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Found 12 results

  1. June 1, 2020 There had been much negotiation about how Vanguard would arrive in Rurland. Air travel to the new nation was heavily restricted, particularly in the wake of the single Russian military intelligence drone flight over the region (which had resulted in the addition of nearly a hundred pounds of machine parts for the new nation.) But the big teleporters built into Poliske's old administrative building, the ones that the intrepid journalists had used for their visit to what Americans in the know mockingly called "the Reservation", those had their downsides too - nobody was particularly interested in having their molecules broken down and reconstituted by machines built and controlled by Talos. So instead a compromise arrangement had been reached, and Vanguard (plus their guest member) had flown in from London on a surplus passenger plane loaded with human refugees taking shelter in the arms of Talos - mostly Venezuelans who were on the second leg of a flight from Bogota, needed technical specialists with families and children. They'd been flying over Belarus for an hour now and were approaching the former exclusion zone, and the heavily jet-lagged refugees aboard were waking up and nervous. They were a mixed bunch, mostly in surplus clothes, wary of the foreign heroes, and from the sound of things ready for where they were going - at least emotionally. Eira had not socialized, at least once it was clear no one on board required her immediate assistance. Up front in the pilot's compartment, she'd connected directly to the plane's computer network by means of a curling dataspike from the bottom of her sleeve and remained largely quiet during the flight from London. Dressed in a bulky brown sweater and worn-down jeans, she was a bit overdressed for a Ukranian summer - but with her hair dyed black, could have blended in almost perfectly with the refugee crowd.
  2. The OOC. Make whatever rolls you feel are appropriate here.
  3. GM December 17th, 2018 Wales Being Wales, it was, predictably raining. True, at this time of year it could have been snowing, but so far the white had not fallen, and not settled. It was a tepid day, with grey overcast skies and a dull wetness to the atmosphere. The green valleys were brown and muddy, and the trees had largely shed their leaves. There was still the smell of fertile land, and the hills were dotted with sheep and cows chewing the cud. 'Twas here, countless millenia ago, after the last Ice age, that Morgen the immortal was born, and met Dreadnought and here she had lain in stasis. And it was here that there was, allegedly, trouble. 'Twas the village of Wrottin Pontyggub that she had gone to, closest it seemed to her ancient settlement. Wrottin Pontygubb was indeed an ancient village, stuffed to the brim full of myths and legends and history. Some of the history might even have been true. She had arrived a few months ago, keen to understand the history of this place. And then she had dissapeared. People now whispered of ghosts and witches and all sorts of spooky spookiness, and Morgen, it seemed, was the go - to - person to blame!
  4. March 25th, 2018 Club Immortus, London... Late Evening Mr. Murk awaited patiently. He was a patient man. He had all the time in the world, and quite possibly longer. And yet, whilst things were not urgent, he felt the need to act. Something had gone missing, and that something was important. Not merely because that something happened to be an apparently immortal woman encased in ice in a hill in Wales, but because he could forsee some of the web of possibilities that had been wrapped up in this act. It disturbed him. The rules of the Codex Immortus were far from perfect, he knew, and must always be examined - not just by him, but by wise minds of its members. But he was, for the most part, glad that they were there. They had been used positively from time to time. He was not sure this was one of those times...not sure at all. So he had sent for Voin and Comrade Frost for help. Dreanought too, was intimately mixed up in this, but he would need awakening...it would be about now, by his timekeeping. He remembered their favourite drinks and favourite foods, and had arranged for them to be prepared. He knew, after all, when they would be arriving. For himself, he drank some Gin and tonic. For now, at least. He had a Pinot Noire and Chicken salad waiting, but he confessed to himself he had no particular thirst or appetite today...
