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Found 5 results

  1. Monday, January 11, 2021 3:26 PM "C'mon, this'll be great!" An offhand comment about being a bit underwhelmed by the variety of vegetarian options in the Claremont Academy cafeteria on Utsuwa's part had been all the excuse his roommate needed to drag them into the downtown of the Freedom City. Ryder promised he knew a little place in Riverside that did every imaginable variation on a lentil bowl under the sun and was evidently worthy of quite a bit more effusive praise even after Utsuwa has assured him he was convinced. The street they were walking down had done its best to fit as many businesses as possible into its limited space, street-front real estate divided and subdivided, skinny little stairways leading up to second floors and hand lettered chalkboard signs competing for space with pedestrians and bicycles. The soundscape was no less overbearing, from the halves of cellphone conversations to the wailing toddler in the stroller across the street, from the young woman busking with an electric guitar on the corner to the mishmash of chimes, bells and electric chirps that sounded as every door opened. From the way he was grinning Ryder might as well have been strolling through a meditation garden. "Look at that blue sky! Hope you're hungry bud, I know how you feel about American portion sizes. Here we go!" He stopped in front of a vertical sign with red block letters on a black background reading 'LentALL'.
  2. For when we have to roll to enjoy hearty lentil-based meals, probably!
  3. The Espadas School of Self-Defense and Swordsmanship! "Ha, making me work for it today!" Erik Espadas called across the length of the training mats while he intercepted a pingpong ball-sized fiery projectile a hairsbreadth from his nose with equally fiery rapier. The flame wrapped around his hand in an elaborate guard and the light of the deceptively delicate blade was picked up in the sheen of sweat across his chest. Where his shirt had gone and why he had bothered to wrap a dark blue bandana over his eyes when they both knew he was using his metamagi sixth sense to anticipate the incoming bolts of fire were questions his training partner had learned not to waste energy asking. Instead another flurry of little fireballs forced him to flip backward and contort his wrist to catch before they could hit him or the flame retardant tarp they'd hung up on the wall behind him.
  4. Claremont Academy Dormitories, Third Floor September 5th, 2020 "I'm not actually sure if the markings are magic," Ryder attempted to clarify as he led Utsuwa down the hallway with Cyan perched on his shoulder and the rest of the Robugs following along nearby, "just that they showed up at the same time she got her magic powers. Which I guess means they're qualitatively magic but not necessarily that they're functionally magic in a meaningful way. Y'know?" He looked over to the more taciturn teenager with a grin to check for understanding or at least continued patience. "Plus Tori's from out of the country, too so you guys can talk about that! It'll be good! We'll have you making friends like an experienced friend-maker in no time!" He gave Utsuwa an enthusiastic thumbs up before checking his phone to confirm he had the correct room number.
  5. Kensei Power Level: 8 (180/192) Unspent Power Points: 12 Trade-Offs: +2 Att/-2 Dam; +/-0 Tou/Def In Brief: Haunted Heir of the sinister Crimson Katana bloodline Theme: Numb (Linken Park) Alternate Identity: Utsuwa Ranaga (Secret) Birthplace: Katori, Japan Residence: Claremont Academy Base of Operations: Claremont Academy, Bayview, Freedom City Occupation: Student Affiliations: Raven II, Claremont Academy, 'Raven Family' Family: Toshiro Ranaga (Deceased), Kimiyo Ranaga (mother, it's complicated) Description: Age: 16 (DoB: 2004, 15th of September) Apparent Age: If applicable. Gender: Male Ethnicity: Asian (Japanese) Height: 170cm (5'7") Weight: 89 Kilos (196lbs) Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Black Utsuwa is sturdily built teen of Japanese descent. While not a towering figure he carries himself with a secure self confidence unusual in boys his age. Broad and athletic from years of grueling training he is constantly alert and moves with the intentional grace of a