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Found 63 results

  1. Port of San Juan San Juan, Puerto Rico, US Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 3PM local time "He has not called me once." Princess Thaelia of Atlantis explained to her former roommate Giang Trang. The conversation had gone as such for the former roommates. Catching up on their lives, the latest subject was her awkward not quite courtship of Elias Silvestri. "I own a cellular device, and yet no distance calling." Thaelia was dressed in ceremonial Atlantean armor, an object wrapped in a large cloth the size of her body tucked underneath her arm. Thaelia, Giang, and Heroditus were in the port of San Juan. One of the busiest ports in the Caribbean. Which on this day had an entire passenger ship dedicated to them. But, the trio would not be actually utilizing the ship. Though the pier was crowded with many dockworkers and potential passengers traversing, no one paid mind to the otherwise empty dock as they approached. Unlike when General Dalekos had dragged Heroditus out of Claremont some months ago, Thaelia didn't set up a meeting with Headmaster Summers. Simply arriving at Claremont and essentially kidnapping the Atlantean scholar. Leaving Giang with the job of apologizing to the Headmaster, who was both already aware of the kidnapping, and subsequently tracking them down. Where Thaelia explained that she needed inquisitive eyes for a task. The Atlantean Senate had unilaterally requested that three abandoned Atlantean outposts be investigated. After reports of salvagers in the area they dare not have Atlantean technology taken by those who may wish to do Atlantis harm. Though at least that was the public stance, never one to mince words Thaelia openly theorized to the others that certain members of the military may also be looking to reoccupy some of those outposts. Their first stop was to be her grandfather's base of operations during surfacers' second World War.
  2. Week 1 (June 1-June 7) Havana, Cuba Cuba and Atlantis had a long-standing peaceful relationship. To the point that in the UN it could be argued that Cuba was on of Atlantis’ strongest supporters. While the kingdom of Atlantis argued that this relationship was formed during WWII, when Cuba was a staunch ally against Sea-Wolf. To the point of providing King Thallor direct aid in saving Siren towards the end of the war. Outside observers were quick to criticize that the underwater kingdom’s isolationist tendencies kept it blind to the fact that Cuba was not the same country that fought against German fascism. Due to this relationship, Princess Thaelia of the House of Atlan was given carte blanche to enter the country for supplies. As she occasionally did when visiting her hideaway in the Milwaukee Deep. The Cuban media would often use her presence to reignite the idea that there was a secret Atlantean city nearby protecting the country. While the idea was not shrouded in truth. There was actually once upon a time a Deep One colony that lived nearby. At least until Sea Wolf slaughtered the lot as part of his plot to sacrifice Siren to dark gods and return his humanity. A plot that cost him his life as the Sea King struck him down and buried him alive “How has your stay been?” Ana Lucia asked Thaelia. Ana-Lucia Ramos was in her mid-twenties. A veteran in the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, and current presidential aide. She was Glamazon’s guide on the island nation, a role that had been assigned three years ago upon her initial visit. Ana-Lucia was a muscular woman whose entire air was otherwise warm and inviting. Aside from the occasional whispered comment, it was clear why she was chosen to “babysit” the visiting royal. Thaelia was accompanied by half a dozen soldiers and Ana-Lucia Ramos. “It has been most pleasant. Much as I have come to expect.” Thaelia answered loudly. The group had just left the market. Thaelia was dressed in turquoise armored garbs. One hand was carrying a trunk full of her spoils. The soldiers made no motion to take the trunk from her. Which was filled enough that more than one of them would be required to even haul it in the first place. “Your highness are you ready to depart? Or is there more to the city you wish to see?” Ana-Lucia asked. Making sure to speak loud enough that she could be overheard as nearby watchers crowded by. Some of which where loudly playing music. The occasional loo by Ana-Lucia giving an implication that the musical spectacle was prearranged. “I believe this will be all.” The soldiers, then wasted no time in leading the Atlantean princess into an armored SUV. One that would realistically provide them more protection than it provided her. But, this way they could avoid her leaping from roof to roof as she originally suggested. The SUV steadily progressed en route to the docks until Ana Lucia looked out the window and suddenly shouted. “Bájate!” Immediately leaping to cover Glamazon. Not that she made it before the explosion rocked the side of the SUV. Sending it tumbling over. Once the vehicle stopped rolling, Glamazon kicked the entire roof off the vehicle. Wasting little time, she would begin dragging the unconscious passengers out. Frantically looking around. “Who dares challenge the daughter of the seas to combat! Show thyself vile fiend and receive the gift of battle!” Thaelia screamed into the air. But the princess received no retort. The only response lingering in the air were the sounds of sirens and screaming as the soldiers failed to escort the princess to safety. Let alone budge her from her current location...
