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There's a breathable atmosphere, and it's contained somehow behind force fields, but it seems lower in oxygen content than Earth's present norm so the spaceplane's excursion suits should still be useful. 

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Facs notices countless electrical 'blips' going through the substance, which is functioning a lot like daka crystals are supposed to, but on an unimaginably larger acale than anything on Earth. He figures that the whole thing is probably 'programmable', if you can just figure out a way to change the patterns of electrons. @Exaccus

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Ok so starstation mimicry. Let's see.


Array 13("Techno-Morph"; PFs: Alternate powers 4)[30pp]

BE: Blast 10("technomorph: Blaster Arm") PF: Accurate 2 (+4), variable Descriptor 2 (any technology) precise, incurable (26/26)

-AE: Snare 10 ("Technomorph: Containment cables" PFs: Accurate 2 (+4) Precise, Affects insubstantial 2

-AE: Move Object 10 ("Technomorph: Grav/magnetic field projectors" PFs: Accurate 2 (+4) Precise, subtle Variable 1 (Gravity/Magnetism)

-AE Linked powers ("Technomorph: power servos")

--Enhanced strength 12 (heavy duty machinery)12pp

--Super strength 6 (+30 STR; heavy load of 50 tons; PFs: Shockwave, Countering Punch)

-AE: Damage 10 ("technomorph: Blast lance" Extra: Area (line; 5×250ft) Precise Incurable Variable 2 (Any technology)


Protection 6 ("Space age materials") 6pp


Datalink 6 ("technopathic interface and machine control") 250ft range Extras: Omnidirectional PF: Machine control) [13pp]


Impervious Toughness 10 ("class-10 forcefield") 10pp


Feature 1 ("programmable matter") 12pp


60/60 spent. 



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