martial artist. He has handsome features if usually marred by a wary to sullen mien with dark eye peering piercingly out at the world as if constantly expecting attack. He wears his deep black hair with a tight undercut the top swept back in neat and clean lines. Each arm bears a full forearm sleeve in the traditional japanese style with a phoenix prominent on the right and an Oni rising from waves on the left. He dresses almost compulsively free of branding, and almost all identical outfits of black cross trainers, straight leg slate slacks, and a dress shirt or polo depending on weather in dark cool colors. In winter he might add a woolen overcoat when the temperature drops. When in 'costume' his clothing is covered by a spectral samurai armor with a full oni face plate hiding his features. The blood red armor is limned in flickering ghostly blue flame. Those familiar with the Crimson Katana and Katanarchists would recognizes the garb as the same as that of his grandfather. History: Utsuwa is the youngest scion of the Ranaga family, one of two living to his knowledge. Of course as with all matters of his family it is more complicated. His grandfather and mother until very recently continued to share the same body, wresting control from one another and unraveling one anothers plans in the conflict they had engaged since she had become aware of her heritage and awakened the old sorcerer's spirit. Utsuwa was the result of one such conflict as his grandfather's spirit realized his daughter was too strong of will to fully supplant. Whilst possessing her he harvested eggs to begin his project of supplying a more supple heir. When Kimiyo recovered control she thought only that she'd suffered an abdominal injury and their battles continued unabated. Meanwhile on his grandfather's orders an elite cadre of scientists in service to the Katanarchist cause combined the harvested genetic material with that from select stock. They manipulated the embryos genetics for improved physical characteristics along the way and Utsuwa was incubated in a surrogate as were his potential siblings. He was the only one to survive gestation. He never knew his surrogate mother, raised instead from his earliest memories by the Katanarchists trained in body and mind to be his grandfather's vessel when the time came. Diet, physical conditioning, skills training, and education all sharply regimented and carefully crafted to build Utsuwa into the perfect body for his Grandfathers rebirth. He was trained in all the skills of the Katanarchists, the blade, stealth, guile. The tools of an assassin. His body was continually pushed to it's limits ever extending strength, endurance, and agility. He was not however indoctrinated as other recruits were, he was not even allowed to join them, served instead by trainers, sensei, and tutors in the skills he'd need one on one. This proved to be the plans undoing when Kimiyo finally rid herself of her father's spirit. She completed the ritual to sever his tie to her, with nothing to anchor him to this world he should have been forced to his final rest. But there was another, Utsuwa . She thought it successful for a time. But Utsuwa had not been ritually prepared to receive his Grandfather's spirit, it was unable seize the body it had built. The imbued tattoos tied the spirit to Utsuwa, but his mind was not suppressed, his will too great to succumb to that of the spectre. The attempt to commandeer his body did anchor the spirit to Utsuwa, it also fused the spirits spectral powers with the young swordsman. Powers Utsuwa turned on his cruel teachers in making good his escape from the hidden compound in the hills of Chiba prefecture. Utsuwa had little knowledge of the outside world and likely would have been recaptured or fallen to criminal service with his skills if not for the timely intervention of Callie Summers, the Raven. She got word of the destruction of a Katanarchist cell and investigated finding Utsuwa hiding in the woods nearby. Her first thought had been to reunite him with his biological mother. Kimiyo saw the spirit of her father still anchored to Utsuwa and wished to kill him before he was made a vessel as Toshiro had intended. Raven of course did not allow it and took the boy in herself. Utsuwa was trained by the Raven and her scions, educated