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  1. Like much of the crowd Tabitha's head turned to see the oncoming vans. Normally, the fact that one of the nearby adults accidentally spilled his alcohol all over her in that moment would draw the girl's ire. But, it barely even registered as the vehicles began to dismantle in front of her. All save for one errant driver who erratically sped around. Possibly evading whatever attacked the other vans. Tabitha wasn't Tremayne. She wasn't excited at the prospect of dressing up in flashy costumes and beating up bad guys. But, muscle memory kicked in. All those exercise drills with the Orange Squad last year were driven in to her body. There was also the fact that The Spectacle wasn't so callous as to actually ignore people in need in front of her. So before she could even weigh her options, the sound of the Spectacle's heavy footsteps were carried through the air. She had seen pictures of the Human Tank stopping vehicles with his bare hands before. It didn't look that hard. Squaring her body the Spectacle stretched her arms out waveringly. Ready to try and push back against the oncoming vehicle. "With all due respect you need to st-" The warning was quickly put to a stop as the vehicle slammed against her. The sound of the tires squealing drowned out the screaming voices of the four burly looking men inside the van as they struggle to budge against the resisting weight. Cracks forming on the dashboard in the moment of impact. It only took a moment, but it became readily apparent that squaring your upper-body instead of your feet against a moving object was about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. Tabitha wasn't quite sent flying. Asphalt was upturned as the momentum pushed her backwards. Up until the Spectacle fell flat on her rear. Tripping over the sudden motion. Staring up at the skyline Tabitha could only find four words to utter. "I hate the city."
  2. (My IC post to follow just got to showa first)
  3. So The Spectacle gets onto the scene and Rushes the van!: 1d20+14 33 That's an opposed Str Check Opposed STR Check: 1d20+20 38 Funnily enough this means she would've won if not for the Size Bonus given to the van I was going to get handwavey and instead of having it knock her back have her be knock'dback...until I realized the different was smaller than her Knockback resist. So The Spectacle is knocked back five feet and prone at the start! Only one thing to do now. Roll Initiative!
  4. Because of course there should be one for this thread
  5. Port of San Juan San Juan, Puerto Rico, US Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 3PM local time "He has not called me once." Princess Thaelia of Atlantis explained to her former roommate Giang Trang. The conversation had gone as such for the former roommates. Catching up on their lives, the latest subject was her awkward not quite courtship of Elias Silvestri. "I own a cellular device, and yet no distance calling." Thaelia was dressed in ceremonial Atlantean armor, an object wrapped in a large cloth the size of her body tucked underneath her arm. Thaelia, Giang, and Heroditus were in the port of San Juan. One of the busiest ports in the Caribbean. Which on this day had an entire passenger ship dedicated to them. But, the trio would not be actually utilizing the ship. Though the pier was crowded with many dockworkers and potential passengers traversing, no one paid mind to the otherwise empty dock as they approached. Unlike when General Dalekos had dragged Heroditus out of Claremont some months ago, Thaelia didn't set up a meeting with Headmaster Summers. Simply arriving at Claremont and essentially kidnapping the Atlantean scholar. Leaving Giang with the job of apologizing to the Headmaster, who was both already aware of the kidnapping, and subsequently tracking them down. Where Thaelia explained that she needed inquisitive eyes for a task. The Atlantean Senate had unilaterally requested that three abandoned Atlantean outposts be investigated. After reports of salvagers in the area they dare not have Atlantean technology taken by those who may wish to do Atlantis harm. Though at least that was the public stance, never one to mince words Thaelia openly theorized to the others that certain members of the military may also be looking to reoccupy some of those outposts. Their first stop was to be her grandfather's base of operations during surfacers' second World War.
