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Found 2 results

  1. March 1, 2015  Dublin Circle    This little cul-de-sac in the Fens has a little more character (or at least a little more prosperity) than the rest of the neighborhood - there's a mom-and-pop Vietnamese eatery in one corner and a few hair salons in another, and while the row housing is old it's very well-maintained. There's a reason for all that. Almost four years ago a gigantic alien limb smashed into a row of tract housing and old warehouses on this street, smashing them to rubble and leaving behind a rotting mass of hideous misshapen flesh. In the years since, Archetech has cleaned up the mess, rebuilt the area, and paid money to encourage new residents to move into the circle.    Which meant that when a little boy named Andy Toth reported hearing voices, voices coming from his toys, that little Andy was Archetech's problem. Andy's caregiver, a single mom named Ruth Anne, had called Archetech first - after all, as she'd said on the phone, it was probably Archetech's fault her son was hearing voices! Who knew what had sunk into the water, or what had been picked up and built into the new house where they lived? Ruth Ann had also called her local free clinic for a second opinion - which meant that today (all unknowing), there were two superheroes headed for the small Toth house, Monkey Wrench there to investigate on behalf of her new employer, and Graft on his way to see a very unusual patient!     
  2. Hey folks... Do you have a hero who operates in the Fens? or knew the King of Suits well? As you may know, the King of Suits in a night when the Fens errupted into violence, its residents, lead by the Kings, throwing King Cole out of the Fens. It was dubbed "The Night of Two Kings". The Fens will honor its own hero in a rememberance service. If you are interested, we can have a short memorial service and social thread to recall him, and pay respects, and just a little hanging out? You may even wish your Fens street hero to have been involved in the Night of Two Kings (in which case let me know and we can add a post from you into the Lucky Shot thread). Anybody interested?
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