  3. July 11, 2018 4:17 PM The ambulance didn't bother with its sirens as it rode deeper into the West End. It wasn't as though the laws of the road were being enforced just then and drawing attention would have only made it a better target. The missing passenger side door and twisted remnants of a front bumper testified that the blocky vehicle - and its operators - were lucky to still be in reasonably working order. The way it screeched around two abandoned cars wrapped around each other in the middle of an intersection, lifting up onto two wheels briefly, said that those close calls hadn't made them any more timid. It wasn't a hospital where it came to a stop but the Summerhill Street Farmer's Market of all places. Stands normally stocked with ears of corn and handmade candles had been repurposed into temporary shelters and soup lines, tarps and truck beds and trash bins call called into whatever use was most immediately needed in the chaos of the previous day. People forced to flee their homes or unable to return to them, people too injured or old or simply unwilling to attempt to flee with city entirely had gathered in the convenient open space, stocked with food and running water. The rear doors of the ambulance opened and a muscular man with sleeve tattoos and a blood caked concert tee that barely fit vaulted out. "I got a broken leg and a couple kids that got separated from their folks!" Hernandez called to the able bodies already jogging over to meet him. "Somebody grab me something to use for a splint, I'm using shitty ass rebar over here!"
  4. GM Train Station Mystery, New Hampshire 2:24 PM Saturday October 11th, 2014 Amddiffynnwr O Lleu Llaw Gyffes has eyes where it is needed. All members of the order understand this simple principle. Perhaps none more so than Cerys Pfer, whose cover at Claremont has gone through it's own series of trials over the years. An agent for the order had been tracking rumors of a lost artifact in a small town in New Hampshire known as Mystery. Until suddenly the order lost all contact with him. As such, it befell on their closest contact in the area Cerys to perform her duty and recover the artifact. Thaelia, princess of Atlantis known to her peers as the boisterous Glamazon, had no stakes in the matter. In fact she had no idea where her friend was going when she snuck off from the Claremont grounds early in the morning. Just that when she saw Cerys leaving the campus grounds early in the morning, Thaelia took it upon herself to tag along. Even after finding out they were in for a six hour train ride with three transfers in between. Lynn Epstein, the veteran shapeshifting fey touched hero known as Grimalkin, had her own reasons for heading to Mystery, New Hampshire. Having purchased a rare book in an online auction, Lynn had found herself required to pick up the book in person. The book being a touted as genuine fey article was of utmost interest to Lynn. Just before the train reached its final destination it shook violently. A woman's panicked yell followed soon after. Those with a keen enough eye would have turned their heads in time to look out the window. In the distance stood a massive mastiff with baleful breath and blazing red eyes. It's wispy dark black fur moving like living shadows. All three of the heroines on board were quick to spot the creature. Before it disappeared without a trace. The train arriving in Mystery shortly thereafter. Mystery is in the shadow of Mystery Mountain, the largest peak in the southern New Hampshire area, situated some distance from a spur of the White Mountains. “The sun sets early in Mystery†the locals say, given the vivid sunsets over the peak of the mountain as its shadow spreads eastward over the town in the early evening.
  5. OOC for >this thread Go ahead and give me a Knowledge (Arcane Lore) Check. We'll give our Welsh contemporary a +2 Circumstance Bonus. DC10 DC20 DC30
  6. HGM


    GM Eastern Seaboard Bank Wading Way, Freedom City, New Jersey Thursday, July 27 2017 12:30 PM Tellers working lunch hours at a bank knew they were a part of the peak shift. It was the busy period when everyone could sneak away from their day to make a quick withdrawal or deposit without disrupting whatever else they had going on. That extra bit of traffic alone would account for the increase in pay for anyone working the busy shift. Anywhere else that is. For Freedom City's own E-Sea, the prime tellers were instead earning hazzard pay. Yet again the popular destination for criminals whose plans started and stopped with the words 'I want to rob a bank today', was being held up. "This is a hold up! If you don't want to get a taste of my Devil Ray's you'll--uh shut up. Yeah just shut up or else." A distorted voice called out from a jet black demonic looking helmet. It was the all too familiar site of the infamous Devil Ray. The Crime League's own superarmored aquatic thug was pointing his gauntlets at everyone. While three men wearing animal themed luchador masks (A wolf, puffer fish, and owl respectively) backed him up. The trio were making demands to be let into the safety deposit box whilst Devil Ray continued to simply bully the victims in the bank lobby. A result of which began to bring media attention to the latest E-Sea robbery.
