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Early Summer 2021 


Strange noises often came from the vast honeycomb hives of the giant bees, towering as they did as probably the tallest artificial structures on this planet these days. Songs and dances like distant rumbling thunder, noises of birth and death and a million other things, one sometimes learned to tune them out. 


At least until a giant bee comes buzzing in, loud as a helicopter and long as a truck, zooming in overhead and landing in a large green space in the midst of human dwellings, roughly equidistant from the homes of the guardians of this planet. It was Super-Bee, wearing her domino mask large enough to cover the front of a Mack Truck. 


"HEROEZ!" she buzzed. "I HAVE CAUGHT AN INTERLOPER!" Sure enough, she seemed to be holding a struggling human pinned against the thick, sticky hairs on the side of her leg. "HE CAME FROM ZOME PLAZE WE COULD NOT ZEE!" 

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In the little space that Melissa had made her home she’d been carefully positioning her Archetech Tablet, propping it up with several books on Melittology. After only a few day the rest was a mess of notes and diagrams on the giant bee’s she’d come here to study.


Hello Uncle Bowles it’s a shame you can’t be here it’s all amazing!” making careful care to start the recording before speaking “I’ve only seen the hives from a distance, I want to earn there trust fully before going inside, but they are remarkable structures.”


She waved a detailed drawing of one of the hives, filled with intricately written notes in her handwriting.


You’d never believe what I’ve discovered…” her pause went a little longer as she heard the struggle outside “… I’ll be right back, something exciting is going on!”


Shrinking to her bee size a zipped outside.


What going on here?”

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The summer internship on Sanctuary was a pretty common thing for Claremont students. Two weeks with pay, exploring an alien world, working with your hands and your mind and your heart, what wasn't to like? They were a week in, and by all accounts things were going great! The male students were staying in the home of a family called the Thorssons, a big bustling farm family who had come a few years ago from the Terminus and now ran a dairy farm on the outskirts of a small settlement called Homestead. When the boys weren't meeting Freedom League members and shadowing them by day, learning how to be the adult heroes they would one day be themselves, there was plenty of work to do.


Kenji and Ulrich, the patriarchs of the big adopted clan, had recently given into much pressure from their oldest daughter Efia to modernize their farm, and a keen eye with computers was needed to help get the new milking machines up and running, just as a cool head and soothing voice was needed to persuade the cows that this was all right. There was also the filing system to get their business files in order, the brand-new wifi network in the house now that the dads had finally agreed to make those connections into the broader community, and 


There were also the windmills to tend, the chickens to feed, the family's vegetable garden to work in, the barn itself to muck, and a passel of children ranging from sixteen to 5 who were a veritable rainbow of birthplaces, origins, and even species. It helped a lot that the kids obviously doted on their guests and begged for stories about their heroic adventures after dinner, which was usually vegetable and potato-stuffed pies that were richer than almost anything they could have gotten back on Prime, washed down with ice-old fresh milk or when the dads were feeling indulgent and everybody had behaved themselves, beer that was probably legal in Sanctuary. 

There were lots of ways of being a hero, and watching two farm-fed siblings, one of them a stocky ten year old with jetblack hair and her brother, a slim redhead with an infectious grin, act out versions of yourself fighting bad guys was a good reward for all the work. So was the free room and board, and the deposit that would go into the boys bank accounts once they were finished, for that matter. 


And then the giant bee buzzed overhead, loud as a low-flying plane, and made a landing not far from the outskirts of the farm. Ulrich raised his head, took off his hat, and commented, "That's unusual. The bees don't usually come out this far." 


"Ayup," added Kenji, who'd been working nearby when the visitor passed by, dabbing at his face with a towel, "and they normally don't do so much yellin' about it either." 

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"That must be a pretty brave interloper," said the Gaian Knight. He had his jacket and armor off and his outer shirt partly unbuttoned for the summer heat. He'd always offered to help plough fields and gardens, since it was so much easier to do with magic than by hand - but that didn't make it effortless and heat resistance didn't quite beat the early summer sun. Nor did it save his eyes from the same, for which he continued to be glad for his goggles.


