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  1. @Zeitgeist Blue Let's say mid August if there's no conflict timeline wise for anyone.
  2. It was a quiet afternoon through the Emerald Cities. But, everything changed when the Storm came through. Neither North Emerald nor South Emerald were prepared for the massive infrastructure damage that has taken hold. And only the superheroes on the scene are available to act as first responders. But, what of the sightings of gangs of supervillains appearing on the scene? That's right recruiting players for a version of the Emerald City Knights adventure! Those who own the PDF don't be surprised if the story beats and twists are different. But, the mass empowering event occurs. Note, PC's are not required or expected to form the in setting Emerald City Knights or Emerald :League or any superteam thereof. As such a desire to do so is not a requirement to join. But, Emerald City based characters will get a priority. Seeking 6-8 PCs for two threads that will be ran concurrently in South Emerald and North Emerald (and eventually meet up). Time Travel, combat, and even the moon itself await!
  3. Week 1 (June 1-June 7) Sidcup, London, UK London often met or exceeded New York's murder rate. And as of late the violence had seemingly increased. Foreshadow hadn't brought in any of the members of Vanguard into his latest investigation. They were great at what they did, but his cohorts didn't spend as much time in the underworld's underbelly as he did. And that was how he liked it. Plus asking Dee to watch even half as many UK Drill videos as he did would not make for good dinner conversation. The current investigation wasn't over a stabbing or even the rare murder mile shooting. Foreshadow found himself in London to investigate an arson. Not the first arson he had investigated in London. But, having lost his own parents to a pyromaniac criminal he was often drawn too fires. That was once he got over his fear of them early in his hero career. The police report said this happened as a result of a fight with me. Last time I was even near this part of outer London…no it wasn’t a super I was after. Guy Thin Tony. He had no powers. Just a gang of misled kids. It didn’t add up. He was sure at a glance if he had taken anything back to the lab to investigate the fire would’ve started around then. But, then why didn’t he see anything? And why were there reports of him fighting a fire control using super nearby. Honestly, if he didn’t know better, he would think someone was recreating the events that led to him becoming an orphan. As some sort of sick taunt. Sidcup was full of newlyweds and nearly outs. Gang activity existed, but the resources needed to hire a villain. Well there weren’t any big players in town. And the Ministry had easy access to records on all of the local cults. He didn’t have the political leanings of those who would’ve voted for Thatcher. But, as a result of Thatcher’s paranoia of her enemies, the English authorities had a lock on its cult activity. Nothing went unseen. Nothing, but what really happened here two weeks ago. When a building was set ablaze near a hero who wasn’t there. At least not there with the sort of villain who could’ve started this fire. Then there was that nagging feeling in the back of his head like he was being watched. A feeling that was more haunting for a hero with precognitive senses. Just what the hell is going on? I might have to ask Dee to do little forensics for me. Foreshadow bent down to one knee and pulled out an evidence bag. Slowly collecting pieces of burnt debris, before returning to his scene examination. Next would be pictures, but it was clear where the structural damage first occurred. At the base of the stairs... "Just like when you were a kid, right? But you would’ve noticed the fire before I started am I right?” A gruff voice called out from the top of the stairwell. Foreshadow snapped his head up only to recognize the familiar face of his foster brother. Elliott Allen, agent of UNISON, and former costumed hero by the name of Elite. “Well hurry up, you won’t believe what you’ll find up here.
