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  1. "Perhaps. But, it may be her own business if she isn't aware that she's not organic so to speak." Yves mused in response to the weighted statement. Her eyes forward on the road ahead all the while. "Her video history existed before the robotic animal appearances. And to be frank, her appearance is more subtle than the animals. I caution before rushing to the conclusion that her suspected involvement is greater than it is as we have yet to step foot on the communes." Uttered quickly and at a lower register than the rest of her statements an hmmm sound escaped her lips. "My suggestion is instead of inviting her out for a meeting. Lure her to what is believed to be a new sighting. Even if we have to re purpose a piece of the machinery from the hideout to see what her reaction would be to an incident in which we set all the variables."
  2. @RocketLord@KnightDisciple I'm ready to continue if y'all are! Sorry for the delays!
  3. Yves drove with one hand on the wheel and the other resting comfortably at her side. "Interesting." There was no shock or excitement in her own tone. Staying silent until the first traffic stop came into view. Then without turning the AEGIS agent once more spoke. "I shall posit a question. Do either of you believe she herself is aware?" The question wasn't a deep philosophical waxing of poetic on the culpability of AI consciousness and free will. Or anything of that nature. "There is a significant difference in how we can approach this next depending." Her tone remained even temper, but Yves made the effort before the light turned to look directly in the girls faces as she spoke that last sentence. Before her attention returned on the road. Whether she was reading their expressions, taking a quick visual scan for any trailing vehicles, or even just doing a bare cursory in maintaining an adult conversation with eye contact the agent apparently choose not to elaborate.
  4. Hey guys I'll be able to post again from the 22nd on. I'll try to make some posts from my phone. But, currently I'm having a situation with my personal laptop charger and don't feel comfortable posting from my work laptop.
  5. Will take 10 on Computers for 25 Notice: 1d20+14 27
  6. Foreshadow began whistling The Good the Bad and the Ugly only stopping just before the soldier shot out. The prescient acrobat shook his head having foreseen how it was about to go. Not that he was disjointed by the actual lack of bullet wounds. Quite the opposite. But, he was just wanted to make another tongue in cheek joke. "Just hate to see it. A blown lead after half-time. Heart just wasn't in on the game." "Disciplined or not. These robbing vets are way too silent for my liking. At least Robin Hood over there remembered the pageantry of it all."
  7. GM The conscious but only figuratively stuck between an arrow and a hard place guard swung around. The guy wasn't heeding Acher's warning. Not by choice at least. He was simply running out of running space without breaking into a nearby building. His decision making was expedient, clearly not slowing down due to being the last one left the armored thief squeezed his trigger. Another round of bursts fired out. The intent was most likely to hit Archer with a bullet. As was usually the case when one shot at you. The result was instead the armored car that blocked the alley gave a few resounding clicks as the gunman failed to clear the obstacle this time. One of the bullets stuck in the quick hardening glue. Cracks slightly visible on the surface if one were to take a very close gander.
  8. Robber 1 Standard Action Shoot at Archer II (DC19): 1d20+8 20 Missing again of course Robber 2 Break Free from Snare (TOU 6) (DC18): 1d20+6 19
  9. Tabitha chose to follow along on the tour. Or rather follow ahead as she began walking. The Southern teen didn't have anything better to do before getting back to her dorm. And more importantly the reason she even had sweats on was for the gym. Covering just enough to not feel self-conscious about it. Not as if sweating was a concern. She didn't have an investigative enough eye to notice what the text on Leon's sticker said. But, Tabitha did find it strange that he was able to just press it against himself without peeling at all. Settling on Lulu must have done sort of that mind juju on the paper. That or the incoming teen was extra sticky. In which case, there were certainly worse powers she could have drawn on the kidnapped and empowered lottery.