  5. July 11, 2018 4:17 PM The ambulance didn't bother with its sirens as it rode deeper into the West End. It wasn't as though the laws of the road were being enforced just then and drawing attention would have only made it a better target. The missing passenger side door and twisted remnants of a front bumper testified that the blocky vehicle - and its operators - were lucky to still be in reasonably working order. The way it screeched around two abandoned cars wrapped around each other in the middle of an intersection, lifting up onto two wheels briefly, said that those close calls hadn't made them any more timid. It wasn't a hospital where it came to a stop but the Summerhill Street Farmer's Market of all places. Stands normally stocked with ears of corn and handmade candles had been repurposed into temporary shelters and soup lines, tarps and truck beds and trash bins call called into whatever use was most immediately needed in the chaos of the previous day. People forced to flee their homes or unable to return to them, people too injured or old or simply unwilling to attempt to flee with city entirely had gathered in the convenient open space, stocked with food and running water. The rear doors of the ambulance opened and a muscular man with sleeve tattoos and a blood caked concert tee that barely fit vaulted out. "I got a broken leg and a couple kids that got separated from their folks!" Hernandez called to the able bodies already jogging over to meet him. "Somebody grab me something to use for a splint, I'm using shitty ass rebar over here!"
  6. GM Wales, Aprox 10,000 BCE The last ice age had come and gone, and was consigned to oral mythology along with beasts and demons and cruel Gods of frost and ice. This was a time of humans, scavenging, hunting, and living primitive lives in the forests, hills, lakes and rivers. It was a harsh time, but there was time still for stories and worship, rituals and myths, and even magic. And sometimes, the magic worked. The prayers of the Chief had been answered, for through time - further than ever before - Dreadnought fell, to land in the middle of an vast forest, in a valley with clear water, surrounded by the tribe, with a fire, hot in the centre. Dreadnought could hear plenty of speech but not understand a word of it. But the tribes reaction was clearly startled. With stone spears and hand axes, they kept shocked eye on the giant. They were clean of body, wearing furs and skins, often with red hair, many with scars from accident and ritual. They were young to, by and large - for life was not long in this world, at least by modern standards. Rotten teeth, blemished skin, and sickness marred those even thirty years old, and few indeed would be called old.
  7. GM January 3rd, 2018, Soho, London, Club Immortus Dreadnought slept with his future brothers, deep and sound in an enchanted slumber, to wake in the new year of 2018 by Mr. Murk, who had most interesting news... Mr Murk brought coffee with him, as Dreadnought woke from his one hundred and sixty seven year slumber. He was surrounded by (now) at least ten sleeping Dreadnoughts, his future selves. The coffee was strong and black. "You may need this. Of course, caffeine might not work on you" said Mr. Murk, handing a bucket full of coffee to the immortal. "You awake in 2018. It seems the world has need of you, or more precisely, your team mate, Foreshadow" he explained, slowly and carefully, waiting for the enchanted slumber to seep away. "However, my vision is more cloudy on this. More cloudy than it should be, even within the strange fog that is the future. I sense...interference...manipulation..." he explained. "I think you might be needed...." Because, just then... Foreshadow, as a member of Vanguard, was being introduced to a Mr. Anton Vasilyev, ex-KGB intelligence officer. This meeting was beyond top secret. It was a private, secure room. Possibly bugged by the Ministry of Powers - but Foreshadow foresaw no such future. As far as he knew, via his foresight or skill, the room was secure. Of course, the ministry of intelligence would be pressing him to extract as much information as possible. "This room...its secure...yes?" asked Anton in fluent English. He must have been a good spy. Maybe he still was. A strong man of average height, non descript face bar a broken nose, and wearing unremarkable clothes. "What I need to tell you...its personal...about your family..." he explained. "Not really for others to know...."
  8. GM Ironclad Charity Luncheon Liverpool, EnglandMonday July 17, 2017 2:00 PM Joseph Walker's Ironclad Charity had the sort of inspirational story that was begging to be turned into an inevitable "based on true events" movie. Dockworker's and other "toughs" of Liverpool banded together with the sole purpose of giving a voice to the voiceless. A true support organization with a dedicated focus to helping victims of abuse. The head of the organization, the aforementioned Joseph Walker, was to perform an incredible feat of strength for the whole crowd. The luncheon wasn't completely a high society affair. With the various rugged members of the charity scattered about providing a contrast from the wealthy Of course some people were there just to rub elbows with the wealthy, or to even propose business opportunities. At the end of the day a majority of the guests were still there with the intention of giving back to a worthy cause. Erick Sloane and Agnus Stone, however, weren't there simply to give back to a good cause. For years, the Vanguard has been waging a battle against the distribution of the Darwin X supervirus. Their latest lead for a distribution route was in Liverpool. With Dawn Farrignton's research going so far as to suggest that their charitable host could be at the center of the distribution.
