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Found 15 results

  1. Morning glory In Brief: Your pretty standard paragon build. With maybe a big of campy booster gold personality. Character: MorningGlory. Power Level: 8 Tradeoffs: None Power Points: 150/150 Unspent Points: 0 Alternate Identity: Holly May Thomas. Identity: Public. Legal Status: Minor. Birthplace: Alternate Dimension Philadelphia, Pennsylvania County, United Kingdom. Base of Operations: Claremont Academy. Residence: Claremont Academy. Occupation: High School Student and Hero. Affiliations: Claremont Academy. Family: Unknown. DESCRIPTION Age: 17. Apparent Age: 17. Gender: Female. Ethnicity: British/Chinese. Height: 5'9" Weight: 160lbs. Hair: Black. Eyes: Black. HISTORY Holly that is to say THIS Holly was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania County in the North American lands of the United Kingdom. At some point early in her life she was the only survivor of a house fire that saw the deaths of both of her parents. And she was subsequently raised as a ward of the state. Her school and behavior while growing up fluctuated a great deal. Bouncing between orphanages and foster families, She wasn't so much a bad child as she was simply a difficult one. And by the time she had reached the age of thirteen she was at the best of times a problem to deal with. Playing hooky form school and escaping her children's homes on regular occasions to go out and stay with friends and some times simply in abandoned buildings. She was also slowly getting into low end criminal activities not really robbery but vandalism and steeling / stripping out valuable items for pocket change. A activity that often saw her and her friends wandering the city late at night, and it was on one of these nights that she and her friends where in a back ally in down town when a man stumbled in with them. Staggering and then collapsing onto the ground. On closer inspection they found that he was bleeding profusely and had stopped breathing. Most of her friends ran but Holly stopped to try and preform some amount of First Aid. The man seaming to largely ignore her attempting instead handing her a small wooden box while trying to mouth words to her to no real luck. She would have kept trying but at that point she both caught sight and heard others coming, at first she thought it might be her friends coming back with help. But instead two men moved down the ally each carrying a gun in there hands. But they didn't seam to notice the dying man until they almost tripped over him. And thankfully they hadn't seen Holly slip off down another part of the ally. She kept going until she was sure that they where not following before stopping to catch her breath. Finally remembering the box she had been handed. She checked it looking like a simple wooden box with a flower carved into it, a simple lid held on by a unlocked clasp. Opening it she found what looked like a gem stone. A number of thoughts went through her head, sell it? Turn it in? Hide it. A man had most likely been killed for it. None of these thoughts matters a moment later, the instant she touched it she was hit with a blinding flash of light. From that day on she became a hero. Not just a Hero her worlds first and only SUPER hero. The stone having given her powers far beyond a normal human, there where heroes already, but they where all mortals with skills and equipment. No Holly became Morning Glory taking the name of the flower that had been carved into the small wooden box. Yes she was a hero a flying bullet proof super strong hero. And it was never any question, with these powers she could have been a tyrant, but she had already seen enough suffering in her short life, she didn't want to cause anymore. And from the first moment she helped a person, a car crash victim who had been pinned in his car. She knew that by fate or by her own will she had been given these powers to help people. And for the next four years that's what she did, she helped people. Not just the people of her home people all over the world. She saved lives, stopped evil doers and even ended a few wars. With nothing to really stand in her path with real power, yes there where villians who by way of technology posed a threat but they had to get the jump on her or team up. And she had help also. More then she did four years before, her actions had lead to a increasing number of people taking to the streets to use skills and inventions to fight crime and help. Then... Holly showed up. No not that worlds Holly another worlds Holly. Appearing in a twisting portal of magical energy stepping out just long enough for Morning Glory to look confused before she herself was engulfed in the mystical energy and.. ejected. Not where she had been, but rather in the same place in another world. One like her own but so much different. And the most important differences was that here, she wasn't a hero. Luckily the change of outfit and hair between the two was enough to stop the team of heroes that where on location from attacking her thinking she was the OTHER her... They didn't however trust her enough to just let her go. And she was far to confused to agree to go with them until the police showed up. And thus started her time on earth prime. This world version of her being a low level magical villain, having stolen some other magical item and apparently used it to trade places with her either by accident or by choice. And this new world was a shock to her system, there where other super heroes. Not only that, she wasn't as far as she could tell even that powerful here. But.. She was still a hero right? She was still a good person she still wanted to help so she simply asked how to help and got a less then impressive answer... High school. While she is concerned about what is happening back in her own reality, her total lack of understanding how magic works makes it difficult for her to really return as of yet. PERSONALITY & MOTIVATION Holly IS Morning Glory even in her old world she was never really that bothered if some one knew who she was. She's helpful and happy almost to annoyance of others. With a can do outlook on life, and while she does have a strong sense of right and wrong she also believes that everyone can reform. Everyone has good in them. So she's never above trying to talk to people, that goes for both friends and foes alike. She believes in people, perhaps a bit to much. And she wants to help people, her personality can come off as artificial or vapid at times, but it all comes from a place of really wanting to be a force for good in the world. Motivation: Doing Good: Doing good is indeed its own reward. Because it is after all the right thing to do. Motivation: Justice: Part of being good is always seeking justice, not vengeance. But justice. Motivation: Responsibility: If your the strongest you can do what ever you want right? So then what makes some one the best? Choosing to do something good with strength. Motivation: Recognition: Morning Glory is the greatest hero in the world.. Just not THIS world. And that's actually really kind of a bummer. POWERS & TACTICS Morning Glory is accustomed to being the strongest and fastest thing around, so she never really developed much in the way of tactics. She does know how to put her back into it, and how to pull a punch. She knows how to avoid getting hit and how to put herself in the line of fire also. But for the most part her strength and speed are what she uses to get most of the work of being a super hero done. Her toughness and quick recovery time also means that she is hard to put and keep down. And her ability to go almost anywhere with no food, water, sleep or air also makes her very helpful at rescuing people. Her powers are less then subtle, both her flight and use of strength and speed causing a visible collection of white and gold static electricity to emit from her almost like she herself is putting off a huge amount of energy. COMPLICATIONS Honor: As the world greatest hero... Morning Glory is above dirty tricks and fighting dirty. And would never do anything to tarnish her reputation. Temper: While she heroic to a fault that does also mean getting mad at the sheer depths that criminals will lower themselves to. And she's not hard to play if you know how. Appearance After the effect of the Gem worked there literal magic on her Holly was a tall well built girl. Keeping her dark hair and eyes. Indeed she was more or less the same person she had always been, just... better. And she more or less stopped using normal clothing after that. First using durable cargo pants and a wet suit top. But as she became famous people started to help her with her 'costume' high tech durable materials. Largly keeping the tight wet suit feel. But adding heavy boots and gloves. As well as a belt, and eventually a cape. Clasped with a set of metal flowers. Abilities: 16 + 2 + 16 + 2 + 2 + 10 = 48PP Strength: 26 (+8) Dexterity: 12 (+1) Constitution: 26 (+8) Intelligence: 12 (+1) Wisdom: 12 (+1) Charisma: 20 (+5) Combat: 10 + 10 = 20PP Initiative: +1 Attack: +5 Base, +6 Melee, +8 Unarmed. Defense: +8 (+5 Base, +3 Dodge Focus, +3 Flat Footed) Grapple: +15 Knockback: -7 Saves: 2 + 6 + 7 = 15PP Toughness: +8 (+8 Con) [7 Impervious] Fortitude: +10 (+8 Con, +2) Reflex: +7 (+1 Dex, +6) Will: +8 (+1 Wis, +7) Skills: 40R = 10PP Bluff 0 (+5, +9 w/ Attractive) Craft: Artistic 5 (+6) Diplomacy 5 (+10, +14 w/ Attractive) Gather Information 3 (+8) Intimidate 5 (+10) Medicine 2 (+3) Notice 9 (+10) Search 4 (+5) Sense Motive 7 (+8) Feats: 13PP Accurate Attack All-out Attack Attack Focus: Melee 1. Attack Specialization: Unarmed 1. Attractive Dodge Focus 3 Fearless Interpose Move-by Action Power Attack Takedown Attack 1 Powers: 14 + 5 + 3 + 4 + 2 + 15 = 43PP All descriptors: Magic. Immunity 14: (Aging, Critical Hits, Life Support, Sleep, Starvation and Thirst) [14pp] Impervious Toughness 5. [5pp] Regeneration 3: (Bruised +1, Injured +2) [3pp] Super Strength 1: (+5 Carry STR, Heavy load: 1.8k lbs; +1 STR to some checks [PowerFeats: Groundstrike, Shockwave]) [4pp] Flight 1: (Speed: 10 mph, 88 ft/rnd) [2PP] Mystic Power Array (10PP Array, Power Feats: Dynamic Base Power, Dynamic Alternate Power 2) [15DP] (Magical) DBP: Flight 5+1: (Speed: 500 mph, 4400 ft/rnd, perform routine tasks at 50x speed) (10pp) DAP: Speed 5 + Quickness 5 (Linked; Speed 250mph, 2200 ft/rnd. ) (10pp) DAP: Super Strength 5+1 (+30 Carry STR, Heavy load: 29.4 Tons; +6 STR to some checks) [10pp] Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 23 Toughness Damage [Physical] Totals: Abilities (48) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (15) + Skills (10) + Feats (13) + Powers (43) - Drawbacks (0) = 140/150 Power Points
  2. Supercape


    Nightlife (AKA “Graveyard Shift” AKA “Shifty”) Power Level: 8 (180/184 PP) Unspent Power Points: 4 Trade-Offs: -2 Attack / +2 DC, -2 Defence / +2 Toughness In Brief: Sometimes undead master of bones! Catchphrase: “Time to die”, “I come alive at night!” Themesong: Bon Jovi “Wanted Dead or Alive” Alternate Identity: Ariel Cloud Birthplace: Freedom City Residence: Freedom City, Downtown Base of Operations: Freedom City (Loiters around graveyards..) Occupation: DJ Affiliations: None Family: Death Description: Age: 22 Apparent Age: 22 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasian. Sort of. Height: 5’9” Weight: 55 Kgs Eyes: Green Hair: Blondish. Appearance: As default, Nightlife is a palid, anorexic and wan figure that looks half dead at best. Her hair is half falling out and thin, her skin is as white as snow, and so thin you can see pale veins beneath. However, this 'betwixt life and death state is something that she would appear as if her alternate forms are nullified and she is unable to change back. When alive, she is a tallish, slimish woman with a healthy glow, olive skin, and short cut blonde hair, usually dressed in party / club clothes, and often with headphones on. When dead, her eyes become white, her skin takes on a slightly green hue, and her hair becomes shocking white. She often dresses more "punk" when undead. This form has a dusty constitution; she is able to reform it into whatever shape she pleases, including things like floating through the air and seeping through gaps and cracks. History: Death is an abstract entity, its thread passing through Gods and Space and Time. And at one point in its infinite (and beyond) existence, Death decided to create life. A sort of experiment. Death ground the bones of a thousand forgotten corpses to dust. In the cauldron of oblivion, he brewed the dust under enchanted moonlight, adding to his mix black orchids and mushrooms from the wild fae realms that were blacker still. The dying breaths of a thousand souls fell into the cauldron and from it was born the daughter of death. She was human, really, as Death had intended. It was just that she was the daughter of death. Death placed her on earth by an orphanage, another abandoned baby that grew through the care home system relatively unscathed, although many professed she was somewhat odd, especially at the dead of night. In fact, some souls were outright creeped by her! By the time she was twenty, the Daughter of Death was a lover of life, a hit on the party scene, dancing and DJing her way to fame. She truly came alive at night. And then she died. She didn’t know quite how, but one frosty midnight, where the moon shone full and bright, she simply died. Not that that stopped her. Quite the reverse! She now understood that she was able to die whenever she pleased, becoming a creature of bone dust, a cloud of undeath. Awesome! Now its time to be a superhero! Personality & Motivation: Nightlife is a confident, sassy, fun loving woman who loves a party. She is generally friendly and supportive, and has her finger on the pulse of night life (obs!). She has seen a fair bit of misery in the care home system, and seen plenty of problems on the streets (and she is very anti-drugs because of it). She has a love of superheroes, idolising many of them, and when she found out she had her own powers, she felt it only naturalise to become her heroes! Powers & Tactics: Nightlife can create bones out of her body on a whim, throwing them to injure, or ensnare her targets. They appear at rapid speeds and can explode when fired, creating even more havoc! She can also move any bones, and hence is able to move many living creatures (or even some corpses), even breaking them with her power. She is highly resilient to injury and immune to any biological attack or need (such as sleep, food, or oxygen!). Normally, she is what might be called “Super-Alive”! her skin glows, her senses are super acute, she heals remarkably quickly (particularly from serious injury) and as a result, she is very attractive. She can become “undead”. In this form she is basically bone dust, although she can assume any shape, fly, and solidify her form. However, Nightlife can only change from “dead” and “alive” forms at night. She will usually operate at night because of this. She prefers to use her “dead” status when a hero, as it preserves her identity, but she would not be averse to using her “alive” form for related espionage or social challenges, and even as a full blown hero (if she has a mask!) It is possible that she can assume a “half-dead” form, either voluntarily or via something like nullify during the daytime (meaning she could not assume her dead or alive form). She becomes a rather pasty looking, normal woman in this case, deprived of the powers of death or life (although still able to command bones!) Power Descriptions: Nightlife’s only visible powers are the spontaneous creation and propulsion of bones from her body. She is able to move bones remotely, and can do this essentially invisibly. Complications: Daughter of Death: As Nightlife is linked to an abstract entity, she may be a person of interest to various other divine persons or abstract entities, or even worldly sorcerers. This may be a benign interest, but others may view her with suspicion or malice. Many supernaturally sensitive persons (such as shamans or witches) will be uneasy around her, recognising her for what she is. Some theologans or spiritualists may find her an abomination. Dreadful Dust Changing into her “dead” state causes a quite visible and lingering cloud of bone dust that can has a characteristic odour. This is far from subtle and may cause problems particularly if Nightlife is trying to be subtle or deceptive Don’t Stop The Party Nightlife is a party girl, prone to burning the candle at both ends, drink (although she doesn’t normally get drunk) and dance and PARTY. She is usually listening to music and can be distracted. No Soul To Speak Of Nightlife's soul is corrupted by her divine / abstract lineage. She has a soul and all the vulnerabilties of one, but on the flip side she has no advantages of a regular one in the most part. This means that beneficial effects like healing, boosting, and so on may well fail. Killing Trance Of course, as a hero, Nightlife would never kill voluntarily. However, if she ever did, by accident or other circumstance, she would find the passing of that soul quite overwhelming to her own sensibilities (as existing behind life and death). At best, she will be fascinated, but quite possibly distracted disorientated or even catatonic! Abilities: 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 + 10 = 18 Strength: 10 Dexterity: 12 (+1) Constitution: 10 Intelligence: 12 (+1) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 20 (+5) Combat: 12 + 12 = 24 Initiative: +5 Attack: +6 Defense: +6, +3 Flat Footed Grapple: +6 Knockback: -5 Saving Throws: 0 + 4 + 6 = 10 Toughness: +10 (+10 Protection) Fortitude: Immune (Either as construct or complete immunity depending on alternate form) Reflex: +5 (+1 Dex, +4) Will: +8 (+2 Wis, +6) Skills: 72 R = 18 PP Bluff 4 (+9) [Potential additional +8 when Alive/Attractive in play] Craft [Artistic] 4 (+5) Craft [Electronic] 2 (+3) Diplomacy 4 (+9) [Potential additional +8 when Alive/Attractive in play] Intimidate 10 (+15) Knowledge [Art] 4 (+5) Knowledge [Pop Cultue] 4 (+5) Knowledge [Streetwise] 4 (+5) Notice 4 (+6) [Or 13 [+15] When in Alive Form) Perform [DJ] 10 (+15) Perform [Dance] 6 (+11) Search 0 (+1) [Or 4 (+5) When in Alive Form) Sense Motive 8 (+10) Stealth 4 (+5) Feats: 3PP Benefit 1 [Wealth, Well Off] Favoured Opponent: Undead Improved Initiative 1 Powers: 30 + 37 + 30 + 10 = 107 All powers have divine and necromancy descriptors in addition to others noted. Alternate Form 5 (Extras: Continuous, Feats: 1 Extra Alternate Form, Drawbacks: Can only activate/change at night [-1]) 30 PP “Life and Death!” Base Form: “Alive!” [6 + 16 + 3 = 25 PP] (Glowing with health!) Enhanced Attributes 6: Notice +9, Search +4, Attractive 2 (6 PP) Regeneration 14 (+9 To recovery check, Disabled 2 [1/hour], Injured 3 [1/minute], Feats: Persistent, Regrowth) [16 PP] Super Senses 3 (Extended 1/x10 to normal visual, auditory, hearing) [3 PP] Alternate Form: “Dead” [-10 + 7 + 2 + 14 + 12 = 25 PP] (Cloud of bone dust) Reduced CON to Zero (Becomes a construct) [-10 PP] Flight 2 (25 mph, Extras: Continuous, Feats: Subtle) [7 PP] Immunity 2 (Critical Hits) [2 PP] Insubstantial 2 (Extras: Continuous, Feats: Selective, Subtle) [14 PP] Morph 3 (Any Form, +15, Extras: Continuous) [12 PP] Bone Array (33 PP array, Feats: Alt Power 4) [37 PP] [Also Has Bone Descriptor] BP: Blast 10 (Extras: Autofire, Feats: Variable Descriptor [Bone*], Improved Critical 2) [33/33 PP] AP: Snare 10 (Extras: Autofire, Feats: Reversible, Improved Critical 2) [33/33 PP] AP: Telekinesis 8 (40 STR, Extras: Damaging, Perception Range, Flaws: Limited to things with bones in them [-1], Feats: Precise, Subtle) [26/33 PP] AP: Blast 8 (Extras: Burst Area, Feats: Progression, Decrease Area 8, [1-40’r], Variable Descriptor 1 [Bone*]) [33/33PP] AP: Snare 8 (Extra: Burst Area, Feats: Progression, Decrease Area 8 [1-40’r], Reversible) [33/33 PP] *Projected bones can be of variable form (i.e. Slashing/Piercing/Bludgeoning) Immunity 30 (Fort Effects) [30 PP] Protection 10 [10 PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 15 Tough Damage Bone Blast Ranged DC 25 Tough (Autofire) Damage Bone Cage Ranged DC 25 Reflex (Autofire) Snare Bone Explosion Range/Burst DC 25 Tough Damage Bone Cages Range/Burst DC 25 Reflex Snare Totals: Abilities 18 + Combat 24 + Saving Throws 10 + Skills 18 + Feats 3 + Powers 107 = 180/184 Power Points
