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Fright Night at Claremont (OOC)


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Round 1 - Initiative Order

17 - Forever Boy - Fine and Dandy, 2HP
16 - Salvo - Fine and Dandy, 2HP
12 - Gauss - Fine and Dandy, 3HP
11 - Crystal Gazer - Fine and Dandy, 2HP

11 - Deadite Possessed Sam - Fine and Dandy


Alrighty, @RocketLord you're going first. I'm also giving you a Hero Point because a demon is about to attack you're friends triggering one of your complications. Show us what you got! 

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The intensity of this drawback is major (since you lose access to all your powers). The frequency depends on how difficult it is for you to assume your super-identity. If it takes a free action, then it’s uncommon (3 points). If it takes a full-round action, it’s common (4 points), and if it takes longer than a full-round action it’s very common (5 points).

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