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  1. To be fair, if somethings big enough to threaten the entire planet/dimension it's by definition big enough to threaten Britain. It'd be pretty easy to handwave his return condition away as a kind of cosmic game of telephone. I like the idea of the authentic Round Table being there. It calls to those who souls it needs for the Knights to stand against evil, but also presents a mystery. Who built it? Merlin may not be the only force of good with skin in this fight. I'm going to stake a claim on Mordred myself. Knight: Mordred Secret ID: Human Woman, 20 years old, petite, Raven Black hair.
  2. Zach could hardly believe his ears so he stopped what he was doing and turned to look dead on at Pol just in case he could spot some small smirk or something that would signal he was being messed with. "Whoa hold up, full stop. You've never been allowed to see any scary movies? Not a one? Okay we're hijacking the common room for a movie night one of these days and you're going to get a crash course in the rich history of movies with great opening entrees followed by terrible sequels. Where to start where to start, I'm actually going to have to think about this. What seems more interesting to y
  3. "In some cases yes. Most of the time no. Hrm, I guess in this context I could have also used Alternate Reality Game even though that also doesn't fully match the full breadth of...Okay let me start again. What I'm referring to is a kind of interactive fiction you, usually, find online nowadays that hides it's story behind context clues, puzzles, and codes and relies on the audience to solve them in order to advance the plot. You can get all sorts of neat puzzles out of it, like for example hints buried deep in a web pages source code, or what sounds like an audio distortion making a picture co
  4. Pol didn't think this was weird. Nice! "Well I plan on using more than just red string so that I can tell which bits match up to other bits but yeah! I started doing this years ago when I got into Augmented Reality Games. It made it easy to put down and pick back up when uhhrrrmm let's just say I had to take breaks quite a lot. So it helped to pin everything up so I could get right back to it when I was able. It's just kind of a habit now. If you're a big fan of detective stories though have you ever tried your hand at an ARG?" Pol's explanation about Eira made sense but still it sat a lit
  5. !!! Zach didn't jump out of his skin when Pol knocked but considering the timing of it he came close. "Oh wow speak of the devil. Yeah i'm good!" He called back before setting another piece into place. This wasn't anything to be embarrassed about, it wasn't childish at all. They had stuff like this on crime dramas all the time! "Oh uhh.. yeah. Kinda? I used to set these up back home whenever I wanted to get a big picture view of things i was trying to figure out. If you want to help uhh...just a moment". Moving a bit down the wall he lined up two pieces as best he could as corners and aff
  6. What if we don't have an Arthur? An empty seat at the Round Table, waiting to be filled by the Once and Future King. And until that time the Knights stand truly as equals fighting for the Ideals of this Cosmic Camelot. Hrm actually if we play up the title of Once and Future King it could imply that no matter which version of Camelot comes into existence it's the same Arthur who arrives to rule it, just resting in Avalon until the cycle starts again.
  7. Kord Dorms, Floor One, Claremont Academy Monday, September 7th 2020 First days of class were always a fine mix of hectic and pointless to Zach. Everyone shows up, says hello, goes over a syllabus that everyone only pretends to be interested in and on and on and on. Who could blame him for matching wits with the clock as if will power alone was enough to hasten the steps of time. All things however do come to an end eventually and Zach had made his way out of the class and back to his room quick as one could. After all today he had a purpose, he had a plan. Today 'The Board(tm)' was mak
  8. You make do with what you have. Climbing out of the van Zach was almost the perfect image of someone wasn't quite as prepared as they wanted. Sporting Denim shorts, a grey T-shirt with a stylized graphic of Doc Metropolis working very hard at rebuilding a jenga tower, worn-out sneakers, and a normal school backpack that looked absolutely packed to near bursting. Though to be fair it was currently holding his folded down armor inside it so it probably had only the absolute bare essentials in it otherwise. Finally though he couldn't resist the small tease that'd been sitting in his minds
  9. Zach could do many things, but break out of the grips of not one but two super strong teens? Nope not even close no point in even trying. He needed to go help with the bags and he would but surely.. oh his name was Sebastian, Sebastian would understand what a unwinnable position this was in. Once both of their grips relaxed he'd be able to get back to it and what's this about mind control? Everyone was mad, a fist was flung and some rent-a-muscle had popped out of seemingly thin air when zach hadn't been looking. But thinking about it things didn't make sense did they? He didn't know Sebast
  10. Well Nerd i'm good for either since both situations look like they'll end up in roughly the same place. I guess it kind of falls down to how personal you want the rivalry to be? Will Luke be more motivated by watching Casonova do his work on others or by actually having been subject to it?
  11. Zach made doubly sure to keep his grip firm as he shaked lukes hand, not that he was strong but these guys seemed fairly chill and he didn't exactly want to make a bad impression by giving a limp handshake of all things. "Good be here, still didn't expect this place to look like a..oh! Thanks man, i appreciate it." Zach said as he relinquished one of the bags from his shoulders. "They aren't heavy, just awkward and always in the way y'know?" Turning to Pol he offered his now happily freed hand to his roomie. "Same here man. Just let me know if I make any roomie mistakes or whatever.
  12. Sorry one last question. Is this effect in place until ALL the bags are moved in?
  13. Welp. Zach failed. 14 in total. https://orokos.com/roll/844691
  14. Doors weren't complicated things. Big old piece of wood or other material, a handle and lock, couple of hinges, simplicity itself. Dealing with one while carrying a pair of backpacks and dragging a pair of wheeled suitcases behind however complicated things immensely. The weight of the bags throwing off his balance, straps catching on the door handle while the suitcases seemed determined to nip at heels or trip the teen up as he managed to make his way past the perilous portal and into the common area feeling about 110% done with this moving nonsense already. At least until he heard his name
  15. NEW STUDENT Name: Zachary "Zach" Anderson Codename: Howl Year: Sophomore Pronouns: He, Him, His Prospective Roommate: Zach doesn't know anyone so it's really all a wash for him. Anyone will do. So long as they don't snore. Goal: In the short-term actually try to enjoy school for once. It'll be nice to actually experience it without the sword of damocles hanging over his head. In the long term? There's something not right just out of sight and Zach wants to drag it out into the light. After all who could look at a mystery and not want to see it solved
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