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Tiffany Korta

Character Edits 2020

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When you submit an edit request, please do not just submit a new code-blocked sheet for us to copy & paste. You must tell us specifically what you're adding/editing. For only the odd one or two minor edits a sheet isn't required, otherwise you should include one to make our job easier. So not to clutter things up too much if you do include the sheet please stick it within spoiler tags.


When submitting edits for multiple characters, please make one post per character - it helps with the bookkeeping and make sure that an issue with one character edit doesn't affect anothers, also please try to limit the number of characters you post.


Whilst we endeavor to do these as quickly as possible we're only human, so don't be afraid to contact us if we've not gotten to your edit's in a while.

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She has 3PP to spend.


She currently has 8PP spent on Regeneration in the following configuration:


Regeneration 1 (Recovery Rate: Bruised 1 [1 round]) [1PP] (Descriptors: Alien, Plant Body)


Regeneration 12 (Recovery Rate: Bruised 2 [3, No rest], Injured 6 [No rest], Staggered 1 [20 minutes], Disabled 2 [1 hour]; Resurrection 1 [1 week]; Flaws: Source [Sunlight]; Feats: Regrowth) [7PP] (Descriptors: Alien, Cutting, Plant Body)


Please invest 3PP more into her Regeneration powers, raising the total spent to 11PP, and replacing that configuration with this one:


Regeneration 7 (Recovery Rate: Bruised 3 [No rest], Injured 4 [1 round]) [7PP] (Descriptors: Alien, Plant Body)


Regeneration 6 (Recovery Rate: Injured 2 [6, No rest], Staggered 1 [20 minutes], Disabled 2 [1 hour]; Resurrection 1 [1 week]; Flaws: Source [Sunlight]; Feats: Regrowth) [4PP] (Descriptors: Alien, Cutting, Plant Body)


For no change in cost, please change the flaw on her Impervious Toughness power from Ablative to Unreliable, making it look like this:


Impervious Toughness 10 (Extras: Force Field [Free Action, Sustained Duration]; Flaws: Unreliable [5 uses]) [5PP] (Descriptors: Alien, Bark Armor, Plant Body, Shapeshifting)


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2PP to spend.


Please invest 2PP more into his Regeneration power, changing it to the following:


Regeneration 3 (Recovery 1 [+9]; Recovery Rate: Disabled 2 [1 hour]; Feats: Regrowth) [4PP] (Descriptors: Mutation)



A couple of lines on the sheet have a black background I accidentally caused by copy/pasting text while using a dark mode browser filter. Please replace them with these clean versions:

His Notice skill:


Notice 5 (+15/+5)Skill Mastery, Deafened

And his Skill Mastery feat:


Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Bluff, Computers, Notice)


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Mister Strix:


3PP to spend.


Please invest 1PP more into his Healing effect for the "Total" extra, reconfiguring it as follows:


Healing 1 (Extras: Action 4 [Reaction], Affects Objects, Total; Flaws: Limited [Objects], Personal, Source [Blood]) [5PP] (Descriptors: Regeneration)


Please invest 2PP more into his second Regeneration effect, reconfiguring it as follows:


Regeneration 22 (Recovery Rate: Injured 6 [No rest], Disabled 8 [No rest], Resurrection 8 [1 round]; Flaws: Limited [Vampire Weaknesses inflict Incurable damage; Requires outside aid to Resurrect if decapitated, staked through the heart, incinerated, dissolved, or disintegrated]) [11PP]


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2 points to spend


Looking to add Acute and Analytical to the information absorbtion super sense 1pp each. 



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Infinity  17 PP Available



Add:  I made a lot of special modifications myself:  Modified jump drive alt power only functions when piloting the Star Hopper with its custom jump drive in any other vehicle Fa'Rua can't take full advantage of her spacial warp abilities.