  9. GM London, 1850 'Twas a most chilly London night. The Yuletide season had kicked off with a dusty snow that was already becoming black from the machinations of London. A frost in the air, an ice on the roads. The sun was lost in grey clouds and all in all it was a cold, bleak day. Such grim and grime as there was (and verily, it was plentiful) was soon interrupted by a crashing sound at Leicester square, followed by a splashing sound. Victim of the Darwin-XC virus (a chronologically infused variant of that most potent viral agent), the massive hulk of Dreadnought came crashing through time itself, slap bang (yay, a bullseye in this matter) in the middle of the nineteenth century without warning or preamble. There was a crunch as he collided with Nelson's column to most ruinous effect, and a splash as he cut through ice into the fountains and pond beneath. Whatever disorientation such violent motion may (or may not) have caused, 'twas nought but a second until all could see the mighty column of Nelson crack and start to fall, breaking at midpoint. And screams from those about to be crushed my the mighty masonry!
  10. GM London, 1850, Winter...the Offices of Mr. Ebenezer Fiddle, Lawyer... An interlude from London Calling to discuss philosophy and such like and so forth... "Unngh..." groaned Mr. Fiddle, his burnt arm draped in cold wet bandages, the Laudanum having finally kicked in. "Don't mind me, please..." he mumbled at Dreadnought and Mr. Murk (whom had kindly tended to him. He might be blind, but he knew his way around the offices most well, and was tender in giving care). "Please help your selves to brandy...I know I will..." he said, floating between nearly awake and nearly asleep, and hoping Brandy might provide further relief from his injury. Mr. Murk sat down with Dreadnought, although the giant of Liverpool (or Norwegian troll, depending on which gossip one was inclined to believe) could of course not sit on any furniture. At least the floor had nice rugs. Indian, if Dreadnought were to guess. Mr, Murk himself had a brandy although only sipped it, savouring its taste rather than devouring its alcohol. "I don't think I have ever met anyone quite like you sir" he said, quite blind but seeming to look at Dreadnought nonetheless. "And that is saying something I rarely say these days. I might wonder that you have only told me selected elements of your story?" he asked, politely and warmly. "I don't know if you would care to regale me with more refinement?"
  11. GM Sunday, September 8th , 2017 The Ocean Floor, somewhere between North America and Europe 2 PM-ish? Joseph Walker had taken a few days off. Having worked throughout the Christmas season, he now had a few spare days he could take off. Not really having a lot of responsibilities outside of work had its benefits. Like, for example, taking a vacation. Usually, that included using a car or plane, maybe a bike. Especially if one wanted to leave the Isle. But, not it Joseph’s case. For him, taking a trip just about anywhere was a matter of walking. He’d left work on Friday and began to pack. By Saturday afternoon he’d fit everything he really needed into a small bag, one he could carry with him. And later on, he set off. Travelling through Wales was not too spectacular. He’d gotten on the evening train, and arrived early in the morning the day after. (Blame public transport for having to take a longer route). After a nice breakfast, he set off. Down the ocean floor, towards the west and slightly southwards. And from there on, he kept walking, running and swimming, for a few more hours. It would take quite some time to traverse the entire Atlantic, but it would make for an interesting trip already.
