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Found 5 results

  1. GM Ironclad Charity Luncheon Liverpool, EnglandMonday July 17, 2017 2:00 PM Joseph Walker's Ironclad Charity had the sort of inspirational story that was begging to be turned into an inevitable "based on true events" movie. Dockworker's and other "toughs" of Liverpool banded together with the sole purpose of giving a voice to the voiceless. A true support organization with a dedicated focus to helping victims of abuse. The head of the organization, the aforementioned Joseph Walker, was to perform an incredible feat of strength for the whole crowd. The luncheon wasn't completely a high society affair. With the various rugged members of the charity scattered about providing a contrast from the wealthy Of course some people were there just to rub elbows with the wealthy, or to even propose business opportunities. At the end of the day a majority of the guests were still there with the intention of giving back to a worthy cause. Erick Sloane and Agnus Stone, however, weren't there simply to give back to a good cause. For years, the Vanguard has been waging a battle against the distribution of the Darwin X supervirus. Their latest lead for a distribution route was in Liverpool. With Dawn Farrignton's research going so far as to suggest that their charitable host could be at the center of the distribution.
  2. 41 Moulton Avenue, Doncaster, United Kingdom 22nd November 2015 Every child was a genetic lottery and even when engineered you could never tell what you would get. And even with the magical science of the Lyudi Gory, Klara’s people, each child was and wonder and a surprise to their parents. And today one of Klara children had a surprise in store for her and Tracy. With Klara back from the States for a couple of days it had been decided that the Mathes clan would gather for the great tradition of Sunday Roast. Whilst the two eldest were already her the youngest hadn’t yet arrived and the meal, that Klara had been working on all morning, was almost ready. “I’m telling you that there’s something going on with our Alexis.” Tracy only dared to invade Klara’s busy kitchen to uncork a bottle of wine “And did you finely honed spy skills tell you this?” Klara added with a laugh running her kitchen like a finely honed military operation “And you can’t tell? Good job I only married you for you good looks.” raising up on tiptoes she planted a kiss on Klara’s cheek”You keep on with Operation Feed the Family whilst I ply my other daughters with wine to tasty gossip.”
  3. OOC for thread, as we start pulling the team and relationship map together, and may see the beginnings of conflict and investigation!
  4. GM Deptford Docks, London August 31st, Near Midnight... The sky was not as dark as a costumed nocturnal crime fighter would have likes. The stars, and moon, where out in force. The summer heat was ablated somewhat but the Thames, swirling dark through London. The air was dry, and for many it would be a night of music and love. But not for Osprey. Smuggling in London was controlled by one man. The middleman. Who he was, nobody knew. Few even knew of his existence. But he had his finger in every pie. The gangs of London knew exactly who they had to go through to get 'product' in. Or, in some cases, out. And a major haul of drugs was coming in. The superdrug Max, by all accounts. On a small freighter docked in the pier, being unloaded by a gang of heavies. As Osprey looked on, he saw the five men being approached by two policemen, who started asking questions...
  5. OOC for Short intro thread for Osprey
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