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Found 6 results

  1. GM Neptune City, Kingdom of Atlantis Approximately 75 miles NorthWest of the island of Tenerife (At the Ocean's floor) Saturday, June 7, 2014 2:14 PM It had been a couple days after Giang and her graduating class had ended their tenure at Claremont. In honor of such an event Thaelia had seen fit to throw a graduation party of sorts for her, now former, roommate. It wasn't the first lavish celebration for a Claremont graduation that Atlantis had thrown. Thetis' own party a few years ago being a fresh memory amongst the royal guards. Whom found themselves in competition with her 'n
  2. Player Name: Arichamus Character Name: Wave-Eye Power Level: 10/11 (152/170PP) Trade-Offs: -3 Attack/ +3 Damage (Conch) Unspent Power Points: 18 Progress To Gold Status: 50/120 (Gold Status earned with King of Suits) In Brief: De-powered and disgraced triton who has come to Freedom City hoping to gain entry to the Freedom League(believing them to be Siren 's retinue), and make amends for what he's done. Alternate Identity: Nochehuatl Identity: Public Birthplace: What is now the Rocas Atoll off the coast of Brazil. actual birthplace lost in geologic shifts. Occupation: Marine guardian, superhe
  3. GM 28th February, the Mid-Atlantic...dawn... The sun was rising through partial cloud, little more than a glow in the horizon, casting deep orange shades through the sky. Deep orange, and red. Red sky in the morning....shepherds warning... The Cruise Ship Magnificent was not the biggest or most luxurious cruise ship on the sea, but it was certainly within spitting distance of it. A crew of eighty, a passenger roster of three hundred. Fine food, fine wine, and mediocre entertainment, it was a ship that looked good, catered well, and charged high. And it was dead in the wat
  4. The OOC for thread, where Tempest and Wave-Eye get into some trouble down by the docks.
  5. Freedom City Waterfront November 12, 2013; 6:15 PM The clouds that had hung over Freedom City all day were still very much in place as evening fell. The temperature was hovering just a bit above freezing, but the wind chill certainly made it feel as if it was colder. Fulmen Fairison had just spent the last half hour fighting his way through Freedom City's rush hour traffic to deliver a set of ice sculptures he had made in one of the part-time jobs he was involved with to help pay his bills. Some corporation was having some event at their Waterfront research lab and somehow Fulmen ha
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