  4. Week 1 (June 1-June 7) . The Iceberg, Freedom City In AEGIS circles Wednesday gave everyone a case of the Mondays. Those assigned to AEGIS posts had to attend 15 minute stand up meetings with their teams. But Wednesdays the meetings were an hour and a half conferences. Sometimes you could be assigned to a separate department's conference. Which is where Yves Zermeño found herself this very Wednesday. Having the unfortunate draw of being assigned to a private conference with Stewart “Rock Star” Bonham. It wasn't that Yves hated Bonham. Quite the opposite. But, a conference with a department head often lead to a special assignment. And in her experience an assignment from Bonham was babysitting duty. The Dame might send Yves to investigate Terminus related crimes. Dr. Volk would want to collect data. And her team would just do the weekly review. But, Bonham always made it a production. And judging by the smoke filling the room as Yves entered, this meeting would be no different. That was until it became readily apparent that Bonham was nowhere to be seen. Yves quickly scanned the office. It was a windowless conference room with a holographic display in the center of the table. There were a dozen seats all around and a series of computers. But no acting Director to be seen. There were however five people sitting on the chairs around the conference table. The first person Yves recognized was Jessie Baker. Jessie had a reputation on the Iceberg for being opinionated to the point of fault. If there was a thought that went through agent Baker's head, she let everyone know about it. Said thought was often about how wrong everyone else was which didn't endear her too many friends. If not for her impressively accurate results, she would've been out of a job a long time ago. But, it did seem like an inevitability. Next to Jessie Baker was Lee Franks. Aside from Yves, Franks was the only other field agent in the room. And likely the only other person over 40. Yves, had also heard rumors that Franks was a former costumed hero. Though she had never personally inquired as to his past. Everyone deserved their secrets. That was everyone but the person sitting next to Franks, Lyla Chen. Lyla Chen had worked for just about every super-criminal one could think of. A professional henchman, Chen had actually bankrolled her entire career by stealing from a wide variety of her superiors. After all, super-criminals always ended up caught. And their last concern would be remembering the henchman who took a few trinkets here and there. AEGIS was less forgiving, at least on the surface. But, once it turned out that Chen's loyalty lasted as far as her mouth she quickly turned confidential informant with the matching leg jewelry to prove it. The government had made a deal for an earlier release if she cooperated. And somehow she wasn't even the most untrustworthy person in the room. Not with Matti Scoggins there. Matti Scoggins had been the talk of AEGIS for a week. An embezzler among their ranks. The Harvard grad worked for their financial crimes division, and had been skimming a little off the top for years. He was fearless in amassing his collection of stolen goods from super criminals. But, after years he had been caught by the tireless efforts of none other than Jessie Baker. No wonder the two hadn't been placed together. The last person in the room was Hamid Zafiya. The Fresh MIT graduate was a star in the cyber crimes division. Or at least he would've been if he ever took the job seriously rather than playing games with the criminals he targeted. No amount of reprimands and threats of demotions had any effect on the young agent and clear thrill chaser who time and time again had been denied field duty status. It was a motley crew of people that didn't need to be motleying up anything. Agent Alyssa Wild walked up behind Yves. She was Argonaut's long-time partner in the field. And jokingly her work-wife despite the fact that Yves' husband also worked for AEGIS. That was just how much time the pair spent together at work. So when Wild tapped Yves on the soldier to be let in with a whispered, "glad you could make it." The Freed drone was utterly confused. "Well now we can start. Acting Director Bonhan has noted a failing on AEGIs' part-" "Ahem. I noticed a failing on AEGIS' part." Agent Baker interrupted. Only to get stared at by Wild. Neither woman backing down before Wild continued. "As I was saying. After a completely preventable incident, Acting Director Bonham has deemed it necessary to circumvent traditional AEGIS operating procedures. As such he has created a task force with one simple mandate to think like villains in order to predict upcoming conflicts and sabotage them before they happen. This task force will report directly to Special Agent Zermeño." As they all turned their heads to hear Yves say 'No' before storming out of the conference room. She absolutely wasn't going to be in charge of AEGIS castoffs and outcasts. Alyssa chased after her friend in a huff, quickly catching the Lor whom was simply walking at a leisurely pace. "You know when Jack Simmons founded AEGIS, he specifically sought the most insubordinate members of every br1anch of government for his recruits. The Dirty Forty as we call them now. The Patriot believed that a willingness to question orders was the one of the most important foundations of an AEGIS agent. Assuming they were competent and with a bit of drive that is." Alyssa told Yves. "Why me? Most people don't know what or who I am. Why me? Does Bonham really need me to be his fall girl when this entire crapshoot blows up in our faces. And believe me it will." "Someone just has to get them up and running. They'll report to you as needed. You don't need to tell them your story if you don't want. And Bonham's not expecting Argonaut to suddenly slink to the shadows. But, they need oversight, And frankly this is your job." "I'm no leader." "Agent! When there's trouble..." "AEGIS takes the initiative. AEGIS does not play it safe." Every agent worth their salt new how to answer a challenge response to one of the mantras in the AEGIS code.
