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  1. Alright, @Grumblefloof here's the pitch. The Lunar Sentry MC is expecting a shipment into the city. A courier for the Scarpia family is looking to make a name for himself by the stealing the shipment. A teenager whose overconfidence and ambition leads him to drag three of his friends to try and rob what they assume is an arms shipment. Of course, the shipment itself turns out to be a little more dangerous than an influx of automatic weapons (All of it occurring on Gorganzua territory to boot).
  2. Tremayne politely reached for one of the offered Nachos. Not wanting to look rude in front of the aforementioned tang squad. "Don't mind if I do." Tremayne nodded over to the concession stand. "Want anything in particular, Tabs?" "Whatever," Tabitha barely responded. Unlike her brother, she didn't participate in any group activities growing up that she wasn't voluntold to join. Which usually was a less than enjoyable church mixer. Truth be told, if Lulu hadn't gone along Tabitha would still be holed away in their room. But, the opportunity to pretend to be an ordinary teen was unfortunately tied to socializing like a normal teen as that's where the illusion casting teen went. Her attention focused solely on playing some sort of bubble popping game on her phone. The sole male member of the orange squad took the answer as a genuine retort. "Yes'm. I'm fixing to get you some of these here nachos then. I'll be over yonder then ladies."
  3. Still a better love story than T-wait that's not the right use of that joke.
  4. Name: Tremayne Hanningan Codename: Sureshock Year: Sophomore Pronouns: He/Him Roommate: Roll da Dice Goal: With football out of the picture, pick a new career path...and get his license. Favourite High School Movie: Friday Night Lights Name: Tabitha Hannigan Codename: The Spectacle Year: Sophomore Pronouns: She/Her Roommate: Roll za dice Goal: Being left alone Favourite High School Movie: Carrie
  5. Works for me! I actually thought E wa was still up since that was the last update my phone gave me!
  6. GM From the rear, Cobalt Templar could see that they had not been followed by any Omegadrones. In fact, their trek through the aqueduct remained undisturbed. The sound of running water and the occasional scraping of Singularity's shield against the tight space was the only noise carried throughout the tunnels. On point, Sea Devil's suit lit a clear path ahead. After a few minutes of walking the group found themselves at a split. There were three possible directions the aqueduct had led. With no signs pointing to direct access into the underground plant. Of course, logic dictated that they would eventually reach their destination. But, which path was safest or possibly quickest was not outright apparent. The left path had claw marks along the stone walls. They were worn, far from new. Possibly decades old. The right path seemed relatively normal aside from a dead mouse floating along the water. With no signs of any immediate predators. Not that fauna was rushing to live inside an aqueduct connected to an underground nuclear plant. As for the path directly in front of them. Sea Devil and Cobalt Templar's sight, as well as Foreshadow's precognitive senses, cut through the darkness far enough to tell one simple story. There was nothing impeding them for a good two hundred feet and then the path comes to an end. Or rather an opening with a direct drop.
  7. Alderwitch Bombshell: 2 posts =1pp Phantom: 1 post=1pp [MAXED] Psyche: 1 Rollover Post = 1PP Volcanic: 1 Guidepoint= 1PP Cubismo Replica: 2 posts = 1pp Eternal Phoenix Terrifica: 1 posts =1pp+1guidepoint=2pp Exxacus Doctor Deoxy: 3 posts Dreadnought: 8 posts = 1pp Fascimile: 3+2=5 posts=1pp Moon-Moth: 3 Rollover posts = 1pp Fox Wraith: 1 refpoint Grim: 3+1 = 4 posts= 1pp Heritage Gosammer: 2 Rollover posts= 1pp Grimalkin: 2 posts [MAXED] Miracle Girl 2+1=3 posts=1pp Jander Prime Pinnacle: 4 posts = 1pp+2pp = 3pp Knightdisciple Cobalt Templar: 1Guidepoint = 1pp Thoughtspeed: 2 + 1 = 3 posts = 1pp Nick Ardent: 1refpoint = 1pp Nightingale: 4+1 = 5 posts = 1pp Supercape Curveball 2 Posts Diamondlight 25 Posts + Guide + Guidebook = 5 PP Echohead 25 Posts + Rep + 20Q + HellQ = 7 PP Lament 1 Post = 1 PP Mr. Murk 1 Post = 1 PP Ronin 1 Post = 1 PP Rey 1 Post = 1 PP Snakebite 14 Posts = 1 PP Sgt. Shark 1 Post = 1PP Tarrakhash Black Mamba 13 Posts + HellQ + 20 Questions = 4 PP Auntie Tiff Blodeuwedd 1 Post + Ref Point = 2 PP Doctor Thorn 1 posts = 1 PP Emerald Spider 5 posts = 1 PP Frostbyte 1 Post = 1PP Miss Grue 2 Posts = 1 PP Revenant 1 Post = 1 PP Scarab III 15 posts = 2 PP Traveller posts = 4 PP Voin Zhenshcina 15 posts = 2 PP White Lioness 15 posts + 1 Guidebook = 3 PP Zeitgeist Blue Salvo 3 posts = 1 PP As Always PM if there are any issues that need amending.
