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  1. For quite some time now, Riff has been more or less unattached to any superhero team in the game and to be honest Riff not the sort of person that works well as a solo hero. Hes a Musician that plays Rock and Metal after all, he's at his best when hes in a band and not a solo act. Since I've been informed that there are a few superheros floating around that are currently unaffiliated who are not A ) Teenagers part of Next Gen or B ) Off in space having space adventures with all the other space teams, I thought I would check over here and see if there was any interest in a shiny new superh
  2. I'm looking for two or three other PCs to be a thread involving alternate universe counterparts of themselves. These are going to be friendly, or at least non-hostile versions; the focus of the thread is going to be Jay confronting the fact that there are no alternate versions of herself. EP has graciously volunteered to GM, so he has final say on things.
  3. So I really should do something with this little team I've put together so I thought I'd offer this idea. Basically the characters will become trapped in an animated adventure. I'm hoping for a light hearted romp poking gentle fun at animated superheroes past and presents. I'm looking for four Claremonters to join the wacky fun, preference will go to current Next-Gen but they may be a spot or two for newcomers.
  4. Hi! I planned a little adventure to introduce my latest character, Nano Angel. What I'm looking for here is a team of 4-5 heroes with a mix of abilities, including psionic powers and technological knowledge. Synopsis: For the last several months, a mysterious hacker that goes by the name of Cyberskull has been wreaking havoc on the Internet, fooling even the best security systems thanks to his ability coupled with an astonishing amount of raw processing power. AEGIS has been trying to stop him without any success, but they've finally managed to pinpoint Cyberskull's location: a se
  5. So, thread idea, with a side of 'see how Vector's doing' and 'because I have villain ideas, darn it' The Australian Superhero League's sending out a call for support in an operation against the villain Redback, a supervillain who's one of the Big Shots of the Australian scene for a number of reasons- one of which being that he's well-known for having killed the superhero Cloudrunner I- he seems to be expanding some of his operations, and some of the directions he seems to be going in are... disturbing, so the League's calling for some outside support- after the whole fuss with the Omega Bo
  6. So I was wracking my mind thinking up a few new thread ideas as I need the massive distraction. For threads I want to run, or be involved with in some way. And rather than set up a recruitment thread for each and every single one of them. I figured, why not get em over with in one go like Supercape's kicker thread. I put asterisks next to the threads that I believe that will require permission before pursuing, but if no interest cropped up in those plot hooks there'd be no thread in the first place. And of course they're all open to suggestion. Shark Week: Terror Beneath A s
  7. I was thinking that Mechanized could use a trip in the great beyond, to be introduced to the fact there's much more beyond Earth. Someone is willing to put up a space based adventure for her?
  8. So, an introduction thread for Shiranui! When a 16-year old girl is kidnapped, it turns out that the girl in question had recently developed powers of what may well have been a mystical source... and there's some signs that magic may have been involved in the kidnapping itself. As such, the heroes are contacted by the authorities/get involved. This plot would work with street-level or mystical characters- I still need to do some plotting out, so I can actually work the PL around whoever shows interest. So, who's interested?
  9. Hey folks... Do you have a hero who operates in the Fens? or knew the King of Suits well? As you may know, the King of Suits in a night when the Fens errupted into violence, its residents, lead by the Kings, throwing King Cole out of the Fens. It was dubbed "The Night of Two Kings". The Fens will honor its own hero in a rememberance service. If you are interested, we can have a short memorial service and social thread to recall him, and pay respects, and just a little hanging out? You may even wish your Fens street hero to have been involved in the Night of Two Kings (in whic
  10. Because original titles are for witty people, who I am not among. First and foremost, Samaritan is very much approved, so I'd like to do a social thread intro'ing him to the school. Let's have some takers, eh? Second, I've mostly worked out (because names are hard) a nice plot for the Claremont brigade that'll introduce the Exiles to Freedom proper. Since going through proper channels would take tons of time (and I'm not that confident in a few of their builds anyway), they'd be plot devices this time around. The idea is that a random teen has woken up to some serious power. Doesn't quite kn
  11. “It was an ordinary day in Freedom City at least until a strange light was seen in the sky. That light grew and grew until it became a fireball that streaked across the sky. A meteorite fell from the sky and struck Freedom City right in the heart of Liberty Park. A resounding crash echoed throughout the city streets, followed shortly by the blare of car alarms and sirens. But this was no mere rock from the edge of space. It was alive, and it had a purpose.†And because this is a thread that I'm running, it's purpose will involve the heroes punching things. I'm looking for 3-4 PC's al
  12. Who: Street level heroes, PL doesn't matter. If your PC hits the streets and fights thugs, drug dealers, etc, this is good for you. Should be a big part of their identity, but not required to be all of it. What it is: An organization, called The Network, that unites street level heroes with the goal of opening up communication channels. Heroes that are part of The Network will receive encrypted contact info for themselves and others, enabling them to get access to assistance. This could be information, a safe house to crash in, or even assistance from other heroes (provided they can and ar
  13. So, trollthumper's agreed to write a thread introducing Memorial (and, incidentally, THE COMMUNION), so here's a thread looking for 3 other characters who might have a reason to be in space to take part! Around PL10 is preferable.