Feats [5PP]

1 Rank Sidekick (to 32 ranks)

4 ranks equipment 

Add Damage 10 (Laser Cannons; Extras:  Ranged) [20EP] to Star Hopper


Equipment: 12PP = 60EP

Star Hopper[40EP]

  • Size: Colossal{4EP}
  • Str: 60 {2EP}
  • Toughness 18 {5EP}
  • Defense 2
  • Space Travel 1 [2 with modified Jump Drive] {1EP}
  • Flight 10(10,000MPH) [17 (2,500,000 MPH) with Modified Jump Drive] {20EP}
  • Damage 10 (Laser Cannons; Extras:  Ranged) {20EP}
  • Computer {1EP}
  • Nav System {1EP}
  • Communications {1EP}
  • Living Space {1EP}
  • Defense System {1EP}
  • Infirmary {1EP}
  • Long Range Sensors {1EP}
  • Enhanced Sensors {1EP}
  • Teleport 20 (Jump Drive; Extras: Accurate; Flaws; Long distance only; Power Feats:  Easy, Progression 9 [100 Tons]) {From Modified Jump Drive AP}


Powers [12PP]

Upgrade Teleport 12PP (new Total Cost 17PP)

Remove short range only Flaw 4PP

Add Accurate Extra 4PP

Add Easy, Change Direction, Change Velocity, and Turnabout Feats 4PP

Alternate power update:

Rename the IC name to Modified Jump Drive

+ 12 Ranks Enhanced feats

  • 6 Ranks Equipment ( to Equipment 13 ) spend 20 EP to remove Limited: Deep Space Only from teleport power;  spend 10 EP to Add Easy and 9 ranks of progression [100 tons] (New cost 50EP)
  • 3 Ranks Equipment (to Equipment 16) Add Flight 7  and Space Travel 1 to Star Hopper
  • 1 rank Second Chance: Piloting checks
  • 2 ranks Improved Simultaneous Task

Teleport 4 (Space Fold; 400' or 1 Mile; Extras: Accurate; Feats: Alternate Power, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy, Turnabout) [17PP] (Psychic, Lor, Cosmic)

  • Alternate PowerEnhanced Feats 16 (Modified Jump Drive;
    • Equipment 10 {50EP}; Add to Star Hopper: Teleport 20 (Jump Drive; Extras: Accurate; Flaws; Long distance only; Power Feats:  Easy, Progression 9 [100 Tons]){50EP}
    • Equipment 3 {15EP}; Add to Star Hopper: Flight 7(Spatial Warp) {14EP} and Space Travel 1 {1EP}
    • Improved Simultaneous Task 2
    • Second Chance (Pilot Checks) ) {16AP}


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Extra rank of sidekick in Infinities edit brings his PP total to 160PP for 5 Free PP


Skills: 1PP

Add Knowledge: Civics 2 (+5)

Add Language 1 (English)

Add Pilot 1 (+1) 


Feats: 4PP

Equipment 1 (5EP)

  • Universal Translator (Comprehend Language 2 [understand all, speak one at a time]) {4EP}
  • Emergency Vac Suit {1EP}

Teamwork 3

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20PP available



Add 2 Ranks to Flight (To Flight 5 [250MPH]) 4PP

Add Insubstantial 3 (Cosmic Energy Body; Extras: +0 Native insubstantial; Feats: Innate) [16PP]

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9PP available


Saves: 2PP

Will Save +2


Feats: 3PP

Add Luck 3


Powers: 4PP

Increase the rank of the Justice Armor device by 1, to rank 14, costing 4PP




The Justice Armor should now be a 70PP container. Currently 5PP available.

Gonna move some things around in the Justice Armor device.


Getting rid of the I.D.E.A. Systems power as an array, freeing up 11PP, for a total of 16PP available in the armor. Replacing it with the following container:


I.D.E.A. System 4 (15PP Container) [15PP]

Super-Movement 1 ("Z-Space Portal"; Options: Dimensional Movement [To and From Z-Space]; Extras: Portal (+2), Feats: Progression [Portal Size] 3) (Up to 50ft x 50ft portal) [7PP] (Dimensional, Magic, Z-Space)

Super-Senses 8 (Options: Counter Visual Concealment, Counters Visual Obscure, Uncanny Dodge [Visual]) [8PP] (H.U.D., Computer Analysis, Combat Subroutines)


Getting rid of the Enhanced Strength power in the R.I.D.E.R. System, using the 4PP from that to increase the Z-Space Arsenal array to rank 10.