  12. Power Level: 12 (210/224) Unspent Power Points: 14 Trade-Offs: -5 Attack / +5 Damage; -5 Defense / +5 Toughness In Brief: A nigh-invulnerable juggernaut seeking reconciliation. Catchphrase: Theme: Playlist Alternate Identity: Joseph Walker (Public) Birthplace: Liverpool, England Residence: Liverpool, England Base of Operations: United Kingdom & Continental Europe Occupation: Shipwright Affiliations: Vanguard, UNISON Family: Step-Brother: Peter Walker Description: Age: 21 (DoB: 1996 August 2nd) Apparent Age: 20's Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 9’5" Weight: 1,900lbs Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Black History: Joseph Was born into poverty, With a neglectful father and absent Mother, Joseph was no stranger to violence and was often subject to his father's drunken rages, often finding himself locked in confined places for hours on end. It was however not to last, Worried about the tired and quiet youngster constantly turning up to school late and with myriad injuries social services soon intervened and moved the young man into protective custody and eventually into a foster home with the Walker family and though he had a loving and healthy relationship with his foster parents, his would-be brother harboured resentment for the much larger and stronger boy and the bond he shared with his father. It all came to a head one evening when, in London for a holiday the family were exposed to the Darwin X Virus, Killing both the walkers and leaving him and his brother catatonic in hospital beds. Awakening to find his adoptive parents dead and his step-brother missing without a trace, Joseph had all but resigned himself to a life of quiet solitude, returning to his job in the shipyards when his powers emerged, vastly increasing not only his mass and stature but bestowing an unearthly might and unfathomable durability upon him. Now with his great power, he seeks his last remaining relatives, the father who abused him and the missing step-brother who vanished without a trace. Personality & Motivation: Joseph is a mirthful man who enjoys beautiful women, good company and fine food and drink, though his heart is troubled with the loss of his adoptive parents and the disappearance of his step-brother he tries not to let the past control him but is prone to distraction. Powers & Tactics: As the Indestructible Dreadnought, Josephs tactics are fairly simple, he seeks to rush in and engage the biggest threat he can identify, hoping to subdue them quickly or failing that allow his allies to maneuver unhindered so they can bring themselves to bear as effectively as possible. Power Descriptions: Dreadnoughts powers are fairly subtle, save for the woosh of air betraying his incredible weight and speed when he moves he is capable of drawing on an extradimensional source of mass to add unto his own, though rather than increasing his size it adds onto his strength and allows him to perform various other tricks. Complications: Tempus Fudged it: For reasons unknown to Dreadnought he is prone to occasionally falling through time; this can remove him from play at inopportune times sometimes trapping him in the past and leading to him having to simply wait through time to the modern day and all that it entails. This is because Unbeknownst to him the strain of Darwin X he contracted is, in fact, a highly mutated one that developed trans-temporal properties from a mass outbreak in the distant future. Claustrophobia: Due to the traumatic events in his early life, Dreadnought is extremely claustrophobic, leading him to become agitated, aggressive and fearful of confined places, he may refuse to enter such places or be driven into a wild and violent panic if entrapped in such a place, lashing out with his not inconsiderable might indiscriminately. Temper: Joseph has an unhealthy level of repressed anger that he is for the most part unaware of; Abusive fathers, Neglectful mothers, Bullies and others who would abuse their position of authority or power rouse an incredible, biblical anger from Joseph Driving him into a wild rage, causing him to have psychogenic paralysis and lapses in self-control. Ready and Abel: Joseph would like very much to find and reconcile with his missing half-brother to the point of his search can distract him from more immediate problems and cause him to lose sight of other things; He is also unaware that his brother is now a powerful and villainous telepath subtly antagonizing him through unknowing agents and victims both directly and through subtle manipulations. Unfine Manipulation: Due in part to his increased bulk and strength dreadnought has all but lost the fine control of his fingers rendering him unable to write or type, use of handheld devices is all but impossible and he may drop, break or crush things he is attempting to grab if his concentration slips even slightly. Noisey: Above and beyond his vast weight and incredible might dreadnoughts mutation has made him very noisy, his booming footsteps can be heard from miles away and even normally silent actions produce a loud rumbling that can be felt blocks away. Responsibility: Joseph is the founder and main benefactor of the Ironclad charity for abused children Dreadnought