  7. GM Norris Atoll Lonely Point, Freedom City New Jersey Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 5:17 PM Norris Atoll was a pseudo atoll formed by the three islands South of the Lonely point Naval Base. Far from an island resort like Bermuda, the islands were just as desolate as the mainland. Which made the territory an easy concession when the United States agreed to a formal concession of land for an Atlantean Embassy on the Atlantic. King Theseus reached out to the architect behind the construction of the Freedom Aquarium who oversaw the construction of the structure. Essentially it was designed a self-contained deep sea resort, using the Aquarium's iceberg like design in which a majority of the property was actually beneath the surface. Visitors would be allowed to stay for as long as they so choose as long as a security concern does not arise. Allowing for the education of Atlantean culture in a way far removed from the offensive Atlantis Casino. The Ocean Factory at the bottom was closed off from surface world access. Only subcontractors and official delegates would be allowed access with a residence designed for use for any Atlanteans that would choose to use the facility. The fact that Atlantean hostilities with the surface (and the location being so near a surface world military installation) made it unlikely that anyone other than the Atlantean Ambassador would choose to actually use it. News outlets approached the entrance on a cargo ship. The grand unveiling was to be broadcast throughout the country. Including from within a Waterfront Russian bar where two heroines were currently enjoying a meal. Or the much quieter apartment belonging to Jessie White and Aquaria Innsmouth. William Cline, or Thoughtspeed as he was currently dressed, had a much closer look of the festivities. Having been personally invited by Princess Thaelia, as the only one of her friends not currently out of the city. With the possible exception of Elias, who she could never keep track of. Thoughtspeed found himself sitting in a room, with a view of the approaching vessel, accompanied by the Atlantean royal family minus King Theseus himself. An armed escort posted throughout, perhaps too armed for a guided tour.
  8. HGM

    Creature Feature

    OOC for >this thread in which Glamazon and Miss Grue beat up monsters
  9. HGM

    Creature Feature

    GM Radiodeum The West End, Freedom City, NewJersey Friday, January 2nd, 2015 11:15 PM The Radiodeum is a theater infamous for its former tenants being the Toon Gang. Long evicted from its beautiful decor, the wooden framework is still looked on fondly by its many patrons. A far more impressive feat on any other night. Business had not resumed to its usual splendor after the Communion invaded. The annual monster movie night in preparation for the pending school season hadn't attracted much attention. In fact there were only two patrons in the theater. Daphne Celeste and princess Thaelia or as they are otherwise known Miss Grue and the Glamazon two teens associated with the Claremont superhero group known as Next-Gen. The Atlantean was as pop culture blind as one could be. And you couldn't fill anymore pop culture inside the Grue's mind. Making it easy to figure out who had picked their evening plans Both had decided they needed to kick back and relax after the busy month they had. Defending the city from an escalated amount of criminal activity in response to a majority of the local heroes leaving the city. Now a new year had come to pass, and the two outsiders at heart wanted to do something mundanely normal to relax. At the moment finding themselves halfway through a Wolfman movie. "Why does the small one not simply stab creature?" Thaelia asked Daphne. Leaning over in her seat with a tub full of popcorn bouncing around as they stared at the black and white flick.
  10. GM 12:45 PM. April 4th Judge Harold (call me Harry) Steinman, was walking amongst the throngs of people that were making their way across the street. It was lunch, and currently he was without a security detail, while a lower circuit federal court judge, he dealt mostly with white collar crime. Though a couple years ago he had been involved as an ADA out of Boston involved with investigations of several organized crime families. As of right now that wasn't what he was working over, he was debating whether he should be trying to vy for a position further up the judicial latter. However, those previous affairs were the things that were not forgotten, they cast a shadow over his way that he didn't know was there. He stopped still in his step midway through the street. And he started to say something, or tried to, words failed, they came out wrong, a hand reaching out and groping towards people. Before he fell forward, his head hitting the broad white walk lane, as his body twisted and spasmed. Before he lost coherence there was a small confirmation amidst the fading synapses as to why this was happening, and who was behind it. Onlookers rushed towards him, assuming correctly that something was wrong. When the ambulance arrived Judge Harold Steinman was dead. It would be labelled a stroke. 1:37 AM April 8th The scream would wake them, four people across town, and immediately recognize it for what it was. Either from an earlier scream, or weeks that bled to what felt like months of people inside other's heads. It was a personal sound of pain that was still raw to Paige. They all could identify it. It gave a location. A currently unused section of a high rise building in the city center. Not terribly far from the Federal building. The worst part was the sense of the presence of the mind trailing off into digitized incoherence like white noise and static when a signal goes out. A feeling some might recognize as the sublimation of identity. Possibly even the death of personality.
