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Found 24 results

  1. Ouroboros had been more than slightly surprised when the letter of interest from his alma mater arrived inviting, or rather requesting he attend the Mentorship program, a way to give back to the the school. Farcical on it's face he was hardly a year out of the school himself, on the other hand one did not in general choose to say no to the headmistress. The short dossier he received on his matched student was somewhat more intriguing and managed to capture some genuine interest from the jaded beyond his years dhampir. The morning of the appointed day Owain would wake to a raven perched upon his windowsill with a tiny scroll clasped in its beak. It tilted it's head as it watched him stir awake and dropped the scroll as it let out a caw that to the ears of the knight enchanter rang out, Beneath the most storied tower Destiny awaits! Upon the parchment was writ his next clue, A lonely wanderer, wounded with iron, I am smitten with war-blades, sated with strife, Worn with the sword-edge; I have seen many battles, Much hazardous fighting, oft without hope Of comforts or help in the carnage of war Ere I perish and fall in the fighting of men. The leavings of hammers, the handiwork of smiths, Batter and bite me, hard-eged and sharp; The brunt of the battle I am doomed to endure. In all the folk-stead no leech could I find With wort or simple to heal my wounds; But day and night with the deadly blows The marks of the war-blades double and deepen. Let it never be said a Chun-Faretti lacked a flair for the dramatic.
  2. Somewhere else There are many roads to the Temple of Vhoka, built on a platform deep above a bottomless sea, far out into the inky void of the Dreamlands that stretch on forever in an endless sky of ever-changing colors that the unwary do not study too long lest they find themselves studying the place for eternity. The Temple is this - a low place like an iceberg in a blood-red sea, a small fragment of curled stone like an animal's tongue extending a story or two into the air, surrounded by jagged rocks like an unholy maw. A perpetual waterfall falls below through the mouth, down into guts that must be miles deep, but the temple itself never floods. Vhoka is after all very hungry. A line of stairs seemed to lead down into the water, if one is brave enough to do it. The roads are this, the curls and twists of the Cosmic Coil that leads one to this place through worlds enough and time. The Sea Devil arrived in this wise - erupting out of the bottomless sea with a maddened cultist in her grasp, the man's mad chanting interrupted by his gasp of astonishment. "What!? But no unprotected human could have survived such a spell - and lived!" "None did!" agreed the Sea Devil before picking him up by the ankles and striking him against the rocky causeway until he was no longer a threat. after that she hunkered down on the island where she and her prisoner had landed, studying the distant fortress of her foes and the slippery stone pathway that led there. Perhaps she had come hastily but she knew that time in Freedom City would not last forever, and if they were not careful, there would be no saving those transformed by the cultists' spell. Her liver turned over at the thought of what had taken place - Lemurian sorcery, Lemurian magic, corrupted by Surface-Men again, this time to change the world in the image of one of their long-dead vassals! It truly was disgusting. She sat down next to her unconscious prisoner and sniffed the air, then after a moment's consideration opened her helmet and pulled a still-wriggling fish from her armor, tossing it in the air before catching it with her tongue and swallowing it in one mighty gulp. Normally she chewed but this was a stressful day, and a thorny problem. Surely she and Tarva couldn't have been the only ones to find the Road to this place? She would take the place alone in Dagon and Hydra and Singularity's name if she had to but the Lair of the Devourer was perhaps a bit larger than she had imagined...
  3. Here is the OOC for this. Hero Points Arcana - 3 Masque - 1 Ouroboros - 3 Veronica - 3 Conditions Arcana - Fine Masque - Fine Ouroboros - Fine Veronica - Fine State of the Sphere. CPU - Kinda intact Forcefield - Intact, Breaking, ? Pinions - Kinda intact, ? Electronic Defense Systems - Offline, Maze-like, Filled with Drones Pillars - Mostly Intact, ? Outer Shell a. - Breached, No ground, Blinding light Outer Shell b. - Breached, Floating islands, Electricity
  4. Magic Club Room, Claremont Academy Bayview, Freedom City, New Jersey Monday, November 5, 2018 5:45:13 PM Nicole Whitfield-Hall slammed Bellios' helm on the school table in front of her, causing it to wobble. She ignored the wobbling, instead turning to meet the eyes of everyone in the room that Claremont's Magic Club called home. It was, as club rooms go, nothing too magical. The walls were painted white and the floor was covered in wood paneling. Light fixtures did a good job of lighting the room in white fluorescent and the windows were open to let the fall air in. Couches and cushions littered one side of the room, fluffy in bright colors. A large whiteboard dominated the opposite side and it was covered from end to end in Nicole's scribbly handwriting -- notes to herself and metaphorica-logic based tandems used to navigate her type of magic. The two wooden tables were pushed to the wall, freeing up the middle for the current occupants, a bunch of monoblock chairs that matched their numbers, and one table in the middle of it all. Nicole's eyes were a little bit crazed, like those of a powered up cultist high on otherworldly drugs and gods. Too much caffeine and too little sleep frayed the edges of her features and she sniveled her nose, ruddy with the cold she had been harboring for the past few days. She was sitting in her wheelchair, in clothes that could have been a day old or three. A gray sweater and blue sweatpants completed the I-just-woke-up look, though for her it might as well have been a I-haven't-slept-for-two-days look. "Right, so, I've gathered yo--" She stoppped, bringing a hand up to cover her mouth just as she sneezed. Taking her hand away with a sniffle, she reached for a handful of tissues to wipe at her nose. There was a few seconds of awkward silence as she did so and pocketed the used tissues before she looked up again to continue her explanation. "Right, so I need your guys' help. And I really need your help so I'm glad that you came here today no matter what we think of each other." And at this she looked pointedly at Huang, before muttering under her breath. "Jerkass." Then she continued, tapping at the helm on the table. The helm gleamed a bright red and their faces were reflected on its purple-tinted visor. "See, Bellios over here has been acting up ever since a thing I did last week, if you know what I mean. Now, I've fixed most of the problems but this last one is tearing my hair out. It's honestly pissing me off and it's been doing so for two nights now. And there's no way I'm going to a faculty member after Summers' drumming after the assembly." She paused and shivered, having experienced how scary Summers could really be in a locked room. Alone. "So," she said, picking up again. "I think you've got the skills. Is why you're here. And the magic obviously, this would be so much more complicated if you aren't. Some of us are touched by magic through the sympathetic bonds you've created with your... things." She threw a thumb at Elizabeth and Veronica. "And some are dripping magic like sweat after P.E." And here she tilted her head towards Abigail. "You're what I got and if you're thinking of walking back out the door right now we can deal. You scratch my back and I scratch yours kind of deal. What do you say?" She met their eyes again, clearly expecting them to either agree or "deal" in her words.