"I wouldn't struggle too much, if I'm being honest," he advised, wiping off his hands with a cloth that was probably supposed to be his mask. "You're pretty safe where you are, and there's really not a lot of places to run to at this point. If you settle down and talk, we promise you'll be alright."

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Go to another world they said. It’ll be fun they said. The family was nice and all, and the kids ate up every story he could come up with. But there were only so many he could tell them without digging into his more questionable adventures. But no cute girls hung around the farm and there wasn’t anywhere nearby he could sneak off to. Nearly all his time he was around one of the older heroes.

“Sci-fi TV shows lied to me.” Leon signed under his breath as he wiped his brow. “I bet this was Pan’s idea.”


He looked up from the field he was helping in near Gaian, as a huge bee flew overhead. With a snap of his fingers the large paper cat that had been tilling the soil stopped and regarded him. Leon started to follow the Knight and the paper cat fell in step beside him.

“Can’t say I’ve ever had a nightmare like that, but I might now. Thanks for the nightmare fuel.” He smirked as he stood beside Gaian Knight.


On 6/4/2021 at 9:18 PM, Fox said:

"I wouldn't struggle too much, if I'm being honest," he advised, wiping off his hands with a cloth that was probably supposed to be his mask. "You're pretty safe where you are, and there's really not a lot of places to run to at this point. If you settle down and talk, we promise you'll be alright."


“And if you don’t, we’ll let’em take you back to the hive.” Paper added with a mischievous grin.

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As the heroes converged on the place where the enormous bee had landed, a flower suddenly sprang up from the ground like a beanstalk in a fairy tale. In seconds, an enormous blue dahlia had bloomed at the top, then tipped forward so Fleur de Joie could step out of it. This was hardly the first time the visitors had seen their host travel by plant since they'd been on the planet. She was something of an omnipresence on Sanctuary, rarely in any one location long, but almost always around whenever anything was happening. It seemed that she reserved her uniform for Earth Prime, or at least she hadn't been wearing it lately. Today she was dressed in loose-fitting black trousers and a draping blue shirt that snugged in just under her chest, giving her plenty of freedom to move.


She smiled at her neighbor and the visiting work team, then turned to the semi-truck sized insect. "Beeanca?" she called upwards. "Is that you? What's going on?"

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It was indeed Beeanca, aka Super-Bee, the first giant bee graduate of Claremont Academy (though she was well before the time of any of the current Claremont students.) 


"BEEHOLD! THE INTERLOPER!" declared the giant bee, presenting him to Fleur de Joie, Gaian Knight, and even the visiting young heroes. (As was often the case, the giant bee had seemingly missed Bee's arrival on the scene entirely). The interloper turned out to be a very strange figure, a man in a white khaki suit and pith helmet, wearing a brightly-colored set of iron goggles over his eyes that bore several lenses like a jeweler's eyepiece. It was hard to tell exactly what he was wearing; he was covered in honey and pollen. 


"What madness is this!" declared the man from underneath an impressive orange mustache, his accent tantalizingly familiar but not quite right for any of the groups currently living on Sanctuary, or Freedom City for that matter. "Great Scott, I must have miscalculated - and now giant bees rule a blighted world!" He looked wildly about at the others and asked, "In the name of God, do they keep you as we once did? Is this an age of...MAN-HONEY!?" He was breathing rapidly, and seemed on the verge of fainting. 

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There were few Claremont students as well suited to the rough and tumble engineering of building computer infrastructure with whatever was conveniently on hand as Ryder Fujioka. The teenager’s seemingly bottomless well of energy and good cheer carried him through farm work and story time with children equally well and his experience with cooking and baking turned out to be an added bonus.


