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  1. It makes sense Deoxy would put in a killswitch and in fact sounds like prime PLOT material. I think i'll be ready soon(tm) to start up the IC and OOC threads
  2. Ok so the current idea runs something like this. Doctor Deoxy has come up with a fabulous new invention that could turn the farming world on it's ear, Self-harvesting Plants! Starting with the ever versatile potato Doctor Deoxy is set to unveil his creation in a small but public press conference. Unfortunately for everyone involved something goes wrong with the Potatoes as they rise up and begin the attack the assembled citizens, press, and Heroes! Luckily Mannequin and Salvo are among those attending the conference and the trio of science minded heroes can stop the spuds from devouring everything.
  3. Could always say that there was a bit of a minor problem when the device that got her to earth causing a split in her timeline. So like, she arrived way back when with her brother, but now another 'her' has shown up, considerably more confused and alone in roughly the same place she first appeared.
  4. Coven Stat blocks for each attack and such are not finished yet. combining magic and duplication arrays gets expensive yo. Stats: (16PP) Str:10 Dex: 10 Con:10 Int:16 Wis:14 Cha:16 Attack Bonus: 6 (+10 when attacking with Mystic Blast)(12) Defense Bonus: 6 (10 with dodge focus)(12 PP) Saves: Fort: 7 Will: 6(2 wis)(8 total) Ref: 7 Toughness: 0 (10 with protection) Skills: 11 gather info 8 concentration 8 sense motive 8 Notice 8 Knowledge: Arcane Lore 4 Knowledge: pop culture 4 Knowledge: Theology and philosophy 4 Feats: 10 base Trance Attack specialization 2(Mystic Blast) precise shot Ritualist Skill mastery Dodge focus 4 Powers Concealment 10 (all senses) (Flaw: Miss Chance Only) [10 pp] Protection 10 (10PP) enhanced feat: Quick change 2(spell of change clothes) (2PP) Duplication Array 10 (20 pp, PFs: Alternate Powers 4) [24 pp] BE: Add Area [burst] and Selective to Magic AP: Add Autofire, Secondary Effect to Magic AP: Communication 3 (1000 ft) (auditory) and ESP 3 (1000 ft) (all senses) (PF: Rapid) AP: Quickness 10 (x10000) and Speed 4 (100 MPH) (PFs: Wall Run, Water Run) AP: Super-Strength 4 (Heavy Load: ~6 tons) Magic 10 Drawback: powerloss (Must be able to chant to cast spells) 3 AP (23 AP) BE: Mystic Blast! Blast 10 AP: Mythic Chains! Snare 10 AP: Melodious Healing Healing 10 AP:telekinesis 9 (PF: Precise)
  5. RedSpine

    Bedlam City

    I know that location has already been pretty much decided on. But i do want to point out that Bedlam City, as it's shown in the book, is literally Vallejo California. The highways line up right, Rook Island shipping terminal is Mare Island, and the coastline is basically identical. Really the only thing missing is a soul destroying amusement park and that Vallejo also extends west over the highway into mostly suburbia. Also only a short ferry ride away from San Francisco so there's your big city that's conveniently nearby but far enough away to not steal focus.
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