  5. alderwitch


    Content Notice: Character Death Date: November 6, 2017 Location: Phantom's Sanctum Sanctorm in North Bay For once, it was a quiet Monday for Taylor. Halloween was always a busy time for her line of work, but the week afterwards, she'd come to expect the lull. Today, that happened to coincide with a day off with her boys' schools. Sprawled on her stomach on the large rug of her library, Taylor's brow furrowed as she tried to stay ahead of JJ in their lego assembly project. The latest addition to the haunted castle line was halfway assembled, but where Taylor wanted to follow the directions to the letter, her youngest had a tendency to... improvise. "I don't think that goes there," she told the seven year old at his efforts to attach the constructed wall to the top of the tower. "It'th better defenceth!" JJ lisped only to scowl as he heard the distortion that his fangs made to the words. With his brows creasing, he enunciated carefully with a seven year old's scorn, "What kinda keep has open access like that. It's just asking to be caught by surprise." "Well-- hrk-" Whatever Taylor had meant to say was lost, her voice falling from human into the otherworldly echo it took on when she released her hold on Prime. JJ's eyes could only widen as his mother froze in place, her body flickering almost frantically, as if she couldn't quite sync in with Prime as all the barriers between Here and Other failed for one awful, terrifying moment. Even at seven, JJ's other senses were established enough to feel the danger even if he didn't know what it was, or what caused it. As he'd been trained to since he was old enough to understand, JJ did exactly two things; "DAAAAAAAAAD!" And then the seven year old dhampir vanished into the Void, exactly as he was supposed to in case of a potential invasion of Prime.
  6. Gizmo


    Beneath Claremont Academy 8:42 AM July 10, 2017 By design the impervium cell was nearly empty. The front wall was transparent due to a process that Winifred would have usually been much more interested to learn about and the cube was large enough to pace about comfortably but the only furniture was a smooth bench large enough to also serve as a bed, constructed from the same material as the walls. There was a television set outside the transparent wall, featuring rather clever motion controls so as to forego the need of a remote control but the young alchemist didn't want it even for the white noise just then. Instead she sat on the bench beside the pillow she'd brought with her, wearing the oversized flannel shirt she'd adopted as sleepwear. She hugged her legs against her chest and pressed her face into her knees, letting out a long, weary sigh as she continued silently reciting the elements.
  7. May 18 Pyramid Plaza, Freedom City Early Evening Huang stepped out of hte Cab with a hint of a cocky smile despite the wince at the late summer sun glinting off the towers of steel and glass all around them. There were many benefits of living in a major metropolis not the least of which was not having a driver's license for date night was easily countered by the preponderance of cabs and the fact that in a place like freedom driving was more the exception than the rule if one aimed for downtown. He certainly could have just cracked a portal through time and space to his destination of course. Though he had been informed that such casual use of magic would lead directly to further sanctions on his mystic machinations from his hypocrite parents. Besides his dad already thought his date was a bad influence. Flashing blood magic portals on a downtown street probably wouldn't help that. Turning to peek into the cab he reached out a hand, "And here we are." he presented like the occupant might find the garish pyramid themed building anything but appropriative. "I heard they do a mediterranean paleo-vegan chefs special." he offered encouragingly.