  11. GM Post October the 23rd, 1941 - Pacific Ocean, near the Ni'ihau, State of Hawai'i As the war that engulfed the majority of the planet raged on, a lone Sentoku type submarine sailed under the surface of the Pacific Ocean. It's destination, the Republic of Ecuador, still a ways away, was currently being pressured into signing a treaty with the Republic of Peru by the United States. If signed, the treaty would mean the complete unification of the American continent, in direct opposition to the Axis powers. The Sentoku type submarine, helmed by Vice Admiral Konoe Takahashi of the Empire of Japan, was tasked with sneaking under the radars of the USA navy, making a line to Ecuador, and harass the nation until it agreed to signing a treaty with Japan instead. Of course, a single vessel would be hardpressed to achieve any results of significance, which was why it was originally accompanied by a small fleet of Kaidai type submarines. The rest of the fleet, however, was completely lost when it came under attack; Umiquan vessels had been engaging the Japanese in the Pacific, reportedly, over territorial trespassing violations. VA Konoe looked weary, and the dread his sailors felt was palpable. They knew this would turn into a suicide mission, even if they somehow managed to reach their destination. Nevertheless, they had their orders, and they'd recieved no response regarding the destruction of their fleet. The old wolf could only laugh at his pitiable fate, the result of expansionist politics gone horribly, horribly wrong, and could barely sleep, waitting restlessly for the inevitable alert that they'd been intercepted. And become intercepted they did, as a single Umiquan vessel, shaped like a manta ray, came into the radar's view. But this one vessel didn't seem to be part of a pursuing party, as it was following its own course, making no attempt at communication with the Sentoku type, nor moving threateningly against it. If the submarine could recieve optical footage from the Umiquan vessel, it would have revealed the royal crest of the current Tyrant King, Lord Laosoon the IVth... Friday, May the 8th, 2015 - Hunter Museum of Natural History, North End, Freedom City 16:34 It would seem that the attractions this day were of particular importance. Envoys from Atlantis had arrived, lending their artifacts for display, in commemoration of the Sea King's joinning the Freedom League. The exhibition would last for one month, starting today, and for its duration, admitance to the museum would be completely free to the public. Among the exhibits, a replica of the first crown King Thallor, King Theseus' father, wore during his reign, several sculptured depictions of the Ancient Greek Gods, most prominent of whom was Poseidon, God of the seas and Patron God of Atlantis, and a black jewel the size of one's fist, adorned with the symbols and mystic runes of Atlantis, dating back to the 17th century. Quite a few Atlanteans had surfaced to Freedom City, for the chance to see their valued heritage being displayed side to side with that of their human cousins. Many Atlantean kids wow'd in wonderment at the display of the Tyrannosaurus Rex's skeleton, a sight that even most of the adult Atlanteans couldn't help but admire, both for its sheer scale and detail, as well as its evocative visage. This day would prove a poignant step in the continued improvement between the humans and the Atlanteans, and the royal family of Atlantis was sure to attend.
  12. Saturday April 23, 2016 9AM "This is Franklin Martinez at Waterplace Park in Providence, Rhode Island..." From behind the newscaster came the deafening chorus of voices raised in song - a bellowing, eerie song that could come from no human throats. He moved aside, letting the camera see the thousands of green and white-bodied creatures occupying the park, squatting in the river and the streets, hopping and singing their songs even as more came out of the water behind him. Deep Ones! Some were naked and weaponless, looking like the giant frog-fish humanoids they were, others wore black armor that looked like wrought iron and carried long, lethal-looking tridents. "Beginning early this morning, the Deep Ones began emerging from the Woonasquatucket River and occupying the heart of the city! So far the police and military have established a perimeter to keep back the invaders, but with their numbers increasing - " Suddenly, the Deep One nearest the newscaster (some thirty feet away, and behind barricades) leaped over and licked him, slapping him across the cheek with an arm-length green, bumpy tongue. The man shouted in surprise and staggered, nearly falling down, but kept his feet. He looked up at the camera, obviously rattled, and began to speak. "I, uh..." He wavered for a moment, then suddenly began stripping off his shirt. "Te veo a Jesús ! ¡Te veo!" he declared, his eyes wide and staring, a moment before the camera cut off entirely, returning to the news broadcast about the Deep One invasion of Providence, Rhode Island. At Aquaria and Jessie's apartment, Aquaria rose from her bacon-wrapped kippers and croaked, her voice warbling with the hiss that spoke of holding back a shout, "Jesssie, we need to go. We need to go there right now."
