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  1. I'm currently in the process of moving to another state and things have been a bit touch and go. So until I'm able to get this all sorted and settled in I'm going to have to step away from the site for awhile. Wishing you all a billion crits.
  2. Sorry gonna be kinda busy the next several days. Feel free to skip me for now.
  3. After the last fight against Shields Zach had done his best to put as much distance between himself and the mind controlling menace to society as he could. He didn't like shields in the least and at this point figured that was probably going to be the state of things unless Shields went out of their way to make amends. A prospect Zach figured was about as likely as suddenly being appointed as CEO of Archetech before summer break. Technically possible but with chances that were infinitely approaching zero. Still times were good! He'd done some digging into oddities around the city, found s
  4. Trawlers armor was strong, Howl knew his sonic breakdown could shatter steel but that suit managed to shrug it off! And with Trawler rushing Nightscale Howl couldn't risk accidently hitting his friend. So he turned his attention to the clown with the bees. Leveling his gauntlet towards Beekeeper and letting loose a sonic blast! And it was close, but close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades so the silly stinger slinging villain was able to avoid the blast.
  5. seeing as hitting Trawler doesn't seem to be working Howl is going to shoot a sonic blast at BeeKeeper. 15 to hit.
  6. "..I'm willing to hear you out if you're willing to hear us out. From what we saw things played out like this. That group of teens was just hanging out while that couple was walking down the way. Then Cas walks up to the teens and they hard stop everything they are doing as he.. y'know what. Here i'll just replay it." Holding his hand out The gathered heroes, Chump, and Stinger could clearly hear Sebastians voice say "You're looking for trouble, aren't you?" followed by "Look, over there? Go cause some trouble." Dropping his hand back down to his side Howl spoke up again. "That's why we
  7. Red Death? Well, Howl supposed if one was going to dive into a hornets nest might as well do it on Dragonback. Trust the team to handle their parts. The rest of the villains gathered were all still threats so he'd just have to deal with them quickly. Trawlers metal suit made it a prime target, if Howl could damage it enough with a sonic breakdown Trawler would be forced to retreat. Focusing his suits sonic emitters Howl launched a blast of sound that could shred steel towards the menacing machanist only to be shocked when Trawlers suit withstood the assault! "Wait what, that should have br
  8. Trawlers armor is big and impressive so it would.. would be such a shame if something were to happen to it. 24 to smack to big guy with a Sonic Breakdown! Hopefully it'll damage the suit enough to get him to retreat. dc DC 18/DC 23 Fortitude/Toughness Other than that Howl is going to hop off of nightscale so both of them can actually maneuver around.
  9. Well, Chump seemed to be calming down somewhat but still. Grasping both of his hands together Howl brought them down as hard as he could muster into a hammer blow of sonic energy and kinetic force. "...I'm going to regret this aren't I? Step back a sec Nevermore." Canceling out the Mute effects didn't take but a side glance to cut off the process tree but it gave him a moment to speak. "Hey man you want to talk let's talk. But if you start swinging we're going right back to the silence."
  10. Gonna use the house rules to lower to hit by 2 and raise the damage part of Bassline punch by the same. haymakers are fun! 10. Which considering 14 hit last time and being prone hits chump with -4 to his defenses. i'm fairly certain that's a hit. After that Howl is going to do something he's probably going to regret later. He's gonna stop maintaining the Mute so that there can be a talk, and so that Chump can get calmed down in case he goes berserk again.
  11. Next turn i think i want to try to stunt my power so I used my ic post to build some ic justification for it on Hows end. Really between Chump and Howl the ground so far is the clear loser.
  12. This time Howl was ready for the Shockwave, sidestepping the flying debris and pushing through it to place solid sonic enhanced punch right into Chumps ribs. "Hey Nevermore! You wouldn't happen to have sleeping gas in that belt of yours do you? He's doesn't know when to stop swinging." Really fighting chump was like trying to break a mountain. Blows were landing and progress was being made but there was only so much you could do per pass. The ground was getting pretty beat up though which gave the teen an idea. One more blow from chump he thought should churn up the earth just enough that
  13. 28! Nat 20 on dodging away from that mess! 21 meanwhile on toughness. Getting a little banged up there. Turn wise we're gonna keep with what we did before to hopefully get another bruise or more. I figure the bruise might help Nevermore stick a gadget or other trickey on his next turn. 14 on the baseline punch, which i'm fairly certain isn't going to land. But if does same dc's as before. With Nevermore now in the fray Howl is going to stay where he is so chump won't accidentally go for him.
  14. "Ok so you can hear me what the f" Was all howl could get out before chumps shockwave slammed into him. Bracing himself against the sheer force set against him he felt his armor strain but ultimately hold! Howls armor would not give in so easily and so after the initial burst he closed the gap between them and sent another hook right into the larger boys jaw. "You are NOT going to use that trick to catch anyone else in this! Throw hands at me don't go throwing shockwaves!" He hoped this would be the last bit of fancy footwork, moving to make sure that chump was pointed away from anyo
  15. Seeing the three villains below was a trip. It was one thing to see pictures of villains in their prime but to actually spot them in their prime with the legit outfits? Holding on as best he could as Luke descended he waited until after his friends inferno to call out to the rest of his team. "That's Beekeeper in the yellow, FearMaster in the gray and big robot looking lug is Trawler but it's just powered armor nothing special!" Jumping to the side of his team to line up a better shot Howl let loose a special sonic blast aimed where he was sure that deadly blade was going to be, intend
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