  3. In Brief: Instead of becoming The Huntress, Helena Bertinelli becomes Spawn. Character: Mister Strix Power Level: 13 (Built as PL8) Tradeoffs: None Power Points: 206/206PP Unspent Points: 0 Alternate Identity: Gaetano “Guy” Giordano (Deceased) Identity: Secret. The public is not aware that either Gaetano Giordano or Mister Strix are undead, or that they are the same person. Legal Status: Deceased USA citizen with no criminal record. Birthplace: Bedlam City, Wisconsin, USA Base of Operations: Bedlam City Residence: An abandoned, boarded-up house on Ash Street. The only sign of habitation is his casket sitting in the basement. The entrance to the basement is blocked with heavy debris. He accesses the house and the basement with Mist Form. Occupation: None Affiliations: Father Cesare Messina (Retired Catholic priest, Friend) Family: Doctor Adriana Aparo (Widow), Luna Giordano née Gallo (Mother), Massimo “Mo” Giordano (Father), Matteo “Matt” Giordano (Older Brother), Flora Russo née Giordano (Older Sister), Rafael Giordano (Younger Brother, Deceased). Matt and Flora are both married, with children. Adriana has re-married, and she has a child with her new husband. DESCRIPTION Age: 37 (Date of Birth: 1981) Apparent Age: 31 (Date of Death: 2012) Gender: Male Ethnicity: (Sicilian) Italian-American Caucasian Height: 6’2” Weight: 180 lbs. Hair: Black Eyes: Black His superhero costume consists of a white skintight jumpsuit, mask, and cape. The chest of the jumpsuit is emblazoned with a white crescent moon set against a black circle. The edges of the cape and gloves are cut with notches suggestive of the feathers on a bird's wings. The gloves are fingerless. The mask covers his entire head except for his jaw and the lower half of his face. It has a shape similar to the feathers on the head of a horned owl. The bottom of the mask comes to a hook with a slight downward curve resembling a raptor's beak. Overall, it looks like a photo-negative version of the original Raven’s costume. Out of costume, a fan of old movies might compare him to a young (and underslept, and possibly ill) Lee Van Cleef or Basil Rathbone. His flesh is unnaturally pale, and always cold to the touch, regardless of any physical activity or environmental factors. When visible, his veins appear to be black. His build is slender. He was never bulky in life, and when he transformed, most of his fat burned away, and most of his internal organs shriveled and atrophied. His face is all sharp angles, with high, prominent cheekbones, a large nose, and a narrow, pointed chin. His hair is dark, and perpetually messy. (Since he has no reflection in mirrors, even if he had much reason to style his hair, he wouldn't be able to see what he was doing.) He has thick eyebrows, perpetually arched over eyes set deep in their sockets, eyes which always seem to be surrounded by shadows, regardless of the angle or intensity of light in the area. The irises of his eyes are completely black, indistinguishable from the pupils. The center of his eye is one solid black disk. His hands are slightly larger in proportion to the rest of his body than they should be, the fingers slightly longer. His voice is a deep baritone, surprisingly deep for someone of his size. When he feeds or uses his powers, his appearance becomes even more overtly monstrous. His veins bulge and darken. The blackness at the center of his eyes spreads to cover the entire eyeball. His mouth, canine teeth, and tongue all double in size. His voice deepens by at least a full octave, and echoes independent of the local acoustics. When he growls, he sounds like a tiger. HISTORY Guy Giordano’s life ended just as it was about to begin. Gaetano "Guy" Giordano was born the third of four children in an Italian-American family living in Stark Hill. The family all attended the local Catholic school and church. His mother was a librarian turned homemaker, and his father was a "made man" in the Scarpia crime family. Guy was closest with his younger brother, Raphael, and his mother, whom they both took after, being more gentle and scholastically inclined than their brutish father and older brother or their scheming "queen bee" older sister. When they grew up, Guy became a doctor, while Raphael became a priest. Guy went to college and medical school in Chicago and Detroit, and earned a doctorate in emergency medicine alongside Adriana Aparo, his fellow student. After they completed their residency, they got engaged, spent a year working with Doctors Without Borders in Libya and the Congo, then moved back to Bedlam, got married, and bought a house. They were just about to start trying for their first child when Guy got sick and died. Unbeknownst to his family, Guy's younger brother Raphael wasn't just a priest, but a Vatican-sponsored monster-hunter. Raphael had destroyed a powerful elder vampire, and the even older and more powerful vampire who had created that elder took his revenge and replaced the lost member of his "family" by killing Raphael's favorite brother and turning him into a vampire. Raphael was no match for the vampire, who only ever identified himself as "Johann." He ambushed Raphael at the cemetery where Guy was buried. Guy dug himself out of his own grave, emerging in a mindless feeding-frenzy, and Johann made sure that Raphael was caught helpless in Guy's path. Guy drained his little brother dry. After Guy's bloodlust faded and he cried out in anguish over what he'd done, Johann wished him a taunting "Happy Birthday" and stabbed him in the heart with a wooden stake, putting him in a coma. Then he locked Guy's unconscious body in a box and left it there for five years. When Johann finally took the stake out of his heart, Guy woke up, but he had no idea how much time had passed. He ran home, only to learn that his wife lived there with her new husband and their child. He fled the scene before anyone spotted him. Johann laughed, taunted him with another "Happy Birthday," and vanished. Guy spent the next year living in the shadows of Bedlam. He spent days sleeping in sewers, abandoned basements, and hastily dug holes in the dirt, rarely staying in the same place twice. He spent the nights spying on his family and his widow, and through a mix of research and trial and error, figuring out how much time had passed, what had happened to him and what he could do. When he drank Raphael's blood, he absorbed his memories, so he knew that he was a “vampire,” but that could mean a hundred different things. He spent many nights at local libraries, catching up on recent history and researching his “condition.” An academic at heart, he felt “at home” there, and since he could ignore alarms and surveillance equipment, hypnotize guards, and slip through locked doors as a cloud of mist, he had the run of the place. When he needed blood, he would grab sewer rats, or hypnotize the employees at the less ethical animal “shelters,” so he could drain the cats and dogs already scheduled for execution. At first, he made the mistake of trying to subsist entirely on animal blood. But he learned the hard way that the inferior quality (for his purposes) of animal blood would only satisfy his undead body for so long. After the first time he snapped and almost killed a random person on the street, he made an effort to regularly infuse his diet with human blood. He limited his human feeding to whatever criminals and corrupt cops he could find, often guys he recognized as his father’s employees and associates. At one point, he decided that he needed to be destroyed, and even if suicide was a sin, the greater sin would be continuing to live as a monster. So he fought through his instinct to sleep during the day, and he tried to walk out into the sun. He was terribly burned, but he discovered that his undead body had a powerful instinct for self-preservation, one he could not overcome. He fled the light, slept deeper and woke up thirstier than ever before, and by the time he regained the capacity for rational thought, he was standing over the half-drained body of what was now the second random person he had almost murdered. After that debacle, he stopped trying to kill himself. During a chance encounter near the end of his first year as a vampire, he saved the life of a 70-year-old retiree and "supply priest," Father Cesare Messina. Father Messina quickly became his friend and confidant, the only source of human interaction for him since his death. Father Messina felt that it was his duty to help Guy figure out God's plan for him, even if that just meant praying for him and chatting with him over coffee. Father Messina reminded him that the best way to heal one’s own pain was to help others with theirs. As they spoke, an idea formed between the two of them. Guy could do what everyone with extraordinary abilities and a secret to protect did to help make the world better: He could put on a mask, and become a superhero, “Like Raven, that guy in Freedom City.” Father Messina was an ornithology enthusiast, so when the subject of superheroes came up, Raven's was the first name that came to his mind. Of the decorations in Father Messina's home, the pictures and sculptures of owls outnumbered the Christian imagery by at least ten to one. With little prompting from Guy, Father Messina practically gushed about how owls were found all over the world, in all kinds of environments, and how they appear in the myths of almost every culture on the planet, usually as demons or psychopomps. Guy mentioned a local legend he’d heard in the Congo about how owls hunted humans to eat their souls. That reminded Father Messina that while the more popular modern vampire myths describe them transforming into bats, in older stories, they turned into owls. Just like that, Guy knew what form his disguise should take. The tailor who would later craft it was hypnotized to misremember the job, but he was well-paid. "Mister Strix" was born. At the start of this new chapter in Guy's life, Johann reappeared, attacking him without warning and beating him almost to a second death. Then Johann laughed, taunted him with yet another "Happy Birthday," and disappeared. To Guy's surprise, he laughed too. Johann’s assault had an oddly invigorating effect on him. If Johann was still trying to break him, that meant he wasn't broken yet. His conversations with Father Messina had given him a new sense of purpose, but Johann’s beating gave him a new sense of hope. His existence might be evil, but he could still do some good with it. He might not be a doctor anymore, he wasn't going to let that stop him anymore from doing the same thing in death that he used to do in life: Try to save people. PERSONALITY & MOTIVATION Like any good Catholic, the primary driving force in his life has always been guilt. When he was a child, it was guilt over the apple, and the crucifixion, and not being the son his father wanted. When adolescence opened his eyes a little wider, it was guilt over who his father was and how he made his money. He became a doctor and went to war zones so that he could try to save more lives than his father had destroyed. Now it’s guilt over what he is and what he has to do. In life, he was quiet and gentle, but determined. He always tried to put others before himself. People always told him he was “a good listener.” He loved his wife. He loved his family, even if he didn't like them. He inherited his mother’s love of books, opera, traditional French and Italian cooking, and when he got older, coffee and wine. He always seemed to have his nose in a book. He’d lived in war zones, but he’d never really been in a fight. He'd never wanted to hurt anyone. In death, everything that used to define him or bring him joy has been stolen from him, and he's become a predator who leaves ruin in his wake, a danger to everyone around him. Violence now feels as natural to him as breathing used to, and the only thing that truly brings him joy anymore is sinking his fangs into another person’s neck and sucking the blood out of their veins. He hates the thing he’s been turned into, and the things who turned him into it. He’s trying to make the best of it. POWERS & TACTICS He is an unskilled brawler, relying entirely on the animal instinct and enhanced physical prowess he gained when he became a vampire. Everything he “knows” about fighting, he learned from movies and television. Popular culture is also his main source of “knowledge” about his own condition. He’s studying all the relevant history and mythology he can get his hands on, but it’s a slow process. The vampire who killed him didn’t tell him anything. Most of what he can do either comes from pure instinct, or is something he read about and decided to try that worked, either immediately or with practice. He is undead, preserved and animated by the life-consuming energy that is the pure darkness of the Schattenwelt, in a process fueled by blood magic. His undead body is far more resilient than his human body was. His skeleton is harder than stone, but just as light as human bone. His flesh feels human to the touch, but displays a resistance to cutting or puncturing more akin to silk, thick leather, or Kevlar. His body somehow metabolizes the blood he drinks to sustain his existence, keep him preserved, heal his wounds, and alter his body in ways he is only beginning to explore. He can increase his strength, speed, and agility to superhuman levels, grow claws that can shred metal and stone as if it were paper, or transform into a cloud of mist. His blood can also heal the wounds of others (a Healing power stunt off of his main array), though consuming his blood can bring unpredictable side-effects (a temporary Complication for the other character). He also has some psychic powers. He can broadcast a psychic command which forces the minds of others to ignore his presence. He can more directly hypnotize anyone who looks him in the eye, forcing them to obey all his commands and re-writing their memories. When he pierces a living creature's skin with his fangs and sucks out their blood, he triggers a rush of endorphins which overwhelms his victim with intense pleasure. This makes it difficult for his victim to understand what is happening or to remember it clearly after the fact. Since his blood can heal wounds, he can use his fang to cut his tongue, then lick the puncture wounds closed with the transfer of blood. This combination allows his feeding to go mostly undetected. Like a shark, he can sniff out even tiny amounts of blood from far away. The smell and taste of blood can give him the type of information about its owner that would make a crime lab jealous, and when he tastes blood, he can tap into any psychic resonance it has absorbed, experiencing the memories of its original owner like they were his own. He can see in the dark because he is Darkness. When he makes a scary face and roars, hardened soldiers will run, hide, and lose bladder control, because he’s giving them a glimpse of the literal Abyss, and when they look into his eyes, they don’t just see “darkness,” but “The Darkness.” He’s also learned the hard way that he has just about every quirk and weakness that’s ever been attributed to vampires in folklore. He doesn't have to worry about running water or being invited into a home, but that’s about it. COMPLICATIONS Achilles Heels & Weaksauce Weaknesses: Certain plants, objects, and symbols of mystical and religious significance will repel him, interfere with his movement, and cause him pain and injury. He cannot stand them, even if they were a source of joy or comfort in his mortal life. Daylight Fire Garlic: All parts and states of the garlic plant affect him: The flower and the bulb, whether living, freshly harvested, or even ground into dry powder. Unlike most plants, garlic never withers or dies merely from being in his presence. Holy Symbols & Blessed Items: Holy symbols and items affect him at the GM’s discretion, on a case by case basis. Generally, the holy symbol must belong to a “Good” deity, or a deity whose portfolio includes concepts such as “Healing,” “Life,” “Light, or “The Sun.” Foods and liquids which have been “blessed,” such as holy water, or which have ritual significance, such as the wine and wafers used in Communion, will also affect him. Holy symbols and items will affect him even if he, or the character wearing or wielding them, do not believe in (or even know of) the religion with which they are associated. However, if he attempts to force his way past the holy object and some sort of opposed check is required, a wielder who knows, believes in, or reveres the deity associated with the holy item will have a better chance of winning the opposed check than a wielder who is ignorant, skeptical, or blasphemous. Jade Mirrors: He has no reflection. Like machines, mirrors do not register his presence. If he can exert enough willpower to stare into a mirror, then a vague, blurry semblance of his visage may briefly appear, only to vanish as soon as he turns away. This effort may cause the mirror to crack, or even to shatter. Mirrors also sometimes break even if he briefly glances at them, or passes by them without peek. Salt: Pure salt will affect him, but saltwater will not, nor will food with a high salt content. Silver Wolf’s Bane: See “Garlic,” above. Everything described there applies to wolf’s bane as well. Wooden Stakes: He can be incapacitated if his heart is impaled with a piece of wood. It doesn't matter if the “stake” is made entirely of wood or not, so long as the part lodged in his heart is composed of pure, whole wood. An arrow or spear with a steel head and a wooden shaft would work, but a piece of compressed particle board would not. Wood and wooden implements do not cause him any of the fear, discomfort, or damage described below, and staking his heart is the only circumstance under which a wooden weapon will overcome his resilience or regeneration. Wood does not limit his movements, and touching it does not harm him. He already has drawbacks and flaws to account for how these items can suppress his powers, penetrate his defenses, and inflict wounds which are slow to heal, and since those traits already provided a power point discount, they do not count as complications. However, these items can have other effects which would count as complications: He cannot stand to look directly at these items. As soon as he sees them, the GM can force him to make a Will save against an Emotion Control (Fear) effect, which may cause him to flee the scene entirely. He cannot knowingly or willingly attempt to touch any of these items, or even to advance to within touch-range of them. He must stay at least 10 feet away. (If the item is hidden from him, then he can unknowingly approach it or touch it.) The GM can force him to save against Damage and/or some other attack effect if he touches any of these items or their shadows, or if the ingests them, or the blood of someone else who has recently ingested them. If another character wears or wields any of these items, then he cannot attempt to physically touch them, or anyone behind them. (As reflected with his Power Loss drawbacks, he also cannot bite them or use his mind control powers on them.) He cannot attempt to directly remove or destroy the items. Another character who wields these items can advance toward him, forcing him to withdraw. If he is bound with these items, or with bonds infused or plated with these materials, then he cannot untie or break those bonds, no matter how objectively flimsy they may be. He may not even be able to lift them. (As reflected with his Power Loss drawbacks, such bonds will also suppress most of his powers.) If these items are mounted on, above, or around a door, window, or other portal, then he cannot pass through that portal, even in his mist form. If these items are placed on top of the lid to a container, or tied or wrapped around it, then he cannot open that container, or enter or exit it in his mist form. If these items are arranged in a circle, then he cannot cross that circle. He cannot step over it, and he cannot fly over it in his mist form. A circle around another character can protect that character from him, while a circle around him can trap him. He can attempt to overcome these limitations, forcing his way past these items, or even forcing himself to touch them, with a focused act of will, most likely represented by a Will save. If these items are being wielded by another character, then the GM can force him and that other character to make an opposed check, most likely Charisma. This effort may cause him harm whether it is successful or not, so he may also have to save against Damage or some other attack effect. If his act of will is successful, then he can temporarily overcome the limits to his freedom of movement, and these items may be damaged, or even destroyed. They may bend, crack, shatter, melt, or burst into flame. Addiction (Blood): He doesn't just need blood. He wants it. He loves it. It is as much his drug as it is his sustenance. The GM can decide that he's thirsty, give him a Hero Point, and then give him a circumstance penalty on a check to represent how difficult it is for him to focus on other tasks when he’d rather be drinking blood. When blood is available, the GM can give him a Hero Point, and then force him to make a Will save to resist the urge to lap it up or suck it down. He can also cause Addiction complications for other characters. They can become addicted to the euphoria of being fed upon by him, or they can become addicted to consuming his supernatural blood. Chill of Undeath: Since his Environment Control (Cold) power has the "Uncontrolled" flaw, it does not generate Hero Points for him. However, his cold aura may cause complications for other characters. Enemies: Archnemesis Dad: His father is a captain in the Scarpia family syndicate. His surviving brother works with him, as does his sister's husband. When he was alive, he refused to participate in his father’s criminal activities, but he didn't interfere with them either. When he died, so did his ambivalence. Now he’s determined to dismantle everything his family helped build. Burn The Witch!: The secret monster-hunting arm of the Catholic Church knows that his brother killed a vampire, and that soon after, he and his brother were both killed in circumstances which sounded suspiciously like retaliatory vampire attacks. It’s been a few years since then, but if they hear about anything that sounds like a vampire in Bedlam, they will follow up. I Hate You, Vampire Dad!: “Enemy” isn't quite the right word. His sire, "Johann" (real name unknown), is working toward a long-term goal of making him part of Johann's "family." To Johann, that means an unholy combination of child, friend, and lover. Unfortunately for him, Johann doesn't think he’ll realize his potential as a vampire until his human spirit is broken and stripped away from him by a conga line of trauma and disappointment, a process Johann expects to take at least a hundred years. Johann shows up once a year like clockwork to beat him within an inch of his life as a celebration of his "birthday" as a vampire. In addition, Johann will, seemingly at random, send various minions, pawns, or even other “children,” to torment him in some way. They might attack him directly, provide aid to his enemies, or harm something or someone he cares about (including Bedlam City itself). Electromagnetic Ghosts: Since his Obscure power has the "Uncontrolled" flaw, it does not generate Hero Points for him. However, his aura of interference with mechanical senses may cause complications for other characters. Enemy To All Living Things: While machines seem to simply ignore him (as represented with his Permanent Concealment from them), nature seems to actively resent him. Animals universally hate and fear him, unless they have consumed his blood, or are under the effect of some sort of mind control power. They will flee from him, attempt to scare him away, and/or attack him. He automatically fails any Handle Animal or Ride skill checks. (See, also, “Walking Wasteland,” below.) Glamour Failure: He has quirks which either explicitly reveal him to be a supernatural creature, or at least create a subconscious “Uncanny Valley” effect, making humans deeply uncomfortable in his presence. The air is unnaturally quiet around him because of all the normal sounds his body doesn't make, and he lacks several signs of life that most observers would take for granted. The GM may give him penalties to checks involving social interaction, or declare such checks to be impossible. Indifferent or even Friendly NPCs could turn Hostile, attacking or fleeing. Many of those features are already mentioned in "Description," above, and others are described in other Complication entries. He never casts a shadow, regardless of the level or angle of light in the surrounding area. His hands and fingers appear to have normal friction ridges, yet his touch never leaves prints. His footsteps never leave tracks, or make a sound. He does not breathe, cough, sneeze, or yawn. (This is particularly noticeable in winter.) His heart does not beat. He has no pulse of any kind. He does not sweat. When he is wounded, his skin does not bruise, and his cuts do not bleed. He will only bleed if decapitated or staked through the heart. His blood is so dark that it mostly appears to be black, only showing red when light hits it at just the right angle. If he cries, the tears are blood. His body does not age. If viewed with Infra-Vision, his body always appears to be colder than his surrounding environment, no matter what that environment may be. Most machines seem to ignore him. He has no reflection in mirrors, or any other reflective surface. He does not show up in photographs or on video cameras, film or digital. His voice cannot be heard in auditory recordings, or through microphones, telephones (cellular or land-line), or radios. He doesn't show up as a blip on any kind of radar or sonar. He can walk freely through the laser, infra-red, and microwave beams used by motion detectors without them registering his presence. Automatic doors won’t even open for him. A gas chromatograph mass spectrometer can at least attempt to analyze samples of his tissues, and mechanical components like buttons which detect physical pressure will recognize the force his touch exerts upon them, but that seems to be the extent to which machines recognize or acknowledge him. Note: Aside from his lack of reflection, this is the result of the Permanent flaw on his Concealment against machine senses, so he should not receive any Hero Points for it. However, it may be a complication for other characters. For example, a robot or cyborg ally, whose eyes are mechanical cameras and whose ears are mechanical microphones, may receive a Hero Point in exchange for not being able to see or hear him. Heavy Sleeper: When the sun is in the sky, it is almost impossible for him to stay awake, and once he falls asleep, he stays asleep. Instead of suffering the usual -10 Notice penalty while asleep, he automatically fails Notice