  8. Friday, August 26th, 2016 Roberta Isles Garden, Claremont Academy, Bayview 8:01 PM It was the last weekend before school started again. A great time for all those who still wanted to spend a lot of time on Freedom City’s streets to do just so, before the troubles and pains of school would return. Of course, there also was the Kick-Off dance happening at the gym, but not everybody felt like attending that, for one reason or another. Among those deciding to head out was Aleksander Nakani, or, as he was known in costume, Nevermore. In costume was what he was right now. He had been walking towards the garden, it offered a nice and not too obvious exit, preferable to the school’s main entrance in most cases. As he walked, he came by the Zen Garden, currently looking better than it had in a long time, one of the freshmen that had arrived earlier this month had spent a lot of time there. However, as he walked, he noticed something. Something out of the ordinary, something that shouldn’t be as it currently was. The carriage house, something about it was off. As Nevermore moved closer, he realized just what it was. The access to the subbasement. It had been used, broken into. It was not a big trace, only a slight misplacement. But Aleksander had seen these entrances many times, he knew when something was off, even if it only was by an incredibly small amount. While Aleksander was taking a closer look at the entrance, hidden but apparently not hidden enough, it just so happened that Jack Huang Faretti entered through the garden’s entrance up north, quickly spotting Nevermore, in full costume, doing something with the entrance to the subbasement, but from the current distance he could not tell just what the cowl was doing.
  9. January 22, 2016 Claremont Academy In a clutch of trees near the athletics field, Woodsman was making notes. "All right, there's 'least two in th' buildin's," said Riley, pointing with his whittled-down golf pencil at the nearby campus structures. "And there's this one," he added, pointing towards the spot where they'd been told to wait for "special training." That meant the Doom Room - that meant more simulations. Thinking about the Doom Room made him remember the arrow in Dr. Metropolis' eye and the scorn of his peers that had followed, so he was spending his time thinking about more productive things. "There's gotta be at least one that leads off-campus," he said thoughtfully, chewing on one end of the pencil. "Down by the bay, when they go fishin'." He looked over at their "guest instructor" for today - the slim, brown-haired woman in the red tracksuit who had introduced herself as "Sam Capote" - and who he had recognized as the Claremont alum Relentless. "We goin' fishin?" "Easy there, soldier," she told him, giving the words more weight than other teachers at the school might have. "Everybody will be briefed at the same time." "Just tryin' to stay productiv," said Riley, standing up and adjusting the crossbow that hung across his back. Slipping into his poncho and standing beneath the trees, waiting for the rest of the team to arrive, was a taste of home - but home had never been so bright, so clean, or so safe. He scratched his fingers against his chin, wondering not for the first time if that was stubble he felt there. How could he tell his teacher that he was tracking the paths used by the cannibal degenerates that lived in the Claremont Academy of his own reality? "Didn't think I was _this_ early."
  10. Huang bounced from one room to the next in the spacious mansion. Ever since the party he'd been confined to quarters, totally unfair of course, they came home early, it totally was going great before that. He slumped into an overstuffed wingback chair older than any of the corporeal residents of the home by at east half a century with a dramatic sigh. "Who am I kidding it was a disaster." he said to no one in particular startling a nearby ghost as she dusted the mantle, "What was that young master Faretti?" "Hmm, oh nothing Prudence." he said absently and dismissed her with a wave as he toyed with the spine of yet another ancient tome he'd never be allowed to master. Cracking the heavy leather folio open he began to study the contents once more, if only they could see him as he was and not as the five year old they knew, perhaps, but no after the debacle of his glamoured older self ritual magics were verboten. And when ones mother was arguably the most potent mage on the plane, or several others for that matter, that kind of prohibition tended to stick. He continued to read up on the dense material, High Magics of the seventh sphere. One things the hermetics had going for them. You could go though the motions without an ounce of power and not risk accidentally opening a portal through time and space to some nether realm.
  11. Date: Halloween, 2015 Location: Faretti Mansion, North Bay Halloween was a busy time of year for Huang's parents and he'd been able to plan on them being out of the house as soon as the sun went down. Arrangements had been made for his younger self to stay at Sanctuary for an overnight long in advance and JJ would no doubt be having a fabulous Halloween with Ammy and her mother on the verdant world. Huang had been warned no less than three times by his mother as she walked through the manor, putting things in her cloak for an evening of chasing down cultists, monsters and probably making out with his dad (ick!). He'd been told to stay behind the wards as there was no shortage of people who'd like the potent blood of a dhampir to fuel their fell rituals - and not to expect them back before dawn. So, technically, there hadn't been any specific rules about not having people over. Technically. At least nothing beyond the usually secretive bent of his family in general. When his father came downstairs in his Avenger costume, Taylor kissed Huang's cheek with one last reminder to stay safe before his parents vanished. Really, they should have been suspicious at the lack of requests to come along but Huang had his own plans for Halloween. Namely, an illicit holiday party! Earlier in the week, elaborate scrolls had appeared in the rooms of certain classmates of his - those that might be receptive to such endeavors. Without fail, a sealed scroll had popped showily into existence in front of them at some point earlier in the week. In contrast with the fancy appearance, the wording itself was utterly contemporary: You know who's got a mansion and a guarantee of absent parents? This guy! Party at my place on Halloween. Folks will be gone at sunset so party starts after. Oh, bring the scroll or you won't be able to find it. Magic. J.H.F. Also, goes without saying but, no racist costumes welcome, obv. Especially ghosts. They're really sensitive this time of year. For those who followed the very brief instructions, they ended up at an over grown driveway in a ritzy North Bay neighborhood where all the houses seemed to have expansive grounds. Which, of course, left them standing at the bottom of a winding driveway, heavily overgrown and oddly foreboding. There was no mailbox or sign to mark the place but for some discolored brickwork that marked the start of the driveway. Outside it, it didn't even seem like there was a house at the end of the drive but once they crossed the line, the cracked driveway and overgrown trees parted enough to reveal a dark mansion at the top of a hill through the overgrowth. It was spooky and foreboding, with thick cobwebs knotting the branches of the trees that obscured much of their view. Apparently Huang's family went all out for the holiday spirit?
