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Never Was (OOC)

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Okay, going to combat now.




42 Velocity (unharmed)

33 Blue Bolt 4 HP (unharmed)

23 Sever 3 HP (unharmed)

21 Timeout 4 HP (unharmed)

21 Gamma Buzz 2 HP (unharmed)

18 Rot 4 HP (unharmed)

16 Torpedo Lass II  3 HP (unharmed)

14 Giant Mummy (unharmed)

11 Spaceman 4 HP (unharmed)

6 Golden Star 2 HP (unharmed)


Velocity will attack the Giant Mummy with her rapid-fire ranged attack, getting a 26, so multiple hits, but no effect.


@Kaede Kimura Blue Bolt is up!


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Vueriz is gonna ready an action to shoot the big mummy with her Meson Driver if it either starts going after civilians, goes after their group or Velocity gets hit.


Do you want an IC for that, or wait until her action goes off?

Edited by Kaede Kimura
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Okay, currently no rubble to deal with, but TL2 can ready an action to deal with an if that changes before her next action.


In the interest of keeping this moving, go ahead with an IC preparing for that and the comments to Lawrence :D




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