checks. Other characters can even lift or manipulate his body without waking him up. Nothing less than a direct attack on his body will disturb his daytime slumber. I Do Not Drink…Wine: His Immunity to Fortitude effects includes Immunity to Starvation and Thirst, but not only does he not need to eat or drink, he physically cannot. If he tries to consume food, or if he tries to drink any liquid other than blood, then he will quickly vomit it back up, along with some of his own stored blood, and the GM can also force him to save against an attack effect, like Nauseate, or even Damage. Involuntary Transformation (Berserk Rage): His undead body has instincts for predation and self-preservation more powerful than those of any living creature, and more powerful than his moral compass. When he attempts to resist those instincts, the GM can force him to make a Will save. Failure can result in a complication for him and/or for others. Starvation can cause him to be overcome with bloodlust, to the point of mindlessly attacking the next human he encounters, without caring if his prey survives the encounter or not. Potential causes of “starvation” include simply going too long without drinking blood, trying to subsist for too long on blood of low quality (animal blood, refrigerated blood bags, etc.), or depleting the blood stored in his body by using it to fuel his powers. When exposed to one of his weaknesses, especially fire or sunlight, he feels a powerful primal urge to flee from it. If he is unable to summon the willpower to endure its presence, then during his flight, he may brutally attack anyone who gets in his way, whether they meant to or not. Once he is out of danger, he may then be overcome with bloodlust, as if he were starving, as his scared inner animal seeks to re-assert control over its surroundings. Made of Evil: He is that which should not be, but is. He is a monster, an abomination, a dead thing preserved and animated with the life-consuming darkness of the Schattenwelt. Any powers which “Detect Evil” will show him as such, and any powers which “Protect From Evil” or “Smite Evil” will affect him as if he were applicably “Evil,” regardless of his actual conduct or inner sense of morality. Any power such as “Aura Vision” which can detect the presence or state of a “soul” will show his to be present, but shredded, hanging in tatters, and stained by shadows and blood. Mainlining The Monster: Some view him as a monster to be destroyed, but others see him as a resource to be exploited. His blood and body could be used as a component for countless magical spells, rituals, potions, or other items. When ingested or injected by a living creature, his blood can act as a powerful and potentially addictive drug. The specific effects vary depending on the person, the amount consumed, and the GM’s whims. It can act as a stimulant or a narcotic. It can cause euphoria, hallucinations, and/or uncharacteristically aggressive or deviant behavior. It can even heal wounds, cure diseases, or grant temporary powers, such as Enhanced physical abilities, or Immunities like Aging and Disease. It can also create a temporary psychic link, and a temporary stain or “taint” on the user’s “soul” or “aura” with a "negative resonance." Prejudice: If someone does learn that he is a vampire, or that his family is part of the Bedlam Mafia, it could cause them to mistrust him (and they might not be wrong). Conversely, if he learns that another character is also a vampire, or some other sort of undead creature, then this can be a complication for them, because his default reaction will be homicidal violence. Relationships: His wife thinks he’s dead. She’s remarried. She has children with her new husband. But he still cares about her, and by extension, her new family. He still cares about his family too, even the mobsters. He keeps tabs on all of them, and he will leap to their aid if they are in danger. Father Cesare Messina, the retired priest, is the only friend he's made since his death. He will drop everything to help Messina. But the priest’s secret association with him could cause problems for both of them. Secrets: It is not public knowledge that Gaetano Giordano is Mister Strix, or that either of them is a vampire. As far as most people know, Gaetano Giordano is still buried in his grave. Unlife: Even though he has no Constitution score and Immunity to Fortitude effects, he still needs to sleep, and he still needs “food” in the form of blood. He only gets restful sleep if he has complete shelter from sunlight, and if his resting place includes soil from his homeland. He does not need to be buried; a thin layer of dirt spread out under him is sufficient.When he drinks blood, his undead body stores that blood in his heart. His body consumes a small amount of that stored blood every night to preserve his corpse, and a greater amount to heal his wounds and fuel his powers.After a day without sleep and/or three days without blood, the GM can inflict negative conditions upon him, like Fatigued or Exhausted, cumulative penalties on certain checks, and/or temporary ability damage. The GM may allow him some sort of check to delay or lessen these effects, akin to the Constitution checks and Fortitude saves mortals can make to resist the damage caused by neglecting their physical needs.He will not be destroyed by starvation or lack of sleep, but the supernatural preservation of his body will be disrupted. At first, he will start to look sick. Then, he will begin to age. Finally, he will start to decay. Eventually, his flesh will wither away and slough off completely, leaving little more than a fanged skeleton. Eventually, he won’t have eyes or a tongue, but he will still be able to see and speak. Once he finally gets the blood and restful sleep he needs, the decay will gradually reverse. If his soft tissues have rotted away, then his bones will absorb the blood he “drinks" directly. The decay will reverse at roughly the same rate at which a mortal would recover from starvation and/or sleep deprivation.His ideal sustenance is the blood of a living human (or humanoid alien with genetic similarity sufficient to produce viable offspring with a human), taken directly from that human’s veins, ideally while the human is experiencing some sort of intense emotion. The further his feeding deviates from that ideal, the less nourishment and satisfaction he derives. He can consume blood from cold storage, so long as that stored blood would be safe to transfuse back into a living human. He cannot feed on necrotic or coagulated blood, and attempting to do so will cause him to vomit as if it were human food (see “I Do Not Drink…Wine,” above). He can feed from vertebrate animals and aliens which have “blood” (the fluids of arthropods, for example, would not work), but it is not as satisfying, or as efficient; it would take multiple units of animal blood to equal the same “nutritional content” as one unit of human blood. The blood of living supernatural creatures, such as faeries, werewolves, or dragons, on the other hand, tastes better than human blood, provides more efficient nourishment, and may also have side-effects at the GM’s discretion. Potential side-effects include addiction, inebriation, temporary insanity (hallucinations, berserk rage, etc.), and temporary Boosts to his existing powers, and temporarily gaining new powers. Depending on the individual, the blood of human mutants and mutates, powerful aliens, and, depending on their descriptors, even other vampires, may have the same effects. Walking Wasteland: Since he is infused with the life-consuming dark energy of the Schattenwelt, his very presence can be hostile to life. At his touch, or even in his passing, non-animate plants (except for garlic or wolf’s bane) may wither, or even melt or crumble into ash, while food and drink such as bread, milk, cheese, or wine (but never salt) may spoil or rot. Animals which happen to be pregnant may spontaneously miscarry. ABILITIES 20PP Strength: 26/14 (+8/+2), 36/14 Lifting (Heavy Load: 3,680 lbs. [1.84 tons] / 175 lbs.) Dexterity: 26/14 (+8/+2) Constitution: - Intelligence: 18 (+4) Wisdom: 16 (+3) Charisma: 18 (+4) COMBAT 16PP Initiative: +8/+2 (+8/+2 Dex) Attack: +4, +8/+4 Melee (+4 Base, +4 Enhanced Attack Focus), +6 Claws/Fangs Grapple: +18/+6 (+8/+4 Melee Attack, +8/+2 Strength, +2 Super-Strength) Defense: +8/+4 (+4 Base, +4 Enhanced), +4/+2 Flat-Footed Knockback Resistance: 8 Here is a new DC chart for the "Combat" section reflecting the changes: ATTACK RANGE SAVING THROW EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC23 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Claws/Fangs Touch DC25 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical, Lethal, Incurable) Blood Drain Touch/Grapple DC18 Fortitude* Drain Constitution* Opposed Will vs +8** Mind Reading DC18 Will (Staged)** Sickened/Nauseated/Incapacitated Glimpse of The Abyss Touch/Area (Visual Perception) DC18 Reflex Avoided DC18 Will (Staged) Shaken/Frightened/Panicked Hypnotic Eyes Perception (Visually Sense-Dependent) Opposed Will vs +8** Mind Controlled DC18 Will** Transformed (Memory Altered) Psychic Invisibility Personal DC18 Will*** Total Concealment from all non-Mental type senses *This saving throw is not Staged, because he can only drain 1 Constitution rank per round, regardless of the margin by which the victim failed their save. **Because the two Linked effects target the same saving throw (Will), the victim makes one saving throw and compares it against the DC for both effects. This effect has one static DC and one DC determined by a power check, so it is possible that the victim will successfully save against one of the linked effects but fail to save against the other one. ***Creatures with Intelligence 0 are unaffected. Creatures with Intelligence 1+ only get a saving throw if he does something to draw attention to himself. Machines with Intelligence 0 are also unaffected, but he has a separate, permanent Concealment effect against all Auditory, Radio, and Visual-type machine senses. SAVING THROWS 5PP Toughness: +8 (Impervious) Fortitude: - Reflex: +8 (+8 Dex, +0PP) Will: +8 (+3 Wis, +5PP) SKILLS 32R = 8PP Craft (Culinary) 1 (+5) Handle Animal 0 (-) Intimidation 1 (+13/+5, +15 Deathly Aura) Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 1 (+5) Knowledge (Current Events) 1 (+5) Knowledge (History) 1 (+5) Knowledge (Life Sciences) 4 (+8) Knowledge (Pop Culture) 1 (+5) Knowledge (Streetwise) 11 (+15) Knowledge (Theology & Philosophy) 1 (+5) Languages 4 (English [Native], French, Italian, Latin, Spanish) Medicine 5 (+8) Notice 1 (+12/+4) Ride 0 (-) Search 0 (+12/+4) Sense Motive 0 (+12/+3) Stealth 0 (+15/+2) FEATS 2PP Benefit (Legally Deceased) Interpose Enhanced: Attack Focus (Melee) 4 Evasion 2 Hide In Plain Sight Takedown Attack 2 Veteran Rewards: Equipment 7 (35EP) EQUIPMENT 7PP = 35EP POWERS 168PP Concealment 8 (All Auditory, Radio, and Visual type senses, Extras: Duration [Continuous], Flaws: Limited [Machines], Permanent) [8PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Shadow, Undead) Enhanced Defense 4 (Extras: Linked [Enhanced Dexterity, Enhanced Feats], Drawbacks: Power Loss 2 [Lost while exposed to Daylight, or while Restrained with bonds including one or more of the following Descriptors: “Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy”, “Garlic”, “Jade”, “Salt”, “Silver”, and/or “Wolf’s Bane”; Frequency:Common]) [6PP] Enhanced Dexterity 12 (Extras: Linked [Enhanced Defense, Enhanced Feats]) [12PP] Enhanced Feats 9 (Attack Focus [Melee] 4, Evasion 2, Hide In Plain Sight, Takedown Attack 2, Extras: Linked [Enhanced Defense, Enhanced Dexterity])[9PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Shadow, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Speed, Undead) Enhanced Skills 40 (Intimidation 8, Notice 8, Search 8, Sense Motive 9, Stealth 7, Power Loss 2 [Lost while exposed to Daylight, or while Restrained with bonds including one or more of the following Descriptors: “Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy”, “Garlic”, “Jade”, “Salt”, “Silver”, and/or “Wolf’s Bane”; Frequency: Common]) [8PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Evil, Fearsome Visage, Necromancy, Shadow, Super-Senses, Undead, Unnaturally Deep and Resonant Voice) Enhanced Strength 12 (Extras: Linked [Super-Strength], Drawbacks: Power Loss 2 [Lost while exposed to Daylight, or while Restrained with bonds including one or more of the following Descriptors: “Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy”, “Garlic”, “Jade”, “Salt”, “Silver”, and/or “Wolf’s Bane”; Frequency: Common]) [10PP] Super-Strength 2 (Lifting Strength: 36, Heavy Load: 3,680 lbs. [1.84 tons], Extras: Linked [Enhanced Strength]) [4PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Shadow, Superhuman Strength, Undead) Environment Control 2 (Cold [Intense], Area: 10ft radius, Extras: Action 3 [Reaction], Flaws: Duration 2 [Instant], Range [Touch], Uncontrolled) [1PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Cold, Darkness, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Shadow, Undead) Features 3 (Deathly Aura*; Touch does not leave prints; Wounds do not bleed) [3PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Shadow, Undead) *See "Death Powers" in Power Profiles. Healing 1 (Extras: Action 4 [Reaction], Affects Objects, Restoration, Total Flaws: Limited [Objects], Personal, Source [Blood]) [6PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Regeneration, Shadow, Undead) Immunity 30 (Fortitude effects) [30PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Shadow, Undead) Impervious Toughness 8 (Flaws: Limited [Effects with one or more of the following Descriptors inflict Penetrating damage: “Acid”; Attempts to impale him through the heart with a "Wooden Stake"; “Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy”; “Disintegration”; “Fire”; “Garlic”; “Jade”; "Natural Weapons" of "Supernatural Creatures", such as the Claws, Fangs, and/or Horns of Demons, Dragons, Faeries, Vampires, or Werewolves; “Salt”; “Silver”; “Wolf’s Bane”]) [4PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Regeneration, Shadow, Superhuman Resilience, Undead) Leaping 3 (x10, Running Long Jump: 180ft, Drawbacks: Power Loss 2 [Lost while Exposed to Daylight, or while Restrained with bonds including one or more of the following Descriptors: “Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy”, “Garlic”, “Jade”, “Salt”, “Silver”, and/or “Wolf’s Bane”; Frequency: Common]) [1PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Shadow, Superhuman Strength, Undead) Obscure 2 (Sense Types: Auditory, Radio, and Visual, Area: 10ft radius, Extras: Action 3 [Reaction], Flaws: Duration 2 [Instant], Limited [Machines], Partial, Range [Touch], Uncontrolled) [2PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Electromagnetic Interference, Evil, Necromancy, Shadow, Undead) Protection 8 [8PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Shadow, Superhuman Resilience, Undead) Regeneration 14 (Recovery 14 [+9, Recovers over time like a living creature], Feats: Regrowth) [15PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Shadow, Undead) Regeneration 12 (Recovery Rate: Injured 6 [1/round, No rest], Disabled 6 [1 round], Flaws: Limited [Effects with one or more of the following Descriptors inflict Incurable damage: “Acid”; “Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy”; “Disintegration”; “Fire”; “Garlic”; “Jade”; "Natural Weapons" of "Supernatural Creatures", such as the Claws, Fangs, and/or Horns of Demons, Dragons, Faeries, Vampires, or Werewolves; “Salt”; “Silver”; “Wolf’s Bane”]) [6PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Shadow, Undead) Regeneration 8 (Resurrection 8 [1 round], Flaws: Limited [If decapitated, he requires outside aid to reunite his head and body before he can resurrect; If impaled through the heart with a wooden stake, or a blade or bullet made from his other weaknesses, he requires outside aid to remove the "stake" before he can resurrect; He requires outside aid and extra time to resurrect if his body is completely burned, disintegrated, or dissolved]) [4PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Shadow, Undead) Speed 3 (50MPH / 500ft per Move Action, Drawbacks: Power Loss 2 [Lost while Exposed to Daylight, or while Restrained with bonds including one or more of the following Descriptors: “Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy”, “Garlic”, “Jade”, “Salt”, “Silver”, and/or “Wolf’s Bane”; Frequency: Common]) [1PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Shadow, Superhuman Speed, Undead) Super-Movement 1 (Trackless) [2PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Shadow, Undead) Super-Movement 1 (Wall-Crawling, Drawbacks: Power Loss 2 [Lost while Exposed to Daylight, or while Restrained with bonds including one or more of the following Descriptors: “Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy”, “Garlic”, “Jade”, “Salt”, “Silver”, and/or “Wolf’s Bane”; Frequency: Common]) [1PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Shadow, Undead) Super-Senses 11 (Acute Analytical Tracking Smell/Taste, Darkvision, Microscopic Vision, Postcognition [Flaws: Medium {Blood}], Ultra-Hearing, Drawbacks: Power Loss 2 [Lost while Exposed to Daylight, or while Restrained with bonds including one or more of the following Descriptors: “Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy”, “Garlic”, “Jade”, “Salt”, “Silver”, and/or “Wolf’s Bane”; Frequency: Common]) [7PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Shadow, Undead) Vampire Power 8 (16PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 4) [20PP] (Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood Magic, Darkness, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Shadow, Undead) Base Power: [16PP] (Additional Descriptors: Blood Divination, Blood Drain, Euphoria) Drain Constitution 8 (Extras: Linked [Mind Reading, Nauseate], Flaws: Limited [1 rank per round], Requires Grapple, Feats: Insidious, Slow Fade 4 [1 hour], Subtle, Drawbacks: Power Loss 3 [While exposed to Daylight, he can only bite with a regular unarmed attack, which will not have any euphoric effect on the victim; Cannot attempt to bite anyone while he is Restrained with bonds including the “Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy”, “Garlic”, “Jade”, “Salt”, “Silver”, and/or “Wolf’s Bane” descriptors; Cannot attempt to bite any character wearing or wielding "Fire", a Mirror, or an item with any of the aforementioned descriptors, or anyone hiding behind that character; Frequency: Very Common]) [6PP] Mind Reading 8 (Extras: Action [Standard], Linked [Drain, Nauseate], Flaws: Duration [Instant, Lasting], Range 2 [Touch], Requires Grapple) [2PP] Nauseate 8 (Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Linked [Drain, Mind Reading], Flaws: Requires Grapple) [8PP] Alternate Power: [6 + 7 = 13PP] Autofire Strength 8 (Drawbacks: Power Loss 2 [Lost while exposed to Daylight, or while Restrained with bonds including the “Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy”, “Garlic”, “Jade”, “Salt”, “Silver”, and/or “Wolf’s Bane” descriptors; Frequency: Common]) [6PP] (Additional Descriptors: Super-Speed) Damage 2 (Extras: Autofire, Penetrating, Feats: Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Incurable, Mighty, Variable Descriptor [Claws and/or Fangs; Piercing and/or Slashing], Drawbacks: Inaccurate, Lethal, Power Loss 2 [While exposed to Daylight, he cannot create claws, and his bite is a regular unarmed attack; Cannot create claws or attempt to bite anyone while he is Restrained with bonds including the “Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy”, “Garlic”, “Jade”, “Salt”, “Silver”, and/or “Wolf’s Bane” descriptors; Frequency: Common]) [7PP] (Additional Descriptors: Claws, Fangs) Alternate Power: [7 + 2 = 9PP] Concealment 10 (All Non-Mental type Senses, Flaws: Phantasm, Feats: Selective, Drawbacks: Power Loss 2 [Lost while Exposed to Daylight, or while Restrained with bonds including the “Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy”, “Garlic”, “Jade”, “Salt”, “Silver”, and/or “Wolf’s Bane” descriptors; Frequency: Common], Progression [Counter Rank / Save DC] 2 [-2 = Rank 8 / DC18]) [7PP] (Additional Descriptors: Hypnosis, Mind Control, Psychic Invisibility) Emotion Control 8 (Extras: Area [Perception, Visual], Flaws: Limited [Fear], Range 2 [Touch], Drawbacks: Power Loss 2 [Lost while Exposed to Daylight, or while Restrained with bonds including the “Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy”, “Garlic”, “Jade”, “Salt”, “Silver”, and/or “Wolf’s Bane” descriptors; Frequency: Common]) [2PP] (Additional Descriptors: Fearsome Visage, Glimpse of The Abyss) Alternate Power: [15PP] (Additional Descriptors: Mist Form) Flight 2 (25MPH, 250ft per Move Action, Extras: Linked [Immunity, Insubstantial], Feats: Subtle, Drawbacks: Power Loss 2 [Lost while Exposed to Daylight, or while Restrained with bonds including the “Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy”, “Garlic”, “Jade”, “Salt”, “Silver”, and/or “Wolf’s Bane” descriptors; Frequency: Common]) [3PP] Immunity 2 (Critical Hits, Extras: Duration [Sustained], Linked [Flight, Insubstantial]) [2PP] Insubstantial 2 (Gas, Extras: Linked [Flight, Immunity]) [10PP] Alternate Power: [14PP] (Additional Descriptors: Hypnotic Eyes, Psychic) Mind Control 8 (Extras: Conscious, Duration [Sustained, Lasting], Linked [Transform], Mental, Flaws: Action [Full], Distracting, Sense-Dependent [Visual], Feats:Subtle, Drawbacks: Power Loss 3 [Lost while Exposed to Daylight; Lost while Restrained with bonds including the “Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy”, “Garlic”, “Jade”, “Salt”, “Silver”, and/or “Wolf’s Bane” descriptors; Cannot be used against any character wearing or wielding "Fire", a Mirror, or an item with any of the aforementioned descriptors, or anyone hiding behind that character; Frequency: Very Common]) [6PP] Transform 8 (Memory Alteration, Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Duration [Continuous, Lasting], Linked [Mind Control], Mental, Range [Perception], Flaws: Action [Full], Distracting, Sense-Dependent [Visual]) [8PP] DRAWBACKS -13PP Vulnerability ("Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy" effects, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Minor [+1 DC]) [-1PP] Vulnerability ("Fire" effects, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Minor [+1 DC]) [-2PP] Vulnerability ("Silver" effects, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Minor [+1 DC]) [-1PP] Weakness (Daylight, Frequency: Very Common, Intensity: Moderate [Cumulative -1 Drain on Toughness, Destroyed when Toughness reaches -6], Time: 1/round) [-8PP] Weakness (Healing effects without Descriptors which identify them as being "Evil", "Unholy", or otherwise beneficial to the "Undead" do not work on him, even if they have the "Affects Objects" extra, and they also inflict Damage of equal rank; Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Minor, Time: Instant) [-1PP] Abilities (20) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (5) + Skills (8) + Feats (2) + Powers (168) – Drawbacks (13) = 206/206 Power Points