The real reason he’d wanted to see Sanctuary for himself however brought him running out of the barn at the sound of massive wings, followed by his little swarm of Robugs. Yes!” he cheered, pumping both fists in the air and taking off again at sprint after the giant bee. He was wearing a set of worn denim overalls and sensible work boots with a neon orange mesh shirt underneath and a spool of insulated cable wrapped around one shoulder. Yellow buzzed nervously around his head while Cyan kept pace with huge leaps, Magenta perched on his free shoulder and Black hung unconcernedly from his back.


Ryder caught up to the group just in time for the moustachioed man to start crying out, distressed enough to pull the young inventor’s focus from Beeanca. “Well, ‘man-honey’ definitely isn’t a thing so you don’t have to worry about that, right?” He gave the panicking man a reassuring thumbs up before frowning slightly in thought. “Obviously you could try milking humans but it’d just be wildly inefficient. And what would the bees even do with the milk? I’m not trying to shoot you down or anything but I feel like you haven’t really thought this through.” Looking back at the man’s expression he winced. “Can we get you like a glass of water or...?”

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Not only was she meeting one of the giant bee’s for the first time, Super-Bee at that, but also Fleur de Joie. Whilst she was still small Melissa couldn’t help but give a little dance of joy, a little glowing Tinkerbell zipping around for a few minutes. But this could be important so she dropped down returning to human side.


It’s true, all of the workers are female, and they’ll be the ones who’d bee making the honey. All the drone would have swarmed to make… baby bees by now so it’ll be a ladies only hive right now!” she spoke with a quick exited tone, she just loved explaining science whoever was the audience.


I guess we should really get him cleaned up and find out which dimension to return him to.”

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Davyd had had some mixed feelings on coming to Sanctuary.  On the one hand, as a native of Freedom, he was used to (American) city living, so working on a farm held little appeal to him.  On the other hand, doing so would give him ample opportunity to study & mimic a variety of barnyard animals... not to mention the Giant Bees!  (He dimly remembered them from their first appearances, as accomplices to the villainous BeeKeeper, but he knew these Bees had been flying on the straight & narrow.)  He'd looked forward to meeting another nonhumanoid sapient species, learning about their forms and their society.


Alas, such opportunities had not presented themselves, until now.  Just as Super-Bee was flying over, Davyd was in the form of a bull, helping to herd some of the dairy cows into the pens with the new milking machines.  Well, less a bull and more a minotaur, with a bull's body, a furred humaonid torso sprouting from the neck, with powerful arms and a great horned bovine head.  He definitely smelled like a bull, though, which helped in his wrangling efforts.  "C'mon now, ladies, this is for your own good.  I know the new machines are a bit intimidating, but you'll get used to them in no time."


Then there was a Giant Bee, and Davyd ran off, lowing an apology to the cows as he went.  He arrived just behind Ryder, and tilted his head slightly as the pith helmet'd man babbled.  As he opened his mouth to ask something, Bee expanded to her human size, causing him to shuffle his minotaur form a few steps to the side.

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"A shower is definitely in order," agreed the Gaian Knight, rubbing his chin. He'd had an awful time not cracking up at 'man-honey', and survived mostly by remembering to set an example. "Or at least a quick dip in the nearest lake. It's a good thing he doesn't have any serious pollen allergies, or he might not have survived the trip over!"


"You don't look native, if you'll pardon the assumption," he added, tucking his bandana into one pocket as he reached out a hand to gently pull the man free from his chitinous prison. "The bees are our friends, but you're pretty brave to have gone wandering around in their home. Do you have a name? How in the world did you end up here?"

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"He's definitely not from here," Stesha agreed with a frown. "I don't recognize him at all, and he didn't come in with any of the summer work parties. I hope we're not about to have problems with dimensional portals or something; we've got five acres of tomatoes and squash to put in before the weekend." She made a face at the discussion of 'man honey' but clearly decided it wasn't a discussion she was eager to get into the middle of. "The giant bees do have drones in the hive," she did explain to Bee, unable to pass up the teaching moment. "Like the workers, they live much longer than normal bees, they just aren't as smart or as good at doing jobs in the hive. They're very friendly, though."