That leaves me with 1PP to spend, which I use to add another Alternate Power to the Z-Space Arsenal, adding an Obscure effect. On top of that, I'll also rename the Power Sword to Justice Strike. Same effect, different descriptors.


All in all, the entire Justice Armor device should now look like this, please mind the indents when pasting it



Device 14 ("Justice Armor"; 70PP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose; Feats: Restricted 2 [Only you can use];) [58PP] (Invention, Technology)

I.D.E.A. System 4 (15PP Container) [15PP]

Super-Movement 1 ("Z-Space Portal"; Options: Dimensional Movement [To and From Z-Space]; Extras: Portal (+2), Feats: Progression [Portal Size] 3) (Up to 50ft x 50ft portal) [7PP] (Dimensional, Magic, Z-Space)

Super-Senses 8 (Options: Counter Visual Concealment, Counters Visual Obscure, Uncanny Dodge [Visual]) [8PP] (H.U.D., Computer Analysis, Combat Subroutines)


M.O.D. System 5 (10PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 1, Dynamic Alternate Power 2) [13PP] 

DBP: Protection 0-10 (Total Toughness +5 to +15) {0-10PP} 

DAP: Enhanced Feats 0-10 (Dodge Focus 0-10; Total Defense +5 to +15) {0-10PP} 


M.O.V.E. System 2.5 (5PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [7PP]

BPLeaping 3 ("Jump Jets") (Leap distance x10: Running 120 ft.) [3PP] + Super-Strength 1 (+5 Effective Strength, heavy load: 600 lbs.) [2PP] {5/5PP} (Rockets)

AP: Speed 3 ("Boost Jets") (50 mph, 440 ft./rnd) [3PP] + Super-Strength 1 (+5 Effective Strength, heavy load: 600 lbs.) [2PP] {5/5PP} (Rockets)

APImpervious Toughness 5 ("Armor Plating"{5/5PP} (Armor)


R.I.D.E.R. System 2.4 (12PP Container) [12PP]

Enhanced Feat 1 (Quick Change[1PP] (Collapsible Armor)

Enhanced Trait 4 (Attack Bonus+2) [4PP] (Combat Subroutines)

Enhanced Trait 2 (Defense Bonus+1) [2PP] (Combat Subroutines)

Enhanced Trait 3 (Reflex Save +2) [2PP] (Combat Subroutines)

Features 2 (Built-in Subtle Computer[2PP] (Computer, A.I. System)

Protection 1 [1PP] (Armor)


Z-Space Arsenal 10 (20PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) [23PP] 

BP: [16 + 4 = 20PP]

Damage 6 ("Justice Strike"; Extras: Penetrating 5; Feats: Accurate 2, Improved Critical 2, Mighty[16PP](Kicks, Punches, Enhanced Musculature, Motors, Bludgeoning Damage Type
Enhanced Strength 4 [4PP] (Enhanced Musculature)

APBlast 6 ("Shock Blaster"; Extras: Penetrating 1; Feats: Accurate 4, Indirect 3) {20/20PP} (Blaster, Pellet, Electricity, Z-Space Portals)

AP: [16 + 4 = 20PP]

Damage 8 ("Rocket Hammer"; Feats: Accurate, Extended Reach, Knockback 5, Mighty) [16PP] (Hammer, Bludgeoning Damage Type)

Enhanced Strength 4 [4PP] (Enhanced Musculature)

APObscure 8 ("Smoke Grenade"; Options: Visual Obscure; Extras: Independent (+0); Feats: Indirect 3(1000 ft. area radius) {19/20PP} (Grenade, Smoke, Z-Space Portals) 