  4. Character Name Lord Steam Power Level: 8/15 (211/250PP) [254] Unspent Power Points: 39 Trade-Offs: +4 Attack / -4 Damage, +4 Defence / - 4 Toughness In Brief: Steampunk Sherlock Alternate Identity: Lord Lucien Lockwood Birthplace: London (Earth Victoriana Dimension) Residence: Just outside Freedom City (Steam Manor) Occupation: Diplomat, Detective, Aristocrat Affiliations: FC Police Department, Earth Victoriana Government (Ministry of Extraordinary Affairs) Family: Lord Lombard Lockwood, Ederly Aristocrat Description: Age: 35 (DOB 03/03/1981) Apparent Age: 35 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian (1/4 Indian) Height: 6’1” Weight: 85 Kgs Eyes: Green Hair: Brown Lord Steam dressed in antique Victorian clothes of the finest cut (and yes, he pulls it off, although he looks eccentric). He is a handsome tall man with long, Bryon-esque hair. He has an athletic, yet somewhat gangly frame. He usually carries his antique (and very valuable) brass tipped walking stick with him. History: Lord Steam is a genius. He grew up in Earth Victoriana London, to a wealthy and elderly father and a beautiful (disappeared without a trace) mother. He studied at Oxford studying engineering, and soon excelled. But his real love was detective work. Actually, his really real love was mingling in high society and dazzling everyone with his brilliance. After an indiscretion with Lord Bellowforth’s young wife, it was agreed by all that it was best that Lord Steam made himself absent. An excellent position on the newly discovered “Earth Independence” dimension had opened, and Lord Steam became an official ambassador to Earth Prime. Since his seemingly indefinite time in this dimension, Lord Steam has thoroughly enjoyed himself as a detective, man of leisure, and his very occasional demands as a diplomat, and is quite keen to remain in his advantageous and interesting position. Personality & Motivation: Lord Steam is a restless and curious soul, unable to keep his nose out of trouble. Despite his intellect - and it is an intellect he uses - he is by nature somewhat reckless, a thrill seeker. One must also consider his upbringing - he believes in doing the right thing, in manners, politeness, law, and social order. In some ways, his aristocratic upbringing holds on to the code of "chivalry" from days past. He is no stick in the mud, however. He is also charismatic and charming, and loves throwing a good party and the company of equally charming women. He has a taste for all the fine expensive things in life, and only the best will do! Powers & Tactics: Lord Steam has no super powers, but is a genius and extremely charming. He is a master of all forms of detective work and an expert in mechanical engineering. If in a fight (which he prefers to avoid, as it hurts), he is a capable martial artist, trained in the EV Japanese/British hybrid martial art of Bartitsu. Complications: Antiquated Attitude: Lord Steam is somewhat antiquated in his view on servants, class, and even (in some regards) women, although always polite about it. (He has no prejudice on race or sexual orientation, and is actually very familiar with Asian cultures). Curiosity killed the Cat: The finest mind means the finest curiosity. Poking his nose in, and never letting go till the mystery is unravelled! Schmoozer: With an eye for the ladies, fine wine, and parties, Lord Steam can be distracted... Silver Spoon: Lord Steam can live without the necessities of life, but he simply must have the luxuries. He might refuse to use “common” things (public transport, cheap meals, cheap tools, etc). Equally, if a particular antique (or something artistic / splendid) captures his eye, he simply must have it! Steampunk Mechanic: Whilst clever with steampunk technology, modern stuff can sometimes defeat Lord Steam (particularly computers or electronics, but potentially some mechanical or structural work too). Abilities: 4 + 8 + 8 + 12 + 12 + 10 Strength: 14 (+2) Dexterity: 18 (+4) Constitution: 18 (+4) Intelligence: 22 (+6) Wisdom: 22 (+6) Charisma: 20 (+5) Combat: 24 + 24 = 48 Initiative: +8 Attack: +12 Defense: +12, +6 Flat Footed Grapple: +16 Knockback: -2 Saving Throws: 2 + 6 + 2 = 10 Toughness: +4 (+4 Con) Fortitude: +6 (+4 Con, +2) Reflex: +10 (+4 Dex, +6) Will: +8 (+6 Wil, +2) Skills: 184 R = 46 PP Acrobatics 4 (+8) Skill Mastery Bluff 8 (+13) Craft (Chemical) 4 (+10) Craft (Mechanical) 12 (+18) Skill Mastery, Additional +2 with Masterwork Tools Craft (Structural) 4 (+10) Diplomacy 8 (+13) Disable Device 12 (+18) Skill Mastery, Additional +2 with Masterwork Tools Disguise 4 (+9) Drive 4 (+8) Handle Animal 4 (+9) Intimidate 8 (+13) Investigate 12 (+18) Second Chance, Additional +2 with Masterwork Tools Knowledge (Art) 4 (+10) Knowledge (Behavioural Sciences) 4 (+10) Knowledge (Civics) 4 (+10) Knowledge (Life Sciences) 4 (+10) Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 8 (+14) Knowledge (Technology) 12 (+18) Language 8 (English [Native]. French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, Urdu) Medicine 4 (+10) Skill Mastery Notice 12 (+18) Second Chance Perform (Keyboards) 4 (+9) Pilot 4 (+8) Ride 4 (+8) Search 12 (+18) Second Chance Sense Motive 12 (+18) Stealth 4 (+8) Feats: 53 Attractive [High Society Natural] Assessment Benefit 6 (Wealth 3 [Filthy Rich], Earth Victoriana Culture, Diplomatic Immunity, Aristocrat) Chokehold Connected Critical Strike Defensive Attack Eidetic Memory Favoured Opponent 2 (Robots, Criminal Masterminds) Equipment 16 Grappling Finesse Improved Disarm Improved Initiative 1 Improved Pin Improved Sunder Inventor Master Plan Minions 6 (Blakely) Power Attack Second Chance 3 (Investigate, Notice, Search) Skill Mastery 1 (Acrobatics, Craft [Mechianical], Disable Device, Medicine) Takedown Attack 1 Uncanny Dodge 1 (Auditory) Weapon Bind Weapon Break Equipment 80 EP = 16 PP Headquarters: Steam Mansion (Toughness: 10 [1 EP], Size: Large [2 EP], Features: Communications, Dimensional portal [Earth Victoriana], Dock, Garage, Grounds*, Gym, Hangar, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Masterwork Living Space, Pool, Power System, Security System 5 [DC 40], Stables**, Staffed, Workshop) [25 total EP] *Grounds increase size to gargantuan for the purposes of gardens, estates, etc (used in 3E), Stables function as a garage for horses etc. Alternative HQ [Identical Mansion based in Earth Victoriana Dimension, London] [1 EP] Vehicle: Bessie the Steam Powered Car (Toughness: 10 [1 EP], Size: Huge [2 EP], Defence Bonus -2, STR 40 [2 EP], Features Alarm 1, Caltrops, Oil Slick, Retractable Weapons, Smokescreen [5 EP], Powers: Speed 5 [5 EP], Super Senses 1 [Radio] [1 EP], Armament Array [16 PP Array, 2 Alt Powers, Total EP Cost 18: Blast 4 with Autofire, Penetrating, “Gatling Guns” Alt Power: Nullify 8 all flame/heat powers, Touch Range, Cone Area “Retardant Spray”, Alt Power: Damage 8 Line Area “Flamethrower”) [34 EP Total] Masterwork Tools [Investigation, Mechanical, Disable Device] [3 EP] Rebreather [1 EP] Flash Goggles [1 EP] Splendid Brass Magnifying Glass [1 EP] (Microscopic Vision 1, x5 time to notice/search) Walking Cane (Damage 2, Feats: Thrown, Mighty) [4 EP] Steam Powered Pistol (Blast 4, Feats: Subtle, Non Lethal Ammunition) [10 EP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 17 Tough Damage Cane Touch DC 19 Tough Damage Revolver Ranged DC 19 Touch Damage Totals: Abilities 54 + Combat 48 + Saves 10 + Skills 46 + Feats 53 = 211/250PP
  5. Supercape


    Curveball Power Level: 8 (128/148PP) Unspent Power Points: 20 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: Four armed mutant baseball girl Alternate Identity: Jasmine "Jazzy" Rita Jagger Birthplace: San Francisco Residence: Emerald City Occupation: Commercial Endorsements Affiliations: None Family: Jimmy Jagger, Brother (Mutated Coast Guard), Uncle Billy "Boomer" Bootwell (Boxing Coach) Age: 21 Apparent Age: 21 Gender: Female Ethnicity: (Mainly) Caucasian Height: 5'7" Weight: 68 Kgs Eyes: Blue-Green Hair: Short Blonde History: Jazzy and her twin Brother, Jimmy were blossoming professional athletes (she liked baseball, he liked swimming). At the age of 20, just beginning to make a little headway in a highly professional field (they were on route to being professional sportsmen/women, although would fall short of Olympic elite status), they both were hit by a Darwin-X outbreak in East Berlin that claimed the lives of a few dozen, including their parents. Jazzy and Jimmy survived, their bodies adapting to their field of sports. Jimmy became aquatic, able to breathe underwater and swim incredibly fast; although his skin turned grey and he looked pretty ugly afterwards (hairless, and finned). Jazzy grew an extra pair of arms and found an ability to throw baseballs at incredible speed. Such mutations disqualified them from any professional sports career. Jimmy turned his mutation to good use, although bitter about his appearance. He has become an extremely valued coastguard, and has saved countless lives already. Unfortunately, Jazzy had a less overtly useful mutation. What good was a batting and bowling if she couldn't play sports? She managed to get a little local fame as a "freak on TV", doing advertising, and even got a little bit of a cult following (with some weird stalkers with it). She wasn't exactly happy with this, so when uncle "Boomer", a boxing coach, suggested she take up the superhero business, she jumped! Personality & Motivation: Jazzy is a competitive person (she had to be, being an ex-athlete) but doesn't trash talks, she actually really respects and admires athletes. She has a lingering bitterness that her dream career got torn away from her, and she does harness this anger from time to time. She likes physical activity and exercise and can be a bit obsessive about it. She has developed a bit of a comradery with other freaks and weirdoes. She particularly likes campaigning for the living and dead victims of Darwin-X. Part of being a superhero is simply a job; more fame, more money, more sponsorship. But aside from all of that, she feels it is good in that it turns her condition to a positive use; and besides, it helps others when all is said and done. Powers & Tactics: Jazzy was always athletic, but her physical abilities are slightly improved, in particular, she is a lot stronger than she looks (although not superhuman). An obvious mutation is the fact she has grown an extra pair of arms under her normal ones (although on close inspection her "normal" arms are an inch above normal height in placement). Her arms are no adjusted to provide incredible throwing power and speed, although only for light objects. Her eyes have equally adapted, and she is able to see at incredibly long distances (all the better for long distance throws!) Curveball arms herself with four baseball bats strapped to her costume, often holding more than one at a time. She also has a bandolier with a half-dozen baseballs ready to throw at skulls for a knockout. She fights in a straightforward, even reckless manner, charging in, throwing stuff, and swinging her bats. Complications: Pop! Whilst Curveballs mutation is generally helpful, her incredible throwing arm physiology means her arms easily pop out of their sockets. Impact or falling damage can particularly do this, but other effects, even things like punching an impervious object / target, may also do that. The other Left: Her throwing is amazing thanks to an adapted arm and brain, but as a side effect, curve ball pretty much always gets left and right mixed up, and never admits to this... Morning Stiffy: Curveball wakes up with very stiff joints in her arms. She usually needs an hour of stretching to get herself going. Physiotherapy or medical treatments can cut this down. This happens even if she gets knocked out. Reckless: Young and foolish, Curveball is impatient and reckless, and will charge in without properly assessing situations or noticing pitfalls (potential or actual). Sponsored by: Curveball doesn't have a job. She lives by making kooky commercials for sports equipment or other stuff. She doesn't really have the skills or wit to capitalise on this, so whilst not poor she is not well off either, and is often called to make strange commercials. If on TV she will often turn around and try to get sponsorship or the like. She is actually quite famous in a Z-list way. A frequent request of her is to write her signature with all four limbs at the same time. Abilities: 2 + 8 + 6 + 0 + 0 + 4 = 20 Strength: 12/20 (+5) Dexterity: 18/20 (+5) Constitution: 16/20 (+5) Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 10 Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 18 + 18 = 36 Initiative: +9 Attack: +9 Defense: +7,+4 Flat Footed Grapple: +12 (+16 Using All four arms) Knockback: -3 Saving Throws: 5 + 5 + 5 = 15 Toughness: +7 (+5 Con, +2 Protective Vest) Fortitude: +10 (+5 Con, +5) Reflex: +10 (+5 Dex, +5) Will: +5 (+5) Skills: 15 PP = 60 R Acrobatics 8 (+13) Skill Mastery Bluff 4 (+6) Climb 8 (+13) Skill Mastery Intimidate 4 (+6) Knowledge [Pop Culture] 6 (+6) Knowledge [Streetwise] 2 (+2) Notice 4 (+4) Perform [Acting] 4 (+6) Sense Motive 4 (+4) Stealth 8 (+13) Skill Mastery Swim 8 (+13) Skill Mastery Feats: 15 PP Acrobatic Bluff Ambidexterity Bounce the Ball [Applies Ricochet 1 to thrown attacks with balls and similar] Equipment 2 Evasion 2 Improved Aim Improved Critical 2 (Thrown Baseball) Improved Initiative 1 Precise Shot 2 Quick Draw 1 (Draw) Skill Mastery 1 (Acrobatics, Climb, Stealth, Swim) Takedown Attack 1 Equipment: 2PP = 10EP Four Baseball Bats (Strike 2, Mighty, Thrown, Multiple Weapon 3) [7 EP] Undercover Shirt (Protection 2, Subtle) [3 EP] A half dozen baseballs ready for throwing [0 EP] Powers: 2 + 14 + 1 +1 + 5 + 3 = 26 (All powers have mutant descriptor) Additional Limbs (2 Extra Arms) [2 PP] "Four armed" Enhanced Traits 14 (Strength +8, Dexterity +2, Constitution +4) [14 PP] "Physiological boost" Leaping 1 (x2 Distance; Running 30’, Standing 15’, High Jump 5’) [1 PP] Speed 1 (10mph) [1 PP] Super Senses 5 (Extended Normal Vision 3 [x1000/-2 Per 2 Miles], Low-Light Vision, Microscopic Vision [Dust] ) [5 PP] Super Strength 2 (Feats: Throwing Mastery 2, Flaws: Limited [-2], Applies only to throwing distance for objects that would have been light anyway) [3 PP] "Perfect throwing arms" Throwing Distances For Light Load (14 Kgs / 133 Lbs max) Drawbacks: None DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 20 Tough Damage Baseball Bat Touch DC 22 Tough Damage Thrown Baseball Ranged DC 22 Tough Damage Thrown Paperclip Ranged DC 17 Tough Damage Abilities 20 + Skills 15 + Feats 15 + Powers 26 + Combat 36 + Saves 15 = 128/148 PP
  6. Chance Lebeau Power Level: 8/12 (180/185PP) Unspent PP: 5 Trade-Offs: +5 Attack / -5 Damage, +4 Defense / -4 Toughness In Brief: Dashing rogue tuning over a new leaf. Alternate Identities: Chance Lebeau (Secret) Birthplace: Somewhere Occupation: Gambler, Nightclub Owner, Grifter Affiliations: The Fix, Pier 6 (Nightclub) Family: Child (Deceased) Age: 179 (DoB: 1825) Apparent Age: Early 30s Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6'1" Weight: 200 Eyes: Green Hair: Blond Chance has always been handsome, sometimes its dressed down and sometimes its cleaned up. He can rock a tux as easily as he can his jeans and battered hat but most of the time, he plays heavily into his good ol' boy southern charm with jeans, jacket and cowboy hat. Tall, blond and tan, without the trappings or scruff, he could very easily blend into a Hollywood gala. He's certainly got the charisma for it. He doesn't look out of place behind his bar, though, as Chance has always been able to blend into his surroundings. History: Chance's family were part of settlers heading out west. Born in 1825, the Frontier was sold to the family as a great land of riches. The trail, however, was a lot harsher than they had ever anticipated. They settled along the border of Texas and Lousiana after Chance's mother died along the trail. Motherless, Chance's father was not the best of role models as gambling and drink took over his life as he drowned in his grief. Still, despite the bad habits that he picked up, Chance grew up and settled down. He married a local girl, and had a child of his own. Despite his best efforts to not become his father, fate had other plans. With the war between North and South, his small family was caught in the middle and despite his best efforts to avoid the entire thing, his wife and child were killed during one of the many skirmishes. With nothing to hold onto, like his father before him, Chance took the only solace he could find. Gambling and drinking away his future, he would have likely ended up in the gutter until by chance he sat down at a game where the only price to enter was the one thing he no longer gave a damn about; his soul. Personality & Motivation: Chance is a man who has lost everything, several times over, and is still on his feet and walking. He tries to make the best of it, really, although Chance would be the first to tell you that if the world was remotely fair, he'd not have been the one 'blessed' with immortality. It's hard for Chance to make attachments but once he does, the threat of loss is an ever present motivation. He tries not to let people get to close - keeping them at an amiable arm's length where they don't actually get much past Chance's charming surface. He's certainly no 'lone immortal', as his bar is ever full and he knows most of their names at a glance. He even likes them. It takes, however, a great deal to actually touch the man behind the mask. He could be anywhere in the world, but he's here in Bedlam. Originally, it was just supposed a stop along the way but one of the few more-than-friends asked for a single favor. "Look after my bar," his old grifting partner asked, and then had the ill grace to die. Chance can't just walk away from that promise but it's just a bar. At least, that's what he tells himself. Powers & Tactics: Chance would rather talk himself out of any problems that might come his way. Just because he can fight, doesn't mean that's ever his go to. For Chance, physical violence is a last resort; the final ace in his pocket. He'd much rather people go for the razzle dazzle of his bluster, or his misdirection. In a conflict, Chance would rather escape. If he has to fight, though, he's all the more dangerous because it means that either he's been cornered with no other option or, worse, one of the very few things he cares about is being threatened. Complications: Deal with the Devil: He's made a deal for his soul and while he's currently got the upper hand, every gambler knows that a winning streak can't last forever. History Catches Up: Two hundred years is a long time to live, Chance has done a lot and seen a lot, and some days that's not a good thing. Abilities: 2 + 8 + 4 + 4 + 8 + 10 = 36PP Strength: 12 (+1) Dexterity: 18 (+4) Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 18 (+4) Charisma: 20 / 30 (+5 / +10) Combat: 8 + 12 = 20PP Initiative: +4 Attack: +4 Base, +7 Melee, +13 Unarmed, +4 Ranged Defense: +12 (+6 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed Grapple: +8 Knockback: -2 Saving Throws: 4 + 4 + 6 = 14 Toughness: +4 (+2 Con, +2 Defensive Roll) Fortitude: +6 (+2 Con, +4 Base) Reflex: +9 (+4 Dex, +4 Base) Will: +10 (+4 Wis, +6 Base) Skills: 128R = 32PP Bluff 10 (+20) [Skill Mastery, Second Chance] Diplomacy 10 (+20) [Skill Mastery, Second Chance] Disable Device 8 (+10) Disguise 10 (+20) Drive 6 (+10) Escape Artist 11 (+15) Gather Information 10 (+20) [Skill Mastery] Intimidate 5 (+15) Knowledge: Art 3 (+5) Knowledge: Business 3 (+5) Knowledge: Current Events 3 (+5) Knowledge: Popular Culture 3 (+5) Knowledge: Streetwise 8 (+10) [Skill Mastery] Language 2 (English [Native], French, Russian) Notice 6 (+10) Profession: Gambler 12 (+16) Sense Motive 6 (+10) Sleight of Hand 6 (+10) Stealth 6 (+10) Feats: 37PP Attack Focus: Melee 3 Attack Specialization: Unarmed 3 Connected Contacts Defensive Roll 1 Distract: Bluff Dodge Focus 6 Equipment 4 Fascinate: Bluff Fascinate: Diplomacy Luck 2 Quick Change 2 Second Chance 2 (Bluff, Diplomacy) Set-Up Skill Mastery 1 (Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Knowledge: Streetwise) Taunt Teamwork 3 Ultimate Effort 2 (Bluff, Diplomacy) Well-Informed Equipment: 4R = 20EP Headquarters [20EP] (Toughness 10 [1EP], Size: Large [2EP], Features [17EP] (Communications, Computer, Concealed 2 (DC +15), Cover Facility, Fire Prevention System, Garage, Gym, Holding Cells, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Security System 3 (DC 30), Workshop) Powers: 5 + 10 + 10 + 6 + 10 = 41PP Device 1 (Flaws: Hard to Lose, Feats: Subtle) [5PP] (Earbud; Technology) Communication Link 4 (Other Earbuds; Radio; Feats: Subtle) [5PP] Drain Wisdom 8 (Extras: Range 2 [Perception], Alternate Save [Will], Flaws: Action [Full], Sense Dependent [Auditory], Feats: Subtle, Insidious) [10PP] (Razzle; Infernal) Enhanced Charisma 10 [10PP] (Dazzle; Infernal) Mind Reading 8 (Extras: Action 2 [Free], Flaws: Distracting, Limited [Surface Thoughts], Limited [Requires Interaction], Feats: Subtle 2) [6PP] (Cold Read; Training) Variable Power 1 (5PP Variable Pool, Any Combination of Traits, Extras: Action 2 [Free]) [10PP] (Cantrips; Magic) Create Object 2 (Max Size: 2 x 5' Cubes; Flaws: Range [Touch], Feats: Precise, Subtle 2) [5PP] Obscure 5 (One Sense [Normal Vision]) [5PP] Environmental Control 3 (Light; Extras: Independent, Total Fade, Flaws: Range [Touch], Feats: Slow Fade 2 [5 Minutes]) [5PP] Move Object 3 (Flaws: Duration [Concentration], Feats: Subtle 2) [5PP] Comprehend 2 (Speak All, Understand All) [4PP] Drawbacks: -0PP None DC Block: ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 16 Toughness Damage Drain Wisdom Perception DC 18 Willpower Drain Wisdom Mind Reading Perception DC 18 Willpower Mind Reading (Surface Thoughts) Totals: Abilities (36) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (14) + Skills (32) + Feats (37) + Powers (41) - Drawbacks (0) = 180/185 Power Points