She popped the top on her water bottle and extended it to the man with a reassuring smile. "It's perfectly safe here," she assured the stranger. "The bees were just surprised that you appeared in their home. I'm Fleur de Joie and this is my home, Sanctuary. This is Gaian Knight, and these are some students who are visiting for the summer. Are you hurt at all?" It was hard to tell, what with all the honey. "And are you okay?" she called up to Beeanca. "Did he cause any damage?"

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"I...thank you." He drank the water gratefully, wrapping a honey-and-pollen-yellowed hand around the bottle, then said "Thank you, this is - this is lovely." He closed his eyes and seemed to take several deep breaths, even as he was slowly peeled off the side of Super-Bee's leg. "I have indeed been thoughtless, young man, though not for the reasons you may think." Awkwardly, he leaned against the bee's leg for support before offering a shaky hand. "I am Professor Marcus Wainwright, scientist, late of Freedom Normal School and Technical Institute, and now..." He looked around and said mournfully. "Lost in time." He straightened just a little and said, "Yes, my new friends, I know this news may strike you as mad: but I have done through science what Poe and Dickens could do only in in dreams and fables. I have traveled in time!" 


It was a bold declamation, but as he looked around again, he seemed to deflate. "But I was a fool. I thought to travel no more than a century and a half into the future, but for all this; for cities to rise and fall and be rebuilt, for bees to evolve into such great sizes, and even into charming young women," he added with a nod to Bee, "for the beasts of the field to take on human aspect," he added with a look at Horroshow, "and for machines to.." He blinked, staring at Ryder and his bugs, and asked, "I say, under what principle do those work? Magnetism? Gyroscopes?" 


"HOW DID YOU COME TO BREECH THE HIVE?" asked Super-Bee, thundering but not in any particular temper. This was obviously the question most important to the giant bee, and it briefly distracted Wainwright from the displays of new technology around him. "THE EGGS WERE SAFE BUT HONEY WAS SPILLED!" 

"Oh, ah, well, the machine deposited me at the same location on Earth that I began, and so...Bee-anca, was it?" he asked, his voice going up slightly as he addressed the titan. "your people must have come along and built your hives in the uncounted ages since my laboratory fell to ruin, just as my own ancestors did when Rome fell." He laughed nervously, almost a titter, then said, "But, I suppose none of that would make any sense to you." 

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He thinks I'm a... well, maybe I should go along with that, for now.  Seeing me shapeshift might be the straw that breaks his sanity.  And, hey, a chance to practice my acting!  Now, how did that bit go?  Ah, yes...


The minotaur raised its right hand, which sported a thumb, two thick fingers, and a smaller third finger.  "The Sayers of the Laws tells us of Dickens and Poe," he began, his voice rumbling deeper than any human baritone, "and of the fantastic tales they wrote."  He took a step forward, "and the Sayers of the Laws also tell us of the story of Rip Van Winkle, who traveled far into his future, though that was not of his own, hrm, his own doing.  But you say you came to this place," he held both arms out wide, "to this time, through science?  Through a machine?  A machine that you built?"  He let out a booming laugh, and placed his hands on the spot where his human and bovine halves met, "astounding!  This place truly has wonders to match the horrors it has witnessed!"

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Leon was a little surprised by Fleur de Joie’s arrival. He thought he remember seeing her shortly after their arrival, but he’d been busy and hadn’t gotten a good look and… Did she just call that giant bee Beeanca?


Leon couldn’t place the accent, but the guy was talking like he was out of some a A.C. Doyle’s novel or something. He almost lost it at the ‘Man-honey’ bit, but manage to control himself.


8 hours ago, Gizmo said:

“Well, ‘man-honey’ definitely isn’t a thing so you don’t have to worry about that, right?”


He raised a finger as if to say something, thought about it and shook his head. “Too easy.”

