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December 10th, 2018, 5.25 AM, five minutes to destination

Mars Orbit, Solar System, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, The Universe, inside of a Pegasus-class spaceplane


Light-speed travel was great. With the coordinates set, all systems nominal and nothing especially likely to be between the Pegasus and Starshell Castle, there was little to do but wait and consider what the little band was up against.


The pilot and three passengers had a lot of skillsets between them; young adventurer, amateur mystic and philanthropist Veronica Danger, anxious AEGIS Eyespy agent Echohead, otherworldly wanderer Forever Boy and materials-mimic Facsimile, all of them brought something unique to the mission.


The mission itself was simple enough: get into Starshell Castle, don't get caught, find out and do as much damage as they can before escaping. Of particular interest were the Nightstone, supposed power source of Blackstar and his followers, and anything to suggest how they could move between Starshell and Earth without the Lighthouse satellite detecting them. That last was of especial importance, since the refitting of the satellite and its augmentation with alien technology included some of the best sensory systems the Coalition could provide. If there was a flaw being exploited, some basic incompatibility, or even some wholly-unknown power at work, it was vital information.


Outside there was nothing to see, but on the inside of the windows was a projected simulation of the solar system blurring by. If you looked too long, you started to see patterns in the stars.

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Forever Boy


It all happened so fast. Never in his wildest dreams had Pan ever expected to fly this fast, and even if it was not under his own power, it was simply amazing. A huge grin was plastered on his lips, as he stared out at the projected solar system that blurred along. He was simply fascinated by the pattern of the stars. Simulated or not, he had never been somewhere like this, out in the black void of the space. 


And yet, he had been sitting still for an awfully long time now, with nothing much to actually do. Pan had started creating images that danced in his hand. An ever shifting array of persons he had met. Lost Heroes, fellow Claremont students, his teammates on this trek, villains he had met, random people that he remembered for some reason.


And yet, try as he might to occupy himself, he could not help it. "So... are we there yet?" He had seen enough movies to know the significance of the question while travelling!

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Veronica Danger


Even for Veronica once they had gone to faster-than-light the trip had mostly consisted of routine checks of the instruments and controls to ensure they were still on course and everything was working as it should.  Of course she had done some actual manual piloting earlier in the flight.  Once they had broken free of the Earth's atmosphere, she had piloted them to the correct coordinates for the beginning of their trip towards Mars at FTL


At Pan's question, the teenage Danger glanced at some of the instruments in front of her before she gave an answer.  "We are close.  A couple more minutes until I take us back to sub-light speeds.  Then a couple more for reentry and to get to Starshell Castle."

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Echohead took long, slow, deep breaths. This was space. 


It was very big. And full of space. 


And outside this vessel, his lungs would explode and his eyeballs spontaneously ennucleate and nitrogen would form clots in his blood supply causing brain death whilst inflicting crippling agony. 


"Excellent. I am enjoying myself tremendously and qui-qui-qui-q-q-q-quite calm" he said through gritted teeth. "I am in control and I am imagining a pleasant panoramic view of my special safe place..."


He was wearing sunglasses. Because he did. And was glad, because nobody could see his eyes were clamped shut. 


"Are we there yet?"

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"this is a pretty smooth ride huh....not bad!" Facsimile commented as he walked through the cabin.


"Not quite as swanky as the kavaca but still, not as bumpy as I'd suspected." He added as he ran his fingers over the internal wall.


"We got a stealth system or something so this starshell place doesn't see us coming and shoot it's lasers at us or are we going for the smash and grab kinda larceny?" 


He hmmed as his analytical touch did it's work, he may wind up mimicking a material or even the vehicle before he lept out into the enemy base.


"Or anything else I should know if I borrow from it?"

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