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Found 7 results

  1. OOC for this. Threads will be split into two with whoever goes where once action gets started. To help me keep an overview with the large number of characters, I'd appreciate if you do a quick rules summary of some of the more unusual power uses that might happen.
  2. GM Secret Location in the Mojave Desert, Nevada March 26th, 1 PM Claremont Academy Field Trip to Danger Institute: Mojave Installation The field trip had been announced a bit suddenly, and for a rather varied group of students, spread out across the different squads: Zenith, White Lioness, Ms. Thursday, Gauss, Thunderbird, Salvo, Forever Boy and Veronica Danger, accompanied by their teacher Steph Harcourt. Why they had been the chosen students were anyone's guess, but they were promised it would be quite a treat. And of course, they would have to write an essa
  3. Monday, August 11, 2016 Emerald City, Oregon The long, ragged line of passengers spilled out of the jet liner, six hours of flight time taking their toll on legs and patience and attention. Tona Baudin did her best to keep her face together until she was able to get away from the crowd. She stood alone by herself for long minutes, focusing on her breathing and her thudding heart. Flying through the air -- such an impossible thing that people here handled so blandly! -- always got to her, and crowds always got to her, and the two together for so long left her feeling twitchy an
  4. Isaac Campbell was born in Michigan, outside of Detroit, not long after the end of World War II. Even as a young man he was interested in adventure and exploration, in broadening his horizons and searching out excitement. After high school he enlisted in the US Navy and qualified as a combat pilot, flying F-4 Phantoms in the Vietnam War. After the US pulled out of Saigon, he found that the Cold War involved too much sitting and waiting for his taste; he volunteered to test experimental aircraft and found himself tapped to fly CIA and AEGIS operatives into and out of Soviet-influenced states in
  5. Overview Danger International is the corporate face of the famed Danger Family. The company was founded by Johnny Danger with profits earned from an african diamond mind and carefully stewarded by his children and grandchildren into a multinational organization for both economic growth and charity. The overarching corporation is Danger International, the privately held corporation is the prime or full owner of the assorted corporate and non-profit arms that make up the sprawling Danger empire. Within this umbrella are the several companies and charities that do the actual busine
  6. Friday March 1, 2013 Mozambique air space between Pemba and the Messalo River Valley 11:00 CAT (Central Africa Time) [5:00 AM Freedom City] Though it was not yet mid-day on the southeastern coast of Africa, the temperature had already reached the high eighties, without accounting for humidity. Rain clouds lay to the west, though that was hardly unusual as March was the wettest month of the year for this region of Mozambique. An old, Soviet made Mil Mi-8 (Hip) helicopter was flying low over the acacia and palm savannah that covered much of the area near the Messalo River valley in M
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