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Our Space Is Vast (OOC)

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Singularity will use Mass Intimidate and Fast Startle to attempt to scare everybody as a move action. She rolls a 32, she is pretty scary for a human. With that done, she will launch a Charge attack against Rock to cover the distance between them and hit him with her chair. She will do a full power attack as well. She rolls a 23.  


Singularity's defense will be at -2 until her next turn. 




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Singularity: 21 

Roulette: 19 (Shaken) (+1HP for taking an Intimidate check from her ally) 

Rock: 15 (Shaken) (+1HP for getting suckerpunched!) 

Bliss: 14 (Shaken) (+1HP for taking an Intimidate check from her ally) 

Nae-Dae: 10 (Shaken) 

Traveler: 8 (Shaken) 

Cavalier: 5 (Shaken) 


Ruby: 22 (when it comes up) 

Eclipse: 14 (when it comes up) 

Sea Devil: 6 (when it comes up) 

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So this is a tough choice.  Hm, well if Jessie's not smashing more people Roulette's not going to be blasting away

Alright, -5 to Create a Diversion as a Move Action (on top of the -2 from being Shaken) and using Set-Up to give Jessie the benefit of it (Not that she'll understand if he tells her to run!)

Move ActionDiversion: 1d20+12 31 that was a lot better than I was expecting

Standard ActionDistract Cavalier: 1d20+17 30

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