Please exchange the current sample powers for the Gadgets power for these, some minor fixes and getting rid of weird backgrounds


Grappling Gun: Speed 1 (Extras: Linked) + Super Movement 2 (Options: Slow Fall, Swinging; Extras: Linked) {5/5PP}
Electro-Static Pads: Super Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling 2) {4/5PP}
Gas Mask w. Air Supply: Immunity 2 (Gas Descriptor) [2PP] + Immunity 2 (Suffocation Effects; Flaws: Limited [1 hour air supply]) [1PP] {3/5PP}
Full Spectrum Goggles: Super Senses 5 (Infravision, Ultravision, Analytical Full Vision, Microscopic Vision 1 [dust-sized]) {5/5PP}
First Aid Kit: Enhanced Trait 1 (Medicine +4) {1/5PP}
Gadgeteer's Tools: Enhanced Trait 2 (Craft [Electronics] +4, Craft [Mechanical] +4) {2/5PP}
Hacker's Toolkit: Enhanced Trait 1 (Computers +4) {1/5PP}


Please update the Power Sword entry in the trade-off to be called Justice Strike.


Updated DC Block:


DC Block





Attack Bonus



DC17 TOU (staged)



Unarmed – Justice Armor 


DC19 TOU (staged)



Justice Strike


DC25 TOU (staged)


+10, Crit 18-20, Penetrating 5

Shock Blaster

60 ft.

DC21 TOU (staged)


+14, Penetrating 1, Indirect 3

Rocket Hammer

5 ft.

DC27 TOU (staged)


+8, Knockback 4


An updated Power Descriptions, reflecting the changes in this update:


Power Descriptions:

Robin posses no innate powers. All her abilities come from gymnastic skills or technology she created herself. After several different battle suit iterations and design philosophies, including her prototype suit and using a number of different armors for different situations, Robin has finally settled on a modular armor design, using her grandmother's amulet, now incorporated directly in the new and improved Justice Driver belt. The amulet is a large light purple, almost pink, round stone, normally hanging from a necklace. Unknown to Robin, her grandmother had used the amulet's ability to access Z-Space as the 70'es super hero Miss Step. Unaware of the amulet being magic, rather than just a great source of energy and a way to reach Z-Space, Robin continues to use it as her power source.


The newest iteration of the Justice Driver belt houses both an utility belt, able to access a multitude of Robin's inventions, and access to the Justice Armor. By activating the Justice Driver through inserting her grandmother's amulet, and using the keyword "Henshin", Robin expands the under armor from the Justice Driver belt, while simultaneously summoning the rest of the armor. While the armor's actual appearance seems more or less unchanged since the last iteration, everything underneath, both hardware and software, has been changed greatly, utilizing 4 systems that Robin has created. Together, they utilize the power source in the amulet in a fine balance, driving precisely the amount of power needed for each task.


The principal system used by the armor is the Rapid Intervention Defense and Emergency Response (R.I.D.E.R.) system . The R.I.D.E.R. system provides base enhancement to the wearer's physical strength, while offering protection and computer assistance to the wearer's reflexes and combat skills.


The Modular Output Defense system (M.O.D.) , was designed to offer variable speed and protection in combat. By rapidly altering the armor plating on the suit, the wearer can quickly switch between slow, but heavily protected armor, or fast, but not quite as formidable armor, or anything in between, adapting to fit the situation as needed. While the process is quick, it is possible to interrupt it during combat, which leads to Robin prefering an armor setting for the M.O.D. system as combat starts.


To improve her mobility in combat, Robin designed the Multivariable Outrageous Virtous Extension (M.O.V.E.) system. By using rocket boosters housed in the boots, Robin can either propel herself forward in great leaps or move at incredible speeds for brief periods of time. The system also enhances the wearer's carry weight, due to the various support structures needed in the armor to make sure the rocket boosters caused her no harm. Alternatively, by diverting energy from the rocket boosters, Robin can attach heavier, bullet proof armor.