  12. GM Tia Martia's Restaurant West End, Freedom City, New JerseyFriday November 13th, 2015 6:00 PM The benefit of privatized High School experience meant the teachers did not have to abide by standardized testing curriculum that came with being state funded. The downside? When Jesse Perry was your Creative Writing teacher he expected only the best out of his students. Having been assigned together as a writing group for professor Perry's finals next month, four students had found their way to Tia Martia's to begin a brainstorming session of how exactly they were going to wow their teacher. Tia Martia's streak of being one of the highest rated restaurants in the city continued unchallenged. The family style servings a popular choice among the teenage crowd. And it was easy to appreciate the Spanish and Italian blend of food not being coupled with lavish decorations trying to sell an "authentic" Spanish or Italian experience. Instead the diner had a modest appearance. Giving off a feeling of being inside someone's dining room.
  13. September 12, 2015 Cline Building, Freedom League Special Circumstances Housing "I do not care what thy do," Sekhmet growled irritably, pacing to the far end of the small apartment she shared with her ofttimes irritating charge and rubbing either side of her head. "Merely cease wringing they hands as though a smitten scribe initiate!" Perched with his feet on the armrest of their couch, Set sniffed the air with a frown. "I'm hardly wringing my hands, Sekhmet, I merely wish to observe to correct etiquette. Our previous encounter ended... less well than I might have hoped. I'm unsure of the proper waiting period before tis proper to reopen communications!" The lioness goddess snorted. "Praise Ra should today be that day. I cannot stand to sit through another week of thy pouting over the boy not contacting thee first." "Set does not pout, Mistress of Dread," the godling protested, looking back down to his phone with a glower. "Nor does he sit idly! I shall message Huang forthwith!" Sekhmet waved a hand over her head in sarcastic celebration while the redheaded Heliopolian typed. Heeeeeey handsome ;p How fare you??? >
  14. Location: Claremont currently, later ???? Date: 9/21/15 In addition to the school's regular curriculum of classes taught by the stable of professors, there were the occasional guest lectures that were, perhaps, more akin to a college than a traditional high school. Of course, no one had ever accused Claremont of being a traditional school ever. Typically, from what the upperclassmen said, the guest lectures were for the one-off classes that the headmistress could rope active heroes into 'giving back' to the school. They were typically optional, although the staff wasn't above exerting pressure when they felt the topic was necessary for one of their students in particular. The blurb for this one had read: An afternoon lecture in magic and the greater worlds beyond. Most people will never end up trapped in an entirely different dimension but it happens to super heroes far more often than one might think. For those who signed up, they had a pass on their typical afternoon classes to attend the guest lecture right after lunch. School gossip whispered that the elusive Eldritch might have been tapped to make a rare appearance. As the students headed towards it, post lunch, it was in a small classroom located far from most of the currently active classrooms. Likely, because, magic was more of an art than a science and the headmistress was hoping any incidents would be contained in a more manageable locale. Encouraging! The room itself was small, currently empty, with a loosely arrayed ring of desks in no particular arrangement. The lights were off when the first student arrived.
  15. Claremont Academy 9/18/2015 (three days post Lets get it started), 10:30AM Sunny with light clouds If Huang had been raised in circumstances less bizarre the trek down to the boiler room adjacent janitorial office would have been downright creepy with the poor lighting and strange sounds in the distant subterranean halls echoing like something out of a horror movie. As it was however event the more familiar environs could not improve his mood much. Not only detention but detention wasted on menial tasks for the mundane staff of the not so mundane school. He arrived a few minutes later than he had been ordered too outside the door to Basil Faulks 'office' and paused with a smirk listening in for the mans famed odd mutterings, if there was truth to any of them they could after all be useful and if not they certainly sounded hilarious from the poor attempts at being scary the upperclassmen had made regarding the strange groundskeeper.
  16. There was a field trip. To the Hunter Natural History Museum no less, which was basically from what Huang guessed a visit with his namesake minus the chance at decent dim sum. Reasonably enough he found both reason and means to evade the buddy system and do some research of his own. It was like ferris bueller's day off meets the craft, so bound to be full of awesome right? The sun overhead was still too bright as he slipped unseen out the employee entrance to the Hunter museum and jogged across the street toward the park. Pulling his sunglasses from the void, with some aid from the ever helpful denizens that allowed him to find his things despite his corner of the void looking precisely as one would expect a realm of chaos and shadow imprinted by the mind of a sixteen year old boy, he gathered his bearings. Finding a likely gate he began to make his way through the tree lined paths towards heroes' knoll hoping to use the sympathetic energies of the hero statues therein to trace a theory he had developed about the mysterious Hepcat. Of course keeping his eyes from the sky avoiding the brightness of the sun he took no notice of the gathering of unatural shadows over the knoll nor the slow thrumming build of dark magics in the heart of the monuments.