  10. Tabitha and Tremayne Hannigan were dressed to the nines in their Sunday best. Tremayne in a light blue pastel suit; Tabitha in purple dress with accompanying large feathered hat. It wasn't Black church by any means, but if their mama had seen them visit any of the lord's houses without dressing up they'd certainly be getting a smack to the back of their head. That was to say nowadays Tabitha would not even feel it past the shaming she received after. The twins had not actually sat together. While Tremayne sat near the front to hang on every word of the Archbishop's words The metallic teen had actually stood in the back. Trying to stand out as little as a teen made of metal dressed in the least conservative attire of the sermon could. She was, however, bemused. Back home the Easter sermons did involve the good pastor taking shots at those who hadn't attended in a year. Otherwise known as last Easter.
  11. "A superfan. She seems to be a green level at the worst." Yves mused while watching the videos. "Successful enough to get around. Assuming she doesn't have other non financially dependent travel means." She didn't really have her finger on the pulse as far as social media went. Though after the third time being asked to like and subscribe it was clear that Zuumer's business model survived on its audience in some way. The mother of three was surprised at how drastically different the levels of enthusiasm going into watching the videos was from the other two in front of her. Especially since out of the three, by Yves' estimation, the one most likely to enjoy seeing a show put on would be Eira. Probably it's because she's not the one starring in the video. Yves attention turned to her food. Nudging it along with her fork before finally picking up a bite. "I'm optimistic that we will. I can't make any guarantees it will be a crocodile. But, from the sounds of it we'll certainly find something robotic at this rate."
  12. Doktor'd! Glamazon Let's lower her Base Defense outside of the trident to 5 and increase the Dodge Focus to 7 (+3PP) Let's also lower her Takedown Attack to 1. (+1PP) Let's edit up the Trident a bit so she hits PL15 Caps while wielding it. Increasing the device by two ranks and toss Indestructible on it as a result. Increasing the Enhanced Atk/Def to 3 each. Increasing Imp Tou to 15. Dropping Eidetic Memory and buying one more rank of Super-Strength. And also so it's more blatant that Undertow's orb made from the eye of Argon. Final Product looks like: (-7PP) Device 16 ( 80PP Container; Feats: Indestructible, Restricted 2 Only the Worthy may Lift [Worthiness is defined by embodying the Homeric heroic code]; Flaw: Easy-to-Lose All Effects have the Divine Descriptor ) [51PP] (Trident of Argon) Comprehend 2 ( Animals [Speak to, Understand]; Flaw: Limited to Equines ) [2DP] Damage 0 ( Feats: Extended Reach, Improved Critical, Mighty; Extra: Penetrating 3) [6DP] ( Undertow's prongs ) Enhanced Attack 3 [6DP] (Deftness of Atalanta) Enhanced Constitution 6 [6DP] (Invincibility of Achilles) Enhanced Defense 3 [6DP] (Deftness of Atalanta) Enhanced Feat 1 ( Quick Change ) [2DP] (Outlandishness of Periclymenus) Enhanced Strength 6 [6DP] (Strength of Heracles) Features 1 ( Sentience [The trident is sentient, telepathic, and prefers to be called Undertow] ) [1DP] Impervious Toughness 15 ( Flaw: Limited [ [Not Impervious vs Blessed/Celestial/Holy, Chi/Ki, Demonic/Hellfire/Infernal, Divine, or Magic]; Drawback: Weak Point ) [7DP] (Invincibility of Achilles) Light Control 1 ( 10' ) [2DP] (Glowing Trident) Regeneration 10 ( Bruised 3/No Action, Injured 6/No Action; Flaw: Source [Water] ) [5DP] (Nourishment of Triton) Super-Movement 1 ( Water-Walking ) [2DP] (Oceanography of Orion) Super Senses 14 ( Vision [Penetrates Concealment, True Sight ) [14PP] (Eyesight of Lynceus) Super-Strength 6 ( +30 Effective lifting, total STR 115 [Heavy Load= 104.9k Tons] ) [12DP] (Strength of Heracle) Swimming 4 ( [Stacks with Swimming 10 for a total of 14]; 50,000 mph 500,000' per round ) [4DP] (Deftness of Atalanta)
