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Written in the Stars (OOC)

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Okay, time for combat to start, some placeholders until they show up onscreen. 

Round One


67 Velocity 4 HP (Unharmed)


26 Ghost 5 HP (Unharmed)

21 Hounds (many)


20 Boron Lieutenants (4 in hanger)

20 Hunters (10 in hanger)


18 Gaian Knight 3 HP (Unharmed)

17 Tough Aliens (many)

16 Galvanic 3 HP (Unharmed)

14 Justicar Vor’an (Unharmed)

13 Moon-Moth 3 HP (Unharmed)


13 Traveller 1 HP (Unharmed)



12 Trooper Sgts (10 in hanger)

10 Artificer 2 HP (Unharmed)


7 Patriot II 2 HP (Unharmed)

5 Troopers (many)

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Okay, getting this started as Velocity starts with her selective area effect melee attack (going full power attack -5 atk/+5 dam) and taking 10 to hit all the minions in the area. All the troopers in the area are out. 10 of the tough aliens are in the area DC30 toughness saves, only one just makes the save and avoids being KO'd.


Going to include the first bad guy, who rolls terrible on an attempted stealth check, only getting a 23


@RocketLord Ghost is up!

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Alright, let's go for some heavy sabotage, then.


Once through the portal, can Ghost find the ship's reactor using his x-ray vision? And how far away from it is he in a direct route?

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Alright, bringing Patriot along for the Teleport as my second Move Action. 


Depending on whether taking the Friendly Neighborhood Ghost Array started on Teleport since that's my first action with it or started on Insubstantial and I had to spend a Free Action to shift it, I will shift it to Insubstantial after the Teleport if possible. Otherwise, not Insubstantial at the moment.

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Okay, bad guys start doing stuff, thankfully not yet able to bring everything to bear, yet.


Starting with some Hounds. One telepath has LoS on Velocity and hits her with a mind blast (DC 20 Will save), she gets a 19 and will take a bruise. A telekinetic one tries to hit her with a TK blast, missing with a 23.


Another telepathic one will mind blast Moon-Moth, @Exaccus DC 20 Will save for Moon-Month.


Another telekinetic one tries to blast Gaian Knight, missing with a 10.


A Justicar will step out of one of the crowds and try to blast Vor'an, missing with a 15.


A Boran Lieutnenant will rush forward to attack Artificer, Vor'an will Interpose, 24, hits, but bounces off his Impervious.


Another tires to blast Velocity, hitting with a 29. DC 25 toughness save. terrible first roll, so will HP, 32, she is fine.


Two Hunters shot at Velocity, missing with 13 and 24.


Another Hunter will fire at Gaian Knight, hitting with a 21, that is a DC 25 toughness save for Gaian @Fox


The Init 18 bad guy is not around to act, so, assuming Gaian makes his save, it is his turn @Fox



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Gaian Knight


Toughness Save, DC25: 1d20+18: 23 [1d20=5]

A bruise! As seems to be tradition for Tarrant.


He's going to respond by (hopefully) softening up the bigger targets with his area blast:

Blast 15 (Extras: Area [General, Shapeable]; Flaws: Action [Full]; Feats: Indirect 3, Progression [Area] 5 [15 to 750 5ft cubes], Variable Descriptor [bludgeoning, piercing, slashing]) [39/40pp]


GM's call on what he can fit in that, but he's going to try to snake together an area that catches the mechs, and the Borans if he can, without too much collateral or friendly fire.

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Okay, will let you start with the Boran LT that tried to hit Artificer, wrap it around catch the Justicar and one of the Hunter Mechs and the two Hounds that attacked and a whole lot of troopers and some Boran minions all in the area.


Boran LT: 12 for his reflex check, so full damage: he gets a 30 on his toughness save.


The Justicar: 18 on his Reflex check, so full damage, 13 on his toughness save! So he goes down!


The Hunter gets a 11 on his Reflex check, so also full damage. 26 on his toughness save, so a bruise.

Three Boran minions all take full damage: 22, 15, 30  on their toughness saves, so one withstands it, the other two go down.

Lots of troopers go down!


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