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  1. Alright scary vampire with an Untrained Acrobatics the car comes to a sudden but immediate stop. Strix gets flung off the moving vehicle. And regardless of whether he's gonna punch 'em or scare 'em let's get an initiative roll against these poor teenage minions! But, an HP for the fact that I'm going to make him start from the Prone position with a +2 circumstance bonus on any initial Intimidate rolls from you know not dying from being flung off a moving vehicle. Initiative: 4#1d20+2 15 21 18 22
  2. GM The teens in the van were within Mister Strix's line of sight. They van doors a paler shade of greying than the rest of the once bright green van. The windows weren't tinted but just dirty enough to allow someone to think they were in the dark. The grill was filled with mud and all manners of mess. The teens were parked in a van on the hill overlooking the dock entrance. The path they were taking was going to be obvious. A straight shot through the front gate. Past the security, which had an equal chance of being local hires unconnected to the Gorganzua family. The Gorganzua's men on the other hand were less visible. Both Hellhound and Strix were close enough to the entrance to see two sets of SUV's with properly tinted windows enter docks. But, aside from seeing them turn to the left once passing the gate it didn't take long for them to escape either party's line of sight. And with it the specific pier they were headed to. Mister Strix was able to catch sight of the automatic rifles the men were carrying. The darkness of the windows doing nothing to conceal them from his line of sight. Hellhound on the other hand could smell gunpowder and...dirt. It wasn't local dirt, but it was definitely the smell of dirt. As soon as the SUV's disappeared from anyone's line of sight the van roared to life. It's next destination a wayward charge into the gates of Greely Point Docks.
  3. It could not be understated the strong mixture of scents one could find in a dock or pier. Especially when under the lens of a canine's nose. A tarry wood pine smell underpinning of creosote, tar, and the unmistakable smell of garbage. If he was in his "human" form Hellhound would not be quite as distracted by the flurry of smells bombarding his nose. However, he had decided to stake out the docks as a wolf. With the added consequence of every instinct telling him to chase after the latest strong smell to waft through his olfactory senses. To say nothing about the other voice in his head which had anything other than patience on the mind. Hellhound didn't actually care too much about the Scarpia's business dealings. But, as far as he knew the Mara had some level of protection or loyalty to the Scarpias And his father's own Lunar Sentry MC had fallen under the scope of the Mara when the Jigsaw man took over Hadwick Park. Which meant inconveniencing the Scarpia family was as good as inconveniencing his own. Which was good enough for Óscar. So the wolf made his way down a trail. Trying to get a first nose account on just exactly he was trying to interfere with.
  4. OOC for this thread
  5. HGM

    Ice to Meet You

    Club Ice The Fens, Freedom City, New JerseyFriday, November 9th, 201812:05 AM The street the club was on was much better lit than most of the Fens, although not quite as brightly as the streets toward the heart of the Theater District. Open three nights out of the week Club Night shone with an effulgent blue glow tonight as it hosted its latest musical act, Monster Blast. The nightclub was in an old three-story building, refurbished to look newer and trendier. It was hard to tell how much of the upper floors were for the club, or for offices and storage not only from the outside. But, at the very least the first floor was an ice bar and lounge. Visitors in the club donned custom-designed insulated capes and gloves to keep warm while exploring the venue’s dramatic interiors. The space was designed with artistic carvings and features an elaborately carved bar, chandelier, sculptures, lounge seating and paintings, all made of ice. In the center of it all was a circular crystal clear stage in which full view of Monster Blast could be seen. Although people could be seen occasionally heading to the second floor there wasn't a clear view of what went on there. Rumors have always swelled that Club Ice was own by the mob. Which wasn't a rare bet with its location. But, the audience in attendance were clearly local twenty somethings just looking to catch an underground concert.
  6. OOC for this thread Feel free to have Strix already know the kid or even all the kids. Or whatever else drew him to the docks!
