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Believe It Or Not (OOC)


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So Lord Steam cannot abide threats to women!


Intimidate: 1d20+13 16 Intimidate roll. 


If it is relevant Ill throw in an intiative: Initiative vs big thug: 1d20+8 16


Its probably not relevant as he has a prepared block attack, and if he wins initiative he will just prepare a block. If the thug does attack, feel free to make the rolls for that block on Lord Steams behalf (to aide in speedy resolution!)

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Might be a stretch, and might need an HP with your agreement, but Steam going to see if he can rig up something at the power mains, to cut the power to the building on command (if necessary rigging something up with an HP such as a remote wire-cutter to hand)... in any case, story first, so lets see what happens! :)

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