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    Player Away Thread

    Alright this should be my last long-term away post, barring vacations I'll start to have some activity for good. I quit my job(s) recently, though at the same time I've been working on a second baccalaureate as I pursue a career change. In doing this I've recently gotten my A+ and Net+ certifications while I was at it. Working on security+ and laying the groundwork to one day get cysa+ after I've built up more experience. Buuut, I'll also be working full time with a government contractor (Honestly, I'm just looking forward to take a break from having a managerial role regardless of industry. The burnout while working two supervisor jobs at once is and essentially supervisor roles since High School if you count my time as an NCO is real. Hospitals are only slightly better than warehouses in this respect lemme tell ya). while working on this second baccalaureate (which is almost done so yay). So to make all this happen my already sporadic activity will be pretty null here until August. I'll still hop in on Discord. But, I def won't be able to hit up posts with the amount of furor my brain wants to. So this isn't farewell (as I said I'll be on Discord and my activity has already had like 2-3 years of sucking). Instead, it's more of a declaration that before the year is over I'm coming back with full posting dedication (That said, I'll still try to hit up a post here and there, but there's no way I can manage daily atm my weekdays are looking like 5-6 hours a sleep a day. I may not be 30 yet, but I'm not that young anymore!)
  2. Hellhound heard some sort of commotion but waved it off. His mind was already pulled towards multiple distractions as the canine part of him wanted to chase after every nearby scent. Using whatever restraint he could muster he took off after the tinted window SUV's. An unbending focus on his targets keeping his mind sane. Of course, the sight of an overtly large wolf barreling into the docks caught the attention of the security. Whom reacted as people tended to do when a large predator came charging for them and ran out of the way. Making their way towards the guard shack in the hopes of reaching for a weapon. As soon as had a rifle grasped in his hands he hurriedly turned to aim for the wolf. *CRACKsss* The unmistakable hissing of a small caliber rifle filled the air. But, it did not come from the security guards. Whose head, much like Hellhound who had stopped in place, had snapped towards where the sound originated. Further up the hill, Mister Strix's efforts to scare the teens was a resounding success. The driver immediately reversed, and everyone forgot even the most basic concepts of gun safety. Hitting a bump in the road and their rifle fired shattering a window. The hell was that? Hellhound thought to himself. Momentarily forgetting that the only threat the guards had physically seen on the premises was...well himself. But, you don't bring in bulletproof SUVs and not have some sort of security protocols in place for shots being fired.
  3. It was more like poor time management and choosing playing Video games. My bad. Back on it.
  4. GM The van complied with Mister Strix's request perhaps a little too readily as the driver hit the brakes with sudden and immediate force. Instead of flinging him forward into the windshield the vampire found himself sent flying into the road. Only to rise up unharmed. Eliciting a unified scream amongst the teens. Hurriedly the began reaching for their rifles. "No. No. No. No." One screamed in the back. As another made a cross with his hand screaming about killing it with fire. All in all, they continued to prove that their hastily thought up plan of the modified robbery wasn't the work of experienced criminals. Not that many in Bedlam had experienced growling men jumping on to their moving vehicles. The van's sudden and complete stop was visible from the entrance to the docks. But, it was still far enough away and the reaction muted enough from the distance that security had not visibly made any signs of acknowledging any commotion yet.
  5. Óscar made grimaced at the sight of the body. He had seen dead bodies before. He had seen a lot of dead bodies before. But, nothing like this. Without hesitation, he would reach down for the piece of paper. The chain of evidence not exactly of importance after already breaking into a crime scene. "The funny thing is I probably climbed all these flights to steal a look at a shopping list. People don't exactly write their killer's names before they die. Could also be a list of lotions for that dry skin." Óscar whispered to himself. His hands unsteady at the thought of grabbing the gross mummified hand. It looked as if the slightest tough risked breaking it.
  6. Assured by the sight of the girl of the century, a bespectacled man in a gray suit approached. His frame was rather wiry, but a measure of detail had gone into his appearance. With a visibly fresh shave. "It was darn dirty apes. They came down from a zeppelin. Knocked us down, throttled real bad. Took anything valuable and were out in a blink. They even took Abe!" The man was visibly worried as he explained the events as they had transpired. A quick look around the train confirmed that the windows had been smashed from the outside. The spread of glass was a result of a great deal of external force. Thankfully none of the passengers were cut, though some did look worse for the wear. The result of resisting the mugging.
  7. Hm. While I will admit I forgot the Wall Crawling, I think I'm going to keep with the GM fiat to knocking him back a little.
  8. <See. And you thought you wouldn't be having any fun the moment your glass got empty.> Erick didn't expect his teasing to do much in the way of alleviating the seriousness of the situation. If someone was targetting the venue they weren't exactly in an ideal to position to prevent it. Not without having to take some steps to minimize their possible exposure. Erick figured he would leave the mental subterfuge to Dee. Pivoting on one foot he would appear to almost trip on himself. Leading to the glass of wine he was planning on nursing all night to spill on someone nearby. He wasn't too particular at the moment. Just needed an excuse to pull himself away from the group he was conversing with. "Oh heavens, I'm so sorry. Here, let me get something to take care of that." Time to do a brief non mental scan of the room then.
  9. Erick Sloane flashed a smile as he continued to converse with the investment bankers around him. His bespoke grey pinstripe suit did much to conceal his physique. While Erick wasn't an avid headhunter, he relied on networking to limit the amount of cold-calling that could be expected of him. Seeing as his nights tended to be rife with avoiding gunfire, the less time spent figuring out which startups looked interesting the better. Truth be told, the high society scene was his element. <If I recall, the conversation involved a foot rub and renting out the Silverstone Circuit.> Erick responded knowing full well Dee was less at home than him. Or rather too much at home, minus the tabloid cameras of her youth. <Plus, you know you want to see how many shrimp I can sneak into this guy's pocket without him noticing. I feel like a solid seven.>
  10. HGM