  7. Player Name: Thunder King Character Name: The Tattered Man Power Level: 8/11 (150/173 PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 23 In Brief: A murdered police officer, saved and empowered to save Bedlam. Residence: A cheap motel in Downtown Bedlam Alternate Identity: John Smith Identity: Secret Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Occupation: Freelance and under the table work Affiliations: None Family: None he associates with Description: Age: 33 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5'9" Weight: 185 Eyes: Gray Hair: Brown John's appearance varies by which face he's wearing, but his default appearance is of a man of average height and build, with a handsome but otherwise nondescript face. His hair is neatly trimmed and his face is clean shaven. He deliberately picked this face to make himself appear as bland and as uninteresting as possible, to make it easier to fade into crowds and keep his head down. John's costume is an old, tattered coat that's somehow connected to his powers. Despite being tattered and worn, it keeps him warm, and any further damage seems to somehow repair itself. With it, he wears a simple pair of black khaki pants, worn old boots and gloves. All in plain earth tones of black and brown, with a plain black cloth mask over his eyes, forehead and nose to stop 'John Smith' from being recognized. Power Descriptions: John is empowered by ghosts. He's stronger, tougher, and more perceptive than he once was. He can change his appearance to look like one of the ghosts did in life. He heals much faster than an ordinary person, and he can tap into the memory of places and objects that are associated with death. The visions he receives in this way, however, are often jumbled and twisted by emotion. History: He was born Stephen Chambers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was an only child, raised by neglectful and abusive parents. His teenage years were full of anger, strife, and bad choices. However, sometime during high school he resolved to make something of himself. He emancipated himself and worked his way through college, trying to make a difference, wanting to be a cop. He served in Milwaukee for a time, and felt good about his life and the choices he made. Then, he transferred to Bedlam. He was in over his head and failed to see the warning signs. He knew Bedlam was bad, but he was unprepared for the scope of the corruption. He learned, though, six months into it. He was betrayed by someone he called a friend, and kidnapped. He saw things he shouldn't have seen. They dragged him out to an old abandoned lot and put two bullets in him, then buried him. Something about the gun or their aim went bad, because as bad as it hurt, he wasn't dead. The old lot was full of ghosts, the spirits of the slain. All the people who had been disposed of there over the years. They found him, clinging to life, and they concocted a plan. They poured power into him, supernatural, spiritual energy. They healed him, they strengthened him. They taught him a lot of what they knew about Bedlam, but the long years of haunting made much of their advice and knowledge incomprehensible. He doesn't quite know how long he was buried, some of his own memories were lost in the shuffle. He knows he was buried in autumn, and awoke in winter, and he doesn't quite know why. He dug himself out of his grave and discovered he was wearing a tattered old long coat, which he did not remember owning or wearing. He found himself some contacts for under the table work, and a motel that takes cash but doesn't ask questions. He introduces himself as John, John Smith, to all who ask. However, when rumors started up of a crazed man in an old coat sticking his nose in where it didn't belong, the rumors called him the Tattered Man. Personality & Motivation: Despite what happened, John's attitude hasn't gotten much worse. He's bitter about what happened to him, but he tries not to let it tear him apart. Whatever else happened, he's still alive. He feels that his newfound powers are more blessing than curse, because now he can fight Bedlam's corruption with the benefit of total anonymity. Powers & Tactics: John hits hard and moves fast, using basic self-defense techniques simply and efficiently. He can survive more than an ordinary person, but knows his limits. Therefore, he takes advantage of the environment and never fights fair when he can avoid it. Complications: Amnesia: There are some details about his former life that are fuzzy, up to and including the identities of his own attempted killers. He has most of the skills and knowledge that he used to have, but some of the minutae of his personal life remain a mystery. So Many Faces, So Little Time: John can change his appearance, but has a specific set of appearances he can take on. This means he has to be careful which faces he shows to whom, and can be caught if he's not careful. I am John Smith: John has no family, no friends, no support network, no job, and no real home. If it can't be done with cash or haggling, he can't do it. Through a Glass, Darkly: His postcognition is the ability to see visions of deaths in an area or on an object. However, this is done through the eyes of those who experienced it, either the killer, or the slain. What he sees is usually twisted and strange, difficult to understand and heavily influenced by emotional states. He has to parse what he sees and interpret it, and these interpretations are not perfect. Abilities: 4 + 8 + 6 + 8 + 4 + 6 = 36PP Strength: 14/26 (+2/+8) Dexterity: 18 (+4) Constitution: 16/22 (+3/+6) Intelligence: 18 (+4) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 16 (+3) Combat: 10 + 6 = 16PP Initiative: +8 Attack: +8 Melee, +5 Ranged Grapple: +16 Defense: +8 (+3 Base, +5 Dodge Focus), +1 Flat-Footed Knockback: -4 Saving Throws: 2 + 2 + 3 = 7PP Toughness: +8 (+6 Con, +2 protection) Fortitude: +8 (+6 Con, +2) Reflex: +6 (+4 Dex, +2) Will: +5 (+2 Wis, +3) Skills: 104R = 26PP Acrobatics: 6 (+10) Computers: 4 (+8) Disable Device: 6 (+10) Disguise: 2 Escape Artist: 4 (+4) Gather Information: 8 (+12) Intimidate: 8 (+11) Investigate: 8 (+12) Knowledge (Civics): 6 (+10) Knowledge (Current Events): 6 (+10) Knowledge (Life Sciences): 6 (+10) Knowledge (Streetwise): 6 (+10) Medicine: 4 (+8) Notice: 8 (+12) Search: 8 (+12) Sense Motive: 6 (+8) Stealth: 8 (+12) Feats: 24PP Attack Focus (melee) 3 Beginner's Luck Dodge Focus 5 Elusive Target Fearless Hide in Plain Sight Improved Disarm Improved Initiative Improved Throw Improved Trip Luck 2 Move-by Action Power Attack Quick Change Takedown Attack 2 Uncanny Dodge (Audio) Powers: 6 + 12 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 10 = 41PP All Powers are of the magic descriptor Enhanced Constitution 6 (to 22) [6PP] Enhanced Strength 12 (to 26) [12PP] Leaping 2 (x5; running jump 90ft; standing jump 45 ft, high jump 22 ft)[2PP) Morph 2: Broad Group (The dead buried in the abandoned lot) [4PP] Protection 2 [2PP] Regeneration 2 (Injured 1/5 minutes) [2PP] Speed 3 (50 mph, 440 ft. per move) [3PP] Super-Senses 10 (Accurate Audio, Darkvision, Postcognition) [10PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 23 Toughness Damage (Physical) Totals: Abilities (36) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (7) + Skills (26) + Feats (24) + Powers (41) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/173
  8. Dr. Rosa Thorne Power Level: 8/10 (173/184PP) Unspent Power Points: 11 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: One's an Occult Scholar the other a down on there luck private investigator, who happens now to share the same body. Together they fight the forces of the occult! Alternate Identity: Dr. Thorne, Occult Detective (Public) Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Occupation: Former Occult Scholar, Private Investigator Affiliations: Black Rose Detective Agency Family: Phillip Thorne (Father), Rhosyn Thorne (Mother), Anissa Thorne (Sister) Description: Age: 26 (DoB: 1990) Gender: Female Ethnicity: African-American Height: 5'3" Weight: 140lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Rosa has never been one to worry about her figure though she has always been active enough that she's never gotten too large, though she still has some curves about her. Likewise, she tends to wear only a little makeup, enough to allow her natural beauty to shine through. Countering this though Rosa has never had a day when she felt she should dress casually, still dressing even now as if she is about to go to a days work. Of the two of them, she's the one most likely to wear a sensible trench coat, if the weather calls for never as any kind of fashion statement. History: Rosa’s father had always told her that she could achieve anything that she could set her mind, something she’d taken to with some gusto. Whilst other followed the exploits of the brightly colored superhero’s Rosa was drawn to lesser known, but no less fascinating, exploits of those that fought the forces of the supernatural. She devoured every report and story of such thing, even sneaking into movies on such themes even if they were well above her age. A smart capable girl turned into an even more capable young woman who with a keen intellect had managed to gain an education at an early age in every field of occult studies, despite no magical talent of her own. She eagerly looked forward to a fruitful career in academia sharing thoughts and idea’s among her intellectual peers. Unfortunately for her many in the field where quite conservative in outlook not ready to listen to someone as young as she was, especially one of her gender and a few unfortunately of her race. Despite this, she soldiered on not willing to surrender so easily to those who wanted to put her down, instead of putting her efforts in pure academic research more and more esoteric subjects. But even she had days when despair would get the better of her and on one fateful occasion, she meets someone who would change her entire life. After one especially draining conference lecture, where her rather elegant discourse on a very poorly known aspect of occult lore had been dismissed out of hand by her audience, she was approached by a man with a literal Faustian pact. She of cause knew of him, the infamous Mr. Infamy, and in normal circumstance would have been fascinated to have the chance to talk to such a renowned occult figure of mythic proportions. But that day she was angry, tired and had maybe one too many whiskeys already and was more than willing to complain to him about how hard it was to get the kind of respect she was after in a field dominated by men. Rosa couldn’t remember exactly what she’d ask for but to the best of her knowledge if must have been something about being able to compete on an equal footing with men. When she awoke the next day she was in for a shock as the face she saw in the mirror wasn’t her own but of an older white man. And she wasn’t alone for now she was sharing her consciousness with that of the bodies original occupant, Liam Conners. Rather calm for such a momentous event the two of them quickly reached an uneasy peace and with a little investigation it was discovered that they could easily shift between the forms of Liam and Rosa. Such a victory was quickly tempered by another rather less pleasing revelation Dr. Rosa Thorne apparently had never existed all her documentation, achievements and right now more importantly saved money had vanished overnight. All they had to their name was a few dollars and a Private Investigation license to operate in a city that Rosa had never even heard of, that of Bedlam. Despite all this, both of them weren’t willing to give up completely and with Rosa help they managed to subtly alter the kind of business the now rebranded Thorne Investigations would deal with, a cesspool of a city like Bedlam tended to draw the worst of Supernatural entities something calling for their rather unique skills. Personality & Motivation: Rosa might be an excellent scholar but she isn’t exactly a people person she often crotchety and rude to people and tends to treat everyone like she’s the smartest person in the room, which to be fair in many situations this is true. It’s not helped by the fact that she’s extremely strong-willed and stubborn to a fault. She also has a very nasty habit of keeping things to herself only reluctantly revealing information when push comes to shove, not that she’s withholding information to herself she just want to wait until she has all the information to hand to come to a conclusion. Sometime the drive to discover the truth of a certain supernatural event or creature will overcome the necessity of dealing with said problem. Despite sometimes not seeming to care Rosa is a very passionate believer in helping people in trouble, making the city better by saving the souls (sometimes literally) one person at a time. Any friends she has are vanishingly rare since “moving” to Bedlam, lovers are nonexistent, very few can see beyond the hardened shell to the actually quite kind and generous person that lives under all that baggage. Powers & Tactics: If she can help it Rosa isn't really a fighter, that Liam's job, and will happily allow others to fight her battles for her. When it comes to magic matters, however, Rosa is more than happy to get involved, especially now that for some reason she can use all the knowledge she's gained over the years. She's still not one to rush into things, however, preferring to take the time to gather all the information before acting. Power Descriptions: The consciousness of Rosa are Liam are bonded together into a single entity and whilst both of them exist at the same time only one of their bodies, along with their accumulated skills and knowledge's, can be present at one time. With almost no effort they can shift between either of them, with the others mind taking a back seat to watch over and offer suggestions. With both always being active they remember everything that's happened since being bonded, through their own personalities can color their viewpoints, event prior to this are often only available when occupying that form. Whilst they have very different body shapes, and obviously, genders, the necessities of the bodies, for good and ill, are magically linked in such a way that they don’t have to make an effort to maintain both forms. This also means that if one of them get drunk or drugged the other would feel the effects and same goes for anything injuries the other might suffer. When one sleeps so does the other and as far as they can tell neither of the two consciousness's can operate independently of the other. Whilst neither of them are in a hurry to find out for certain it appears that anything specific to one form over the other does not appear to function, as far as they can tell Rosa would be incapable of getting pregnant for example. Somehow the bonding of the two has allowed Rosa to use the occult knowledge she had to collect to achieve real tangible results, but only when she's in her own form. Complications: Bedlam City Limits: Somehow her magical powers are tied to Bedlam, the further she gets from Bedlam the less her powers seem to operate. the knowledge behind the powers never, however, goes away. Never go home again: The whole world no longer knows of the existence of Rosa, including her family. But she still tries to keep an eye on them and help out where she can. Twin Shows: The transformation between Rosa and Liam is for most people completely unnoticed, they don't see the change happen just that one had left and other has taken their place. Supernatural creatures and extraordinary people, including but not restricted to supers, will notice the transition between the two. You want to do what?: Rosa tastes are very different from Liam and sometimes tries to take over when he's doing something she doesn't like. Abilities: 0 + 4 + 4 + 10 + 10 + 0 = 28PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 20 (+5) Wisdom: 20 (+5) Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat: 16 + 8 = 24PP Initiative: +2 Attack: +8 Base Defense: +8 (+4 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Grapple: +8 Knockback: -4 Saving Throws: 4 + 5 + 7 = 16PP Toughness: +2/8 (+2 Con, +6 [Force Field]) Fortitude: +6 (+2 Con, +4) Reflex: +7 (+2 Dex, +5) Will: +12 (+5 Wis, +7) Skills: 200R = 50PP Computers 10 (+15) Concentration 15 (+20) Craft (Artistic) 10 (+15) Drive 3 (+5) Escape Artist 13 (+15) Gather Information 15 (+15) Investigate 12 (+20) Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 15 (+20) Knowledge (Art) 10 (+15) Knowledge (Behavioural Science) 10 (+15) Knowledge (Current Affairs) 10 (+15) Knowledge (History) 10 (+15) Knowledge (Popular Culture) 10 (+15) Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 15 (+20) Language 9 (Arabic, French, English [Native], German, Greek, Hebrew, Mandarin, Japanese, Latin, Russian) Medicine 5 (+10) Notice 10 (+15) Search 10 (+15) Sleight of Hand 8 (+10) Feats: 12PP Artificer Dodge Focus 4 Eidetic Memory Fearless Luck 2 Ritualist Second Chance (Concentration) Well-Informed Powers: 6 + 21 + 8 + 8 = 43PP Force Field 6 [6PP] Magical Knowledge 8 (16PP Array; Feats: Alternative Power 5) [21PP] Base Power: Damage 8 (Mystical Blast; Extra: Range) [16PP] Alternate Power: Clairvoyance 8 (Sight beyond sight, 2000 miles) Alternate Power: Exorcism 8 Alternate Power: Nullify 8 (Dispel Magic, 80 ft radius) Alternate Power: Obscure 8 (Mystical Darkness, 80 ft radius, 1,000 ft) Alternate Power: Snare 8 (Mystical Snare, 80 ft range) Morph 4 (Twin Souls, single appearance Feats: Innate, Metamorph, Subtle 2) [8PP] Super-Sense 8 (Magical Awareness - Mental Sense [Accurate, Acute, radius, Ranged]) [8PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 15 Toughness Damage Dispel Magic Ranged DC 18 Willpower Nullify Exorcism Ranged DC 18 Willpower Banish Mystical Blast Ranged DC 22 Toughness Damage Mystical Snare Ranged DC 18 Reflex Snare Totals: Abilities (28) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (16) + Skills (50) + Feats (12) + Powers (43) = 173/184 Power Points
  9. Fox

    Gremlin (PL8)

    Character Name: Alice Ishikawa Power Level: 8 (8.5 w/ Sneak Attack) (180/195PP) Trade-Offs: +4 Attack / -4 Damage, +2 Defense / -2 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 15 In Brief: Young sneak-thief without a sense of purpose. Residence: Bedlam. Alternate Identity: The Gremlin (pejorative) Identity: Secret-ish. Birthplace: USA Occupation: Thief. Affiliations: The Fix, assorted Bedlam criminal groups Family: Estranged (mother, father, brother). Description: Age: 21 Apparent Age: 21 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Japanese Height: 5'1" Weight: 110lb Eyes: Brown Hair: Black/Brown When she was a child, she dreamed of being the tall, classy cat burglar - elegant, curvy, and devastating. It wasn't in the cards. Alice Ishikawa is a lot of mischief packed into just over five feet of body (five feet one, she'd insist), and she manages to leverage a surprising amount of strength and stamina out of such a slight frame. A lifetime of good training and diligent attention to her health (in service to her profession) has rendered her fit, acrobatic, and flexible. As second-story work is not typically a daytime activity, her skin tends to be on the fair side, though she's somehow managed to get this far without earning many obvious permanent marks or blemishes. She keeps her dark hair short, largely for practical purposes, not coincidentally framing her delicately-featured face and complimenting a pair of equally-dark eyes that manage to be as sharp as they are playful. Her personal fashion demonstrates a fondness for old t-shirts (often of bands she's never heard play), odd accessories (apparently on pure whim), and reliable footwear (even if she could scale a building in sandals or heels)...unless she's working, in which case her clothing is close-fitting, durable, disposable, unmarked, and darkly-colored, with as much skin covered as possible and any sleeves or pant legs tied down with wrappings or tucked away where they can't interfere. History: Alice's life has been nothing if not defined by theft, even from birth. When a lab accident at Mr. and Mrs. Ishikawa's research station threatened the latter's late-term pregnancy, the over-funded and under-supervised military group in charge were only too happy to provide medical care. When their new child presented otherwise-inexplicable abilities, said group was entirely willing to take the child to a remote facility for testing...and somewhat less willing to give her back. She wasn't going to change the world, but with proper training perhaps she could have been molded into quite the asset. It was a sentiment that the criminals of Bedlam shared. When a cargo ship pushed its luck too far and fell out of local protection, its raiders expected valuables, drugs...but not a young metahuman on ice ("secured for transport", as decreased funding had called for the consolidation of various off-the-books facilities). At first she was a novelty, but once they realized what she was capable of she was a tool. Need something stolen? Send the kid to do it, worst case is she gets killed or captured...and while the former never happened, the latter became something of a game between the leaderships of the various Bedlam powers. Who's got the little gremlin now? What's she after, and what can we use her for if we catch her? Even she lost track of how many times she changed hands, but while she liked some "employers" more than others her age and upbringing left her feeling that she was without better options. Teenagers, however, are notoriously harder to control...and stealthy, teleporting teenagers doubly so. Eventually she tired of games and being ordered around and stole herself, vanishing into the city as soon as she could do so without angering anyone she couldn't handle. Since then, bereft of other purpose and knowing little else, Alice has worked freelance: if you need something stolen, if you need a sneak-thief or second-story artist, put the word out. Maybe the gremlin's bored. Personality & Motivation: Alice has few problems taking orders and frankly enjoys her work, but operating at the behest of a long series of handlers and thugs (not to mention being a constant outsider and red-headed stepchild) has left the young woman somewhat ill-equipped to pursue her own passions, if she even knew what those passions were...outside of her craft, which she continues to hold to a high (and proud) standard. She can take care of herself, but doesn't know where she fits in with the world at large. Her obedience should not be mistaken for blind servitude. She expects a certain level of disrespect and discrimination but blatant disregard for her person or autonomy will be met with sass and equal disregard for the interests of her would-be employer. Even on the job she is playful, mischievous, and impolite. Powers & Tactics: Alice is of the opinion that if fighting has started, something has gone very, very wrong and her best option is to get out of dodge. She's a reasonably-skilled hand-to-hand fighter and carries a collapsible staff for utility and personal protection, but both are weapons of last resort when working; get in, go unnoticed, and get back out - no getting caught on cameras, no getting seen by guards. If truly necessary she'll allow for the latter if it's a half-second of pre-unconscious panic as she descends on one she can't circumvent, but one of her hard rules is never, ever any killing - it invites more trouble than it's worth. Surprisingly few know about her teleportation, considering; she uses it sparingly and at some point she just became "the weirdly effective thief asset" instead of "that weird metahuman girl", especially among the lesser powers of the city. Alice prefers it that way: the fewer who know her secrets, the better they are at getting her out of trouble when she needs them the most. Power Descriptions: Alice's one and only super power opens temporary windows in space: these perfect but short-lived ellipses allow her to jump to another nearby location she can see. Complications: Family: Alice's parents don't know what came of her, but they're still out there, somewhere, and could be used as leverage. Missing Asset: It was a while ago now, but Alice was, theoretically, a military project - and likely not the only one. Records are scarce (curiously, acquiring and training children is not popular with many higher-ups who get wind of such things) but somewhere out there may exist a group or groups who'd love to reclaim their investment. Reputation: She never held membership with any of them, but many gangs and organized powers in the city at least know of 'that little gremlin', and very likely used her on a job at some point, somewhere. Opinions may vary, depending on performance and whether she was used for or against them, but among those in charge she's a known factor and her teleportation is unlikely to be a surprise to anyone very highly-placed. Sticky Fingers: Alice just...really likes taking things. She really likes taking things. Presented with the opportunity during a job, she's hard-pressed to not acquire goodies on the side if she thinks she can get away with it and it won't harm anyone she doesn't think has it coming. Teleportal: Alice's teleport is, in fact, a teleportal: she creates a window in space and either moves through it, or moves it around her. This makes it useless for getting out of grapples or bindings, as she can't be selective about what does and does not get teleported. Abilities: 4 + 12 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 4 = 34PP Strength: 14 (+2) Dexterity: 22 (+6) Constitution: 18 (+4) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 12 (+1) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 16 + 16 = 32PP Initiative: +14 Attack: +12 Melee, +8 Ranged Grapple: +18 Defense: +10 (+8 Base, +2 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed Knockback: -3/-2 Saving Throws: 5 + 7 + 6 = 18PP Toughness: +6/+4 (+4 Con, +2 Defensive Roll) Fortitude: +9 (+4 Con, +5) Reflex: +13 (+6 Dex, +7) Will: +7 (+1 Wis, +6) Skills: 156R = 39PP Acrobatics 13 (+19)SM Bluff 5 (+7) Climb 13 (+15)SM Computers 3 (+5) Concentration 4 (+5) Disable Device 13 (+16, +18 w/ masterwork tools)SM, SC Disguise 4 (+6) Escape Artist 13 (+19)SM Knowledge [Current Events] 3 (+5) Knowledge [Streetwise] 8 (+10) Knowledge [Tactics] 8 (+10) Language 2 (English [native], Italian, Spanish) Medicine 4 (+5) Notice 11 (+12)SM Perform [Dance] 8 (+10) Search 13 (+15)SM Sense Motive 5 (+6) Sleight of Hand 13 (+19)SM Stealth 13 (+19)SM, SC Feats: 43PP Acrobatic Bluff Attack Focus (Melee) 4 Attractive Blind-Fight Defensive Roll 1 Dodge Focus 2 Elusive Target Equipment 5 Evasion 2 Fast Task 2 (Feint, Trick) Grappling Finesse Hide in Plain Sight Improved Initiative 2 Improvised Tools Instant Up Luck 3 Master Plan 2 Move-By Action Power Attack Prone Fighting Second Chance 2 (Disable Device, Stealth) Skill Mastery 2 (Acrobatics, Climb, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Notice, Search, Sleight of Hand, Stealth) Sneak Attack Ultimate Effort (Stealth) Uncanny Dodge 2 (Auditory, VIsual) Redirect Equipment: 5 ranks = 25ep Binoculars [1ep] Climbing Equipment [1ep] Concealable Microphone [1ep] Knife [4ep] Masterwork Lockpicks [1ep] Medical Kit [1ep] Mini-Tracer [1ep] Night-Vision Goggles [1ep] Hideout [14ep] A forgotten and carefully-secured section of what was once an unfinished tower for high-class residents (now a mostly-empty home for squatters who don't want trouble); unremarkable and somewhat cramped, and nearly inaccessible from the outside without foreknowledge and the ability to teleport, it's home sweet home none the less. Toughness: 20 [3ep] Size: Tiny [-1ep] Features [12ep]: Communications Concealed 5 [DC +30] Fire Prevention System Gym Living Space Security System 3 [DC 30] Powers: 5+4+5 = 14PP Device 1 (5dp earbud; Flaws: Hard-to-Lose; Feats: Subtle) [5pp] Communication Link 4 (other earbuds; Feats: Subtle) [5dp] Device 1 (5dp collapsible staff; Flaws: Easy-to-Lose; Feats: Subtle) [4pp] Damage 2 (Feats: Extended Reach, Improved Trip, Mighty) [5dp] Teleport 3 (300'; Flaws: Short-Range; Feats: Change Direction, Turnabout) [5pp] Drawbacks: -0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Melee DC17 Toughness Damage (Staged) Knife Melee DC18 Toughness (19-20) Damage (Staged) Staff Melee +5' DC19 Toughness Damage (Staged) Totals: Abilities (34) + Combat (32) + Saving Throws (18) + Skills (39) + Feats (43) + Powers (14) - Drawbacks (0) = 180/195 Power Point