  5. Week 1 (June 1-June 7) Havana, Cuba Cuba and Atlantis had a long-standing peaceful relationship. To the point that in the UN it could be argued that Cuba was on of Atlantis’ strongest supporters. While the kingdom of Atlantis argued that this relationship was formed during WWII, when Cuba was a staunch ally against Sea-Wolf. To the point of providing King Thallor direct aid in saving Siren towards the end of the war. Outside observers were quick to criticize that the underwater kingdom’s isolationist tendencies kept it blind to the fact that Cuba was not the same country that fought against German fascism. Due to this relationship, Princess Thaelia of the House of Atlan was given carte blanche to enter the country for supplies. As she occasionally did when visiting her hideaway in the Milwaukee Deep. The Cuban media would often use her presence to reignite the idea that there was a secret Atlantean city nearby protecting the country. While the idea was not shrouded in truth. There was actually once upon a time a Deep One colony that lived nearby. At least until Sea Wolf slaughtered the lot as part of his plot to sacrifice Siren to dark gods and return his humanity. A plot that cost him his life as the Sea King struck him down and buried him alive “How has your stay been?” Ana Lucia asked Thaelia. Ana-Lucia Ramos was in her mid-twenties. A veteran in the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, and current presidential aide. She was Glamazon’s guide on the island nation, a role that had been assigned three years ago upon her initial visit. Ana-Lucia was a muscular woman whose entire air was otherwise warm and inviting. Aside from the occasional whispered comment, it was clear why she was chosen to “babysit” the visiting royal. Thaelia was accompanied by half a dozen soldiers and Ana-Lucia Ramos. “It has been most pleasant. Much as I have come to expect.” Thaelia answered loudly. The group had just left the market. Thaelia was dressed in turquoise armored garbs. One hand was carrying a trunk full of her spoils. The soldiers made no motion to take the trunk from her. Which was filled enough that more than one of them would be required to even haul it in the first place. “Your highness are you ready to depart? Or is there more to the city you wish to see?” Ana-Lucia asked. Making sure to speak loud enough that she could be overheard as nearby watchers crowded by. Some of which where loudly playing music. The occasional loo by Ana-Lucia giving an implication that the musical spectacle was prearranged. “I believe this will be all.” The soldiers, then wasted no time in leading the Atlantean princess into an armored SUV. One that would realistically provide them more protection than it provided her. But, this way they could avoid her leaping from roof to roof as she originally suggested. The SUV steadily progressed en route to the docks until Ana Lucia looked out the window and suddenly shouted. “Bájate!” Immediately leaping to cover Glamazon. Not that she made it before the explosion rocked the side of the SUV. Sending it tumbling over. Once the vehicle stopped rolling, Glamazon kicked the entire roof off the vehicle. Wasting little time, she would begin dragging the unconscious passengers out. Frantically looking around. “Who dares challenge the daughter of the seas to combat! Show thyself vile fiend and receive the gift of battle!” Thaelia screamed into the air. But the princess received no retort. The only response lingering in the air were the sounds of sirens and screaming as the soldiers failed to escort the princess to safety. Let alone budge her from her current location...
  6. Week 1 (June 1-June 7) Midland, Texas On the side of the road a four-person pickup truck sat. Two ATV’s sitting on the bed of the vehicle which had no inclination of moving any time soon by the looks of the pair working on the outside of the vehicle. "I tell you what if the Oklahoman wasn’t in office, we wouldn't be having these problems." A hefty and rapidly balding man called out to his scrawny friend who was presently hunched over the hood of a car. The engine was visibly smoking obscuring the family inside from view. Not that had any effect on the pair’s conversation. "Weren't it too long ago you voted for him Bill?" The scrawnier man called back as he tooled around with the truck. "Oh, shut yer trap." Bill retorted. The family inside the vehicle was doing their best to ignore the discussion outside. That was aside from the metallic teenager. Who was waiting for them to blame the vehicular mishap on her? Of course, it was her fault. Why wouldn’t the metal girl be too heavy for the pickup truck to haul the fifteen-minute drive from the Midland airport to Odessa. Never mind that as heavy as a girl made out of metal was, it wasn’t as heavy as the two ATV’s the family had attempted to haul. “So how was the school year?” Bill Hannigan, notably not the Bill outside of the truck, asked the pair of youths sitting in the back seat. Tremayne Hanningan leaned forward with excitement not having seen his family since the last school vacation. “It was amazing! I got my license. I can drive us the rest of the way if you want. Could probably power this thing. All y’all can just sit back and let an expert at the wheel.” Bill looked over at his daughter expecting an answer of similar enthusiasm only to be greeted with continued silence. Tabitha Hannigan wasn’t exactly fishing for what she assumed was fake interest from her father. Yet another person who resented her for sending the school’s wide receiver halfway across the country. She didn’t know what lie her father had told. But, there was no way, people weren’t going to assume it didn’t have something to do with the Hannigan family’s kidnapped daughter coming back made of living metal. “Young lady, now I know you heard your father. Don’t think you’re too big to answer him.” Tandy Hannigan called from the passenger’s seat. The middle aged school teacher was currently reviewing her lesson plan for the next semester. Part of her felt guilty about the fact that she was grateful that her kids were going to school across the country. Rather than risk becoming another statistic in Midland-Odessa’s alarmingly high drop out rate. Not that she would’ve let either of them even consider dropping out of school. Bill, the one outside the vehicle, walked to the side of the driver’s window and tapped on it. “Found the cause mister. Yerr truck’s transmission is shot. Probably driving past the payload. I can have you fixed up real quick. Just call for a tow, alright?” “It was fine, papa. Lulu’s nice.” Tabitha finally spat out. Before sinking further into her seat and reaching for her wireless headphones.
