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Remember it got 3 injuries/damage already, so that's a 17, failure by 6, so another injured condition, but cannonball did not get through.


IC coming when I get the time.

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Since Cubismo's away for a short bit, skipping to the Pirates at Ship B:


@Cubismo, still need a DC27 TOU roll with your next post


Pirate Ship B approaches, and is now about 500 feet away. They take another shot at the dome: 23

@TheAbsurdist, can I get a DC27 TOU save for the dome?


32 - White Lioness - 1HP - Unharmed - Waiting for a lift for the rest of the turn
26 - Thunderbird - 2HP - Unharmed
25 - Veronica Danger - 3HP - Unharmed
24 - Forever Boy - 4HP - Unharmed
23 - Ship A Crew - Undamaged

- 8 Pirates on Ship - 8x Unharmed

- 3 Pirates near Danger building - 1x Unharmed, 2x KO

- 4 Pirates inside the small dome - 4x Unharmed
*21 - Ms. Thursday - 2HP - Unharmed (Currently DEF 5)
19 - Salvo - 2HP - Unharmed
15 - Ship B Crew - Undamaged
*11 - Zenith - 2HP - Unharmed

5 - Building Defenses



Zenith's Big Dome - Toughness 10, Def -7? (5-12) (Awesome Size) - Damaged x4

Zenith's Small Dome - Toughness 10, Def ? (coming later) - Undamaged

Fog/Rainclouds around the building, courtesy of Thunderbird. No longer providing cover, but slowly fading.

The cannonball that didn't break the dome was destroyed, the other is now inside the dome, not too far from the people near the entrance, with pirates appearing from it. The second, smaller dome is over it.

There's a visual obscure fog effect on Ship A, with the heroes not being affected.

The defense system has been activated: 4 Ranged Stun 9 cannons with +7 to hit.

Salvo has the following Jury-Rigged device:

Comprehend 3 (Horologium; Extras: Linked [Damage]; Flaw: Limited [To Nicole's Laptop], Unreliable) 1PP + Damage 15 (Extras: Linked [Damage], No Saving Throw [+2]; Flaws: Action [1 minute]), Distracting, Limited [Object Connected to Nicole's Laptop], Range [Touch], Uncontrolled); Drawbacks: Full Power, Lethal Only, Noticeable) 0PP*


Current situation, to summarize: 

The institute is currently surrounded by a Toughness 10 dome, which the teens can pass or shoot through without harm.
The flying Sky-Pirate ships are approaching from above. Ship A is about 50 feet away at this point, and Ship B about 500 feet away at this point, but approaching rapidly. Both are about 200 feet above ground.

Forever Boy has reached Ship A, flying near it. White Lioness is has landed on Ship A, Veronica is above on her sky bike. Ship A is covered by a fog. Salvo has created a weapon from the Horologium and summoned Belios, ready for action.

A group of 5 pirates have appeared from a glowing light from the cannonball that managed to break through the dome. Ms. Thursday is in melee with 4 pirates of the Pirates inside a smaller dome, with 3 other pirates outside it, and Zenith on top of it. Thunderbird is in melee with the 3 pirates outside the smaller dome, having KO'ed two.


@Cubismo, @TheAbsurdist, you're up. Building defenses will go off after one or both has acted.

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