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  1. Shadowborne Power Level: 12 (built as PL 8; 179/179PP) Unspent Power Points: 0PP Trade-Offs: None In Brief: Celtic girl with powers linked to the Schattenwelt imprisoned during fight with her nemesis, lost until recently, slowly becoming familiar with the modern world. Alternate Identity: Muirne Sceadusangere (Secret) Birthplace: The Kingdom of Kent, England Residence: London, England / Claremont Academy, Freedom City Occupation: Claremont Student Affiliations: Ministry of Powers, Vanguard Family: None known
  2. Howl Power Level: 8/10 (150/154) Unspent Power Points: 4 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: Teenage Genius with a self-built Armored Suit with Sonic based weaponry, self-image issues, and a love for mysteries. Alternatively! Teen Tech Theorist with a Supremely Super Sonic based Suit Suspects Secrets are Secreted in the School! And the world at large. Catchphrase: Doesn't have one yet, unless you count the distinctive noises his sonic blasts make. Theme: Lost in Time by Celldweller Alternate Identity: Zachary 'Zach' Anderson Birthplace: Californias Bay Area Residence: C
  3. Name: Shift Power Level: PL8/12 Tradeoffs: -2 Attack / +2 Damage, -2 Defense / +2 Toughness Power Points: 185/190 Unspent PP: 5 In Brief: Nanotech artifical lifeform with changeable shape Identity: Pol Rothstein-Frasier Birthplace: FR Technologies, Greenbank Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy Family: Alan Frasier ('father'), Sarah Rothstein ('mother') Description DOB: January 24, 2004 (programing completed) Apparent Age: n/a Gender: Genderfluid Ethnicity: n/a Height: 5' 6" Weight: 625 lbs Eyes: n/a Hair: n/a
  4. Luke Landers Aka NightScale Power Level: 8/11 (150/173PP) Unspent Power Points: 23 Trade-Offs: Human form: None In Brief: Friendly neighborhood fire breathing monster. Bad powers, good people. Catchphrase: “I’m fire, I’m death… God now that I say it out loud it sounds lame” Theme: None for now Alternate Identity: Luke Landers, Nightscale Birthplace: Unknown Residence: A trailer park in Southside, Freedom City Base of Operations: Claremont Academy Occupation: Student (but much likely to take whatever odd job he f
  5. Player Name: Eternal Phoenix Character Name: Chronia Power Level: 8 (180/182 PP) Trade-Offs: +2 Damage, -2 Attack(Chronal Blast); +2 Attack, -2 Damage (Chronoscythe Slash & Time Freeze); +2 Defense, -2 Toughness Unspent PP: 2 In Brief: A sort of teenage chronomancer by way of Monkey D. Luffy, so she’s got the hardest head of all time. Residence: Freedom City Base of Operations: Claremont Academy, Freedom City Catchphrase: “Time’s on my side!” “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Theme: “King”, by Rustage Alternate Ident
  6. Chitin Power Level: 8 (176/181PP) Unspent Power Points: 5PP Trade-Offs: Bush Cricket: +3 Attack / -3 Damage; +3 Defense, -3 Toughness Orchid Mantis: -2 Attack / +2 Damage; +3 Defense, -3 Toughness Yellowjacket: None Offensively; +3 Defense, -3 Toughness Kabuto Beetle: -2 Attack / +2 Damage; -2 Defense, +2 Toughness In Brief: Ingenious innovator with insect-inspired inventions! Catchphrase: “Chitin online!” Theme: Anything Goes by Maki Ohguro Alternate Identity: Ryder Fujioka (Secret) Birthplace: Freedom City, New Jersey Residen
  7. Ultra Girl Power Level: 8/10 (150/157PP) Unspent Power Points: 7PP Trade-Offs: -2 Attack / +2 Damage, -4 Defense / +4 Toughness In Brief: She's kind-hearted and overachieving teen who also happens to be a robotic paragon of truth and justice. Catchphrase: "Need a hero?" and "Kicking it to ultra!" Theme: My Life As A Teenage Robot Alternate Identity: Courtney Wright (Secret) Birthplace: Emerald Cities, Washington and Oregon Residence: Arcadian Peaks, Emerald Cities Base of Operations: Arcadian Peaks Home Occupation: High School Student Affiliations: None F
  8. Kid Celtic Power Level: 8/10 (150/152 PP) Unspent Power Points: 2PP Trade-Offs: 0 In Brief: Neo-Druid, Looking to live up to the family legacy. Catchphrase: Theme: Queen of Argyll (Tempest) Alternate Identity: Victoria 'Tori' Griffen Birthplace: London, England Residence: currently: Freedom City, USA Base of Operations: Claremont Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Family: Clarence and Nadia Griffen (parents), Thomas Griffen (younger brother), Michael Griffen (younger brother) Description: Age: 16 Apparent Age: Teenager Gender: Fema