  17. Ouroboros Ouroboros was born Jack Huang Faretti jr. in 2010. That he is now a sixteen year old student at the Claremont Academy is one of the many mysteries of his existence. Born of a vampire and the mystically empowered chosen of Heshem Ouroboros is a native of the void, the realm between worlds that is Heshems domain as well as a dhampir with the powers of a vampire and none of their weaknesses. By whit of his upbringing and tutelage by one of the finest practitioners of the Arcane arts Ouroboros is already a skilled Magus with deep knowledge of the mysteries of both the cosmic coil and the strange world of the arcane. Despite this power however he is still young, a teen that is as yet untested and given to overconfidence. History Strictly speaking Huang is impossible. Really impossible several times over. It should have been impossible for Jack to father a child in the first place, and like as not impossible for Taylor to conceive or at the least carry a child to term. And yet they bore a dhampir child none the less, a dhampir native of the formless void which ought have no native residents in fact. This of course makes Huang a singular entity across the multiverse, at least he ought be. However meddling in time magic flung him years back in time to a time where his infant self already existed. Of course being a singular entity this should have been impossible, his time line could not branch and spawn an alternate world. And yet he does exist. His upbringing was as unusual as his parentage would indicate. Neither parent is particularly in touch with their humanity and young JJ is not, was not, human at all. Add in a haunted mansion with ghostly servants and family working vacations to the far realms and one grows with a different view of the world at large. While his socialization may have been trying his education in matters arcane and the mysteries of the occult and dark places was without peer. Magic was a part of his life from a young age as were his fathers lessons in stealth and misdirection. This was of course tempered with the knowledge that he was very special and that there were those who would wish to use him or abduct him or worse. This however bred more of a supreme confidence in his own worth than the paranoia about his well being that his parents might have preferred. This of course led to less than optimal outcomes when Huang snuck into the forbidden sections of his mothers library to delve into temporal magics. The ritual he attempted should have been simple divination, however he was not a simple creature and the ritual reacted violently with his unique existence and sent him hurtling back in time to his own infancy. Plunged back in time with no certain way to return he quickly adopted a disguise to avoid detection for what he was lest he damage the time line or bring down the wrath of the time keepers. Disguised as an approximation of his father he tried unsuccessfully to regain access to the books of temporal magics. He was thwarted by the hero set to babysit his younger self and escaped with little beyond an old mask of his fathers to further obfuscate his true identity after all what could give him away all he had to do was crouch on roofs and talk in a gravely voice. As one would expect he was discovered by his parents in short order. Deciding to stick with a form of the truth and perhaps manage to find a way home again he spent the next four years feigning being in his twenties as he tried unsuccessfully to access either the texts he had before or something similar. Unfortunately even when able to access his mothers library she either did not have the works yet or had them in a different enough place they could not be easily found. It of course was doomed to come apart eventually and for Huang it was an impromptu attack by a magic eater that broke his enchantment. Revealed as a boy of merely sixteen years of age his parents were suitably displeased. He was barred from the library without supervision and grounded from ritual magic, and when ones mother was The Phantom such rules were backed by spells of binding. That was not even the worst of it. His freedoms were curtailed of course and worse yet he was to attend Claremont academy, which many may find super hogwarts exciting to Huang it was a step back form his education in the arcane and a large amount of effort to be spent on meaningless details like algebra or modern English literature, or worse early american history! He is devoted to make the best of it and has studied up on popular teen culture in the best sources he knows, teen movies and sitcoms. He approaches school devoted to a perhaps skewed view of social hierarchy and a very skewed view of how to climb it backed by years of training at the hands of the masters at aping some semblance of humanity that hte wolf my tread among the sheep unseen. Costume and Appearance Huang is tall for his age though not of a height yet with his father with a relatively slim build but well toned. Thanks to his mothers ancestry he has a light golden tone to his pale skin leaving him looking fair rather than sickly or corpsen. He's an attractive young man and knows it posing casually to accentuate his features and quick to flash his dimples at the attractive passerby. Raven dark hair in the perpetual bedhead that looks good while screaming I don't care tops his head and offsets his pale blue eyes. Just visible when he smiles and sometimes when he speaks are the elongated canines of his birthright though unlike a true vampire he is as yet unable to retract for further extend them. He enjoys the attention they draw at this point having mastered with some difficulty speaking around them and is happy to flash a glimpse of fang to make a point or unsettle a rival. His toned body is finer boned than his father but long of limb and gracefully athletic with the lines of a swimmer or gymnast. Huang usually dresses like a normal teen or at least what he imagines a normal teen would dress like based on his steady diet of eighties teen movies, assorted sitcoms, and advertisements. This means a rather esoteric take on fashion heavy on the somewhat loose jeans and oversize t-shirts but managing to come off as an intentional kind of vague rebellion rather than just odd. While he doesn't have a traditional costume at this point Huang does favor a large black trench coat for a flare of the dramatic and to conceal some of his workings when in public. Powers Ouroboros' primary powers are his potent skills at sorcery. He is able to conjure a wide array of effects as the situation requires both in combat and to investigate mysteries of the arcane. He casts his magic in the style of the hermetic wizards upon which he has based the bulk of his studies channeling the energies of the cosmos through will, gesture, and word. He has also worked sorcery to specifically interact with his dhampir physiology allowing him to access some of his vampiric nature