was off as she sniffed the air, moving to be closer towards Luke. Everything was starting to just creep her out, thinking that maybe going in was a bad idea. As they heard the nearby sound of activity, Puma and Nightscale dashed to find the source, the were-cat doing her best as she got closer to blend in near the shadows of the casino, approaching the theater that seemed to be their prime destination. Puma would nod, keeping as quiet as a church mouse, or in her case a cat. She'd sneak forward, getting low as she could when entering. Seats would be used as cover, wanting to stay plainly out of sight, trying to see exactly just who was talking, "Ahora, ¿quién diablos está hablando el villano? Está el hombre fantasma, (Now, who the heck is the villain talking? There is the ghost man)" she spoke quietly, melding into the darkness with her black coat of hair, peering through the darkness with her cat like eyes.
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