  13. Doktor'd! Dalir the Dashing Buy a rank of Luck and the Eidetic Memory Feat [2PP]
  14. Detective Valerie Archer PL: 6 (90) +2 Attack/-2 Damage "I'm not against the police. I'm just afraid of them." Abilities: 4 + 2 - 10 + 2 + 2 + 0 = 0 PP STR 14 (+2 DEX 12 (+1) CON - (-) INT 12 (+1) WIS 12 (+1) CHA 10 (+0) Combat: 12 + 6 = 18 PP ATK: +6 (+6 Base, +8 Ranged ) DEF: +8 (+2 Dodge Bonus, +3 flat-footed, -1 Size) Initiative: +1 (+1 Dex) Grapple: +8 Knockback: -3 (-3 Flat-Footed) Saves: 0 + 3 + 3 = 6 PP TOU +6 (+6 Protection) FORT - REF +4 (+1 Dex, +3) WILL +4 (+1 Wis, +3) Skills: 44 r=11 PP Diplomacy 5 (+5) Drive 4 (+5) Intimidate 5 (+5) Investigate 4 (+5) Knowledge (Current Events) 4 (+5) Knowledge (Streetwise) 4 (+5) Language 1 (English [Native], Spanish) Notice 4 (+5) Search 4 (+5) Sense Motive 4 (+5) Stealth 4 (+5) Survival 2 (+2) Feats: 7 PP Attack Focus Ranged 2 Dodge Focus 3 Equipment 2 Powers: 30 + 6 + 12 = 12 PP Immunity 30 ( Fortitude Saves ) [30PP] (Undead Constitution) Protection 6 [6PP] Regeneration 12 ( Recovery Bonus 9, Resurrection 3 [5 Hours] ) [12PP] - Detective Valerie Archer served her country proudly. During her time as a FET, Valerie earned a Navy Cross defending an Afghanistan village and her squad mates from an ambush. After she earned her honorable discharge, Valerie graduated at the top of her FCPD class. Having grown up in the Fens, then officer Archer was hopeful of turning the borough around for the better. Hardworking and ever ambitious after five years on the beat, Archer became a detective for the Major Crimes unit of the FCPD. Where she discovered a group of dirty cops in the Fens who were dealing Zombie Powder through Baltic connections. This discovery cost her life, as the officers shot her. However, their habit of using gunpowder laced with Zombie Powder proved to be their undoing as somehow the combination seeped into her blood stream and Detective Archer rose from the dead. The superhero known as Nevermore, as he was then known, was able to prove Detective Archer's innocence. Keeping her less than living state a secret from her peers Detective Archer continues to be a stalwart presence in the Fens. So yeah, if I've ran a thread in the Fens with your character there's probably a 3/4 chance that I've had Detective Archer show up. Her campaign use is usually to give heroes a bit of exposition. Or even someone sympathetic to save when she's in trouble. Stern voiced but ultimately fair, Detective Archer is a trustworthy figure in the Fens who won't give the PCs the runaround as they stomp around her cases.
  15. It took a lot of restraint for Yves not to give the very polite young man a threatening glare after he winked. She had it in spades. Not enough to stop herself from calling him a fool in Galactic Standard as he walked away with a smile on her face. Needing to at least keep to a language the younger two had little chance of understanding. Especially as she would transition back to English with vivid enthusiasm. "Oh that all sounds very interesting. I bet she was a funny sight running up and down the streets." The AEGIS agent then leaned back in the booth as Eira spoke. Taking the moment to listen to the explanation. Looking between the two she openly began to ponder, "Before the crocodile planted itself in the golf club, this wasn't anywhere near national news. I don't believe this streamer is involved in any other way than her own curiosity and seeking views. Still she may have accidentally uncovered something. In situations like this agents would normally investigate the lead. The job is often combing through paperwork or writing up reports. For example, in this case I would suggest we watch both her latest video and a few minutes of her older ones. This is not only to see if robot chasing is the subject, I mean girl's, normal activity. It also confers up the possibility that she accidentally stumbled on something." Yves then went back to the complimentary glass of water that had been brought at the beginning.
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