  14. The heroes wake up aboard a starship with no memory of how they got there, the whole plot will involve them finding out how and why they got there in the first place. I'm thinking 3-4 character of around 10-12 not necessarily space based but they'd probably be a better fit.
  15. I have been meaning to run a thread featuring Necromme (Occult brain in a jar NPC) for some time. Sounding out you folks if any interest? Ideally looking at PL 10 ish. Maybe just one or two PCs. Slightly favouring investigative, spooky, and human types. Magic background strictly optional. If anyone actually fancies being a distant relative of Necromme (which is possible, he is old old old and it could go back 200 years), that would be very interesting (and HP worthy!)
  16. I have the idea for a plot involving a rogue AI copy of a villain and an attempt by said villain to give the AI a new home. I'm thinking of two characters one of whom needs to have a computer in there head, though being Russian is optional .
  17. Who: Space-worthy heroes Where: Space Synopsis: Solar Sentinel gets a call from the aliens he helped defend in the war, and finds that there are those who don't want to have peace and are trying to spark things back up... Proposal Do you like space? Do you have a hero who could survive in space? Is your hero between around PL8 and PL12? Well, check this out; The Zarnashi are a race of people who live in a small corner of a faraway part of the galaxy, ruling over a relatively small empire of allied worlds. The Makh'rell are the neighbors of the Zarnashi who rule their own, slightly l
  18. Hi folks, I have been wanting to use an old restautant/gambling joint called the High Steaks (yes, I know, pun) again, and am contemplating running a thread there. Any interest? Its going to be about high society, secret IDs, card cheats, super powered gamblers, thugs beating you up to drop out of the game, and a priceless Daka Crystal. A bit of Casino Royale, lots of socialising, cheating, and deception, and of course some strange Daka empowerement madness at the end! Will be a slow burner, probably, but depends on how it goes and what you do. 3 PCs tops (if there is any interest at
  19. I have some ideas for some threads, future and current, some for my characters, or involving my characters. And some that are wholly me GMing, they will be annotated: *Survival/Hunting thread, this is where some of the characters are on a flight that gets knocked out into the wilderness (preferring heavy forested or jungle). There will be some levels of injury, and possibly escorting NPCs from the plane crash. Of course this group is being hunted. Because why not? (Can involve Errant, Tona/Blue Jay is tentatively committed.) *Red Rat thread. She is made with old Russian/Soviet tech... so s
  20. Vibrant Community Reclamation is a charitable organization dedicated to investing in low income neighbourhoods around Freedom City, building parks and youth centers while providing ample high profile photo ops for its board of directors and prominent contributors. Recently, however, Jack of all Blades has been hearing more than one drug peddler suggesting that VCR is a front for money laundering. The intel is of questionable reliability and given the organization's good reputation a formal investigation is unlikely. If VCR's shady business is going to be exposed the heroes will need to find ev
  21. (with a much better name obviously) Those poor boys and girls at Claremont have been lacking a team for quite some time now and with a influx of newish character at the school it seems to be as good a time as any. So is anyone interested in doing a team-up thread with the possibility of everyone involved joining a new team?
  22. What: There's a new gang of young supers in town, foundlings of the humanitarian WYRM(World Youth Rescue Movement, as per the tag above) organization dedicated to saving teenaged exceptionals from abusive, corrupt, criminal or neglectful circumstances. The ones they save are taken to Freedom City and given the best training and education the Movement's obscure yet fabulously wealthy backers can afford, and encouraged to become superheroes in their own right. It's a group founded partly in fear of what disadvantaged metahumans might become if not given a 'proper' upbringing, and partly on real
  23. What: A rash of bizarre, vivid and brutally hallucinatory nightmares sweep the city, all on a similar theme: the sheer hopelessness of any normal citizen making a difference in a world of superpowers! The wave of despair that follows leads to suicide attempts, people doing their darnedest to get powers of their own, a slowly growing tide of hopelessness and mayhem. Into this mess, Our Heroes must step and help those so afflicted(for the sake of plot, a handful of key individuals) overcome this malaise, and recover the power to strike out for the freedom of the heart from the tyranny of s
  24. What: Master Mage Adrian Eldrich, in a ludicrous display, loses one of his manifold off-screen battles with monstrous, mystical madmen from beyond the veil! Not only is he conquered, but his body is turned into a facile puppet and his soul enslaved! Said conqueror(their identity unknown) promptly rolls into the World of Freedom, seizing the mystic reins unseen and and directing the dimension's very essence into one more suited to their will. They masquerade as the good-hearted magus to the rest of the dimension, but bit by bit, enough pieces fall out of alignment(weird things happening to
  25. What: Mysterious happenings at a small town in southern Arizona, which overnight has somehow become a thriving mini-metropolis, lead magically-affiliated heroes to the scene. Who: 3-4 magic-affiliated heroes, any PL. How: All magical slamdowns and bizarre magic traps all the time, relatively little interaction or other Skill requirements. So yeah, already told Supercape and trollthumper the details, but if anyone would be more interested if they knew more of the 'backstory' of the thread, just ask and I'll send a PM. Think of it as Dr. Fate and Pals go to Night Vale.
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