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Through the Cracks (OOC)


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Not sure how much you want to write out the investigative steps and how much you want rolls.  But I got a 20 on a gather information(without modifiers for whatever Ross was able to share) which at the least should tip off anyone paying attention that Xavier is looking into the case.  Lemme know if I find anything useful or you want any other checks.

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The van is an older make, maybe ten or fifteen years old, and probably doesn't run very smoothly. It looks like it was originally a delivery van - beneath the grey paint, which was sloppily applied, Xavier can just make out a smiling rodent holding up a piece of pizza. Due to the vehicle's design, the back compartment is not open to the front seats - there are no windows in the back area, and it must get very hot. The van lacks a license plate, but it's marked with a red circle with a line through it just above where the license plate should be. It smells strongly of old cheese.


There is no dirt on the tires or undercarriage that would indicate driving outside the city, and there's no wear from highway travel, so the destination is probably within city limits and relatively close. Still, the Rock would not need this kind of anonymous transportation to move anywhere in Wolverton. Xavier's guess is that i's what he would use if he had to cross Mara territory in Hardwick Park, probably on the way to downtown. He would only risk a route that long and dangerous for a big operation, something the smaller buildings in Wolverton couldn't easily conceal.


There's an old parking stub on the dashboard for the crime-infested Liberty Shoppes subterranean mall downtown.

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