Whereas the other systems are rather rigid in their design and utility, the Interactive Dynamic Expansion Application system (I.D.E.A.) contain a great number of different gadgets and tools that Robin developed for the armor, connected by using the same power source from the armor. While the list of tools in the I.D.E.A. system is ever expanding, it so far contains enhanced visual options and, allows Robin to use her grandmother's amulet to create portals to Z-Space, allowing her access to the AnneX, or to summon different armors parts and weapons.


Finally, Robin has begun using what she has dubbed her Z-Space Arsenal. By rapidly creating portals to the AnneX in Z-Space, Robin is able to swiftly exchange the weapons she need during a battle. While she has a number of plans for how to expand her arsenal, it currently includes the Shock Blaster, a one-handed gun that fires small bullets that give off a powerful electric shock on impact, the Rocket Hammer, a two-handed battle hammer that further enhances the force of its blows with quick bursts of the jet booster attached to it and Smoke Grenades, which releases a thick, obscuring smoke when activated. Both the Shock Blaster and Smoke Grenades can be tossed through Z-Space Portals to arrive from any position near their target. Outside of the external arsenal, she retains her signature Justice Strikes, where she redirects power from the armor into powerful motors in her legs or arms, allowing her to strike with incredible force.




And finally, please update the last paragraph in the History to this, taking care of a missing word.



Since then, Robin has faced gangs of thieves, monsters, super natural threats and much more. She has been gifted her grandmother's amulet, that she once used as the super hero Miss Step, allowing her to access Z-Space, where she has established headquarters in an abandoned structure, though not going unnoticed by other inhabitants. She has worked through multiple iterations of her armor, finally settling on a modular design. And just in time, as faces Emerald City brand new threats.




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Archer II


Please increase Archer's Luck feat to Luck 3, leaving him with 2 unspent PP.

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Please increase Cheval's Luck feat to Luck 4, spending 3PP and leaving him with 3 unspent PP.

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Completed By Durf


Dead Head


He's got 13 points unspent!  He's also maxed out.  So let's see what his Final Form shall be.


First, though, please edit my Reward Tracker to show that he is a Titanium character.


Skills  +1pp

+4 ranks of Diplomacy, bringing it to 12 (+15)


Feats  +3pp

Favored Environment (cemeteries/graveyards)

Luck 2 (bringing this up to Luck 3)


Powers  +9pp

Necromancy Array: 2 new Alternate Powers  [+2pp]

AP: Communication 3 (“haunt hotline,” mental, 1,000 feet; Extras: Area; Flaw: Limited [Only with Undead and Characters with Comprehend/Spirits]; PFs: Dimensional 2 [afterlives], Selective, Subtle) {7} plus Mind Reading 10 (memento mors”; Extras: Action 2 [Free for surface, Move for probe], Sensory Link; Flaws: Limited [only memories & thoughts pertaining to death & killing], Range 2 [Touch]) {10}  {7+10=17/17}

AP: Nullify 11 (“curse eating”; all magic effects simultaneously; Extra: Duration [Concentration]; Flaws: Limited [to necromantic magic effects], Range [Touch]; PF: Selective)  {12/17}


Super-Senses +7 (Danger Sense [mental], “Spiritual Blindsight” [Mental Sense; Enhancements: Accurate, Acute, Radius, Ranged]) [+7pp]


With one of those powers comes a new Complication:


Blind Without 'Em: Dead Head's "spiritual blindsight" is a necromantic variation of the traditional psychic blindsight, with a few limits. It allows him to sense the living, the dead, and the undead: anything that has or once had a soul (for varying definitions of "soul"). As such, it does not work on mindless robots (and similar constructs), nor does it pick up on nonliving objects (like buildings and vehicles).


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Completed By Durf



4PP to spend.


Please increase his Strength by +4, from 18 (+4) to 22 (+6).

This will change the "Heavy Load" listed next to his Strength score from "300 lbs." to "520 lbs.".

This will also change his Grapple bonus and his Climb and Swim skill bonuses.


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