  10. Lou Lubrano: Hitter Power Level: 8 [Without Powers] / 10 [With Powers] / 13 (180/202PP) Unspent Power Points: 22 Trade-Offs: +2 Attack / -2 Damage [Without Powers], -2 Defence / +2 Toughness [With Powers] In Brief: Contender, cop, criminal, concrete. Theme: Push + Pull by July Talk Alternate Identity: Lou Lubrano (Secret) Birthplace: Stark Hill, Bedlam City Base of Operations: Converted Warehouse Occupation: Hitter Affiliations: The Fix, BCPD [Formerly], Scarpia Family [Formerly] Family: Nora D'Angelo [Ex-Wife], Max Lubrano [Son] Description: Age: 44 (DoB: 1972) Gender: Male Ethnicity: Italian-American Height: 6'0" Weight: 215 lbs Eyes: Ice Blue Hair: Grey, Black Beard Lou's layers of muscle are built for function rather than aesthetics and mostly hidden under the perpetually rumpled suits he wears. His hair, combed back off of his lined face, has gone uniformly grey but his beard remains jet black and notably better maintained than most of his appearance. He stands with his back straight and shoulders squared but with his unassuming manner he still tends to fade into a crowd. He never drinks while he's working and never smokes when he's not but the lingering scent of both suggest he still does more of both than he ought. History: Lou was never a great boxer. Making up for any lack of finesse with an ability to soak up monumental amounts of punishment, he was good enough to earn a modest scholarship and some respect in the neighbourhood but he never considered himself anything more than a big fish in a small pond. Real respect meant being more than a second rate prizefighter. Real respect in Bedlam meant joining up with a gang and he knew only one gang had a retirement plan: the police. Lou was never a great cop. The city didn't provide that opportunity. They didn't have a fraction of the resources to deal with all of the crime in Bedlam anyway so where was the harm in taking a bribe to let the organized, orderly stuff slide? Picking your battles was just another job skill and Lou wasn't afraid of putting in the work to learn. Nobody could say he didn't do some good and more people went home happy than not. Besides, it wasn't like the basic salary was worth risking his neck over and he had a family to think about. Lou was never a great husband. He met Nora at a college when her date made the poor decision to take a swing at him. He liked that she was pretty and quick witted, she liked that he was ambitious and laughed loudly and often. They got married the same month he graduated from the academy and joined the police force and their son Max was born a few years later. They never got around to taking that trip they talked about but maybe once they had enough set aside for Max's schooling. Lou was never a great partner. It wasn't like Simmons made it easy on him, always pushing his luck, always sticking his nose where it was liable to get cut off. They should have ignored the tip about the drug lab but Simmons wanted the bust and it was only two blocks away from a school. Max had just started Grade 5. They went in without backup. It wasn't a drug lab, at least not the way they were thinking. Somebody shot. Something exploded. Lou woke up in the hospital nearly two week later. Simmons didn't. Lou was never a great liar. He nearly slipped up maybe a dozen times before he finally got caught just shy of two years later; it was tough to miss a bullet bouncing off of a chin suddenly made out of the same steel as his car door. Metahumans couldn't be cops and that left Lou without a career and without friends. He took a few odd jobs but nothing stuck. He started to drink more. He never came home drunk but a lot of nights that meant he just didn't come home. Eventually he came home to an empty house and a note. He sold the house, moved into a closet the landlord had the gall to call a bachelor apartment. He signed the papers Nora mailed to him from her sister's place out of state seven months after that. She put a copy of Max's latest school picture in the envelope; that went up on the nearly empty fridge. He was down to his last excuse over late rent when one of the guys he used to take money from offered to buy him a drink. Turned out there were certain people very interested in someone with Lou's specific combination of experience, skills and abilities. Turned out that what Lou was truly great at was hurting bad people who'd made other bad people angry. Sometimes somebody needed to be found, sometimes something needed to be retrieved, sometimes it was just about sending a message. They gave their hitter a name and the situation got handled. He finally had respect, of a sort. The only trouble was that those names didn't always belong to people who were as bad as Lou might have liked. Sometimes they weren't that much older than his son. Lou started to think that someday he was going to be given a name and there'd turn out to be one more thing he wasn't great at. Personality & Motivation: Lou plays his cards close to his rumpled vest, content to remain anonymous and unassuming while others posture. Focused and goal-oriented he does his best to remain professional in a line of work that's often anything but. If he feels he's not being extended that same courtesy, however, he's quick to demonstrate why respect is a wise policy. That stoicism hides layers of self-reproach. Having seen both sides of the law in full Lou doesn't so much regret his indiscretions as a police office as wish that he'd been a good enough man to accomplish real good with his position. He considers himself to be a failure as a father and demonstrates a sometimes misplaced protective streak as a result. After years of doing whatever it took to get ahead or stay afloat he's begun to let his better principles guide him and found that standing up for those who need it suits him better than he'd expected. Powers & Tactics: The drug lab Lou and his partner raided was experimenting with metahuman treatments, leading to him being doused in unstable chemicals and buried in rubble in the explosion that followed. As a result he can take on the attributes of any inorganic material he touches. Doing so greatly enhances his overall strength and durability, enough to shrug off small arms fire. The specific material he mimics determines the specific benefits or side effects he receives on top of this, such as making him more or less conductive, fire resistant or brittle. As his powers provide a distinct visual Lou prefers to use them only as a last resort, favouring discretion and relative anonymity unless he finds himself otherwise outmatched. Even without them he is a competent hand-to-hand fighter with impressive endurance. When required to buy time he will gladly let an opponent wear themselves out before moving in for a decisive finishing blow but when the person he is protecting comes under immediate threat he switches to a much more aggressive style, foregoing his own safety to end a fight more quickly. Power Descriptions: Lou takes on the appearance of the materials he mimics along with their properties. This extends to copying graffiti sprayed on a brick wall or yellow centre lines painted down a concrete road. Dents and cracks sustained while in a transformed state are translated into bruises and cuts when he reverts to flesh and blood. His powers do not extend to the clothes he wear; Lou goes through a lot of suits. Complications: Blood and Iron: Lou's son and ex-wife no longer live in Bedlam but were they in danger there are very few things that would keep him from immediately going to their aid. Cement Overshoes: Quitting the Scarpia Family family is a poor health decision, leaving in the middle of a job even more so. Taking out Lou would be a good way to build a rep and earn points with the higher ups all at once. Concrete Evidence: Lou goes out of his way to avoid using his powers unless there's no other choice. They draw the wrong kind of attention and getting spotted would effectively ruin any cover story he's using. Feet of Clay: Lou is trying to be a better man but he's not there yet. He's slow to trust and slower to let go of a grudge. Convincing him to take risks for strangers may take some doing and convincing him to ask for help is all but impossible. Glass Half Empty: Although he makes a point not to drink while on the job, Lou definitely drinks more than he should. In an unexpected emergency there's no guarantee of finding him sober or without a hangover. Golden Rule: Respect is met with respect. Disrespect is met with percussive correction. Steely Resolve: Though usually methodical and cautious once Lou has committed himself to a fight he's loathe to walk away. He'll take on impossible odds or weather fantastic amounts of punishment if it means keeping his word. Tin Badge: Many of Lou's former colleagues in the BCPD take issue with his metahuman status while others resent his newer ties with the Scarpia Family. Plenty don't see any reason to choose just one reason to hate him. Abilities: 8 + 6 + 12 + 4 + 8 + 4 = 42PP Strength: 18 / 26 (+4 / +8) Dexterity: 16 (+3) Constitution: 22 / 30 (+6 / +10) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 18 (+4) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 16 + 12 = 28PP Initiative: +7 Attack: +8 Base, +10 Melee Defense: +8 (+6 Base, +2 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed Grapple: +14 / +18 Knockback: -3 Flat-Footed / -4 without Powers / -8 with Powers Saving Throws: 4 + 6 + 8 = 18PP Toughness: +8 / +12 (+6 Con, +2 Defensive Roll, +4 Enhanced Constitution) [Impervious 4] Fortitude: +10 / +14 (+6 Con, +4 Enhanced Constitution, +4) Reflex: +9 (+3 Dex, +6) Will: +12 (+4 Wis, +8) Skills: 148R = 37PP Bluff 8 (+10) Concentration 6 (+10) Diplomacy 8 (+10) Drive 2 (+5) Gather Information 8 (+10) Intimidate 13 (+15) Investigate 13 (+15) Knowledge [Behavioral Sciences] 3 (+5) Knowledge [Civics] 8 (+10) Knowledge [Streetwise] 13 (+15) Knowledge [Tactics] 8 (+10) Language 2 (English [Native], Italian, Spanish) Medicine 6 (+10) Notice 11 (+15) Perform [Singing] 8 (+10) Search 8 (+10) Sense Motive 11 (+15) Stealth 12 (+15) Feats: 20PP All-Out Attack Attack Focus [Melee] 2 Connected Defensive Roll 1 Dodge Focus 2 Fast Task 2 [Feint, Startle] Improved Critical [Unarmed] 2 Improved Grab Improved Initiative Interpose Luck 2 Power Attack Startle Stunning Attack Uncanny Dodge [Auditory] Powers: 4 + 5 + 19 + 7 = 35PP Damage 2 (Boxing; Feats: Innate, Mighty) [4PP] (training) Device 1 (Earbud; 5PP Container, Flaws: Hard to Lose, Feats: Subtle) [5PP] Super-Senses 4 (Communication Link 4 [Other Earbuds], Feats: Subtle) [5DP] Alternate Form 4 (20PP Container [Active, Sustained], Drawback: Noticeable) [19PP] Enhanced Constitution 8 [8PP] Enhanced Strength 8 [8PP] Impervious 4 [4PP] Object Mimicry 1 (5PP Variable Power, Any Power, Multiple Powers at Once, Touch Range; Extras: Action [Free Action]) [7PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed [without Powers] Touch DC 21 Toughness Damage Unarmed [with Powers] Touch DC 25 Toughness Damage Totals: Abilities (42) + Combat (28) + Saving Throws (18) + Skills (37) + Feats (20) + Powers (35) - Drawbacks (0) = 180/202 Power Points
  11. L0vel@ce / Sofí Orellana Power Level: 8/12 (180/186PP) Unspent Power Points: 6 Trade-Offs: Attack / Damage, Defense / Toughness In Brief: Brilliant cyber-criminal, sticking it to the corrupt and cruel Catchphrase: Theme: Daft Punk (Pentatonix Cover) Alternate Identity: Sofía Orellana, aka L0vel@ce Birthplace: Hardwick Park, Bedlam City Residence: Bedlam City Base of Operations: Bedlam City Occupation: Hacker Affiliations: The Fix Family: Extended and large, Sofí's parents own their small garage in Hardwick Park and she has grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that are all local to the area, keeping her close to Bedlam even as she keeps quiet what she spends her spare time doing. Description: Age: 27 Apparent Age: 27 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Latina Height: 5'2" Weight: 120 lbs Eyes: Brown, if she's not wearing contacts to change it. Hair: Naturally, dark brown but its rarely the same color for any week in a row. Typically, her long curly hair is dyed in some rainbow of colors. Pink usually factors in over blues and greens but she's been known to regularly switch that up. It's very thick, naturally curly and long enough to reach her hips when dry. It's a bit of a pain in the butt to take care of but it's something of a vanity. Short and curvy, Sofía Orellana is not the most intimidating of figures at first glance, or even second glance. Give the woman even the most rudimentary of tools, though, and she will happily reign cyber destruction like a sweet-faced, vengeful god. She likes to keep her laptop close at hand, so a shoulder bag with a small horde of colorful pins is never too far from her fingertips. Her clothing tends towards practical and fun unless she's currently working on a car, at which point, she's wearing coveralls with her hair tucked tightly under a cap. Build wise, Sofía has some toned muscle under her curves. Girl doesn't slack on the working out just cuz she's a top-tier geek. History: Hardwick Park is not a nice place to grow up but its the only place that Sofía has ever called home. Her large family moved into the area with the influx of the other hispanic families as the neighborhood changed hands. Her parents weren't ever well off by the national metric, but her father owns his garage and takes a great deal of pride in that. Sofía grew up around cars and had a natural knack for fixing things, but her brothers were largely recruited into the mechanic's shop, and her sisters seemed content to staff the front of the shop part time. For her part, Sofía found her calling in fixing up the technology that was always third hand and breaking down around the shop. Without doubt, she's a genius but the public schools around Hardwick aren't exactly designed to help anyone find a way out of Bedlam. She was often bored in classes but while that got some of her cousins and siblings into trouble, Sofía avoided falling in with the local gang, but only because she realized that when money's largely electronic, its pretty easy to move around a few zeroes if you have the means and the know how. Despite her strong feelings on the public right to information and the unfairness of the financial distribution of this country, Sofí has no desire to see people suffer. She'd go full Robin Hood, really, if she wasn't well aware that most of her family, more money would really mean more problems. So, she fixes things, here and there, makes sure that there's enough windfall to keep her large extended family afloat without tipping her hand to her resources, or her skills. About half of her cousins are involved in petty crimes so she's not real eager to help them scale up to the sort of things that get a body killed. Personality & Motivation: Sofí's life choices are about three parts genius to one part stubborn pride. She knows she's very good at what she does, and there's some ego wrapped up in that. Despite her technically criminal endeavors, she's not actually a bad person. Her targets are those that have more than enough, or, in her estimation, don't deserve their good fortune. If the system is inherently broken, then its only fair to change the game. The entire world is full blown Kobayashi Maru in Sofí's book and all she's doing is finding the win. Honestly, Sofí could have left this two-bit town a long time ago but she's a fiercely loyal creature and family is important to her, even if she feels like none of them really even understand or even see her for who she actually is. So, Bedlam remains her home and in-between her cyber-antics, she tries to keep her kin from getting too deep into the trouble that winds its way throughout Bedlam. Powers & Tactics: Sofí is human but can hardly be called normal. Brilliant, she can make technology do all sorts of things that look like something out of an action movie. She has a few small electronic devices that are easily pocketable and function as a small bag of tricks that allow her not only to hack all sorts of electronics, but go above and beyond. Her Multi-Tool represents a few different palm sized items that are easily carried, from a cutting torch that's no bigger than a pocket flash light to the scanning and recording devices that she's installed in her phone. Physically, Sofí works out regularly and trains at the gym in both kickboxing and free-running. If it comes to hand-to hand fighting, she's going to do her best to break and run. She's not a close-in fighter - or really any sort of fighter at all - but she's better off if she can get some distance and use something as a distraction to get away. Power Descriptions: Sofí has no actual powers, at least nothing flashy or noticeable. She's not any sort of meta-human, but she functions at peak human intelligence and has mastered multiple fields through self guided study. There's nothing super natural or magical about it, but its certainly outside of any sort of normal bell curve. The super senses that she does have are to represent her intelligence and what she can glean via her computer skills, as well as Quickness to demonstrate the speed she functions at. I should note that she doesn't possess any supernatural speed and that the Quickness is there to mechanically represent that through her intellect, she can invent devices, build objects and get things done at an astonishing pace. Complications: Mi Familia: Sofía's large and extended family makes their home in Hardwick park so not only does she have to keep them out of her business and what she actually gets up to, she also occasionally has to try and keep tabs on their activities and try to buffer them from the many dangers in Bedlam... without any of them catching onto her antics. Robin Hood: Her morals generally align to righting the unfairness of the social order, a little bit of anarchy and issues with authority combined with the certainty of her own course of actions. She has a code of ethics that dictates her actions. Hack the Planet: Information should be free, if you ask her, and she's both willing and able to put her money where her mouth is on this subject. Her tendency to dump secrets out in the open has made her plenty of enemies, if they could track her down through her aliases. Wanted: L0vel@ce's antics are not legal by a large stretch and if connected back to her actual identity, could cause Sofí to end up in jail, or dead. Lover not a Fighter: Sofí is more used to video games than actual bloodshed, any combat she's been in has been the result of a serious error along the way. She's not going to act like a hardened combat veteran because she's just not that experienced with it. Abilities: 0 + 8 + 8 + 14 + 8 + 8 = 46 PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 18 (+4) Constitution: 18 (+4) Intelligence: 24 (+7) Wisdom: 18 (+4) Charisma: 18 (+4) Combat: 16 + 16 = 32 PP Initiative: +4 Attack: +8 Unarmed, +8 Base Defense: +8 (+8 Base, +0 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed Grapple: +8 Knockback: 4 (2 Flat-Footed) Saving Throws: 3 + 3 + 4 = 10 PP Toughness: +8 (+4 Con, +4 Defensive Roll) Fortitude: +7 (+4 Con, +3) Reflex: +7 (+4 Dex, +3) Will: +8 (+4 Wis, +4) Skills: 124r = 31 PP Bluff 6 (+10) Computers 13 (+20) Concentration 11 (+15) Craft (Electronic) 13 (+20) Craft (Mechanical) 8 (+15) Craft (Chemical) 8 (+15) Disable Device 13 (+20) Drive 6 (+10) Knowledge (Current Events) 3 (+10) Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 8 (+15) Knowledge (Technology) 13 (+20) Medicine 6 (+10) Notice 6 (+10) Search 8 (+15) Sense Motive 2 (+6) Feats: 9 PP Benefit: Wealth Defensive Roll x 4 Eidetic Memory Improvised Tools Inventor Online Research Equipment: Powers: = 52 PP Container 4 (Prodigy) [20 PP] (training) Comprehend 4 (Polyglot; Codes, Languages (Speak One Language, Understand, Read Languages) {8} (training) Comprehend 1 (Computer Savvy; Electronics) {2} (training) Quickness 8 (One with the Code; Flaws: Limited to Software Only) {3}] (training) Quickness 4 (Quick Hands) {4} (training) Super Senses (Speed Reading; Visual; Rapid x 2) {2} (training) Feature (Video Game Historian) {1} (training) Device 1 (Smartphone; Flaws: Easy-to-Lose; Feats: Subtle) [4 PP] Communication 2 (Datalink; Radio 100' range; Feats: Rapid (x10), Subtle 2) {5} Device 2 (Enhanced Earbuds; 10DP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose; Feats: Subtle) [9PP] (technology) Communication Link 4 (Other Earbuds; Radio; Feats: Subtle) [5 DP] ESP (Audio Only; Extra: Simultaneous; Flaws: Feedback, Medium: Other Earbuds; Feats; Subtle) [5 DP] Device 6 (Multi-Tool; 30DP Container; Flaws: Easy-To-Lose; Feats: Subtle) [19 PP] Feature 1(Record and playback Audio, Video, Radio) {1} Multi-Tool Item Array (24DP; Feats: Alternate Power x 5) {29} Base Power: Dazzle 8 (Flash-Bang; Visual/Audio; Extra: Area(cone), Flaws: Range(touch)) {24} Alternate Power: Stun 8 (Taser; vs. Fortitude; Extras: Affects Objects) {24} Alternate Power: Damage 8 (Laser-Cutter; Extra; Penetrating, Linked (+0); Feats: Precise) {17} + Drain Toughness 6 (Laser Cutter; Extras: Affects Objects, Flaws: Objects only, Feats: Precise) {7} Alternate Power: Super Senses 24 (Audio/Radio Scanner; Acute(Audio) 2, Acute(Radio) 2, Analytical(Audio) 2, Analytical(Radio) 2, Radio Sense 1, Ultra-Hearing 1, Extended(Audio 1000') 2, Extended(Radio 1000') 2, Rapid(All Audio x10) 2, Rapid(Radio, x100) 2, Tracking(Radio) 3, Tracking(audio) 3) {24} Alternate Power: Super Senses 24 (Camera Analysis; Analytical(Visual) 2, Penetrates Concealment 4, InfraVision 1, Ultra-Vision 1, Microscopic Vision 2, Direction Sense 1, Distance Sense 1, Rapid(All Visual x100) 4, Extended (Visual 10,000') 3, Hidden Awareness(Visual) 2, Tracking(infravision) 3) {24} Alternate Power: Illusions 8 (Hack the System; Visual/Audio; Extras: Duration: Continuous; Flaws; Limited to Machines, Action: Full Round) {24} Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 15 Toughness Damage Flash-Bang Touch DC 18 Reflex Dazzle Taser Touch DC 18 Fortitude Stun Laser-Cutter Touch DC 23 Toughness Damage Hack the System Perception DC 18 Will Illusion Totals: Abilities (46) + Combat (32) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (31) + Feats (9) + Powers (52) - Drawbacks (0) = 180/186 Power Points