  8. GM The sky around the Raymond Nuclear Plant had taken on an orange hue. The crackling sound in the air was not dissimilar to the low hum of cicadas signaling the start of the Summer Season. No, instead it was the sound of the omegadrones hovering overhead. Their jet boots deafening from above. It took no more than a glance to realize that the outside of the plant had hundreds upon hundreds of Omegadrones flying around in formation. With the occasional shot rippling from their power pikes threatening to spread the growing flames in the nearby forestry that had been razed, fundamentally clearing the exclusion area of the plant. In the very center was a massive one hundred foot Terminus Probot. A mindless scout that often signaled the potential for an invasion from the forces of Entropy. A signal long past its experiation date. Plumes of smoke filled the air, conveniently providing the quartet of heroes a degree of cover as they neared the plant. From the outside, there were three buildings. Their previous viewings of the map showed them that the left and right buildings had entrance access to the underground facility. The center building was an auxiliary reactor building which housed support equipment. The nearby parking lot left much to be desired. The vehicles had all been badly destroyed, with at least one set of remains telling the story of a failed attempt to escape the massacre in the parking lot. Controversial since its inception, not even the most vehement of protestors would wish this fate upon their enemies. With the demonic looking figures looming from above, the flames from below, and the foreboding sensation of death all around. It really was much like Hell had indeed broken open.
  9. "Midnight, Harrier, Terrifica, probably Madona. It was a real who's who of one-word names drafting up this collective plan. I think Midnight or his talking car provided the map. The when is the moment I stop speaking. The where...now that's the crazy part" Foreshadow began typing on his keyboard and the holographic map of the Raymond Nuclear Plant. He was glad that the trio wasn't lacking for courage. As he didn't have Ms Britannia's penchant for reassuring a team. Quickly taking his own shot he began rushing through the plan. "So the summary the Raymond Nuclear Plant has never been successfully compromised by supervillains thanks to continued vigilance by the Freedom League and continued upgrades by Daedalus. That's working against us because it was essentially converted to one of the very few underground nuclear plants. Essentially a fortress able to take thousands of tons of TNT and magnitude Earthquakes. Oh, and it's currently surrounded by an encampment of what might be a couple thousand Omegadrones. But, as Singularity correctly surmised. The plan is we beat the bad guys and shut down the power source. I don't know where in the plant said source is. But, in my experience, the biggest baddie tends to be hiding near this sort of deal. So cappie over there may get his wish."
  10. HGM

    Shepherd the Flock

    The other heroes rushed into the thick of things. Five years ago, Glamazon would've been right there with them. But the Claremont Alum had picked up a few things from her private education and more level-headed friends. And among those things was the importance of crowd control. So she went along with Dreadnought's plan and did indeed do her. "Warriors! Now is the time to temper your hearts. Come, let us entrench in the encampments so that you may protect your parents. Once that is done, the Daughter of the Seas will present these fiends with the grandest gift. The fortune of combat!" Thaelia bellowed out to the children. Openly noting that the moment they were safe, she was going to join Pinnacle and Dreadnought. Placing her faith in the others, but partly hoping they would save some of the fun for her. When she moved to Freedom City it was being attacked by alien robots. Last year alien robots. And while she wasn't quite sure about the interdimensional particulars of the Terminus outside of the stories told in mage circles, she still felt it all came down to one thing. Alien robots really seemed to hate New Jersey.