  9. Shooting Star Power Level: 10 (150/160PP) built as PL8 Unspent Power Points: 10PP Trade-Offs: -5 Attack / +5 Damage -4 Defense / +4 Toughness In Brief: Once crippled girl gains superpowers fixing her body, which she uses to help those around her. Alternate Identity: Alice Armstrong (Secret) Birthplace: Freedom City Residence: The Fens, Freedom City Occupation: Student Affiliations: None Family: Calvin Armstrong (Father), Linda Armstrong (Mother), Aaron Armstrong (Brother) Description: Age: 16 Gender: Female
  10. Madame Raven Power Level: 8/12 (180/197PP) Unspent Power Points: 17 Trade-Offs: +2 Attack / -2 Damage In Brief: A time displaced Callie Summer enjoys the 21st Centuy. Catchphrase: Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Alternate Identity: Calliope “Callie” Sen (Public) or Calliope “Callie” Summers (Secret) Birthplace: Hong Kong Residence: Apartment in New York and the dorms in Claremont Base of Operations: Claremont Academy, Bayview, Freedom City, New Jersey Occupation: Student and Influencer Affiliations: Students of Claremon
  11. Paper Power Level: 10 built as 8 (155/163PP) Unspent Power Points: 8PP Trade-Offs: None In Brief: Ex-juvie, out on conditional parole for ‘good behavior’, that can control paper and shape it to his will. Catchphrase: None Theme: ‘Good Left Undone’ by Rise Against, ‘Youth of a Nation’ by P.O.D. Alternate Identity: Leon Moore (Secret) Birthplace: Seattle, WA Residence: Claremont Academy Base of Operations: Claremont Academy Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy Family: Foster brother and sister Descrip
  12. Parhelion Power Level: 13 (as PL 8, 197/200PP) Unspent Power Points: 3 Trade-Offs: None. In Brief: Prince of an interdimensional union, come to bring freedom to Earth-Prime. Catchphrase: "What?" Theme: Shadowkeep OST: Salvation Alternate Identity: Leroy Remilikun Ransome-Conte, 'Li'(childhood nickname) Birthplace: New Atlantis City, Earth-W Tech 94527 Residence: Freedom City, Earth-Prime Base of Operations: Claremont Academy Occupation: Prince, philanthropist Affiliations: Claremont Academy, New Atlantis, Family: Amatekon Ransome-Kuti(mother), Lafenwa M
  13. In Brief: Spider-Man as re-imagined by Guillermo del Toro, with bits of Robin and Daredevil mixed in. Character: Octoman Power Level: 14 (Built as PL8) Tradeoffs: None Power Points: 206/207PP Unspent Points: 1 Catchphrases & Nicknames: "Octo-Boy" (He does not like this one); "Señor Ocho"; "The Outrageous Octoman"; "The Crime-Fighting Kraken"; "The Sensational Cephalopod"; "The Loudmouth Leviathan"; "Who ordered the calamari?" Alternate Identity: Benicio "Ben" Wang Identity: Secret Legal Status: USA ci
  14. Morning glory In Brief: Your pretty standard paragon build. With maybe a big of campy booster gold personality. Character: MorningGlory. Power Level: 8 Tradeoffs: None Power Points: 150/150 Unspent Points: 0 Alternate Identity: Holly May Thomas. Identity: Public. Legal Status: Minor. Birthplace: Alternate Dimension Philadelphia, Pennsylvania County, United Kingdom. Base of Operations: Claremont Academy. Residence: Claremont Academy. Occupation: High School Student and
  15. Nightlife (AKA “Graveyard Shift” AKA “Shifty”) Power Level: 8 (180/185 PP) Unspent Power Points: 5 Trade-Offs: -2 Attack / +2 DC, -2 Defence / +2 Toughness In Brief: Sometimes undead master of bones! Catchphrase: “Time to die”, “I come alive at night!” Themesong: Bon Jovi “Wanted Dead or Alive” Alternate Identity: Ariel Cloud Birthplace: Freedom City Residence: Freedom City, Downtown Base of Operations: Freedom City (Loiters around graveyards..) Occupation: DJ Affiliations: None Family: Death Description: Age: 22 Apparent Age: 22 Gender: Female Ethnic
  16. In Brief: Instead of becoming The Huntress, Helena Bertinelli becomes Spawn. Character: Mister Strix Power Level: 13 (Built as PL8) Tradeoffs: None Power Points: 206/216PP Unspent Points: 10 Alternate Identity: Gaetano “Guy” Giordano (Deceased) Identity: Secret. The public is not aware that either Gaetano Giordano or Mister Strix are undead, or that they are the same person. Legal Status: Deceased USA citizen with no criminal record. Birthplace: Bedlam City, Wisconsin, USA Base of Operations: Bedlam City
  17. Character Name Lord Steam Power Level: 8/15 (211/250PP) [254] Unspent Power Points: 39 Trade-Offs: +4 Attack / -4 Damage, +4 Defence / - 4 Toughness In Brief: Steampunk Sherlock Alternate Identity: Lord Lucien Lockwood Birthplace: London (Earth Victoriana Dimension) Residence: Just outside Freedom City (Steam Manor) Occupation: Diplomat, Detective, Aristocrat Affiliations: FC Police Department, Earth Victoriana Government (Ministry of Extraordinary Affairs) Family: Lord Lombard Lockwood, Ederly Aristocrat Description: Age: 35 (DOB 03/03/1981) Apparent Ag