  12. Savant Power Level: 8/14 (207/222PP) Unspent Power Points: 15 Trade-Offs: +5 Attack / -5 Damage (unarmed), +3 Attack / -3 Damage (Collapsable Baton) , +4 Defense / -4 Toughness In Brief: Memetically enhanced genius atoning for the wrongs done while controlled by Labyrinth Catchphrase: Theme: Redemption Song Alternate Identity: Xavier Steadman, Subject 24005 Birthplace: Unknown Residence: Bedlam City Base of Operations: Bedlam City Occupation: Private Eye Affiliations: The Fix Family: Unknown Description: Age: 45 (DoB: 1971) Apparent Age: Also 45 Gender: Male Ethnicity: African American Height: 6'2" Weight: 210 Eyes: Grey Hair: Black Xavier is a dark skinned, broad shouldered man of middle years, Dark grey eyes peer out from a heavy brow with an intensity bordering on unsettling. He keeps his hair closely shorn in a no nonsense easily maintained style. He normally dresses in a dark grey woolen suit though varies his outfit as needed for a job. When disguising his identity he opts for a heavy indigo scarf and dark grey fedora in the style of mystery men of old, though this is less sentimentality than pragmatism, even in disguise being able to bled into a crowd is just sound survival policy in Bedlam. History: His history is largely a blank slate. Until his escape in his early thirties Xavier was under lock and key in a Labyrinth run facility as part of 'Project Savant' an attempt to unlock the mind's potential through intensive hypnosis and memetic training. He was a rare success, most minds buckled under the strain of the deep hypnotic states and the assault of the memetic learning programs, the results were varied some crippled, some catatonic or driven to psychotic breaks. Subject 24005 as he was labeled also began the process earlier than most, he was taken or given up by his parents shortly after birth and even his enhanced recall techniques can not summon a memory a time before the project. By the time he was twelve he had outstripped most of his tutors and phase two began. Rather than focusing his capabilities toward any specific goal he was brought in to troubleshoot problematic research or operations for the organization. His ability to rapidly bring himself up to speed on any given subject and bring in disparate knowledge made leaps in both technologies but more often methodologies. Initial projects were presented as further tests and puzzles though the change in faces and the time pressure did not go unnoticed by the young Savant. Nor did he miss the clear discomfort and sometimes hostility his suggestions were met with by older experts. By adulthood he realized his simulations and tests were all too real and that his choices would impact real people though his conditioning kept him from outright rebellion he began to quietly plot and plan a way out. It took him nearly ten years to work his way free of the memnetic controls. More time still of active effort to plot an escape, he knew he'd get but one chance. Once they realized his programming was compromised he'd be a liability. He made his escape though not as efficiently as he'd have hoped, they'd be looking for him in the likely refuges and it was uncertain his efforts at reform would be met with anything but scepticism by the heroes of the world. Subject 24005 took the name Xavier Steadman, and made for the one place he knew they'd not suspect him to go after all, no one came to Bedlam voluntarily. But in this wretched hive he could vanish and work at erasing his trail, and maybe begin to atone for the wrongs he'd been part of. In Bedlam a false identity was easily enough crafted, a disgraced investigator, working PI jobs for his meager wages snapping shots of cheating spouses and fraudulent insurance claims. A small fish in a small pool, unremarkable but for a stalwart refusal to do the gangs or mobs dirty work. A clean PI trying to make due, slowly earning a reputation as one of the rare good guys in Wolverton. Not someone to make waves but someone of integrity and a distant cold kindness. Personality & Motivation: Xavier is driven by shame and fear. Not of death or pain, such things can be managed and are perhaps what he deserves in the end, but he fears the shackles of the mind returning and putting his brilliance once more to used for nefarious ends. He fears being weaponized again, turned to his former master's greater plans. Yet beyond that fear and shame is a desire to try and make right in some small way what his genius had put wrong. His actions are subtle and long term, a file mailed anonymously, a tip on a fraudulent lien. He wants to do more, but lacks the resources to take on his former masters on their terms so he works at the edges growing cracks and fissures, weakening, wearing them down. If his memetic enhancements hold through old age he might just survive to see some of his work bear fruit. Powers & Tactics: Savant has little in the way of flashy powers, he'd not even consider himself 'Super' though he knows his enhancements put his intellect in a frame rivaled by only a handful. He is an efficient and tactical fighter using terrain and situation awareness to his advantage to strike exactly where he needs to when he needs to. To ruthlessly exploit any weakness he uncovers and to always have a backup to his backups. He prefers to avoid confrontation but when unavoidable he'll strike fast and sure with his collapsible baton or fists to end the fight as quickly and quietly as possible. He understands the power of guns but refuses to rely on such means, they are usually more liability than benefit with the work he does. Power Descriptions: Savant has no obvious powers, his abilities are in the planning and execution of the plan, and always being ready with another, always seeking a weakness to exploit. Complications: The Good: Xavier is trying to make right the wrongs he was part of while under labyrinth control. He head is full of memories of the wrongs done and aspects coudl pop up and drive him to go further than is wise on a job. The Bad: Labyrinth wants him back or possibly just eliminated. Taurus hates loose ends. The Ugly: Xavier is a black man in Bedlam trying to to the right thing, the Mobs and Cops will target him for 'stepping out of place' and the Wolverton gangs will see him as potential threat to their power. Man with No Name: Xavier Steadman is a fabrication, there may be records of the infant that became subject 24005 somewhere in some dusty city hall waiting to be digitized but for all intents and purposes Savant has no Official past. Abilities: 6 + 0 + 8 + 20 + 10 + 0 = 44PP Strength: 16 (+3) Dexterity: 10 (+0) Constitution: 18 (+4) Intelligence: 30 (+10) Wisdom: 20 (+5) Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat: 22 + 24 = 46PP Initiative: +10 Attack: +13 Unarmed, +11 Base Defense: +12 (+12 Base, +0 Dodge Focus), +6 Flat-Footed Grapple: +14 Knockback: -2 Saving Throws: 4 + 5 + 5 = 14PP Toughness: +4 (+4 Con) Fortitude: +8 (+4 Con, +4) Reflex: +8 (+3 Dex, +5) Will: +10 (+5 Wis, +5) Skills: 68R = 17PP Bluff 4 (+4) Diplomacy 4 (+4) Gather Information 10 (+10) Investigate 10 (+20) Knowledge: Tactics 10 (+20) Notice 10 (+15) Search 10 (+20) Sense Motive 10 (+15) Feats: 16PP Ambidextrous Attack Specialization: Unarmed 1 Beginners Luck Eidetic Memory Equipment 1 Improvised Tools Jack-Of-All-Trades Luck 2 (4 Total) Master Plan 2 Power Attack Speed of Thought Teamwork 3 Equipment: 1PP = 5EP Collapsable Baton (Damage 2, Improved Crit (19-20), Mighty, Subtle) 5 Powers: 9 + 15 + 41 + 5 = 70PP Comprehend 4 (Polyglot; Codes, Language: Understand, Language: Speak One at a Time, Language: Read; Power Feats: Innate) [9PP] (Savantry) Luck Control 4 (Plan M; Spend HP for others, Grant HP to others, Negate Fiat, Force Reroll; Power Feats: Innate, Luck 2) [15PP] (Savantry) Probability Control 10 (Polymath; Power Feats: Innate) [41PP] (Savantry) Device 1(Earbud; Flaws: Hard to Lose, Power Feats: Subtle) [5PP] Communication Link 4(Other Earbuds; Radio; Power Feats: Subtle) [5PP] Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 18 Toughness Damage Collapsable Baton Touch DC 20 Toughness Damage Totals: Abilities (44) + Combat (46) + Saving Throws (14) + Skills (17) + Feats (16) + Powers (70) - Drawbacks (0) = 207/222 Power Points
  13. Emerald Spider Power Level: 8 (120/144PP) Unspent Power Points: 24 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: You friendly neighborhood spider hero. Catchphrase: "It is the duty for those that can to protect the weak." Alternate Identity: Peri Pyeng (Secret) Birthplace: Emerald City Residence: Bethlehem Heights Base of Operations: Emerald City Occupation: Air Conditioner Repairs Affiliations: none Family: Mi-yeong Pyeng (mother, deceased), Jin-ho Pyeng (father), Myung-sook Pyeng (Grandmother) Description: Age: 25 (DoB: 25th February 1991) Gender: Female Ethnicity: Korean-American Height: 5'5" Weight: 125 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Peri has never really paid attention to her looks often appearing a little unkempt with her hair tied up to keep it out of her way, though she normally keep it short for just that reason. Never being one to follow fashion she chooses her clothes for comfort and utility, often looking like her fashion sense is about ten years out of date. The costume she wears is now is based on the hoodie design that she wore original when Emerald Spider first appeared, though now she wears a hood and goggles to hide her identity and the whole costume is a very dark green rather than the black of her original costume. In addition to the black gloves boot and belt that make up the Spdr Rig she has inlaid over the costume in a web like pattern of fine silver thread that allows greater control of the rigs abilities. History: Every time before she would fly out on deployment Peri's mother would explain to her young daughter that it was the duty for those that can to protect the weak. As it was the last time she left, but an upset young Peri wasn't having it and she shouted at her mother that she didn't care about such stupid things as other more hateful things. Everything that Peri said she can still recall in perfect details, for that flight her mother took was shot down with the lost of everyone on board. The young Peri didn't cry or show any real emotions over her mother death, instead she set herself to make her mother proud in every way she could from this point onward. Already possessing a keen mind she threw herself in her studies paying less attention to the science fields that she loved in favor of the more practical fields of engineering. Whilst she didn't have many friends or go on many dates, she was content to follow this path and was rewarded by the top grade in both her High school studies and her courses at the local university. With such amazing grades there was a clamor of several of the top companies trying to get her to join their company. For once her future looked bright. After her normal careful consideration she went with a small research firm that was trying to develop a device that projected a field that both protected the wearer and allowed them to go almost anywhere, with even limited flight. This snappily named Spdr Rig was being designed to help emergency services reach trapped and injured people for when they couldn't rely on super heroic help. Though she didn't develop the suit herself she quickly made herself invaluable to the team making numerous improvement to the rigs operations, with several other ideas in the planning stage. Indeed the extra hour she put into developing the suit further sealed her fate that set her on the path to become the Emerald Spider. Working one late one night on the systems whilst wearing the rig she discovered that the rig was configured to emit a potentially deadly burst of energy, something that went against the very purpose of the rig in the first place. She should have left it at that and bought up to her supervisors in the morning, but instead she went digging through the companies systems and discovered that the actual purpose of the Spdr Rig was to be used as a weapon and sold to the highest bidder. Whilst she was careful she obviously wasn't careful enough as she was confronted by a group of strangely armored guards the business being a front to for an super-criminal organization. Luckily she was still wearing the suit and managed to escape from the building, without harming anyone in the process, and escaped into the night with the Spdr Rig. Unfortunately for Peri her troubles were just beginning. She awoke the next morning to find the police at her door and she discover that she was blamed for a fire at the company that not only destroyed the place but also claimed the lives of several of the guards. Her lawyer, sent by the evil organization, explained that this would all go away if she would only give them back the Spdr Rig that she had taken. She had never been the best at lying to people but she got lucky that day as she managed to convince them that the Spdr Rig had been destroyed. Though this got her off the hook they still destroyed her reputation such that she found it impossible to find any of the work that she worked so hard to achieve. Still she was a Pyeng and they didn't give up so she got herself back on her feet and got the best job she could. The real question was what to do with the Spdr Rig? The question was answer for her by circumstances and not in the way that she had expected. Whilst checking on the rigs hiding place, and considering destroying it, she spotted a mother and daughter about to be hit by a runaway bus. Without thinking, almost a first for Peri, she leapt in to action to snatch the two up from the path of the vehicle. She thought no more of it until she found that the event had been caught on camera and became she'd become a local hero almost overnight, luckily she'd had the forethought to disguise her appearance by wearing a red kerchief and pulling the hood up on her hoodie. This she realized was a chance to do good in the name of her mother and help people in the alias of who the media had dubbed the Emerald Spider. Personality & Motivation: Peri's entire life has been focus in someway to helping others people, feeling that in this way she honors the memory of her mother. Even though she know it's not her fault she's never been able to shake the guilt of the last things she said before her mother died. This has made her a very stern and serious person with little time to enjoy life, almost everything she does is calmly considered with the pro's and con's carefully laid out. When she's in patrolling as Emerald Spider things are very different she often doesn't have time to consider her actions and has to instead to react to the problems as it happens. This gives her a freedom that allows her to enjoy herself, she had even been know to make the odd quip now and again though she's really not that good at them. Powers & Tactics: Peri's relies on the Spdr rig's enhanced agility to keep constantly moving, making herself a difficult target to hit as can. She will do hit and run tactics, especially on ground base targets, hopefully keeping out of the way of potential danger. This is because even though she keeps herself in good shape, and is a fairly competent at acrobatics, she never been a solid or confident fighter. Power Descriptions: The Spatial Distortion Resonance Rig (Spdr Rig) generates a field that works on a strong and weak atomic forces to either attract or repel the operator from objects around them. The various way that this can be used is done with a series of complicated finger movements, they hadn't had chance to install a better interface. The rig itself consists of a pair of gloves and belt and boots that all work together to generate the field, this had been enhanced by the fine silver mesh she's inlaid throughout her costume, the web pattern forms was just a bonus. The Spdr Rig when active generates a shimmer in the air of a twisting of cords in the air, a visualization of multidimensional superstrings, the solidity of these cords depends on how concentrated that part of the field is currently, from almost hidden by the silver web of her costume for her force field to almost solid for her Spdr Blast. Complications: Don't run on Triple A's: Manipulating the fundamentals of the universe is a little power draining to say the least, at the most inopportune moments her Spdr Rig can sometimes run out of juice making things difficult to say the least. With Great Power: Peri is driver by the memory of her mother to always try and do the right things. She will push herself to her very limits, and sometimes beyond, to try and stop the villains. Can't fool Nana: Whilst Peri has managed to hide her identity in Emerald City from everyone except one, Nana Myung-sook. Nana had seen through her disguise almost immediately and got Peri to confess to the fact. Whilst it's mostly a bonus, giving Peri someone to talk to about her problems, Nana Myung-sook can't help but try to get involved in her granddaughter business putting herself in danger. Superheroin' don't pay the bills: Whilst repairing air conditioning units gives her access to lots of handy skyscrapers it doesn't exactly provide the money necessary for the exotic materials necessary to keep the Spdr Rig running. Abilities: 0 + 6 + 0 + 10 + 4 + 4 = 24PP Strength: 10/16 (+0/+3) Dexterity: 16/22 (+3/+6) Constitution: 10/18 (+0/+4) Intelligence: 20 (+5) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 12 + 10 = 22PP Initiative: +3/+6 Attack: +6 Base +8 Spdr Blast Defense: +8 (+5 Base, +3 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Grapple: +9 Knockback: -3 Saving Throws: 5 + 5 + 4 = 14PP Toughness: +0/+8 (+0/+4 Con, +4 Force Field [Impervious 1]) Fortitude: +5/+9 (+0/+4 Con, +5) Reflex: +8/+11 (+3/+6 Dex, +5) Will: +6 (+2 Wis, +4) Skills: 56R = 14PP Acrobatic 5 (+8/+11) Climb 6 (+6/+9) Computers 5 (+10) Craft (Electronic) 5 (+10) Craft (Mechanical) 5 (+10) Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 5 (+10) Knowledge (Technological) 5 (+10) Language +1 (Korean, English [Native]) Notice 8 (+10) Performance (Percussion) 1 (+3) Search 5 (+10) Stealth 5 (+8/+11) Feats: 10PP Acrobatic Bluff Attack Specialization (Spdr Blast) 1 Dodge Focus 3 Evasion 2 Move-by Action Takedown Attack Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) 1 Powers: 36 = 36PP Spdr Rig 12 (60PP Device, Easy to Lose) [36PP] Damage 7 (Spdr Blast 80 ft Extra: Range Feat: Alternative Powers 3) [19PP] · Snare 8 (Spdr Snare 80 ft Range Feat: Slow Fade (1 minute), Tether) [16PP] · Snare 5 (Area Spdr Snare 50 ft Range, 25ft Area Extra: Area Burst (General) Feat: Slow Fade (1 minute)) [16PP] · Trip 5 (Spdr Lines 50 ft Range, 25ft Area Extra: Area Burst (General) Feat: Slow Fade (1 minute)) [16PP] Enhanced Constitution 8 [8PP] Enhanced Dexterity 6 [6PP] Enhanced Strength 6 [6PP] Flight 4 (100 mph / 880 ft/rnd Flaw: Gliding, Forward Only) [3PP] Force Field 4 (Extra: Impervious 1) [5PP] Super-Movement 4 (Slow Fall, Wall-Crawling 3) [8PP] Super-Sense 1 (Danger Sense - Field Distortion) [1PP] Super-Strength 2 (+10 Str Heavy Load 400 lbs) [4PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 17 Toughness Damage Spdr Blast Ranged DC 22 Toughness Damage Spdr Snare Ranged DC 17 Reflex Snare Spdr Snare, Area Ranged DC 15 Reflex Snare Spdr Trip Ranged DC 15 Trip Tripped Totals: Abilities (24) + Combat (22) + Saving Throws (14) + Skills (14) + Feats (10) + Powers (36) - Drawbacks (0) = 120/144 Power Points