  13. "I hate fish people," said Det. Boyle. The fifteen veteran of the FCPD groused as his partner, Det. Kirkendahl pulled their car up at the Cline Building. In his early forties, Boyle was a hardbitten looking man, from a job that tended to create hardbitten people. He had been assigned to Major Crimes for a year, or so, before getting put to STAR, it is possibly a punishment. His dark hair was streaked with grey, and thinning at the top, but he kept it short. Dark eyes always probing and being inquisitive, crows feet in the corners to match the various worry lines, as a map of cynicism (realism if you asked him). There was a sense of being lived in, though he kept his off the rack suits meticulous. "Now, Boyle, you can't use those terms this day and age. We have be modern and understanding, besides, it's been forever since they invaded," Kirkendahl responded to the grumpy grousing of his partner. He was lighter, dirty blonde hair, and a less careworn face, but he was actually older than Boyle by a couple years, though they had pretty contiguous lengths of service. Though he had actively sought out duty on STAR as a challenge, in opposite his partner. He parked the sedan, and turned to his partner and smirked, "Besides, this... Thaelia woman is a Princess, which y'know good for us schmucks to hob nob with the upper class." He was slightly more crumpled looking, but then his suits fit less due to recent weight loss, so he had yet to update his wardrobe. The withering glare he received was indicative of Boyle's general countenance, as well as his joy at what Kirkendahl said. "Do I look British? Besides she is living in a project, sure a Super project, but a project. Let's get this over with before she does some bizzare fish person thing." And with that he was out of the car, and striding towards the lobby, and then the elevator. "A little! Around the eyes! You like Lana Del Ray, for Chrissake!" Kirkendahl had to pull on his suit jacket, before following, but he made his way after him, and into the elevator on the way up. "After this... wanna get some dinner? I am feeling sushi." Unable to hold in the Cheshire grin on his face as he did that. The response was a stony silence. * * * A short while later they were knocking at the door to Thaelia's door, before hitting the little intercom button. "Your Highness? This is Detectives Kirkendahl and Boyle, with the FCPD, we're here to talk to you about a classmate of yours, may we come in?" asked Kirkendahl, his finger pressing on the button, before rocking back on his heels and glancing to Boyle and releasing it. "Think we may have to call her?" "I don't think fish people have phones."
  14. ?????????Monday, June 8th, 2015???? Time had become a distant memory. Day in and Day out the three teens had been dragged out to fight for the entertainment of an alien audience. Never as a team. Always one on one in a staggered order until they were left exhausted. Their clothes were torn, their bodies battered. And worst of all they hadn't spoken to anyone in a week. At least not out loud. Errant, had been acting as a communication relay from his cell when it wasn't his turn to fight. Perhaps serving as the only saving grace in keeping a measure of sanity. Each of their cells remained completely unlit. There was no mattress, the food in their trays were flavorless gruel. They were essentially in completely sealed 4' x 4' rooms. There were guards posted outside of each of their cells, sight unseen. All armed with staves that acted as blasters. Despite their imprisonment, their spirits had not been dampened in the slightest. Escape was on all four teen's minds. Ranked slightly ahead of revenge.
  15. Saturday, May 20th, 2015 Frankfort, Michigan, United States Late afternoon Frankfort was a small town of barely a thousand souls, full of picturesque buildings, sandy beaches, and a startlingly white lighthouse out on the point. Families walked or ran up and down main street, people on vacation enjoying the warm spring weather and the cool breezes that blew off the lake. It would be a perfect image, if not for an air of tension that hung over the town. You didn’t have to go far to find the source of the tension. The town’s docks had been interdicted, with Atlantean troops standing on the boardwalk and stopping anyone who tried to get to their moored boats. Tourists stared at them; police talked at them; angry citizens and protesters yelled at them; but the soldiers of the underwater kingdom were impassive in their verdigrised armor and lightning-staffs. For three days and three nights they had kept up a silent presence, not intruding further into town or attacking any of the surfacers (well, except for one guy who showed up at the ER with a broken arm and an electrical burn, but he should’ve known better than to throw a brick) but not allowing anyone to reach their vessels, either.