He’d seen Ryder around before and knew Davyd from school, so he wasn’t all that surprised by them. But when Bee popped up to her human size he was a little upset with himself for not noticing her before that, then remember: oh ya, giant distracting bee.


5 hours ago, Fox said:

"The bees are our friends, but you're pretty brave to have gone wandering around in their home. Do you have a name? How in the world did you end up here?"


"Brave? Is that what we're calling it?" He smirked.


4 hours ago, Avenger Assembled said:

"Lost in time." He straightened just a little and said, "Yes, my new friends, I know this news may strike you as mad: but I have done through science what Poe and Dickens could do only in in dreams and fables. I have traveled in time!"


"Poe and Dickens? Sounds more like Wells." Leon commented completely unimpressed with his declaration of time travel. One of his fellow students was straight out of a Mad Max movie future. At Davyd's mention of the Sayer of the Law he cocked his head a little. "Guess I shouldn't be surprised he's read that." He thought to himself.


5 hours ago, Avenger Assembled said:

"But, I suppose none of that would make any sense to you." 


"You'd be surprised." Leon says. "But if you wanna have a chance to get home, you might wanna apologize and convince the terrifyingly large bee that you're not a threat." He points up at Super-Bee. "Then I'm sure we can help you retrieve your machine and get you on your way. No harm, no foul... Well, maybe after you have a chance to clean yourself up like Mr. Knight suggested. And after the kids geek out over your ride."


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Melissa had to try very hard not to squee when Stesha spoke to here, with usual information about the bee’s as well.


So the bee’s have formed there own social norms against the basic nature of there origins, that fascinating.” she made a note on her phone really hoping she got a chance to visit the hives soon.


She was paying enough to pick up something the steampunk guy said, another chance to give a helpful comment.


Oh the NSTI, thats the FCU! I’m going there! Well I’m on an internship for year, after two years of study, I’m hoping to get a good grade when I graduate!”

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"I mean technically there's gyroscopes and magnets involved--" Ryder began, always happy to discuss engineering with anyone showing interest. He stopped short as Davyd launched into a bit of character acting. He'd gotten relatively accustomed to that sort of thing from the shapeshifter from working on school projects together but typically everyone at the table knew that he was doing a bit. Always one for theatrics Magenta hopped down from her perch and skittered over to the feet of the 'minotaur' and began mimicking his gestured with her curved forelimbs. "Hah, okay Dav that's pretty good but seriously--" 


He was interrupted again as Leon smirked his way through his disinterested cool guy routine. Ryder frowned slightly and Black chawed up the back of his overalls to peer over his shoulder, slowly shaking his horned beetle head in disapproval. "C'mon man, it's for sure brave! Professor Wainwright's obviously going through it right now, we can--" 


Melissa cheerfully related a bit of future-history about the university while Yellow buzzed about her with trepidatious curiosity, probably raising even more questions considering their guest had seen for a fact that his old institution was very much closed. "Oof, that is going to be kinda tough to explain, huh? Okay, right, uh..." 


Turning his head back and forth trying to decide where to start he followed Cyan's hopping trajectory over to Fleur. The Robug stopped near her feet and turned back to Ryder, bobbing up and down and waving his antennae back and forth with cheerful chirps. "Right! Good call, bud! Ms. Fluer, you've probably got like an orientation video or a brochure or something for this kind of thing, right? Maybe? I feel like we're maybe not helping as much as we'd like. Or at all. It's a lot."

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"Davyd, please," Fleur said, her voice calm but stern. "Professor Wainwright is unlikely to be familiar with superheroes and you're probably going to confuse him. If you could take on a more familiar form, that would be lovely." She looked down at the little metallic bug at her feet, which was nearly lost in the fairy ring of flowers and toadstools that had sprung up around her in just the few minutes she'd been standing still. "That's not a bad idea," she told Ryder, careful not to step on his little friend. "Making a video could be a timesaver, but who'd ever have the time to do it?" 


