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  1. This wasn't a fight he could avoid. Howl didn't have anything against Chump really. He had a poor choice of friends but he'd seemed decent enough. Not the brightest bulb in the box but that was no reason to hate the guy. Stuck in that rage though chump made it clear that he was going nowhere unless he got thrown out. Ducking underneath one of Chumps wild swings Howl saw his opening and let loose a steel clad right hook right to the older boys jaw only to inwardly curse as the focused sonic waves behind the punch seemed to do little to nothing. Pulling his guard back up Howl swiftly s
  2. Well looks like Howl isn't getting away from exchanging blows with chump. Standard Action: 1 bass-line punch to rock chumps world. and hopefully start landing some debuffs roll: 11 yeah nah gonna hero point a reroll of that that's just awful. roll: 17, 27 with the extra boost from hero point rerolling Much better. If it connects Chump has to endure a dc 23 toughness for the damage and dc fortitude to avoid Nausea. Move Action: Without moving out of Chump swing range Howl is going to try to maneuver to Chumps side. Hopefully between the darkness and the sound nullification Chump
  3. Stumbling through the dark sucked! Sensors weren't working right, he couldn't tell if he was behind or in front of Macedon anymore. AGH When he got back to claremont he was going to go find "See Spot Run" for mages, maybe try to corner some of the magical students and see if they could give him some pointers on all of this. Still follow the path, left, right right right right wait...Deja vu and a half step out into the light and...and. "What?" They were back in Freedom? No, the skyline wasn't right. It matched up with pictures he'd seen of before of the city before the first ter
  4. It felt like everything came crashing in at once as the regrettably familiar 'taste' of Casanovas psionic abilities came prickling it's way into Howls mind threatening to steal away the teens sight. Not today however. Howl focused his will, tracing along the mental paths casanovas power had taken before and with great effort snapped shut the proverbial gates. Eyes unblinded let Howl took a quick sidestep moving him was out of harms way as Bluebirds telekinetic assault slammed into the earth. He had to admit she had pretty good range on that power and if she kept floating up there she could t
  5. Howl is going to use his movement to try to enter the darkness, preferably not within punching distance of any of New Young Justice, in order to make it harder to be hit. Then he's gonna take a pot shot at Casanova since he's all tied up at the moment.His accurate auditory should allow him to fight well enough in the dark. Sound powers awayyyy~ Blasting at casanova with a 15 Eh not the best but we'll see how it shakes out. If it hits damage code with be...23 right?
  6. Aside from the wind it was actually kind of nice out here. Sure Macedon was Macedon but still, maybe when he got back he'd try to crack the code when it came to teleportation so that he could visit the lonely places of the world again when he needed to clear his head. The others weren't saying anything and he didn't exactly want to put his foot in his mouth so he just..relaxed and let his mind wander, thinking of the different ways he could solve teleporting without ending up in space or inside a rock or something. A few rough decision trees were starting to form when he heard Macedon shout ou
  7. And in a sudden Cacophony everything went went to heck. Not a surprise but still rough. Howl wanted to dive in the fray but to him there were bigger problems that needed to be handled first. Turning towards the controlled teens the augmented movement apparatus within his suit kicked into high gear, the ground was gripped a little surer and more power was put into each step than he would have been able to do on his own. It was no super speed to be sure but it was fast enough to put him right in the teens midst. They'd have to go through him if they wanted to get to the couple.. at least that
  8. So Howl is going to run to put himself between the controlled teens and the couple making sure to activate his "World on Mute" Audio obscure on the members of New Young Justice as he dashes past them. He'd also like to provoke the controlled teens to only attack himself or Nightscale, trying to use his experience being controlled to manipulate the wording of shields command to let the couple get away. Nothing causes more trouble than fighting a hero right? Should i roll bluff for that? Actually rereading things i don't think i have enough actions left for any kind of bluff so i'll just stick
  9. Zach had kept to himself on the trek so far. He'd bit his tongue to not say anything about the earlier guard. He knew well enough what that was like and seeing it happen so casually set him on edge. At charlies question though he paused to think and double check the readouts his silvered armor was giving him. "My sensors are sensitive enough that I should be able to fight fine enough. If we act at the same time I'll cut off all sound from reaching Young Tyranny over there. No Sight to guide them. No Noise to help them figure out which way we're coming from." Seeing the mental menace do it
  10. 23 on the base roll. 27 if eidetics +4 remembering bonus kicks in. Both are high enough to open that sweet sweet spoiler so i'll get to cooking up a post.
  11. "Nice to meet you Arrow. Shields wouldn't just use his powers to get attention." there was no mirth in Zachs voice as he reached into his bag and pulled out the manilla folder he'd filled earlier. Still if Arrow was going to help them out better to keep everyone on the same level when it came to information. "Day one when everyone moved in he used his power on me. Well everyone here really. Just because he didn't want to move all of his bags himself." After handing the folder to Arrow or whoever else in the group would take it he continued on. "More than just someone who wants fame and atte
  12. "Yeah I guess a teleporting place would be kind of neat. But yeah so, this thing has been popping up all around town." Zach said as he pulled out his phone and brought up several pictures for the two to see. "First time it popped up was down in the Fens at the end of 70th. After that it got spotted near the old Lantern hill cemetery, popped up between a couple of buildings at the uni, deep in the west end, right at the waterfront by 28th and wading, and finally it replaced on ramp onto 4 at the end of Greely in Riverside. If you don't include Lantern hill it forms a..okay a kinda lopsided pen
  13. Few people had cause to distrust Casanova more than Zach and when the mind controlling menace had revealed his new team to the whole school it'd given the young investigator all the motivation he'd needed to dig up as much dirt as he could. What he found unsettled him more than he'd like to let on. If what evidence suggested was true than Casanova needed nothing less than to be thrown behind bars. The rumors that began swirling around didn't do anything to shake Zach of this idea so it was something of a happy coincidence when Charlie asked for his help. A quick trip to his room was all he nee
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