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Explosions After Dark (OOC)

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I can push us down to the Race proper if we're good with that;


From what I can tell looking at the sheets, Michael isn't winning anything, but Mizuki and Veuriz might need a roll off since they have the same MPH I think. Not sure what the roll would be, maybe just a power roll? 1d20+ Power Rank?

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Pretty sure Vueriz beats Mizuki out in speed, since Swim is slower than Speed or Flight, but I think doing a roll off between each of them sounds good. Who knows, Mizuki and Vueriz could both biff their rolls and Michael could emerge victorious. 

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I don't think a big drawn out chase scene is ideal, and Mizuki isn't that much slower than Veruiz at least by the ranks, though in full on speed she is a little slower, so she'd have to put some fatigue in or something I suppose if it came down to it. I'm not super worried about it that much though as long as we're all on the same belief that this is a friendly competition then a real rivalry thing.


I'd probably just settle it with a roll off with Veruiz getting a +2 circumstance bonus due to her being a little faster or something, if that's how you two are fine with it.

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