  6. Tabitha made no effort to stop the hawk changed Davyd from landing on her shoulder. Unless he packed on the pounds it wouldn't really be a bother. Of course it didn't hurt that she wasn't paying attention to see him dive until he had already landed on her shoulder. "I just want it to be known. If this boy ends up madder than a wet hen. It ain't my fault." Although the statement did bring Tabitha to turn her head to Callie Sen. As derisive as she had been to the boy who had yet to introduce himself. The girl had been oddly calm. "Guess they're not kin, if only one knew what the school was. Ain't that a kick in the head?" Her last statement had her looking up at her shoulder. Though Tabitha had missed most of the semester due to her sick nana sending them packing back home. Lulu had already given up the trick so to speak.
  7. "No we haven't, it sounds rather interesting. After all, robots! Could you tell us more? Only robot I've ever seen was either on the tube or attacking the city." Yves responded. She had made sure to sit with a view of the window next to Danica. She took an awkward pause to decide before finally finishing with "Sounds super interesting." Though he did use the words 'another' clearly quantifying his robot experience as existent. Yves had no actual expectation to gleam anything new from the waiter. But, a curious tourist blended in better than a know it all. Plus he seemed cheerful enough that he might've been the type to have both halves of the conversation for her. Yves' plate was filled with carne asada, rice, and beans. She hadn't taken any care with selecting an item. And simply picked whatever was listed on the Chef's specials of the menu.
  8. "You're right. We can't let these fools mess with our city." Dalir stated in response. Though it wasn't particularly clear to the people inside the store whether he actually understood what the Magmin said. One thing was certain the pair had amazing mustaches. "We've gotta bust some heads in these suckas." The ECPD detective then pointed outwards towards the door. "To the grand Torino, let's boogie." His mustache bristled and medallion bounced as he dramatically turned. Of course Big Em was already by the door. Having cleared the rubble with her mighty strength. Some would even say Mag-Mighty. However, before they could leave someone tugged on Dalir's shirt. Both detective turns their head to face Mrs. Wang. Mrs. Wang was the owner of Good Fortune. "Hold on coppers, what are you gonna do about the dead guy?" The woman asked volunteering unexpected information.
  9. Shock and Awe New to Freedom (1) Argonaut (9) Training Day(9) Dalir the Dashing (5) The Jadetown Shuffle Worlds of Freedom: Assault on the Emerald Precinct (1) Foreshadow II (20) Future Shock (5) I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper (1) Little Monsters (1) New Beginnings (6) Phone a Friend (7) Spring Fling Vignette Glamazon Spring Fling Vignette So let's give Foreshadow's vignette to Glamazon. And also, Rollover his posts so both Glamazon and Argonaut reach 2PP with 10 posts. Hm let's give Dalir 6 of the remaining posts and then split the rest between Roulette and Hellhound so they get a post each.
  10. "I'm sure we can stir something up. In fact, I know just the outfit you can w-" Erick stopped talking the moment he noticed something caught Dee's attention. Waiting to hear what had worried her, his attention turned to his meal. As Dee looked around the restaurant. She didn't feel the any unusual mental undulations anymore. She did, however, find the original mind. It was after all hard to shake strange s. Especially with perfect recall. The person in question was a rather portentous looking man with a receding hairline on the dance floor. The man's attire spoke to wealth, Dee having seen more than her fair share of expensive suits growing up. Let alone in her fiance's wardrobe. If that wasn't clue, there was the gold. The man's hands were decked out to the gills in jewelry. Multiple gold chains. The top row of his teeth clearly studded with diamonds. And then there were the rings. His hands were filled with rings, one of which gave Dee a strange feeling. How does mental xeroxing work? Erick asked as he continued his meal. Not drawing attention to himself as his date looked around. The last thing they needed was to look like dine and dashers.