  16. GM Neptune City, Kingdom of Atlantis Approximately 75 miles NorthWest of the island of Tenerife (At the Ocean's floor) Saturday, June 7, 2014 2:14 PM It had been a couple days after Giang and her graduating class had ended their tenure at Claremont. In honor of such an event Thaelia had seen fit to throw a graduation party of sorts for her, now former, roommate. It wasn't the first lavish celebration for a Claremont graduation that Atlantis had thrown. Thetis' own party a few years ago being a fresh memory amongst the royal guards. Whom found themselves in competition with her 'norse suitor' for the king's entertainment. The undersea kingdom's environment limited the number of the pair's academic peers which could easily attend significantly. At least without taking steps to try and make the sea more hospitable for most. However, the triton Wave-Eye and the half water elemental Temperance found themselves welcome additions to the walls of the Sea King's Northernmost palace. The seafaring heroes were led to a large circular room in the walls of the palace where they were instructed they could rest while preparations commenced on the celebration. Various pieces of furniture and Atlantean cuisine were prepared so as to make their stay more comfortable. The room, like other Atlantean structures, was kept well lit by glowing fungal infested rock. Atlanteans did not necessarily need the illumination of course. However, the lighting system had a secondary purpose of providing an artificial catalyst for photosynthesis. Brightly colored coral lined much of the architecture which otherwise was reminiscent of Ancient Rome. With most buildings favoring a circular design.
  17. GM 70 Miles South of Japan Monday, October 13, 2014 3:20 PM At 11:00 AM a scientific expedition to the ocean's depths uncovered what they thought was the lost ruins of an abandoned civilization. They sent two divers to explore the ruins. What they discovered instead was a dimensional rift to an undersea society of Shark Men. The Sharkpeople immediately attacked the scientists and stormed the vessel. For whatever reason, the leader of the Sharkpeople broadcast a ransom demand for the world to see. Requesting a sum of sixty five million dollars. As well as for the waters surrounding a five mile radius from their rift to be declared foreign lands under their control. Demanding that even Atlantis had no claim to their waters. A concession that the Sea King found both odd and insulting before refusing. Leading the Japanese Government in a bit of a bind. Desperate for a solution the Japanese Government reached out to Glamazon, Temperance, Tsunami, and Myrmidon. Their exploits with the >Sea Cruise Magnificent had given three of the heroes a bit of a reputation in the nautical community. Myrmidon's own reputation of quality assurance preceded even theirs. Whether well earned or not , the four were eager to help out. Greeted by the locals as they arrived one by one, the Japanese Coast Guard provided a Tsurugi Class Patrol ship as well as a small crew to close the distance. Trusting that the shark men could not utilize the delicate instruments aboard the ship, the skipper allowed them to get within fifty feet of the much larger ship. The crew all lined up once the ship came to an abrupt stop. More than one curious eye glancing with binoculars at the interesting sight in front of them.
  18. Ocean Heights Amusement Park Port Regal, Freedom City, New JerseyMonday. September, 7, 20152:04 PM It was closing day for the Ocean Heights Amusement Park. Labor Day always marked the point in the year where the park would open only to private events. And with that knowledge came special promotions to try and get as many people to visit the waterfront property. 80% off astronomically overpriced food, live concert by local bands, even tickets were at reduced price. The park wasn't operating at a loss by any means, but on this day they were relying on numbers for profit. And it worked. The amusement park was filled to the brim. Mostly families looking for one last big excursion before the school year really got going. It was a restful a day as any for many. But, then again many people weren't at the pier area overlooking centenary narrows when the two Atlantean princess rounded the corner. The larger woman pointing at into the crowd yelling out without warning, "Hold Fiend!" Those with a keen eye could easily forgiven for assuming that the person she was yelling at came from Atlantis based on appearance alone. In fact, it would have likely made the situation less explosive had that been the case. But, Aquaria Innsmouth was no Atlantean.
  19. Daedalus Building, Claremont Academy, Bayview, Freedom City Monday 1st June 6:00 am At this time of the year most technology lab’s would be completely silent and quiet shut up as students set their mind on “more important” less scholarly subjects. But Claremont wasn’t you most typical school and various technological devices hummed away of flashed little light in the darkness. Though unusually no one else was working in the lab right now, either from a very early start or still there from the night before.
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