  7. I'll bite now that I'm posting again. Hellhound needs to actually do stuff. An American Werewolf in an Amensianic London-born for the sake of this joke's(?) thread! But, on that note Shock and Awe really need to do stuff with Lulu (unrelated to this thread)
  8. Thaelia wasn't sure if she could easily be swayed by any of the Deep One's dark magicks. But, it would be rude to refuse the offering. After all, the rest of her armor was merely decorative compared to her own durability. "I thank you, general. Your enthusiasm will no doubt stir the hearts of your men. Your plan seems sound. If I may make one suggestion..." Then came the subject of going in for the kill. Obviously, the Deep Ones lacked any qualities worth commendation. However, Thaelia felt her honor was paramount. She may have been more believing in a just kill than her contemporaries. But, there was no justice in felling the weak. And there was no doubt in her mind, villain or not she had never actually met a Deep One she felt was so dangerous that she had no choice but to kill. While Atlantean society could agree with her views on honor, the masses weren't standing from the same position of power. "There is no need to dirty your blades with a dishonorable kill. Fight of course, but above all rescue the children."
  9. Thaelia examined the father and son pair. House Stylianos contributions to Atlantis went without saying. Far be it from even someone as audacious as the princess to try and drag them out of their wheelhouse. But, she only grew to appreciate the value of deferring to more intelligent peers due to her time at Claremont. So if neither party was seeking a fight, why would she force them? She simply beamed a bright smile towards the younger one in an attempt to reassure that she was not offended by refusing the call to arms. "General, if they wish to stay behind it is of no concern. One must assure the last of the children stay safe while we hunt. In all the Seven Seas, you'll find no fist mightier than those of the Daughter of the Seas. Rest assured, it is as you said. On this day I will bring you glory. No doubt a researcher beckoned me for aid." Though Thaelia couldn't help find it strange that the installation both had scores of children yet not enough soldiers to defend it, she didn't think too hard on it. What good would that do? Even the five Atlantean Praetors couldn't just snap their fingers and send more soldiers at a whim to a remote installation.
  10. Thaelia would have protested the formalities, if not for the fact that the installation did not seem to be under attack. With nary a Deep One in sight, she reflexively gave a curt nod as their fist slapped against the metal adorning their chests. "A hunt? I was alerted of a Deep One attack. Perhaps I have some misgivings of what has occurred?" Her eyes traced over to the youth who was bowing. Assuming him to be a fresh recruit just out of training she smiled. "You may rise soldier. The honor is all mine, the crown serves the will of the people." The statement came out like a grad student doing a rehearsed elevator pitch. That is to say she has had to use that exact phrase many a time Her attention seemed to return to the room itself. Looking around the unfamiliar installation she openly asked any who would answer. "Forgive my ignorance, but have the gods truly graced us with the gift of a battle? If it is simply a matter of collecting rations, your princess has no qualms with assisting in a hunt most glorious."
  11. @Grumblefloof I also want to add that I had a plot in mind that would've brought a different version of the Storm into play. But, real life basically kicked my ass for I want to say 2 maybe 3 years. So the many many many plans I had for EC sat on the backburner. For example during the Atlantean invasion, Emerald City was the only city that wasn't actually attacked by more than two Atlanteans. It was supposed to be revealed that they were androids. Which could be used in another thread to find out about the Chessmen and so on and so forth. All my plans poof. On Vibora Bay, I'm all for it. For a lot of reasons. Worse case scenario it doesn't work out the entire world's still a play pen for use. Heck I've used the fictional Mystery, New Hampshire before and was gonna use the equally fictional Embouchure, Louisiana in a thread. Both locations made up from the US 3e Atlas. What I'm saying is, while the amount of work may be different than using a location for a one off. In the end, the game world will keep chugging.