  11. Dalir tilted his head and smiled. "And that ladies and gentleman was the opening act." Shifting in the seat he placed his hands against the unconscious thug. Feeling around for the handcuffs in his pockets. Or the assumed handcuffs in his pockets. He had a one in four chance. The currently de-powered magician's face scrunched together in exasperation. It looked as if he wouldn't be buying a lottery ticket yet. Well whatever poor opinion the Cryptids had of him. At least in this moment the only person he had embarrassed himself to was himself. Wriggling away from the unconscious body he considered taking the time to break from the handcuffs. But, time was of the essence. And he honestly had no idea what the situation outside looked like. So finally it was time for Dalir the Dashing to make a dash for it. Opening the car door led to him tumbling backwards out of the car. Quickly he would scramble to his feet and make a run for it. After all, a little rat had told him where to find the cheese.
  12. HGM

    Little Monsters (IC)

    Foreshadow nodded before flipping backwards off the roof. Twisting in mid air so as to allow himself to swing through to the museum. Zhenshcina-voin followed beside slowing down as she flew through the air to match Foreshadow's speed. Allowing the two to reach the entrance way at the same without being seen by the passersby below. Strangely there was no watchman as they reached the entrance. The door left unlocked. The two members of the Vanguard had to walk through a series of corridors before finally reaching a back office. There was an oaken door on the office that read: 'Oliver Jacobs: Museum Curator'. Which more than clued them in to the fact that they were in the right place. Opening the door there was an odd smell to the office. It could only be described as sweet and sickly. Foreshadow turned his nose and parted his mouth before quickly closing it. Whatever the prescient hero was about to tell Klara he kept to himself. Clearly adjusting to the fact that the duo had arrived without the team telepath and for lack of a better term communications expert. The office would be described as very spacious if not for all the clutter. An entire wall was dedicated to filing cabinets organized alphabetically. Another was a series of bookshelves. That did nothing to do the pile of literature strewn all about. Then came the desk. There was actually a rotary phone and typewriter and the computer looked as if it belonged in a museum. Though...it technically already was. From behind the desk sat an ashen haired hazel eyed woman with stern features. The curator rose from her desk and quickly made her way over to the two heroes. "How do you do? Imogen Harris, pleased to meet you. I'm sorry for the mess. Fancy a cuppa? Maybe, I'd prefer a pint tonight the way things have been going."
  13. HGM

    Future Shock IC

    "I'm not a psychologist by any means. But, to quote Dee on their reasoning. Sometimes they're just daft. Rather be dead in a dark alley than domestic. Not to have too much fun with alliteration." Erick reached for his mask pressing back against his face. His expression remained indifferent all the while. From the moment he came to the UK, sure there were only a few streets that could outright compare to the Fens. But, it had never been crime free. How else would he know to check such videos to begin with. "Alright, so Muirne just to go over some rules real quick. No real names. If you need to jump behind anyone taller than than me. Nothing short of a Mach truck is going to knock these two down. Oh, and question first but don't be afraid to punch second."
  14. "Different but still wild I imagine. We met stopping an assassination attempt on your brother by Soviet scientists attempting the wildest doping scandal in Olympic history. Funny that they got banned for competing due to that. But, our idea of different is still going to be fun." Erick extended his own glass back to Dee. Tapping it ever so slightly. CLINK. "We should do Tokyo this year. I mean what are the chances that there's another international scandal? Okay with us 50/50. " It was only for a fleeting moment. But, Dee felt something amiss. It was hard to place. As if someone's mental wavelength multiplied. But, it was only for a moment. It was so blink and you miss it quick that if not for the fact that the 'copy' disappeared just as abruptly as it appeared she might have missed it.
  15. Tabitha formed her left hand into a fist and slammed it against her right palm. "I'm a statue." She responded disinterested once the conversation moved to describing herself. Never one to jump for joy when describing her condition. Her eyes drifted back to the route the groundskeeper had taken. Almost as if expecting more of those strange creatures she had mistaken for a student's power to pop right up. "School has more dirt than you can shake a stick at. And now they tell us it can shake a stick back." If they take me seriously that ain't my fault. Boy's starting to sound wound up tighter than an eight day clock. Tabitha thought to herself with absolutely no self-awareness. Or rather to herself and as far as she knew the only other student in the direct vicinity that could hear it.
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