  14. Reagent / Alkahest Power Level: 8/13 (232/250PP) [256] Unspent Power Points: 18 Trade-Offs: Reagent: +2 Attack / -2 Damage (Bartitsu Cane), None (Alchemical Flasks), +4 Defense / -4 Toughness Alkahest: -5 Attack / +5 Damage, -5 Defense / +5 Toughness In Brief: Victorian-era alchemist struggling to contain a merciless force of nature. Theme: Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs Alternate Identity: Winifred Wei Identity: Semi-Secret Birthplace: London, England Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy Family: None Living; Wei Chao (father, deceased), Wei Xia (mother, deceased) Description: Age: 18 (Subjectively; DoB: April, 1839) Gender: Female Ethnicity: British Chinese Height: 5'4" / 8'6" Weight: 120 lbs. / 600 lbs. Eyes: Green Hair: Black Winifred Wei is a slim young woman characterized by her impeccable comportment and intense demeanor. Her jet black hair has recently been styled in a tidy pixie cut with sharp edges that keep it off of her heart-shaped face. Perpetual dark circles under her eyes speak to a lack of sleep and abundance of stress but her tone of voice is nevertheless clipped and precise. While gradually growing accustomed to modern fashions she still tends toward conservative styles and colours. When expecting trouble she carries a broad leather bandolier filled with stoppered vials of alarmingly coloured alchemical concoctions and is rarely seen without her elegant mahogany walking stick with its serpentine styled head. Alkahest, by contrast, is a pallid mass of twisting, too-dense muscle with a greyish, corpse-like tint. Towering even with a pronounced stoop, her proportions are only nominally human and give only the most general indication of gender. Milky white eyes staring out from behind long, disheveled hair and a flat expression betray nothing as the beast stalks her target with a terrifying single-mindedness. The transformation is violent and chaotic, shredding conventional clothing and taxing the capabilities of skin-tight morphic molecules. Fortunately the Academy has been able to provide her with a looser, high collared lab coat made of the adaptive material. History: Wei Chao emigrated from Hong Kong to London in 1833 by taking a job as a deckhand for a prominent shipping company. Skilled at absorbing and applying new information and with a humble charm that ingratiated him with the company's officers, he made himself an indispensable assistant to the ship's doctor when a seafaring mishap left several sailors injured. With the help of his sponsor, in impressively short order and causing something of a stir Chao was accepted to the University of Cambridge to study medicine. Artfully walking the line between impressing his teachers and peers with his abilities without stepping on anyone's toes in a few year's time he had established himself enough to send for his wife, Xia. Similarly brilliant, she soundly invested the early profits of her husband's modest practice and the couple made themselves quite comfortable. In 1839, after considerable difficulty, they had a daughter, Winifred. Fully assimilated and conscious of their social standing Chao and Xia practiced only enough of their homeland's traditions to benefit from the Western fascination with orientalism. Raised as a native Londoner, Winifred demonstrated prodigious intelligence from a very young age, if not the restraint and moderation her parent's practiced so carefully. Frustrated by the assumptions leveled against her based on ethnicity, gender and youth her talents for biting sarcasm and humiliating her detractors were a frequent source of contention at home. Assimilated or not, Chao was uncomfortable with the idea of his daughter marrying an Englishman and was convinced after months of cajoling to allow her to work as his assistant, at least for the time being. Having devoured the contents of her father's medical texts even as a child, as a teenager Winifred chafed under the limited scope of a practicing physician. Scouring the city for more obscure tomes she found herself drawn into the booming community of fringe researchers who preferred to refer to their collective areas of study as 'rogue science' but were referred to in hushed tones in polite society as simply mad. Thrilled to learn from such progressive - if frequently unhinged - thinkers Winifred was particularly drawn to the mysteries of alchemy, throwing herself into its study unbeknownst to her parents. Starting with a foundation in the alchemy of Hellenistic Egypt, pouring over diagrams purportedly copied from originals saved from the Library of Alexandria, she studied the writings of Jābir ibn Hayyān and Roger Bacon, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa and Jan Baptist van Helmont among so many others. She found early success in dramatically improving the effectiveness of her father's tonics and moved on to more outlandish concoctions, such as a sticky tar that burst into flames when it came into contact with air and in one case a particularly potent airborne hallucinogen. Expanding her scope to Chinese alchemy and Indian rasayāna then even dubious information surrounding supernatural creatures she began to form her own theories about a serum that would not only cure infirmity but strengthen a person to the limits of human capability, granting perfect health, clarity and perhaps even immortality. Her initial experiments along these lines were not promising but she could feel herself getting closer, on the very cusp of a monumental breakthrough. It was at this point that her parents discovered the increasingly conspicuous laboratory she had been hiding in her room along with her collection of esoteric writings. Horrified and frightened both for Winifred's safety and the family's public image they forbade her from any further scientific studies. Blaming themselves for leaving her too idle they hurriedly made plans to have her married off, hoping to put the whole thing behind them before the matter could become explosively public - perhaps literally. Railing against the injustice and indignity, Winifred locked herself in her room and redoubled her efforts in a frenzy. Deciding that the consequences could be damned, she downed the latest version of her serum and immediately doubled over in agony. What followed she was only ever able to recall in a hazy blur: tearing clothing, the wall of her family home reduced to loose brick and dust, a thunderous boom and spreading flame, sharp cracks and wet pops and shouting constabulary. When she came to, gasping for air and wearing tattered rags, barely strong enough to stand, she knew she had created something truly monstrous, become something monstrous. She could feel the creature, her other self, barely contained and threatening to emerge again and could see only one solution. Stumbling from shadow to shadow, she broke into the hidden laboratory of one of her fellow rogue scientists she mixed a poison that would do more than just kill her, even taking into account the formidable fortitude she estimated the creature to possess. It would render her body wholly inert, preventing any chance of contamination or of her work being replicated through the study of her remains. With a sobbed plea for forgiveness, she swallowed the draught. Her flesh hardened, turning to a glossy, jade-like substance and leaving Winifred Wei, alchemical prodigy, an unexplained statue of a huddled, grief stricken youth. Personality & Motivation: Well aware of her own impressive intelligence and used to having to prove it to others, Winifred has had her confidence severely undercut by the botched serum that created Alkahest. Given what now happens when she becomes upset, however, both aspects have been bottled up as best she can manage. She strives to be collected and professional at all times, leaving her seeming somewhat cold and distant apart from a dry wit that seeps through from time to time. The only thing her condition hasn't been able to damped is her curiosity and need to understand how things work. She is ultimately a scientist before all else and she now has the entirely new world of the modern day to discover and peel apart. She's happiest given solitude and a well stocked chemistry lab. Although her transformed state is obviously more physically capable Winifred sees little potential for good in it. Principled and steadfast, she won't back down from a confrontation particularly in the defense of others but much prefers to labour under her own merits, doing everything she reasonably can to avoid turning into Alkahest. While she views the creature as a largely separate entity from herself she considers herself responsible for its actions all the same and works hard to do as much good as she can when she's herself to make up for them. Powers & Tactics: In combat Reagent carries a bandolier of flasks with a variety of alchemical potions. These range from a fairly straight-forward explosive to a fast acting hallucinogenic cloud to a draught that rapidly accelerates natural healing. Most of these she tosses like grenades, the flasks shattering on impact and releasing their contents, but since she can only carry so many at a time and because they are indiscriminate in their effects she in careful to choose her moments. More precise is her reinforced walking stick with which she is fully proficient but if a conflict has come down to a face to face confrontation something has probably gone very wrong along the way. Alkahest is a single-minded force of nature. It has no tactics, only its target, which it pursues without pause or mercy. Strong and nigh-invulnerable, Alkahest will plow through walls, obstacles, friend and foe alike to get at the subject of its unspoken wrath then pummel it until it stops moving. Once that happens the creature chooses a new target, on and on until it has calmed enough to revert back to an exhausted Winifred. Complications: Chemical Mixture That Creates Chaos: Winifred is continuing to experiment with the serum that turned her into Alkahest, searching for a cure. Dangerous knowledge in the wrong hands. Electing to Ignore It: Winifred was an iconoclast to begin with and removed from concerns over societal standing she's apt to simply ignore any instruction with which she doesn't agree. Need a Little Old-Fashioned: Winifred clings to certain mannerisms such as her style of clothing to mitigate her future shock. No Version of This: Upon transforming Alkahest will pursue whomever or whatever triggered the stress reaction with an inhuman single-mindedness, be they friend or foe. So That's What That Does: An alchemist learns through experimentation! Winifred's sense of inquiry frequently outweighs her sense of caution. Some Form of Electricity: While a prodigy in her own time Winifred has missed out on more than a century of scientific advancements that are now common knowledge. Take That Away: Winifred is without a home, funds or familial connections. She relies on Claremont Academy for the necessities. That's My Secret: Winifred's uncontrollable transformation into Alkahest is triggered by elevated stress, be it anger, fear or other trauma. She has to constantly work to keep her emotions in check. Abilities: 4 + 2 + 4 + 14 + 0 + 8 = 32PP Strength: 14/50 (+2/+20) Dexterity: 12 (+1) Constitution: 14/40 (+2/+15) Intelligence: 24/8 (+7/-1) Wisdom: 10/20 (+0/+5) Charisma: 18 (+4) Combat: 16 + 20 = 36PP Initiative: +5/+1 Attack: +8 Base, +10 Melee Defense: Reagent: +12 (+10 Base, +2 Dodge Focus), +5 Flat-Footed Alkahest: +10, +5 Flat-Footed Grapple: +12/+36 Knockback: -2/-22 Saving Throws: 3 + 5 + 9 = 17PP Toughness: Reagent: +4 (+2 Con, +2 Defensive Roll) Alkahest: +20 (+2 Con, +2 Defensive Roll, +3 Density, +11 Enhanced Constitution, +2 Growth) [Impervious 12] Fortitude: +5/+18 (+2/+15 Con, +3) Reflex: +6 (+1 Dex, +5) Will: +9/+14 (+0/+5 Wis, +9) Skills: 84R = 21PP Bluff 2 (+6/+10) Attractive Craft (Chemical) 13 (+20/+12) Skill Mastery Concentration 5 (+5/+10) Diplomacy 2 (+6/+10) Attractive Disable Device 3 (+10/+2) Skill Mastery Intimidate 4/16 (+8/+22) Enhanced Skill, Growth Investigate 3 (+10) Knowledge (Business) 1 (+8/+0) Knowledge (History) 1 (+8/+0) Knowledge (Life Sciences) 5 (+12/+4) Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 13 (+20/+12) Skill Mastery Language 4 (Arabic, Cantonese, English [Native], Italian, Latin) Medicine 5 (+5/+10) Skill Mastery Notice 5 (+5/+10) Perform (Stringed Instruments) 6 (+10) Perform (Vocals) 4 (+8) Search 3 (+10) Sense Motive 5 (+5/+10) Stealth 0 (+1/-3) Growth Feats: 10PP Attack Focus (Melee) 2 Attractive Challenge (Fast Startle) Defensive Roll 1 Dodge Focus 2 Eidetic Memory Improvised Tools Inventor Power Attack Skill Mastery (Craft [Chemical], Disable Device, Knowledge [Physical Sciences], Medicine) Speed of Thought Startle Powers: 20 + 3 + 1 + 95 = 119PP Device 5 (Bandolier of Alchemical Flasks; 25PP Container; Flaws: Hard-to-Lose) [20PP] Base: Damage 8 (Byzantine Fire; Extras: Area [General, Burst], Ranged, Secondary Effect, Flaws: Action [Full Round], Unreliable [5 Uses], Feats: Alternate Power 5, Incurable, Progression 1 [Increased Area; 40' - 80' radius], Triggered 2) [25DP] (chemical, fire) AP: Confuse 8 (Hallucinogenic Fumes; Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude, +0], Area [General, Burst], Flaws: Unreliable [5 Uses], Feats: Progression 5 [Decrease Area 4, Increase Area 1; 20' - 80' radius], Ricochet, Triggered 2) {16/20} (chemical, inhalant) AP: Drain Toughness 8 (Inorganic Solvent; Extras: Affects Objects Only [+0], Ranged, Secondary Effect, Flaws: Unreliable [5 Uses], Feats: Incurable, Ricochet, Triggered 2) {20/20} (chemical, acid) AP: Healing 8 (Lesser Elixir; Extras: Total, Flaws: Unreliable [5 Uses], Feats: Stabilize, Persistent, Regrowth) {19/20} (chemical, qi) AP: Obscure 5 (Magnetic Dust; Radio, Visual; Extras: Action [Move], Independent [+0], Flaws: Unreliable [5 Uses], Feats: Progression 2 [Decrease Area; 25' - 100' radius], Ricochet, Triggered 2) {20/20} (chemical, magnetism, smoke) AP: Snare 8 (Resin Adhesive; Extras: Contagious, Flaws: Unreliable [5 Uses] Feats: Reversible, Ricochet, Triggered 2) {20/20} (chemical) Device 1 (Bartitsu Cane; 5PP Container; Flaws: Easy-to-Lose) [3PP] Damage 4 (Feats: Mighty) [5DP] (chemically treated wood) Enhanced Feats 2 (Presence of Mind; Dodge Focus 2, Flaws: Limited [Human Form]) [1PP] (training) Alkahest Form 20 (100PP Container [Active, Sustained]; Drawbacks: One-Way Transformation [When Calm, -3], Temporary Disability [Exhausted Upon Transforming Back, -2]) [95PP] Density 6 (Mass x5; +12 Strength, +3 Toughness [Impervious], +2 Immovable, +2 Super-Strength) [18PP] Enhanced Abilities 48 (Enhanced Strength 16, Enhanced Constitution 22, Enhanced Wisdom 10; Drawbacks: Decreased Intelligence 16) [32PP] Enhanced Combat 2 (Counteracting Growth Penalty; Attack 1, Defence 1) [4PP] Enhanced Feats 2 (Challenge [Fast Startle], Startle) [2PP] Enhanced Skills 3 (+12 Intimidate) [3PP] Growth 4 (Large; +8 Strength, +4 Constitution, -1 Combat, +4 Grapple, +2 Intimidate, -4 Stealth) [12PP] Impervious 9 (Total 10) [9PP] Immunity 7 (All Chemical Effects [Half-Effect, +5], Environmental Cold, Environmental Radiation) [7PP] Regeneration 9 (Bruised 3 [No Action], Injured 6 [No Action]) [9PP] Super-Senses 4 (Olfactory; Accurate [+2], Acute, Tracking 1) [4PP] Drawbacks: -3PP Vulnerability (Emotion Effects, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Moderate [x1.5 Effect]) [-3PP] DC Block: ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed (Reagent) Touch DC 17 Toughness Damage Unarmed (Alkahest) Touch DC 35 Toughness Damage Bartitsu Cane Touch DC 21 Toughness Damage Byzantine Fire Ranged, 40'-80' radius DC 23 Toughness Damage [Secondary Effect] Hallucinogenic Fumes Ranged, 20'-80' radius DC 18 Fortitude Confuse Inorganic Solvent Ranged DC 18 Reflex Drain Toughness [Secondary Effect] Resin Adhesive Ranged DC 18 Reflex Entangled/Bound Totals: Abilities (32) + Combat (36) + Saving Throws (17) + Skills (21) + Feats (10) + Powers (119) - Drawbacks (3) = 232/250 Power Points
  15. Phantasmo the Unliving "No performer should attempt to bite off a red-hot iron unless he has a good set of teeth." - Harry Houdini Power Level: 8 (150/161pp) Trade-Offs: -2 damage/+2 attack (Blast, Snare) Unspent Power Points: 11 In Brief: Chatty, friendly, and well-dressed revenant who uses his mystical and undead abilities to oppose those who would prey upon the unfortunate and destitute. Residence: “Lives†in an old abandoned clothing store in a bad part of Southside Base of Operations: the aforementioned clothing store. Catchphrase: “It’s magic!†Theme: “Venus of the Hard Sell†Alternate Identity: Henry Gibson Trent. Identity: Public, but is listed as “deceased.†Birthplace: London, England Occupation: Former stage magician, now drifter. Affiliations: the homeless population of Freedom City Family: Mother (Deceased) Brother (Alfred, 67) - Nephew (John, 30) - grand nephew and neice (Greg, 6, and Samantha, 4) Description: Age: 65 (DoB:6/12/1949) Apparent Age: Hard to tell due to decomposed state Gender: Male Ethnicity: Undead Height: 5’10 Weight: 180 Eyes: yellow (Glowing sockets) - formerly green Hair: None (formerly brown) Beard: Grey (formerly brown) Power Descriptions: He’s not your typical zombie. A good way to think of it is that he’s a ghost who’s possessing his own corpse - so long as his body is in good enough shape for him to inhabit, he can keep on ticking. He has superhuman-strength, unlimited stamina, and can survive without food, water, oxygen, or sleep...and as a bonus, so long as his spirit is in his corpse he doesn’t rot!...Any more than he already has. Plus - and this is cool - as long as his ghost is in his meat suit, any minor wounds are healed! It's like he's not even dead!...aside from the rot, the missing eyes, ears, nose, the missing lips, and whatnot. Aside from his standard zombie powers, he has minor mystical abilities - he can conjure doves, rabbits, scarves, coins, playing cards - you know, basic magic props - can also teleport (very short distances, mind you) via puffs of smoke. Now you see me, now you don't. History: Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A little tyke sees a magic act when he’s five years old and is wowed - decides then and there he wants to be a magician. He wants to be up there with Houdini and all the greats, bless his little soul. He studies everything he can about magic. He pesters his mum and his dad every cChristmasfor magic stuff - kits, books, whatever. Learns, and practices, and learns, and books his first gig at the age of 24 to a small pub in Surrey. Poor sod does his best - pulls out everything he’s learned...only for every trick to go wrong. The milk in newspaper trick only gives soggy funnies. The damned rabbit escapes from the hat. The birds mess in his shirt and escape. Aforementioned bugger realizes something as he leaves the pub to the howls of laughter and boos from the inebriated crowd: He’s really, really bad at this. But what else can he do? It’s all he ever wanted. Enter mysterious old codger with massive smile and promises of dreams come true. The old codger sits on a park bench next to our hero who may or may not be bawling his eyes out. Our hero - daft bugger that he is - is taken in by this man when he says he can make him one of the greatest magicians in the world. Says he can give him genuine magic powers, and the knowledge to use them - only thing that he wants in return is our hero’s soul. He even admits he may just be pulling the boy’s leg and being nice - but what could it hurt just to humor him: Our boy decides to humor the man and says “Yes.†With one handshake, he finds he suddenly knows tricks that Houdini couldn’t dream of his lifetime. He goes back to the pub and begs for another chance - and this time everything goes great. He meets his agent and within six months, he’s one of the greats, and for the next 19 years, things go swimmingly. He plays Vegas. He plays Rome. He plays Paris - He’s made it. The Big time. He’s Copperfield. He’s Siegfried AND Roy. Dreams do come true - happy endings all around. Except...he’s so caught up in his success he completely forgets the old man’s price. On his 44th birthday, he drops down dead of a heart attack in the middle of a performance. Everyone’s shattered - he’s autopsied, buried, and gradually forgotten about...then six weeks later he wakes up his grave. Now, normally this would make anyone quite upset...but for some reason, he’s calm. Coherent. He’s able to dig his way out of his grave and finds he has enhance strength and doesn’t need to eat or drink! Huzzah! And bonus - he has genuine magical powers now. He’s not quite sure what the hell happened...did he escape, was he released?... But he’ll roll with it. ‘course, he realizes he can’t go back to his old life. He’s been dead - life’s over for him. His mum is dead, his brother’s in Florida, and he can’t really well book any more deals as a living chunk of corpse meat. Time to make a fresh start. So, he hops a boat to Freedom City - reasoning that they’ve probably seen weirder than him - and joins the local homeless population, who welcome him with open arms. He’s touched - so touched, that when a local small-time thug by the name of Billy the Bat decides to shake them down, he uses his powers - zombie, and magician - to literally scare him off. And...something odd happens. He realizes he LIKES doing good for others using his powers. Realizing that he should probably go with the crowd and be as theatrical and colorful as possible, he dons a magician costume a friend of his purchases from a thrift shop. Mystico the Magnificent may be dead and gone, but where he was...arises Phantasmo, the Unliving! Personality & Motivation: He’s very friendly and chatty in a somewhat sarcastic sort of way. He’s Very fond of joking around with people and is a bit of a troll with his undead nature. Generally tries to see the good in everyone...but if he thinks you are a jerk, he’ll point it out. Snarkily. The reason he likes to fight crime is quite simple - he hates those who would prey on the weak, would cause undue suffering, and - above all - would look down on someone just because they’re worse off in life. He literally got to escape what he suspects was Hell - he’s not gonna squander this second chance by being a jerk. Plus, you know - being a garishly dressed zombie, you have to do SOMETHING to let the more trigger-happy lads in tights know you’re on the up-and-up. Protecting a bunch of homeless chaps from vicious sods who’d hit them up for money seems a good way to do it. Powers & Tactics: He’s not a straight-up brawler, but you don’t grow up in London without learning some survival skills. He mainly uses his powers to disorient and confuse his opponents before going for the nadgers or pulling whatever other dirty trick he can think of - and he knows quite a few of them. His chatty nature and friendly disposition are also pretty good at catching opponents off-guard. Complications: One Ugly Bugger: Being of the undead persuasion makes it very difficult for others to really warm up to him at first...he’s been shot at, stabbed, and even mopped by an overzealous young man who’d seen too many movies and assumed the zombie apocalypse was coming. Exorcisms are no-one’s friend!: The right exorcism spell can send his soul out of his body and back to wherever it was before he came back...heaven, hell, whatever. Quit being a ham!: Though he is very friendly, he's also very fond of the spotlight...a bit of trouble when stealth and guile are required. It's got a mind of it's own, I swear!: Due to the unique nature of his resurrection, his soul is spread throughout his entire body... but not his mind. As such, while he is able to manipulate his limbs when they are removed (or fall off), if his head isn't attached to his body...it's like a car without a driver. Out of control. Abilities: 10 + 6 -10 + 8 + 10 + 4 = 28PP Strength: 20 (+5) Dexterity: 16 (+3) Constitution: -- Intelligence: 18 (+4) Wisdom: 20 (+5) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 16 + 14 = 30PP Initiative: +3 (+3 Dex) Attack: +8 (Unarmed) +10 (Pick a Card, Scarves, Flock of Doves) Grapple: +16 Defense: +8 (+7 BDB +1 Dodge Focus) +4 Flat-footed Knockback: -4 Saving Throws: 0 + 4 + 3 = 7PP Toughness: +8 (+4 [Protection] [Defensive Roll 2](+2 impervious) Fortitude:-- Reflex: +7 (+3 Dex, +4) Will: +8 (+5 Wis, +3) Skills: 56R = 14PP Bluff 8 (+10), Concentration 5 (+10), Escape Artist 8 (+11), Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 5 (+9), Knowledge (Streetwise) 1 (+5), Notice 4 (+9), Perform (Oratory) 6(+8) Perform (Acting) 6 (+8) Sense Motive 5 (+10), Sleight of Hand 8 (+11) Feats: 17PP Accurate Attack, Ambidexterity, Defensive Roll 2, Distract (Bluff), Dodge Focus 1 Evasion 2, Fascinate (Perform Acting), Fearless, Improved Aim, Instant Up, Ranged Pin, Redirect, Skill Mastery (Bluff,Sleight of Hand,Escape Artist,Perform), Taunt, Uncanny Dodge Powers: 19 + 30 + 6+2+4+1= 62PP Alakazam! (Magic 7 - 14pp array) Feat: 5 extra powers [19pp] Base Power: Pick a card! (Blast 6, Razor sharp, abnormally large playing card is thrown at opponent; Feats: Accurate 1 (+2), Ricochet 1;) {14/14pp} Alternate Power: Flock of Doves...from my sleeves! (Stun 7, Descriptors; A flock of pecking, disorienting doves emerges from the sleeves Extras: Area: Cone (30 ft) Flaws: Dazed,) {14/14pp} Alternate Power: Levitation! (Flight 4, - He levitates himself and objects with the SHEER FORCE OF HIS MIND! 100mph Flaws: Levitation;) And (Move Object 4, Flaws: Direction - Up and Down,) {10/14pp} Alternate Power: Puff of Smoke! (Teleport 6, Vanishes in a puff of smoke to re-appear a few feet away; ; Flaws: Short Range (600ft) Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Extra: Accurate ;) {14/14pp} Alternate Power: Hypnosis (Mind Control 7, mesmerizes opponents with a small, conjured pocket watch; Extras: conscious; Flaws: Sense-dependent - visual) {14/14pp} Alternate Power: Scarves Galore! (Snare 6, A length of scarves flies from his hands to entrap and ensnare baddies ;Flaws: Entangle; Feats: Tether (600ft), Accurate 1(+2)) {8/14pp} Immunity 30 (Save Effect (Fortitude) (30pp) Super Strength 3 (+15 Str Carrying Capacity, Heavy Load: 1.7 tons (6pp) Regeneration 2 (Recovery Bonus (+2); Flaw:Limited (Can't regrow limbs); ;Power Feature:Persistent) (2pp) Protection 4 (4pp) Impervious Toughness 2 (Flaw: Limited (Physical damage only) (1pp) Drawbacks: (-4) + (-4) = -8PP Noticeable (Zombie; Common, Major.) Vulnerable (Fire;Common,Major) DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC15 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Pick a Card Ranged DC 21 Toughness (Staged) Damaged (Physical) Scarves Ranged DC 16 Reflex (Staged) Bound/Entangled Flock of Doves Area (Cone) DC 17 Reflex (Staged) Stunned/Dazed Totals: Abilities (28) + Combat (30) + Saving Throws (7) + Skills (14) + Feats (17) + Powers (62) - Drawbacks (-8) = 150/161) Power Points
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