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Class of '21 Post-Graduate Road Trip?


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Hi guys! Just running an idea up the flagpole to see if anyone salutes it. I had this idea that Lulu would like to take a skip year after graduating from Claremont to take a little bit of time to explore the world and maybe figure out what she wants to do with herself before starting college in 2022. Would any other Claremont grads be interested in doing this?


I don't know if it would be one-shot adventure or a series or what. One idea that occurs to me is maybe seeing Europe via train? And no, this has nothing to do with my obsessively watching trade videos during the pandemic ?


Just want to see if anyone else is interested ?

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2 minutes ago, RocketLord said:

Pan's interested, of course!


And if there's a thread (if its a series of threads) where he doesn't show up, the kids could always get to meet Little Mermaid at some point.


Ooh, yes!

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6 minutes ago, Tiffany Korta said:

Looks like you have all you need but if needed I have many suitable characters to hand!


One thing I would really love is European GMs who might be willing to run a thread in their homeland? It would certainly add an element of verisimilitude, and might give you a chance to show off a lesser known aspect of your culture. Just a suggestion, of course!

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This feels like it's going to be a series of interconnected but separate threads. Right now I'm leaning toward one set in the Caledonian Express to Scotland, where Lulu's mother's side of the family comes from, one involving a chance to visit Veronica in Paris, a trip up to the Baltic that might involve Eira and Little Mermaid and maybe one for just Adam and Lulu by themselves having a romantic evening, possibly in Italy.

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