  7. Greely Point Docks Bedlam City WisconsinMonday, November 5th, 201811:02 PM Greely Point was one of the few areas of Bedlam experiencing a period of economic growth. Of course at the center of that upturn were the docks controlled by the Gorganzua crime family. At any given if you knew just were to look the family could be making a "move" on behalf of anyone willing to pay the right dollar. Of course that took knowing where to look. The police didn't have to look the other way, as a majority of the trade in the docks were legitimate. The Gorganzua golden goose only laid an egg when it needed to. Vincent Elizalde was a straight C student who worked hard after school on the family business. Of course that family business just happened to be working for the Scarpia crime family. Vincent was a courier for the family. Too young to get his hands on "real crime" but old enough to know where his future was headed. College was out of the question, and since he wasn't Sicillan but Basque being a made man was out of the question. But, he could live comfortably if he showed his worth to the family. That ambition led the teenager and four of his closest friends to the Greely docks. Square in the middle of Gorganzua territory. The teens were planning on robbing a Gorganzua shipment that was arriving shortly. It was rare for the Gorganzua to let slip that they were expecting a shipment. But, even rarer for them to actively send an armed escort to meet the freighter. Whatever was inside was sure to make someone a lot of money. Which in Bedlam could only mean the locals were going to pay a heavy price.
  8. Alright, @Grumblefloof here's the pitch. The Lunar Sentry MC is expecting a shipment into the city. A courier for the Scarpia family is looking to make a name for himself by the stealing the shipment. A teenager whose overconfidence and ambition leads him to drag three of his friends to try and rob what they assume is an arms shipment. Of course, the shipment itself turns out to be a little more dangerous than an influx of automatic weapons (All of it occurring on Gorganzua territory to boot).
  9. Tremayne politely reached for one of the offered Nachos. Not wanting to look rude in front of the aforementioned tang squad. "Don't mind if I do." Tremayne nodded over to the concession stand. "Want anything in particular, Tabs?" "Whatever," Tabitha barely responded. Unlike her brother, she didn't participate in any group activities growing up that she wasn't voluntold to join. Which usually was a less than enjoyable church mixer. Truth be told, if Lulu hadn't gone along Tabitha would still be holed away in their room. But, the opportunity to pretend to be an ordinary teen was unfortunately tied to socializing like a normal teen as that's where the illusion casting teen went. Her attention focused solely on playing some sort of bubble popping game on her phone. The sole male member of the orange squad took the answer as a genuine retort. "Yes'm. I'm fixing to get you some of these here nachos then. I'll be over yonder then ladies."
  10. Still a better love story than T-wait that's not the right use of that joke.
  11. Name: Tremayne Hanningan Codename: Sureshock Year: Sophomore Pronouns: He/Him Roommate: Roll da Dice Goal: With football out of the picture, pick a new career path...and get his license. Favourite High School Movie: Friday Night Lights Name: Tabitha Hannigan Codename: The Spectacle Year: Sophomore Pronouns: She/Her Roommate: Roll za dice Goal: Being left alone Favourite High School Movie: Carrie
  12. Works for me! I actually thought E wa was still up since that was the last update my phone gave me!
  13. GM From the rear, Cobalt Templar could see that they had not been followed by any Omegadrones. In fact, their trek through the aqueduct remained undisturbed. The sound of running water and the occasional scraping of Singularity's shield against the tight space was the only noise carried throughout the tunnels. On point, Sea Devil's suit lit a clear path ahead. After a few minutes of walking the group found themselves at a split. There were three possible directions the aqueduct had led. With no signs pointing to direct access into the underground plant. Of course, logic dictated that they would eventually reach their destination. But, which path was safest or possibly quickest was not outright apparent. The left path had claw marks along the stone walls. They were worn, far from new. Possibly decades old. The right path seemed relatively normal aside from a dead mouse floating along the water. With no signs of any immediate predators. Not that fauna was rushing to live inside an aqueduct connected to an underground nuclear plant. As for the path directly in front of them. Sea Devil and Cobalt Templar's sight, as well as Foreshadow's precognitive senses, cut through the darkness far enough to tell one simple story. There was nothing impeding them for a good two hundred feet and then the path comes to an end. Or rather an opening with a direct drop.