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Found 12 results

  1. GM UNISON Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland December 25, 2014 10:50 PM local time Just a few hours ago, UNISON headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland had been practically deserted, only a minimal security detail and a few technicians had been on duty, the rest home with their families for Christmas. That was until Colonel Ellis had been contacted by the Freedom League about an approaching threat from space. In the intervening time, scores of UNISON personnel had been called in, the headquarters now abuzz with activity as UNISON personnel were reaching out to contacts in governments and militaries around the world, as well as preparing itself for the possible arrival of a hostile alien force. Over a decade ago, UNISON had shocked many world leaders, when it had fielded a small fleet of space capable heavy fighters, the Uni-Storm, during the Grue invasion of 2003. Since that time, Colonel Ellis had managed to hold off efforts to decommission the Uni-Storm, which mean that UNISON had under its control a majority of Earth's space capable combat aircraft. The pilots for the fighters were still being brought it, and gearing up and receiving briefings for possible sorties. The mechanics that had been brought in were working as fast as they could to get all the fighters ready should they be needed, with more arriving all the time. Things were much further along than if there had been no warning, but they still needed a bit more time before they could get all the Uni-Storm into the air. During the past few hours, a number of even more unusual individuals had arrived at UNISON’s headquarters, as a group of superheroes from across Europe and the United States had arrived to offer what assistance they could. With Colonel Ellis' former connections with the Ministry of Powers in the UK, it was only natural that the current members of the Vanguard were present. Also present were two national heroes from countries in southern Europe, Professor Chiron from Greece, and Stella d'Argento (the Silver Star) from Italy. A pair of heroes had also transported to Geneva from the United States, sent by the Freedom League to assist as well. Currently the gathered heroes were with Colonel Ellis in a large command center in the center of the headquarters, where UNISON technicians were tracking activity all over the world as various militaries began the process of preparing themselves for the possibility of an attack, and keeping an eye on the telemetry coming in from numerous satellites and radio tracking stations on Earth that were scanning the heavens for signs of approaching ships. "So as of right now, we need about another half an hour to have all the planes ready to go into combat if needed." Ellis stated to the gathered heroes. "We can probably have half of them up in about twelve minutes, perhaps a bit sooner. As for the military units around the rest of the world…well, they are trying to mobilize as quick as they can, but this is probably about one of the worst times for such an attack in terms of the number of personnel away from base with friends and family."
  2. GM The Mid Atlantic September the 1st, Morning... In the wake of the near sinking of the Cruise Ship Magnificent the Ocean was undergoing some increase in Military Manuevers. More for show and confidence than effect. Captain Blood had vanished, and his spectral ghost ship was unlikely to be shredded by conventional shells. Still. A show of force reassured people. The Missile Cruiser Luther was just one of those vessels, commanded by Captain Gomez, a somewhat short, lined man of Mexican descent and keen intellect swirling in black eyes. And he had invited the heroes of that day, the saving of the Magnificent, to his ship. With news. "We can't find Captain Blood anywhere" he conceded. "Although we are doing are best. Thing is, we aren't sure our satellites and scanners could detect him anywhere" he sighed. "Although we have picked up some other unusual readings. Sea bed activity, not matching any non seismic pattern. We send submarines down, but too late. Can catch it. We though it might be the Russians, or some military venture. But they deny it. Of course, they would deny it anyway..." he shrugged. Politics were above his pay grade. "We need some answers. We need someone who can get down to the sea bed, and get down fast..." he explained.
  3. GM January 5th, Saturday, 2013 South America, the gateway to the Lost World Zandar, Jungle Lord of the Lost World, had recently sent word to the Freedom league that he wished for greater understanding between his domain and theirs. He had offered a guided tour for several young people from Earth-Prime through the reaches of his kingdom, something that had led to a scramble among the Claremont Academy student body, all of whom wanted to be the one that got to see the fabled and secret land where prehistoric beasts lived beside humans! At last, Headmaster Summers had selected four teenagers to go. Blodeuwedd, El Heraldo, Myrmidon and Tsunami were to explore the strange Lost World and bring back a written report on what they had learned and discovered about the place and its people. No less than twenty pages were allowed for the final product, as Prof. Skyler had declared with no little smugness. But that seemed far away as the four teen heroes stood on the rocky and wooded plateau far above the jungle that glistened below in the sun, the teleportation quick and precise. All they had to do now was wait for their guide to show up. The South American sun beat down on them with the full weight of summer, and at the edge of sight and hearing all of them could tell animals were creeping just out of sight...
  4. Sunday, February 10, 2013 Early evening The sun was starting to make its final descent to the West of Freedom City as a cool evening breeze stirred across the grounds of Claremont Academy. Being a weekend evening, the school's Main Qaud was quiet and empty, save for one lone figure. Giang Trang was sitting on one of the wooden benches along the outside of the circle of grass in the center of the open air courtyard. Standing in the center of the grass circle was the statue of a proud-looking Dr. Charles Claremont. The Asian teen was dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans, a red shirt and a light black jacket, the cool evening air not bothering her in the slightest. Today marked the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the start of the Year of the Snake. The start of Chinese New Year had been one of the few holidays Giang had known growing up in Vietnam. Freedom City's small Chinatown in the West End was having a festival for the start of the Year of the Snake, so the Asian teen was looking forward to the opportunity to attend, having asked John Smith to accompany her. So, she was sitting in the Main Quad waiting for John to arrive. As she sat waiting, her posture perfect as always, the Asian teen projected a calm, almost serene presence, despite the faint feelings of excitement she had early brought under control with some meditation.