is often called upon to make public appearances and represent the organization, often performing feats with his superhuman strength to raise funds for them, he also has a deep connection with his co-workers at the drydocks and the local street gangs, any one of these groups may draw the ire of his enemies or be dragged into his personal conflicts or vice versa. Easily Manipulated: Due to his fragile Psychological state, Dreadnought is easily manipulated by those with the skill in behavioural sciences, with access to his medical records there is very little that a skilled psychologist couldn't convince him of. Distrust: Due in part to his previous experiences with large organizations Joseph is distrusting of them and their representatives, feeling that they have little to no interest in the welfare of people outside of themselves or anything that doesn't fit their agenda, this can and does extend to the government and its various institutions. Codus Immortus: Having been approached my Mr. Murke in london during the victorian era about the foundation of the Codus Immortus dreadnought was rather taken with the idea and has signed on and is as such bound by the terms of the contract, affording him access to the clubs resources and the wisdom of other, older immortals it also binds him to come to those same immortals aids should the need arise, in many cases he wishes to help the clubs, patrons, though he is as bound to aid beings he would otherwise regard as enemies. Once and Future Dreadnought: In the basement of the Club immortus in soho london a large number of temporally displaced dreadnoughts slumber as they wait to return to their own eras, needless to say, a small army of nigh invulnerable juggernauts make for tempting targets for those with the means to bend them to their will, it is in part thanks to the clubs protections legal and physical as well as the secrecy and privacy it grants him, that have kept such an event from occurring, and the wise council of Mr. Murk and the other older immortals that has stayed his hands from waking future iterations of himself to attempt to learn the future and the possible ramifications of such actions have not yet been felt on the time lines, Burned to the bone: Due to being the host for a spirit of fire in the Neolithic era dreadnought now reacts to effects of the fire descriptor more strongly, his skin blackening with even the smallest brush with flames, though it doesn't necessarily cause him any more hindrance than it normally would it is unsettling to look at and in extreme cases cause him to feel psychosomatic pain and fear. rendering him frozen when confronted with sufficiently large and hot fires and rendering him dazed with pain as well as making social interactions more difficult. Abilities: 4+4+6+4=18pp STR: 30/44 (+10/17)) DEX: 14 (+2) CON: 20/36 (+5/13), INT: 10 (+0) WIS: 14 (+2) CHA: 10 (+0) Saves: 0+4+8 = 12pp Toughness: +17 (+13 Con +2 Protection +2 Density; Impervious: 10) Fortitude: Immune, Reflex: +6 (+2 Dex, + 4) Will: +10 (+2 Wis + Combat:: 6+6 = 12 Attack Bonus -Ranged: +2, (+3 Base, -1 Size) -Melee: +7 (+3 Base, +5 Attack Focus Melee, -1 Size) Defense: +7 (3 Base + 5 Dodge focus, -1 Size) -Flat-footed:: +1 Grapple: +29/35/40 Knockback Resistance: -17 Initiative: +2 Skills: 9pp (36 ranks) Intimidate 14 (+16) Knowledge (current events) 4 (+4) Knowledge (streetwise) 4 (+4), Language 2 (Base: English, French, German), Notice 6 (+8) Sense Motive 6 (+8) Feats: 19pp All-Out Attack, Attack Focus (melee) 5 Challenge (Fast Startle) Dodge Focus 5 Improved Crit 2 (unarmed) Move-by Action Power Attack Startle Takedown Attack 2 Powers: 11+ 14 + 16 +14 + 13 +30 + 20 + 10 + 3 + 10 + 1 = 142pp Array 5("Mass Manipulation"; 10pp array, PF: Alternate power 1)[11pp] BE: Super Strength 5 ("Muscle Mass!" +25 str: 104 effective strength, Heavy Load: 22.9 Ktons) AE: Trip 10 ("Instant gravity well" Flaws: Range (touch), Distracting Extras: Knockback, Reversed (Pulls towards Dreadnought rather than away (+0) Density 4 (+8 STR, +2 Toughness, Weight Multiplier: x2, Adds: Immovable 1, Super-Strength 1; Permanent; Innate)(14pp) Immovable 1 (Resist Movement: +4, Resist Knockback: -1; Unstoppable) Super-Strength 1 (+5 STR carry capacity, heavy load: 716.8 tons; +1 STR to some checks) Enhanced Constitution 16 (+16 CON)(16pp) Enhanced Strength 14 (+14 STR)(14pp) Growth 4 (+8 STR, +4 CON, +1 size category; Permanent; Innate)(13pp) Immunity 30 (fortitude saves) (30pp) Immunity 40 (lethal energy damage, lethal physical damage; Limited (Changes to Non-Lethal))(20pp) Protection 2 (+2 Toughness; Impervious (10pp) Speed 3 ("Massive Momentum" 50mph; 500ft a round) [3pp] Super-Strength 5 (+25 STR carry capacity, Effective Strength: 79, heavy load: 716.8 tons; +5 STR to some checks)(10pp) Temporal Inertia (Features 1: Unaffected by changes to the time-line, Remembers original course of events.) (1pp) Drawbacks: (-3pp) Vulnerable, very common, minor Magic (-3) DC Block Name Range DC Effect Unarmed Touch DC32 toughness Damage Instant grav Well 50ft burst DC20 Reflex Trip Totals: Abilities 18 + Saves 12 + Combat 12 + Skills 9 (36 ranks) + Feats 19 + Powers 142 - Drawbacks -3 = 210/224pp
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