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Who's On First? OOC


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Well Nerd i'm good for either since both situations look like they'll end up in roughly the same place. I guess it kind of falls down to how personal you want the rivalry to be? Will Luke be more motivated by watching Casonova do his work on others or by actually having been subject to it?

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Sorry about my long delay here. I've been neglecting this place something awful lately.


Will Save: 22


Oh, thank goodness. Now Sebastian has made Felix angry. Like, really angry. 


Attack Roll: 8

Uh. Hero Pointing that.

Attack Roll w/out HP bonus: 6 (Oh, for crying out loud) - 17 with the +10 from the HP

That's a DC 30 toughness save.

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mmm looks like the scene had moved past Luke punching Sebastian (or having being controlled) mattering much in the grand scheme of things, so I went for something else. 


He tried to counter Sebastian's mind control with his emotion control power, not sure if it would have even worked, but the dices dispelled any doubt with an 1+8 = 9 anyway.

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