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Bed Lam and Beyond


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Hey friends! I've just looked up from lesson planning and discovered that not only has my character been approved, but we have a fancy new Bedlam City subforum. Let's put it to good use, shall we?


I'm wary of biting off more than I can chew just as I'm starting to meet a new crop of ninth graders, but I've also been planning for this moment for quite some time, so I'll go ahead and go for broke. What follows are a number of thread ideas I've cooked up for the Bedlamite PCs that have been approved thus far. If you're not interested, or would prefer some tweaks, that's okay! Just let me know. I have been watching lots of film noir and playing lots of crime-focused video games in preparation for these threads, and I think I have a pretty solid grasp on the tone and content to go for in Bedlam. Let's see what you all think.


All That Glitters:

Capacity: 2-3 total heroes

Description: Bedlam City is a dangerous place for pretty much everyone, but it's an especially dangerous place to run a jewelry store. Yet Rothstein's Jewelers, on the border between downtown and Stark Hill, has survived for years thanks to the extreme caution and expensive security systems employed by the owner, Saul Rothstein. This morning, though, it looks like his luck has run out. The store has been cleaned out without a single alarm being tripped, and Rothstein himself is missing. It's a race against time to find out who snatched the old man before they decide that, now that they're past his security, they don't need him anymore...


Believe It or Not:

Capacity: 2-3 total heroes

Description: The "Grant Miracle Gala", the Grant Conglomerate's debut event in Bedlam, is meant to highlight all the wonders the company will bring to the city. All of Bedlam's upper crust will be in attendance, new money rubbing shoulders with old, soaking in the warm and fuzzy feeling of a feigned interest in philanthropy. Backroom deals and disgusting excess will be the order of the day, heavy security separating the participants from the common man - and especially any muckraking journalists or meddling vigilantes. But one former Grant customer is less than satisfied with their service, and willing to kill to prove his point...


Through the Cracks:

Tailored To: Savant @angrydurf

Description: Xavier Steadman, Private Eye, is hired for a case outside the normal fare of cheating spouses and bad insurance: a missing person. The client, Ross Haywood, is looking for his daughter, who ran away from her abusive stepfather. Normally the police would handle this sort of thing, but this is Bedlam, and the last detective who actually cared about the case is dead now. Of course, that detective happened to be Jason Howle, and his brother (now the vigilante Samson) is looking to help close the cases that Jason never got the chance to resolve. Savant might need the help; Susan Haywood has fallen into a deep, dark place...


Mind over Muscle:

Tailored To: Sofia Orellana @Alderwitch

Description: L0vel@ce gets the conspiracy tip of a lifetime when an inside source in the Howle-Brandt Consortium reveals that the company is using an addictive muscle-building stimulant to control its workers. There's only one problem: the only conclusive evidence of the company's wrongdoing is in an off-grid data hub deep within the company's corporate offices, surrounded by lethal security devices and brutal Iron Talon mercenaries. But the source, none other than the vigilante Samson (for whom the stimulant and the company are both very close to home), is willing to help her get it...




Four is probably about the most I can handle, so I'll pause here to see if there's enough interest in each of these. Feel free to plan other Bedlam threads here as well!

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Hi, thanks for doing these, Kaige. 


Lord Steam, steampunk Detective, is actually based in Freedom City, but I did wonder if, as a rich Socialite, "Believe It or Not" would fit. PL 8 character. 


Red Rat might work for Mind over Muscle (if you and Alder dont mind to Computer Hackers in a thread, although Red Rat not as able as Sofia), alternatively, All that Glitters sounds fun. 



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Alright, thanks so much for the interest! Here's what I have so far:


All That Glitters: IC / OOC





Through the Cracks: IC / OOC




Mind over Muscle: IC / OOC

Sofia Orellana

Red Rat



Believe It or Not: (not posted yet; just wanting to double check first if you want to do two of my threads at once, Supercape)

Lord Steam?



Threads are up, links are posted, and we're ready to roll! All That Glitters folks, let's not put down more than a few posts each so that we give time for Arrowhawk II to get approved.

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