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Mind over Muscle (OOC)


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So posted. Let me know if it works. 


Also, if you feel comfortable, feel free to GM the voice of SLAVE, the Red Rats in head computer (basically of dubious intelligence and complete progaganda driven fanatical communism). 


If you feel a computer roll needed, taking 20 (if its ok) for a 35 result. Basically looking for all files on Insider!


If Alder feels comfortable with it, might be handy for the Red Rat to pick up LOVELACEs inquiries too..?

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All good by me!


Red Rat discovers that In$id3r is a very new account, created about two weeks ago on about a dozen different boards and chatrooms. Whoever made the account was being pretty careful not to be traced; tracking the IP address used to create each of those accounts leads to a desktop computer at an internet cafe downtown, and the user paid cash. Later post updates were made from a public computer at the Greely Point branch library. The user's message stays pretty much the same across every board and chatroom: HBC is using an addictive muscle-building stimulant to control its workers, and In$id3r can lead a skilled hacker to proof.


The user doesn't appear to have any background in the hacker community; he doesn't know the lingo, and his username is a fairly transparent attempt to blend in despite that.

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