in the ways of the world and how to resist his grandfather's influence. Now she feels he's ready to rejoin society, if in a controlled fashion and is attending Claremont in the fall. Personality & Motivation: Utsuwa has seen first hand the dangers posed by fanatics and the madmen that would rule if not checked by the heroic actions of those able to stand against them. He also has no comprehension of what life would be without training. Without the rigors of combat. Even if such a life of peace appealed he knows it is not possible whilst he holds his Grandfather's spirit. He is painfully aware that he exists only because the mad cultists of a dead sorcerer created him as a vessel. The closest thing he has to family is the education he's been given by Callie and her merry band of misfits. He doesn't wish to disappoint them, and more he wants to ensure no one has to face the dangers his grandfather and those like him have unleashed on the world. He considers himself expendable in this pursuit but feel honor bound to live and repent for the harm caused by his family over the decades. The teachings of the old masters has left Utsuwa with a bit of a white knight (or samurai) complex and desire to return honor to his family's name despite the crimes committed by his ancestors. Powers & Tactics: Utsuwa has been trained to be the perfect swordsman since birth and it shows. He's an expert already with the blade and has the physical advantages of his modified genetics and early conditioning. He has also been imbued with the spectral powers of his grandfather's spirit. He is able to summon both blades and armor with a thought offering both offense and defense. Training with first the Katanarchists and later Raven II, III, and others has taught him stealth and misdirection. Despite this he remains a straightforward combatant and would prefer to do battle on open and fair terms. Utsuwa will generally move to intercept the largest threat on the field, cutting down any foes in his way to get there. Using his mobility and terrain to advantage where he can he'll close to melee while avoiding exposure to ranged fire. Engaging his opponent Utsuwa strikes hard and fast as soon as he sees an opening he'll seize it to unleash a punishing series of attacks. The goal is to ensure the enemy is not able to retaliate. Against more sturdy foes he'll engage with others in wolf pack tactics moving in to strike then withdrawing to allow another to seize on the enemies distraction. His spectral blades can cut through most material or be turned against the very animus of an enemy cutting to the core of their being. When taxed Utsuwa can siphon the life force from an enemy to aid his own recovery as well though he is sparing with so dark a power. Power Descriptions: Kurodo draws his blades as if from thin air activating them with the draw motion from his hip. His tattoos flare with a spectral light and the blades are in his hands. The blades take the form of a translucent Katana and matching Wakizashi. Ornate scrollwork crawls the sides of the blades in glowing blue ethereal light. The hilts are wrapped in deep crimson cord over bone white, a spiritual echo the the Crimson Katanas original blade. The swords are clearly not entirely of this world and when they slice the wounds they leave are as much on the spirit as the body. When he activates the soul siphon swirling red energies course up the blade and flare over the injuries they heal on his person. With but a thought Utsuwa is able to summon the ghostly raiment of his grandfather. An ethereal suit of crimson samurai armor limned in bluish flames. The face plate stylized like a fearsome oni hides his features and the lacquered plates of the armor slide silently against each other as he moves the entire effect an otherworldly visage of dread. Complications: Haunted: The spirit of Toshiro is anchored to Utsuwa and will distract, torment, and attempt to wrest control of his body. [The GM may give Utsuwa an HP to give him a circumstance penalty on a check due to Toshiros influence. When Utsuwa's will is suppressed such as by mind control or a failed will save of appropriate descriptors the GM can award Utsuwa an HP to have Toshiro seize the reins for the duration of the effect.] Legacy: Utsuwa looks like a phantom Crimson Katana when