  18. Curveball Power Level: 8 (128/149PP) Unspent Power Points: 21 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: Four armed mutant baseball girl Alternate Identity: Jasmine "Jazzy" Rita Jagger Birthplace: San Francisco Residence: Emerald City Occupation: Commercial Endorsements Affiliations: None Family: Jimmy Jagger, Brother (Mutated Coast Guard), Uncle Billy "Boomer" Bootwell (Boxing Coach) Age: 21 Apparent Age: 21 Gender: Female Ethnicity: (Mainly) Caucasian Height: 5'7" Weight: 68 Kgs Eyes: Blue-Green Hair: Short Blonde History: Jazzy and her twin Brother, Jimmy were blossoming
  19. Chance Lebeau Power Level: 8/12 (180/185PP) Unspent PP: 5 Trade-Offs: +5 Attack / -5 Damage, +4 Defense / -4 Toughness In Brief: Dashing rogue tuning over a new leaf. Alternate Identities: Chance Lebeau (Secret) Birthplace: Somewhere Occupation: Gambler, Nightclub Owner, Grifter Affiliations: The Fix, Pier 6 (Nightclub) Family: Child (Deceased) Age: 179 (DoB: 1825) Apparent Age: Early 30s Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6'1" Weight: 200 Eyes: Green Hair: Blond Chance has always been handsome, sometimes its dressed down and sometimes i
  20. Player Name: Thunder King Character Name: The Tattered Man Power Level: 8/11 (150/173 PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 23 In Brief: A murdered police officer, saved and empowered to save Bedlam. Residence: A cheap motel in Downtown Bedlam Alternate Identity: John Smith Identity: Secret Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Occupation: Freelance and under the table work Affiliations: None Family: None he associates with Description: Age: 33 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5'9" Weight: 185 Eyes: Gray Hair: Brown John's appearance varies by which face he's
  21. Dr. Rosa Thorne Power Level: 8/10 (173/195PP) Unspent Power Points: 22 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: One's an Occult Scholar the other a down on there luck private investigator, who happens now to share the same body. Together they fight the forces of the occult! Alternate Identity: Dr. Thorne, Occult Detective (Public) Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Occupation: Former Occult Scholar, Private Investigator Affiliations: Black Rose Detective Agency Family: Phillip Thorne (Father), Rhosyn Thorne (Mother), Anissa Thorne (Sister) Description: Ag
  22. Fox

    Gremlin (PL8)

    Character Name: Alice Ishikawa Power Level: 8-13 (8.5 w/ Sneak Attack) (180/203PP) Trade-Offs: +4 Attack / -4 Damage, +2 Defense / -2 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 23PP In Brief: Young sneak-thief without a sense of purpose. Residence: Bedlam. Alternate Identity: The Gremlin (pejorative) Identity: Secret-ish. Birthplace: USA Occupation: Thief. Affiliations: The Fix, assorted Bedlam criminal groups Family: Estranged (mother, father, brother). Description: Age: 21 Apparent Age: 21 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Japanese Height: 5'1" Weight: 110lb Eyes: Brown Hair: Black/Brown
  23. Lou Lubrano: Hitter Power Level: 8 [Without Powers] / 10 [With Powers] / 13 (180/214PP) Unspent Power Points: 34 Trade-Offs: +2 Attack / -2 Damage [Without Powers], -2 Defence / +2 Toughness [With Powers] In Brief: Contender, cop, criminal, concrete. Theme: Push + Pull by July Talk Alternate Identity: Lou Lubrano (Secret) Birthplace: Stark Hill, Bedlam City Base of Operations: Converted Warehouse Occupation: Hitter Affiliations: The Fix, BCPD [Formerly], Scarpia Family [Formerly] Family:
  24. L0vel@ce / Sofí Orellana Power Level: 8/12 (180/187PP) Unspent Power Points: 7 Trade-Offs: Attack / Damage, Defense / Toughness In Brief: Brilliant cyber-criminal, sticking it to the corrupt and cruel Catchphrase: Theme: Daft Punk (Pentatonix Cover) Alternate Identity: Sofía Orellana, aka L0vel@ce Birthplace: Hardwick Park, Bedlam City Residence: Bedlam City Base of Operations: Bedlam City Occupation: Hacker Affiliations: The Fix Family: Extended and large, Sofí's parents own their small garage in Hardwick Park and she has grandparents, aunts, u
  25. Savant Power Level: 8/15 (207/227PP) Unspent Power Points: 20PP Trade-Offs: +5 Attack / -5 Damage (unarmed), +3 Attack / -3 Damage (Collapsable Baton) , +4 Defense / -4 Toughness In Brief: Memetically enhanced genius atoning for the wrongs done while controlled by Labyrinth Catchphrase: Theme: Redemption Song Alternate Identity: Xavier Steadman, Subject 24005 Birthplace: Unknown Residence: Bedlam City Base of Operations: Bedlam City Occupation: Private Eye Affiliations: The Fix Family: Unknown Description: Age: 45 (DoB: 1971) Apparent Age:
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