through spells. As a child of the Void he is immune to it's chill embrace or that of any similar realm be it the empty vastness of deep space or the crushing depths of the seas. Toxins and disease likewise can not seize his unique physiology. He is also able to return to the void at will, as a native of that transitive realm its door is never closed to him. Finally and least developed are the abilities wrought of his vampiric heritage. As a Dhampir Huang may access many of the powers of the vampire while suffering few of the banes of the undead. These lack potency due to youth and inexperience as well as reliance upon magic for much of his life. Though of course Huang suspects it may be a dietary issue as without blood vampires are weakened. He has yet to put his theory to the test though who is to say if it works if it is the act or his belief in it that unlocks his power. Allies Taylor Chun and Jack Faretti are his parents one assumes that should he get in too far over his head he can call upon the aid of at least two of the mightiest heros of the age. Of course who want's to call in mom and dad for help right? In addition to Phantom and Avenger and less problematic other than the possibility of getting back to his parents he can call upon some of their allies though given the duo's somewhat notoriously private lives Huang knows more of their allies than they know of him in most cases. He works part time off and on at Silbermans books due to his parents association with the owner, mostly aiding in the cataloging and safe storage of magical texts and artifacts. Erin White, the hero Wander, in her youth babysat Huang/Jack Jr. and while he remembers and trusts her, she barely knows his older self. As a student at Claremont academy he of course has a sort of ally in the faculty and staff though of course such support is as if not more fraught with hazards than his parents. His greatest Allies would be his fellow students though as they are all new it has yet to be determined who among them will be allies and who acquaintances. As a mystic he can call upon the Master Mage and due to the circumstances of his birth and parentage is privileged enough to know how to do so. Of course one does not become a supreme sorcerous power asking the Master Mage to solve ones problems. Finally after a rousing battle against cultist of the gods former incarnation the Godling Set may owe a boon to the young Magus and he certainly has attracted the chaotic deities attention for all the good or ill that may come of it. Most of these allies are equally likely to call upon his aid as well and with Phantom being often busy it is not unlikely some of the more minor mystical affairs of the underworld may come to him rather than her one way or another. Headquarters - The Unbound Oubliette As the only native son of hte Void that empty realm is somewhat less empty to him. A portion of the shapeless void has been shaped by his nascent will to a pleasing form. An escheresque domain where he stores texts and tools he's acquired and may retreat to for study, recuperation or to avoid his parents if only briefly. It is staffed by extra dimensional entities bound to his service and has a well stocked library of occult works as well as comfortable living space. Being constructed of the chaos of the void shaped by Ouroboros' will the sanctum is unreachable and largely undiscoverable if one is not able to travel the dimensions. Even then those without expansive knowledge of the void may have difficulty finding the hidden retreat. Timeline Ouroboros arrives breaks into the Midnighters manor and is chased off by Erin White. Ouroboros is uncovered by his Father lurking on a roof and unmasked as the the time lost scion of the Faretti line. Ouroboros is uncovered as a youth and gets such a talking too! Back to School shopping! An after school job opportunity! Playing hooky and meeting a god/ess!
  18. alderwitch


    From the album: Alder's Artistry

    Huang / Ouroboros

    © K Keppeler

  19. The minivan might not have gone with the whole 'supernatural aesthetic' of the rest of the haunted manor but there was a surprising number of times that Taylor had to get around Freedom City, family in tow, and not have it be reasonable to stick the whole family in her cape for the ride. The minivan, however, was growing on her. Not only could she stuff all sorts of supplies - or unconscious bodies - in with the seats down but there was a built in vacuum. The Void did not have a built in vacuum. "Huang, come on! We're going to be late to the bus stop if we don't hurry," she called as she hustled JJ down the stairs and towards the side of the van. The five year old was yawning as, like the rest of his family, he was by and large a nocturnal creature. Sadly, he was forced to a daytime schedule with his own classes starting. "In the back with you, kiddo, we have to pick up one of Huang's classmates along the way." At least the little boy was fairly biddable when tired as all he wanted to do was get into the car and nap until he was stirred once more. Taylor stepped up in to the van to buckle him into his seat and glanced into the back... which was apparently empty. "I swear I told him to put his things in the car this morning..."
  20. From the album: Alder's Artistry

    Four lines, Phantom, p2

    © K Keppeler

  21. Taylor had been stretched to the breaking point and then some. After some terse words exchanged with Jack (and perhaps a chair or two thrown), she'd been forced back onto yet another emergency but something had tickled in the back of her mind. Had been tickling in the back of her mind so this time, after the emergency, she'd waited around and spent some time doing some serious scrying and spell casting to check her suspicions. What she'd found left her more coldly furious than Taylor had ever thought she could be. Normally, her return to the library was soundless as she filtered in from one reality to another but this time, Phantom ripped time and space asunder, leaving bolts of eldritch energy flashing and crackling through the windows and a fell wind knocking over papers and sending them whipping around the room. She seemed unaware or uncaring of the magical storm she was causing in the library as she tore through it, tossing priceless volumes aside in some sort of personal quest.
  22. After the near disastrous encounter with Darkstar and Stesha Jack moved through the void for a short time to figure out where to look next. First thing he had to find out was exactly when it was. Luckily he had a good disguise that few to none would question shaking down informants for the 'word on the street'. Thus he stepped out of the void on the roof of a small apartment complex on the Westside of freedom looking for a likely target. His earlier encounter and relative inexperience with field work left him not putting his all into hiding but he cut an imposing figure where he lurked on the roof.