  12. Glamazon's arms rested by her side as she swam through the ocean. Each time her leg kicked out, the woman inched forward with such force that from the distance it was as if a torpedo had been propelled towards the Atlantean installation. Unlike her more shape-shifting family members, the demigoddess traversed the seas with raw might. With all the subtlety of a whale batting against a reef her path curved towards where the directions had indicated. Expecting to be overran by Deep Ones one arrival, she came ready to slug it out. Glamazon's voice boomed forth as she spoke, "Beware vile fiends, for the daughter of the seas has arrived to present you with a most painful gift!" Rushing in, she slowly began to wonder where the sound of explosions would be. Or at least vibrations. Combat had a more "welcoming" chorus in her experience. This is the quietest assault, I have ever been presented with.
  13. Thaelia had been watching the television set in her studio apartment within the Freedom League Special Circumstances housing. Although officially an ambassador to the surface, the day to day of her job had mostly been a disappointing number of photo ops. As such she had decided to stay in today, that was when the phone buzzed with fervor. The Glamazon stared at her phone for a moment. As if trying to decipher the missing communication, only rising after it became clear she could not. In an instant she crossed from her living room and into the bedroom. "Gods, what trouble have these vile creatures wrought this time?" For a moment, she though of Aquaria. The last time Thaelia rushed to attack a Deep One, it wasn't exactly as black and white as she had been led to believe. Still, she could not ignore a call to aid her people. But, she also could not leave dressed in surfacer clothes. The rumors made even a woman with as little foresight as Thaelia seemed to have, shudder. The demigoddess would head out the door and speed off, as soon as she finished putting on her signature armored garbs.
  14. HGM

    Player Away Thread

    Alright this should be my last long-term away post, barring vacations I'll start to have some activity for good. I quit my job(s) recently, though at the same time I've been working on a second baccalaureate as I pursue a career change. In doing this I've recently gotten my A+ and Net+ certifications while I was at it. Working on security+ and laying the groundwork to one day get cysa+ after I've built up more experience. Buuut, I'll also be working full time with a government contractor (Honestly, I'm just looking forward to take a break from having a managerial role regardless of industry. The burnout while working two supervisor jobs at once is and essentially supervisor roles since High School if you count my time as an NCO is real. Hospitals are only slightly better than warehouses in this respect lemme tell ya). while working on this second baccalaureate (which is almost done so yay). So to make all this happen my already sporadic activity will be pretty null here until August. I'll still hop in on Discord. But, I def won't be able to hit up posts with the amount of furor my brain wants to. So this isn't farewell (as I said I'll be on Discord and my activity has already had like 2-3 years of sucking). Instead, it's more of a declaration that before the year is over I'm coming back with full posting dedication (That said, I'll still try to hit up a post here and there, but there's no way I can manage daily atm my weekdays are looking like 5-6 hours a sleep a day. I may not be 30 yet, but I'm not that young anymore!)
  15. Hellhound heard some sort of commotion but waved it off. His mind was already pulled towards multiple distractions as the canine part of him wanted to chase after every nearby scent. Using whatever restraint he could muster he took off after the tinted window SUV's. An unbending focus on his targets keeping his mind sane. Of course, the sight of an overtly large wolf barreling into the docks caught the attention of the security. Whom reacted as people tended to do when a large predator came charging for them and ran out of the way. Making their way towards the guard shack in the hopes of reaching for a weapon. As soon as had a rifle grasped in his hands he hurriedly turned to aim for the wolf. *CRACKsss* The unmistakable hissing of a small caliber rifle filled the air. But, it did not come from the security guards. Whose head, much like Hellhound who had stopped in place, had snapped towards where the sound originated. Further up the hill, Mister Strix's efforts to scare the teens was a resounding success. The driver immediately reversed, and everyone forgot even the most basic concepts of gun safety. Hitting a bump in the road and their rifle fired shattering a window. The hell was that? Hellhound thought to himself. Momentarily forgetting that the only threat the guards had physically seen on the premises was...well himself. But, you don't bring in bulletproof SUVs and not have some sort of security protocols in place for shots being fired.
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