  5. Friday March 1, 2013 Mozambique air space between Pemba and the Messalo River Valley 11:00 CAT (Central Africa Time) [5:00 AM Freedom City] Though it was not yet mid-day on the southeastern coast of Africa, the temperature had already reached the high eighties, without accounting for humidity. Rain clouds lay to the west, though that was hardly unusual as March was the wettest month of the year for this region of Mozambique. An old, Soviet made Mil Mi-8 (Hip) helicopter was flying low over the acacia and palm savannah that covered much of the area near the Messalo River valley in Mozambique's Cabo Delgado province. The sliding side door on the left side of the aircraft had been left open, providing those inside with some much welcome ventilation to help deal with the stifling heat, humidity and the smell of aircraft fuel from the twin turbines located just above the helicopter’s cargo area. For the ten passengers in the back of the Mozambique Air Force transport, this was the last leg of a long journey. More than fifteen hours ago, they had left Jordan International Airport in Freedom City aboard a plane chartered by Danger International. Their travel route had taken them through Accra, Ghana, where they had boarded a smaller plane, which had flown them to the airport in Pembra, Mozambique, where they had then boarded the Hip. Five of the passengers were employees of Danger International, a foundation and NGO that was heavily involved in humanitarian aid projects in a variety of Third World countries. Dr. Mario Conte; registered nurses Dorothy Cofield and Andrew Myers; civil engineer Denise Gorrell; and support personnel Steven Wilker were part of the disaster relief team DI was dispatching to the Messalo River valley in response to flooding that had occurred when a dam under construction on the river had collapsed less than forty-eight hours ago. The other members of the team, along with UNISON super-agent, Edge, were already on site, preparing the base camp the team would be using during its stay. The other five were individuals who had volunteered to assist the team for the next few days, and were in fact superheroes. Four were students (two young women, two young men) from the Claremont Academy. As a graduate of Claremont himself, during the rushed planning for this mission, Edge had had the idea to reach out to the school and see if any students might want to join the mission for a few days and get a chance to learn about other ways they could use their powers that did not involve fighting criminals. The fifth was by far the most unusual of the group, a humanoid cheetah, the superspeedster known as Jubatus.
  6. The OOC for this thread, for when we need it.
  7. A warm summer breeze blew through the West End street of small businesses and restaurants weathering the times with varying degrees of success. The light wind stirred the gorgeous flowering plants hanging from the second storey windows of one such building, trailing leaves and vines brushing against the top of a bold gold-on-black sign that proclaimed the street-level floor to be home to "The Espadas School of Self-Defense and Swordsmanship!". The dojo had been open for a little over a month at that point, attendance gradually picking up as fliers throughout the city and good word-of-mouth did their job. The proprietor was a well like native of the neighbourhood if unknown in the city at large and while the more introductory self defense courses were all well and good it was the more specific sword fighting classes which were purportedly worth the trip. Erik Espadas himself was locked in particularly grueling battle with the second hand computer on the reception desk, attempting to bring up the spreadsheet with the list of new students signed up for that week's class. "No, that's the budget," he grumbled under his breath, the annoyed expression on his lightly stubbled face visible from the other side of the large windows that looked out onto the street. "Depressing but not helpful right now. C'mon..." The attendee would be showing up shortly; if he could get this sorted out he was going to have to track down a pad of paper and a pen to take attendance.
  8. The swordsmanship class for Blodeuwedd, Gaian Kight, Myrmidon and Sage!
  9. September 25, 2011 Crow, Changeling, Myrmidon, Wisp, and Glowstar face off against one of their own. Raveled be runnin' this.
  10. September 25, 2011 Bayview, Freedom City Claremont Campus GM The Claremont campus was usually calm, no matter what was happening in the city. A Grue Invasion, the dead rising, squadrons of Metaceptors in the sky -- whatever it was, Summers worked hard to make sure it didn't get over the walls. However, the imminent destruction of the world wasn't something any one man could shield his charges from. He'd done the next best thing, though -- the students on teams were assigned around the city, and other students to wanted to were helping as best they could. Next-Gen was standing by at Blackstone; Young Freedom was protecting Freedom Hall while the League was busy elsewhere; the Alterniteens were keeping an eye on the Lab while the city's super-geniuses enacted their plan; and the Irregulars were holding the fort at Claremont. At the moment they were assembled in the zen garden, looking for a last moment of peace before the storm broke. The uneasy silence was broken by the sound of heavy, clomping boots on the path. Glowstar looked up to see a slim man wearing a black and white jersey shirt, loose slacks spilling over heavy boots. The new arrival took his headphones off an hung them around his neck, waving to the Irregulars. "Hey guys. Summers though you might need a little extra muscle, so." Christopher Beck slammed his fists together, and in a flash of light Megastar was standing there, towering over the group. "He called in the alumni. Cool, right?"
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