  23. Ouroboros Power Level: 12/15 (250/250 PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Points: 0PP Alternate Identities: Jack Huang Faretti (Junior) Height: 6'1"" Weight: 180 lbs. Hair: Black Eyes: Blue (glows Red when angry) Description: Jack hopes to have inherited his fathers height though on a more fine boned frame though time will tell as he is still trapped in his sixteen year old body at this point. He tends to compensate for his lighter weight build with bulky or flowing clothing that can make him look larger than he is. He has his Mothers dimples and a distinctly Asiatic cast to his features though sharpened just enough to break out of really looking like a specific ethnicity of the region. His general avoidance of the sun has left him pale but it seems to suit him well and lacks the sickly or corpsen cast that many full vampires take on when underfed. His hair is dark and straight, styled simply back to keep it out of his face. Though he easily passes for human and living to casual examination he does had a significant tell in his elongated canines, while not extended to the full length of a vampire in feeding mode they are beyond the norm for human. The majority of his powers are basic hermetic magic the purely magical energy's usually taking on a blue-green tinge and more obvious elemental energies looking like normal examples thereof. The exception is his one spell drawing off the darker aspects of his nature and mirroring the effects of his bite enhanced with his own skill at spell-craft which is a spell of mottled red and black suffusing both his target as well as himself as he mystically feeds on their life force to restore his own injuries. History: Jack's birth was something that should not have been able to happen for many reasons and yet it did. The child of the nearly human Chosen of Heshem and a powerful vampire his birth was heralded by assaults from none other than Dracula himself. Needless to say as the child of two of Freedoms more potent Heroes his childhood was anything but normal. While they protected him from the worst of it and then some he was no normal child. His sitters even in infancy were often heroes in their own right and he never attended any normal form of schooling instead moving from one specialized school for the "gifted" to another until he began to attend the Claremont Academy. Despite his pedigree his powers were relatively minor. As an entity likely immortal he did not develop apace. None the less he was not suitable for normal schooling either. He did well in his studies however and received valuable training while attending Claremont. After graduation some strings were pulled and he began to study under Adrian Eldricht, perhaps in time to be come the master mages chosen successor. His skills with the arcane flourished under the Master mages tutelage and he really began to come into his own. It was then that disaster struck. The crime league attacked major cities the world over holding billions hostage with nuclear devices. Fast action from assorted heroes uncovered and disarmed all but one. In Freedom City the Hiroshima Shadow finally lost itself to its madness and supercharged the device detonating it before the heroes of the league could reach it. Behind the mystic portals of the master mages demesne Jack should have been safe but then something extraordinary happened. In the moment of the blast something else took hold of the city slicing through the careful wards and dimensional barriers of the Archmages home. As the strange effect began to take hold Jack slid reflexively into the void for safety. He found himself unable to return. Some force had locked that time and place away from him. With some effort he was able to trace some element of the effect and in time wrestle his way through the barriers between worlds as well as times and emerged nearly twenty five years earlier. He's uncertain what exactly happened in the future but he knows that it goes well beyond anything so mundane as a nuclear blast. Jack does not know what time he has emerged into and is still uncertain what this place will hold for him. His first order of business is to return to his families home from there perhaps he can reach Eldricht for advice or aid. When he discovers the world he has entered of course that may all change. Well that was what he told his parents at least when he found his way to the Mansion once more. The truth of a ritual misshap whilst working on spells he was forbidden to, was rather less mysterious and far more likely to result in grounding or worse a tightening of their already restrictive rules about his safety. Hiding behind a carefulyl crafted illusion and using what he knew of recent events in the city he crafted a new more mature persona. It lasted a good long while as he continued his studies in peace hoping to at the least undo the damage done by his initial botched ritual. However years later his ploy was revealed quite on accident when a Magic Eating beasty escaped his mothers care and in the course of its rampage destroyed his disguise. Revealed to be a boy of no more than sixteen the lies came charshing down along with rather harsh censure from his parents at the whole debacle. The worst of it is over and though he claims he is somehow time locked and not aging since his arrival there is no way to be sure it was not an errant tween with too much power that first arrived four years ago. He has been sent to attend Claremont much to his chagrin despite his protestations he would learn better at home or in the field. Update 07/2019: Having completed both his education at Claremont and the tutelage of Phantom Ouroboros has been elevated to replace the former in her role as Chosen of Heshem and Guardian of hte Void with Phantom stepping into the role of Master mage. He has grown as a magician and his knowledge of hte arcane and other dimensions has few rivals. The young Dhampir has embraced this new