    Player Away Thread

    I'll be back in action in about one more day. I thought I had successfully staved off the holiday curse! But, been a rough few weeks!
  11. Alright scary vampire with an Untrained Acrobatics the car comes to a sudden but immediate stop. Strix gets flung off the moving vehicle. And regardless of whether he's gonna punch 'em or scare 'em let's get an initiative roll against these poor teenage minions! But, an HP for the fact that I'm going to make him start from the Prone position with a +2 circumstance bonus on any initial Intimidate rolls from you know not dying from being flung off a moving vehicle. Initiative: 4#1d20+2 15 21 18 22
  12. GM The teens in the van were within Mister Strix's line of sight. They van doors a paler shade of greying than the rest of the once bright green van. The windows weren't tinted but just dirty enough to allow someone to think they were in the dark. The grill was filled with mud and all manners of mess. The teens were parked in a van on the hill overlooking the dock entrance. The path they were taking was going to be obvious. A straight shot through the front gate. Past the security, which had an equal chance of being local hires unconnected to the Gorganzua family. The Gorganzua's men on the other hand were less visible. Both Hellhound and Strix were close enough to the entrance to see two sets of SUV's with properly tinted windows enter docks. But, aside from seeing them turn to the left once passing the gate it didn't take long for them to escape either party's line of sight. And with it the specific pier they were headed to. Mister Strix was able to catch sight of the automatic rifles the men were carrying. The darkness of the windows doing nothing to conceal them from his line of sight. Hellhound on the other hand could smell gunpowder and...dirt. It wasn't local dirt, but it was definitely the smell of dirt. As soon as the SUV's disappeared from anyone's line of sight the van roared to life. It's next destination a wayward charge into the gates of Greely Point Docks.
  13. It could not be understated the strong mixture of scents one could find in a dock or pier. Especially when under the lens of a canine's nose. A tarry wood pine smell underpinning of creosote, tar, and the unmistakable smell of garbage. If he was in his "human" form Hellhound would not be quite as distracted by the flurry of smells bombarding his nose. However, he had decided to stake out the docks as a wolf. With the added consequence of every instinct telling him to chase after the latest strong smell to waft through his olfactory senses. To say nothing about the other voice in his head which had anything other than patience on the mind. Hellhound didn't actually care too much about the Scarpia's business dealings. But, as far as he knew the Mara had some level of protection or loyalty to the Scarpias And his father's own Lunar Sentry MC had fallen under the scope of the Mara when the Jigsaw man took over Hadwick Park. Which meant inconveniencing the Scarpia family was as good as inconveniencing his own. Which was good enough for Óscar. So the wolf made his way down a trail. Trying to get a first nose account on just exactly he was trying to interfere with.
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