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Meet a Mentor Day (Master Post)


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Date: 11/3/2021

Location: Claremont Academy


There had been posters hanging about the school as well as announcements in home-rooms. Even if one had missed all the discussion over the last week or two about the upcoming day, there was no way to miss the way that Claremont had been transformed for the first Meet-A-Mentor day held on the campus. Regular classes were canceled, and every student had been assigned at least one appointment with one of the many super heroes milling about and making presentations at various locations all over campus. Beyond that, students were encouraged to go out and and talk to any hero that caught their interest. Headmistress Summers had really gone all out in terms of calling in contacts and favors and students and staff had worked some serious (and in some cases, perhaps literal) magic to provide spaces for each hero to talk to the teenagers looking to join their august ranks. 


From the bright colors announcing the Freedom League, to the dark cowl of Prime's Master Mage, and no shortage of famous heroes and Claremont alumni in between, the campus was full of heroes. While some manned their provided stations, others mingled about, saying hello to friends and colleagues. It was a superhero fan's dream, although some of the more quiet and introverted students might find the entire affair more over an overwhelming nightmare. Either way, Meet-A-Mentor Day was in full swing and would last well into the evening hours and, in honor of the event, there were no classes to be held for the following days so at least introverts could look forward to a long weekend to recover. 


((Links to Meet-A-Mentor threads should be posted below))

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