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Down in the Underground

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Any mystically inclined characters can cross the barriers though this invitation and gathering was more aimed at those who practice magic rather than those who ARE magic. Feel free to have the message show up to your character in the manner most appropriate for their magic. (Brought by a spirit, visions, card readings... scroll appearing out of thin air.... Being told you have to go by your mother! That's probably just Huang and maybe Abby though)

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Well, at the moment, Taylor is solid but she does flicker in and out of Prime as she goes incorporeal (which she still tends to when startled). She is, unsurprisingly, very magical! I've always talked about her power like eldritch lightning, big flashes of white arcs of pure power, like the streaks of light across the void. She's not human anymore and doesn't have a lot of the typical scents and smells of a human. She's something else that isn't quite like anything on this plane except for her children who share that connection to their native plane. 

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Detect Magic [auditory] is an interesting take.


Masque herself doesn't sound like much, though she has some latent talent, whatever that sounds like! Distant and undefined.


Her mask probably makes a low, disconcerting thrumming noise when she's doing any kind of magic, almost inaudible when she's not.

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Huang has a kind of echo of Phantoms dimensional magic and given what she just gave him probably the castlevania theme running in the background.  His magic beyond the vampire and dimensional weirdness is mostly when cast so maybe echoes of latin chants, atlantean words of power, slavic invocations, and lemurian songs.  But nothing active so just what would cling to him.  She might be able to make out the smell of what he just drank or his partial undeadness but lets be honest it's probably mostly axe body spray.

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Question - what do your characters sound like to someone with 

Super-Senses 12 (Darkvision, Radius Sight, Detect Magic 3 [auditory], Hearing [Extended], Sonar [Accurate Ultrasonic Hearing], Scent [Acute], Tremorsense) [12PP]



Hex's magic sounds like someone grabbed recordings of a couple dozen loud, harsh, discordant noises at random and then edited them together to form the beat of a song.

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Nicole's devices sound like a EDM track you'd find in Spotify. Before the drop specifically. It's a synthesized sort of thing most of all, but you can hear the build up in the percussion and underlying musical elements layered all over one another.


Listen a bit longer and if you understand music and you'd begin to hear the history of the song's genre. The use of more traditional and less electronic instruments.


Though something's still missing though, like if you get a song and remove one half of the rhythm.


Course that was all before Hex came and frizzed them out. Now cue scratching on the record noises.

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Dead Head smells like rum and dried herbs & spices (the kinds used in Haitian cuisine), and his "sound" varies between an ominous Catholic funeral, an upbeat New Orleans jazz funeral, and the silence of wind through an endless graveyard.


A Mutt has a similar smell (and also wet dog), but sounds like dogs barking at an upbeat New Orleans jazz funeral.


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