She turned her attention back to Marcus. "You definitely seem to have traveled in time, but it's a little more complicated than that. If you'll be patient for just a little while, we'll help you get cleaned up and explain things to you. You said your machine is still in the hive? Beeanca, do you think you'd be able to find it?" she asked the giant bee. "Maybe the kids could go with you and help get it back here safely. To the workshop in Mayberry, perhaps?" 

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"The kids are definitely being a bit enthusiastic," agreed the Gaian Knight, with all the patience that came from a decade of freshmen taking 'the rocks class' for an easy A. "Don't let it get to you, your arrival is the kind of thing that's bound to cause a lot of, ah, buzz." He grinned and gestured, off-hand, at Beeanca. "We should definitely catch you up a bit, though, and that's probably a discussion that's better with tea. Or coffee, if you prefer, I'm sure we can dig up some coffee somewhere - worst case I have a good friend who always has some stashed, if I can wrestle it from her."


He gestured, inviting poor Professor Marcus away from the crowd. "Let's get you a chance to clean up first, that can't be comfortable."

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"Honey and pollen are certainly a change from petroleum and grease," said Marcus with a wistful look at what had once obviously been white khaki. "But I shall take your offer of coffee with pleasure. And as for you, my good chaps and charming bee-lady," he said with a smile for Melissa, "you don't need to give me some...cock and bull story," he added with a wink at Davyd, "you are all fine examples of the humanity and other species of the future, I am sure, and I will be happy to discuss mechanical marvels and, what was that, a fellow called Wells? Well, other wonders with you once I take advantage of your elders' hospitality. Be mindful of the machine," he added, "it looks a bit like Msr. Lenoir's hippomobile , but the fixed wheels rotate through the 4th dimension so as to allow..." He trailed off, seeming to realize that these people would have no idea what he was talking about, then said, "It's made of brass and runs on an engine infused by rare African crystals. It should be mostly intact," he added doubtfully as he trailed away with the adults, "it landed at ground level even if it did intersect with those honey vats..." 


"CLIMB ABOARD FRIENDZ!" boomed Super-Bee at the Claremont students "OR FLY ALONG IF YOU WIZH!" There was plenty of space on Super-Bee to climb onto. Now at her full-size, she was comfortably as big as a Mack truck, both across the face and by the length of her massive body. When she took off, the beat of her wings was loud without being deafening, a bit like flying inside of a large helicopter. "A TIME TRAVELER! THAT IZ VERY EXCITING! WHEN I WAZ AT CLAREMONT, I ONZE TRAVELED IN TIME TO THE CRETACEOUZ PERIOD AND FOUGHT A DINOZAUR!" She kept a sedate pace in the sky, cutting over the settlement of Mayberry where the workshops of the community's manufacturing centers bloomed, and headed for the distant structure of the hives where the time-traveler had landed. "I UZED TO HAVE MORE ADVENTUREZ WHEN I WAZ AT CLAREMONT, BUT I AM TOO LARGE FOR THE HUMAN WORLD!" she added philosophically. 


Luckily Marcus and Tarrant were of roughly similar builds, and back at Gaian Knight's place it was easy enough to find him a change of clothes while he took advantage of a plumbing system that was "remarkably advanced, especially for farm country! Ah, it seems some things have survived and even grown across the ages!" With him in the shower and coffee brewing, Fleur de Joie and Gaian Knight were left with the problem of simple math. They knew from star charts and similar cosmic events that the world of Sanctuary was in 'time' with their home dimension; it was the same objective date here that it was back home. They also knew that the apocalyptic event that had wiped out of most of this world's civilization had taken place somewhere in the early 20th century, though the catastrophe had been great enough that no one knew for sure what it was, beyond suspicions of Grue involvement from ruins of the time and technology that looked too advanced to belong to that era. From his hints, Marcus was from somewhere in the early 1870s. The machine that he had hoped to take him a century and a half into the future had done just that. 