  11. Initiative: 1d20+1 8 Ha
  12. HGM

    Shock and Awe (PL 9)

    The Spectacle  Power Level: 9(125PP Sidekick) Trade-Offs: +1 Attack, -1 Damage Unspent Power Points: 0 Affiliations: Claremont Academy, Shock and Awe Family: Tremayne Hannigan (Twin Brother), Bill Hannigan (Father), Tandy Hannigan (Mother) In Brief: Goth Teenager turned into metal Alternate Identity: Tabitha Teresa Hannigan Identity: Public Birthplace: Odessa, Texas Occupation: Student Description: Age: 16 Gender: Female Height: 5'6 Weight: 234 lbs. Eyes: Hazel (Before)/ Silver (Presently) Hair: Black (With Colored Highlights )/ Silver (Presently) Tabitha skin is metallic and reflective making her stand out wherever she goes. Her hair is often styled in a cybergothic style with features such as tendrils, wisps, a shaved side and nape and lastly colored synthetic dreads running down her back. In public she often dons a black hoodie to hide her features, but being a metallic girl of above average height tends to dampen the effects a hoodie can have up close. History: Odessa, TX is known for two things. Violent crime and High School football. And Tabitha Teresa Hannigan did not have a predisposition to either. She worked after school in the local animal hospital, attended church functions, and aside from her style of dress did not really cause trouble for her family. However, Tabitha's social life wasn't quite as expansive as her more popular twin brother who was the star wide receiver on their high school football team. So she began seeking online correspondences in her spare time as a means of striking up new friendships. Tabitha may have been more withdrawn than her brother. But, she wasn't a fool. A teenage black girl in a small Texas city meeting up with a stranger online was a possible contender Cartel kidnapping in the making or any other story with the potential to find itself as a Lifetime movie one day. So she asked her brother to come with her to meet this mystery paramour. Worst case scenario she was being catfished, best case scenario she was going to be the weird kid who took her brother on her first date. In retrospect, the scenario could always get worse. Sure, there was a teenage boy there who appeared all too keen to meet his sister. But, the pizza place was a cover facility established decades ago. So what appeared to be an empty pizza shop with only employees and a cute teenage boy, quickly turned into an ambush by a group of middle-aged men whose faces seem to vanish from the teen's memories as quickly as they entered. The next week was a blur as they underwent experimentation in the DnAscent process. If not for the timely intervention of Captain Thunder, there was a good chance that the pair would have been sold off for some nefarious purpose. Their parents were grateful to have their children returned to them. But ill-equipped for the difficulties of raising powered children. So when the invitation to Claremont Academy came. With a personal assurance from the headmaster herself that the school was uniquely suited to help their children safely harness their gifts and as. They accepted for the sake of Tremayne and Tabitha. Personality & Motivation: Tabitha does not want to be a superheroine. In fact, she doesn't want to be a super anything. And would like nothing more than to undo the DnAscent process which has permanently changed her skin to living metal. Making the best of the situation, and playing along with what she deems as her brother's childish whims she has gone along with the whole hero thing for now. Powers (Descriptions & Tactics): The Spectacle is as tough and strong as steel. Her flesh and organs have been converted to a living metal. Making her stronger than any ordinary man, but far from the most powerful thing around. As such, Tabitha has elected to use the 52 Blocks fighting style. Having picked up what older members of the congregation know as the method during Church meetups, The Spectacle's tactic in combat is a singular focus on close combat. She also acts as shield for her brother during combat. Protecting him from the hail of gunfire his more vulnerable flesh is less equipped to handle. Abilities: 2 + 4 + 2 + 6 + 8 + 6 = 28PP Strength: 12/26 (+1/+8) Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 12/+24 (+1/+7) Intelligence: 16 (+3) Wisdom: 18 (+4) Charisma: 16 (+3) Combat: 6 + 6 = 12PP Initiative: +2 (+2 Dex) Attack: +3 Base, +10 Melee Defense: +9 (+3 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Grapple: +24 Knockback: -9 Saving Throws: 2 + 4 + 2 = 8PP Toughness: +9 (+7 Con, +2 Protection) Fortitude: +9 (+7 Con, +2) Reflex: +6 (+2 Dex, +4) Will: +6 (+4 Wis, +2) Skills: 12R = 3PP Craft (Mechanical) 1 (+4) Handle Animal 7 (+10) Intimidate 2 (+5) Perform (Singing) 2 (+5) Feats: 16PP Animal Empathy Attack Focus (Melee) 7 Dodge Focus 6 Interpose Power Attack Powers: 12 + 12 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 1 + 12 = 59PP Density 4 (Flaw: Permanent) [12PP] Enhanced Constitution 12 [12PP] Enhanced Strength 6 [6PP] Feature ( Hands Like Tools ) [1PP] Immunity 9 ( Life Support ) [9PP] Impervious Toughness 6 [6PP] Super-Senses 1 ( Radio) [1PP] (Metallic Resonance) Super-Strength 5 ( Heavy load: 29.4 tons; Feats: Groundstrike, Thunderclap ) [12PP] Drawbacks: -1PP Vulnerability (Magnetism: Uncommon, Intensity) [1PP]  DC Block ATTACK RANGE DC EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC23 Toughness Damage (Physical) Totals: Abilities (28) + Combat (12) + Saving Throws (8) + Skills (3) + Feats (16) + Powers (59) - Drawbacks (1) = 125/125 Power Point