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Ok to start off people may wish to make a few rolls about Cruxberry and Booth. Knowledge [Current Events] would be the one in question!


DC 15

Sir Cecil Booth is indeed the MP with the Portfolio for the Ministry of Powers, and is rather unremarkable, but generally well though of. 


DC 20

Sir Cruxberry is an ex-army intelligence officer wounded in the first gulf war. He is a public figure, although not famous, who runs the ministry and has a very good reputation. 


DC 25

Sir Cruxberry was involved in some possible minor disputes with Champion over the direction of the Vanguard. Sir Cruxberry basically wanted a more proactive team, whilst Champion felt they should limit themselves to Reaction to specific threats


DC 30

Throughout his career, Cruxberry has been a man who has been known to "get the job done" whatever red tape and restrictions are in his way. He has never committed war crimes but he is a very fixed determined man, and has been hinted to be involved in black ops

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Ok Just a heads up how this is going to pan out..


As Synapse is entering the building with Smith...


As Young Brittania says "How Can I help"


Blackpool is going to get snatched!


So, I am going to play out a few posts with Roo between Catalyst and Blackpool, and then we hit the Blackpool napping...


'Roo, we can play this two ways: Blackpool gets snatched via GM fiat, or we play out to see if he does indeed get snatched / who you catch / what he is able to do. Let me know what you want - i.e. Blackpool snatched as a plot device, or see where it goes with what happens. 


In the meantime, if you could play out a bit with Blackpool!

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Ok Blackpool kidnap time. 


The whole ministry is now in total darkness, except for the areas with windows - as it is night time and there is a little street light filtering through (good old CIty light pollution) these areas will be low light


As it stands, Synapse is coming up through the garage with Smith, and this is total darkness. Blackpools office is highly secret so no windows - total darkness. 


Young Brittania meeting the bigwigs is more relazed, with some nice big thick bulletproof glass, so only low light. 

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30, Jasmine looks to attack the assassin, she goes towards his voice, but it's blind, so she has a fifty fifty chance to hit even in his general direction, so 1 for hit, two for miss, 1, so gets general area, rolls melee attack to attempt a disarm, 23, now strengh check to try and disarm the attacker, 8, gonna spend an HP to reroll that, 10, so with the plus ten for using a HP, that's actually DC 20 str for the attacker to not be disarmed.

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Invisible Man is stealing Blackpool. He has a STR of 16 and Blackpool is slightly lighter than average, being old and with the associated loss of muscle mass and bone density. I may be being slightly generous, but I'm going to call that a Medium Load for the Invisible Man -


He is moving at 2/3 speed, with Dodge bonus reduced to +3 (Total Defence now +8) and has -3 penalty to all other actions. 


Jasmine / Catalyst is up again. You can now use the man's dart gun - although you have no idea what it does! :)

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Alright, to roll against DC ten to see if she hits in the right area, 17 okay, now actions. Jasmine shoots the dart gun, being a range weapon, she has a +9 bonus to it (as opposed to the +5 she has in Melee), since her specialty is Paintball guns she doesn't get the normal +15, but it still works, now, 24 Okie dokie, that's a hit.

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1d20+6=22 Luck finally pays off on him!


For reference Catalyst 2 HP


He will respond by moving and moving at 2/3 speed. He is not particularly fast but thats still 40 feet down the corridors of power!


Mr I also knows his way round the building extremely well - as he worked there. Lets move out of combat and have an opposed roll with Catalyst Notice roll vs his Stealth to see if you can follow him. On the one hand I will give him a bonus for knowing the terrain and being smart enough to use it to his advantage, on the other hand, he is carrying a big load, so I am going to fudge it and says it cancels out. Notice roll from Jasmine please! she has 1d20+11=24 to beat. 

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