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Davyd bowed his head at Stesha's request, looked down to Magenta and gave a shrug, then smoothly shifted his form.  The rear bovine half seemed to walk into his front half as his four legs melded into two, and his fur morphed into layers of fabric.  Soon he was Davyd Palahniuk, Ukrainian-American teenage boy, again, wearing a causal outdoor outfit which he thought the time traveler might find familiar: brown high boots, tan breeches, a loose single-breasted blue tweed coat over a mustard yellow vest/waistcoat, with a blue bowtie and a blue soft felt hat.  "Yes, ma'am."


He fought the urge to take on any gamefowl characteristics when Marcus made his "cock and bull" crack, and climbed aboard Super-Bee.  Against his better intentions, though, his nose did begin curving and sharpening into a beak, but he quickly realized what was happening and raised a hand to cover it.


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End of year for the Juilliard, and Corinne was needing some time to recuperate, and just space.

And he dad asked her to 'look in on an investment,' his words, though when given the briefing it was an offworld charity, that gave the late-stage teenager pause. Though her father's note that while his help was taken, he had pissed off caretaker because he was speaking 'capitalism to an altruist.' She was a graduate of Claremont, so she sort of had an in, and her powers gave her a larger leverage to be of 'assistance', if she could keep the otherside from emerging and being an ass, or really her responding to criticism.


The towering blonde looked around at her environs. Having a messenger bag on, over light flannel long sleeve, unbuttoned with a grey t-shirt underneath, a pair of dark khaki cargo pants, and heavy hiking shoes. She arrived a bit after the... time traveler? Sure. Okay. And she hopped onto the giant bee, going along because... well new experiences, broadening horizons, and maybe she could help.

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On 6/7/2021 at 6:37 AM, Tiffany Korta said:

Oh the NSTI, thats the FCU! I’m going there! Well I’m on an internship for year, after two years of study, I’m hoping to get a good grade when I graduate!”


"Oooh, I never heard it called that." Leon nodded.


On 6/7/2021 at 9:15 PM, Electra said:

"Maybe the kids could go with you and help get it back here safely. To the workshop in Mayberry, perhaps?" 


"I'll help with that." He volunteer as he raised his hand, a little bit out of boredom and a little out of curiosity.

On 6/7/2021 at 9:49 PM, Fox said:

"We should definitely catch you up a bit, though, and that's probably a discussion that's better with tea. Or coffee, if you prefer, I'm sure we can dig up some coffee somewhere - worst case I have a good friend who always has some stashed, if I can wrestle it from her."


Leon smirked at Gaian's bee related pun before elbowing

the now humanoid Davyd. "Oh, sure they can get coffee and tea, but I can't find a can of Dr. Pepper for the life of me."


On 6/7/2021 at 11:01 PM, Avenger Assembled said:



"Wait, what!" Leon exclaimed as he carefully climbed aboard the humongous pollinator behind the towering blonde he didn't know and looked back at Davyd as is for conformation. "The only time traveling I've done was to the 80's and all we got to do was punch some wannabe surfer dude-bro."



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With a little wave to the time displaced man Melissa shrunk down to her bee size, causing a little flash of light and electricity as the energy was released. She them flew over to beside Super-bee, wanting to try out something she’d been working on with her uncle. With a press of a teeny tiny button a microphone folded out to go in front of her lips, it helped that it gave her face a more bug like appearance and allowed normal sized people hear her easily.


I thought he was a dimensional traveller, there’s this Earth that's all steampunk like, it close enough he might have jumped dimensions.”

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"You might still be right!" Ryder called to Melissa, the Robug's gathered about him atop Super-Bee. "None of our textbooks at school seem to really agree on the difference between an alternate dimension and an alternate timeline, y'know? I guess it's kinda academic!" Encouraged by the giant bee's leisurely pace he clamoured to his feet and braced himself like he was riding a skateboard, arms outstretched on either side. "This is the best! We're going to get to see the hive and an analogue time machine! It sounded like he was talking about daka crystals for the power source, right? I've never gotten to play around with any of those before, this is going to be so freaking educational!" 

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