his powers are active. Even when they are not there are those aware of his ancestry who may blame or fear him for it. [The GM may award Utsuwa an HP to shift NPC reactions toward unhelpful/hostile based on his ancestry] Stranger: Utsuwa was raised and educated within the Katanarchists by cultish devotees of his grandfather. The Ravens and allies have helped to integrate and update his knowledge but there are holes. [The GM may award Utsuwa an HP to force a failure on a knowledge, interaction, or similar skill check where his background left misinformation or was incomplete or to call for checks on information that should otherwise be common knowledge.] Disowned: Utsuwa's biological mother fears he's a threat of his grandfather returning and wants nothing to do with him. While he is supported for the time being by the Ravens and their allies such largess has limits. [Utsuwa is effectively struggling financially and has little to no way to pay his own way if he goes off the reservation or exhausts his benefactors generosity. Gain HP when financial hardship impares his progress in a thread.] Abilities: 6 + 10 + 8 + 4 + 4 + 0 = 32PP Strength: 16 (+3) Dexterity: 20 (+5) Constitution: 18 (+4) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat: 12 + 14 = 26PP Initiative: +17 (+5 Dex, +12 Improved Initiative) Attack: +6 Melee, +6 Ranged, +10 Swords Defense: +8 (+7 Base, +1 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed Grapple: +9 Knockback: -2/-7 Saving Throws: 4 + 8 + 8 = 20PP Toughness: +4/+8 (+4 Con, +0/+4 Protection) [0/6 Impervious] Fortitude: +8 (+4 Con, +4) Reflex: +13 (+5 Dex, +8) Will: +10 (+2 Wis, +8) Skills: 88R = 22PP Acrobatics 13 (+18)* Bluff 0 (+5 cool, +8 Attractive, +13 both) Concentration 8 (+10) Craft: Artistic 3 (+5) Diplomacy 0 (+5 cool, +8 Attractive, +13 both) Escape Artist 13 (+18) Knowledge: Art 3 (+5) Knowledge: Tactics 3 (+5) Knowledge: Theology and Philosophy 3 (+5) Language 4 (Japanese: Native, English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean) Notice 13 (+15)* Sense Motive 13 (+15)* Stealth 10 (+15)* Swim 2 (+5) Feats: 29PP Acrobatic Bluff Ambidextrous Attack Specialization: Swords 2 Attractive 2 Benefit: Mentor(Raven Family) Blind Fight Cool: Bluff Cool: Diplomacy Critical Strike Dodge Focus 1 Evasion 2 Challenge: Fast Task(Acrobatics): Feint Challenge: Fast Task(Acrobatics): Taunt Favored Opponent: Katanarchists Improved Initiative 3 Luck 2 Monkey Climber Quick Draw Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Notice, Sense Motive, Stealth) Startle Takedown Attack 2 Trance Powers: 16 + 16 + 21 = 53PP Array: Spirit Blades 7 (14PP Array;Feats: Alternate Power 2)[16PP] (Magic, Spirit) Base Power: Damage 6 (Spectral Strike; Extras: Penetrating; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2) {14/14} (Slashing) Alternate Power: Damage 6 (Spirit Strike; Extras: Alternate Save: Will; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2) {14/14} Alternate Power: Fatigue 6 (Soul Siphon; Extras: Linked: Healing) {12/14} + Healing 1 (Extras: Action: Standard, Linked: Fatigue; Flaws: Personal) {2/14} Container 3 (Spectral Armor; 15PP Container Active/Sustained; Feats: Quick Change) [16PP] (Magic, Spirit) Emotion Control 3 (Spectral Aura; Extras: Area (General:Burst[15']), Aura, Selective; Flaws: Limited:Despair, Limited: Shaken Only, Range: Touch -2) [3PP] Immunity 2 (Critical hits;) [2PP] Impervious Toughness 6 [6PP] Protection 4 [4PP] Container 4 (Enhanced Genetics/Training; 20PP Container; Feats; Innate) [21PP] (Genetic, Training) Immunity 8 (Disease, Poison, Heat, Cold, Starvation/Thirst, Need for Sleep, Suffocation 2; Flaws: Limited 1/2 effect) [4pp] Leaping 1 [1PP] Quickness 2 [2PP] Speed 2 [2PP] Super Movement 5 (Slow Fall, Swinging, Sure-Footed 2, Trackless) [10PP] Super Senses 1 (Low Light Vision) [1PP] Drawbacks: -2 = -2PP Recurring Nightmares (Haunted; Frequency: Uncommon DC 15; Intensity: Moderate)[-2PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 18 Toughness Damage Spectral Strike Touch DC 21 Toughness Damage Spirit Strike Touch DC 21 Will Damage Soul Siphon Touch DC 16 Fortitude Fatigue Totals: Abilities (32) + Combat (26) + Saving Throws (20) + Skills (22) + Feats (29) + Powers (53) - Drawbacks (-2) = 180/192 Power Points
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