role with zeal while putting his own mark on the duties of extra-dimensional protector. His personal life has grown as well as he has made allies both among his fellow former students he might call upon in times of need and closer relations with other heroes as well particularly the returned Set. Personality & Motivation: Huang is still young and has a rather sharp wit and sometimes dark humor. He knows he's more intelligent then many and better trained in the arcane arts than most, his confidence has little hubris though as he knows enough to realize just how little he knows but doesn't let that stop him from taking a more active role in heroic events. Jack is a second (arguably third, if you count Hong Kong Harry of the Jungle Patrol) generation hero. In many ways its in his blood as much as his predators instincts and connection to the mystic realm of the void. His life thus far has been a relatively coddled existence. Due to his unique nature he grew up in very real danger of being assaulted or kidnapped by one faction or another or even as a strike at his parents and was thus kept from much of their activities. A fact he often resents. When he found himsel distimed he saw it as an opportunity to prove himself and resents that with the collapse of his disguise he is being sent off like an errant child to attend Claremont. Powers & Tactics: Huang is first and foremost a Mystic. He harnesses arcane forces to his command. In addition to his studies of magic he has developed several abilities of his birthright. As yet his Vampiric abilities are a lesser part of his arsenal but they serve as a dangerous surprise for any foe that makes the mistake of thinking him helpless without access to his spells. In a combat situation he prefers to remain hidden either with stealth or an invisibility spell before attacking where he can do the most good. He prefers to remain at range and utilize his magic to arm and hinder his foes or aid his allies. If cornered he'll try to escape either with mist form or attempting to flee to the void. He will use terrain and his abilities to control and move about the battlefield to his advantage and to disorient his enemies. Complications: Chosen: Being the Chosen of Heshem makes Ouroboros a target for those seeking to influence across the barriers between worlds. It also means he must put those duties ahead of many others, despite what his wishes might otherwise be. (Gain HP for being targeted when not the primary threat or when his duties demand he take actions for the good of the dimensions that may interfere with other goals in a thread.) Dhampir: Vampires want to kill or use him, and those who hunt vampires will still see him as an abomination. Fangs: He has them. They don't retract. It makes blending difficult. From the Future!: Jack knows the dangers of mucking with time, and while he'd like to go back to his time eventually, he'd rather it not be as a prisoner of the Time Keepers. The GM can say certain things "have to happen" and Jack will likely let them for the sake of the future. It Burns Like Hygiene!: Jack is very uncomfortable in direct sunlight. It causes him no real harm, and won't rob him of most of his powers, but he avoids it none the less. Parental Units: He has them. They will likely muck with his life, and their enemies will (of course) become his, one way or another. ABILITIES: 16 + 6 + 16 + 6 + 8 + 6 = 58PP Strength: 26 (+8) Dexterity: 16 (+3) Constitution: 26 (+8) Intelligence: 16 (+3) Wisdom: 18 (+4) Charisma: 16 (+3 COMBAT: 16 + 12 = 28PP Initiative: +3 Attack: +8 Base, +12 Eldritch Blast, Mage Hand, Vampiric Touch Defense: +12 (+6 Base, +2 Dodge Focus, +4 Forcefield), +3 Flat-Footed Grapple: +16, +24 Mage Hand Knockback: -6/-4 (with/without forcefield) SAVING THROWS: 0 + 0 + 8 = 8PP Toughness: +12 (+8 Con, +4 Force Field) Fortitude: +8 (+8 Con, +0) Reflex: +3 (+3 Dex, +0) Will: +12 (+4 Wis, +8) SKILLS: 108R = 27PP Bluff 3 (+6, +10 w/ Attractive) Skill Mastery Concentration 6 (+10) Diplomacy 3 (+6, +10 w/ Attractive)Skill Mastery Gather Information 2 (+5) Intimidate 17 (+20)Skill Mastery Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 17 (+20)Skill Mastery Knowledge (Cosmology) 17 (+20)Skill Mastery Languages 7 (Ancient Egyptian, Atlantean, Cantonese, English [Native], Latin, Lemurian, Mandarin, Old Slavic) Notice 6 (+10)Skill Mastery Search 7 (+10) Sense Motive 6 (+10)Skill Mastery Stealth 17 (+20)Skill Mastery FEATS: 14PP Attractive Dodge Focus 2 Eidetic Memory Equipment 2 Hide In Plain Sight Luck 4 Ritualist Skill Mastery 2 (Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge [Arcane], Knowledge [Cosmology], Notice, Sense Motive, Stealth) Equipment: 10EP = 2PP The Unbound Oubliette (HQ) Size: Medium [1EP]; Toughness: 10 [1EP]; Features: Concealed, Isolated, Library, Living Space, Personnel, Power System, Sealed, Self-Repairing [8EP] - [Total 10EP] POWERS: 4 + 12 + 35 + 8 + 10 + 3 + 4 + 14 + 18 + 7 = 115PP Concealment 4 (No Reflection; All Visual Senses, Extras: Duration [Continuous], Flaws: Limited [Machines], Permanent) [4PP] (Vampiric) Immunity 12 (Child of The Void; Aging, Dimensional Effects, Life Support) [12PP] (Dimensional, Magic) Magic 15 (30PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 5) [35PP] (Magic) Base Power: Blast 12 (Eldritch Blast; Feats: Accurate 2, Affects insubstantial 2, Variable Descriptor 2 [Any Magic]) [30PP] (Magic, Variable) Alternate Power: Create Object 13 (Force Constructs; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Selective, Tether) [30PP] Alternate Power: Damage 12 (Vampiric Touch; Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude], Vampiric, Flaws: Action [Full], Feats: Accurate 2, Affects Insubstantial 2, Extended Reach 2 [15ft])[30PP] Alternate Power: Move Object 12 (Mage Hand; Feats: Accurate 2, Affects Insubstantial 2, Precise, Indirect 1) [30PP] Alternate Power: Super Movement 3 (Banish; Dimensional Movement 3; Extras: Attack +0, Attack 13 [to DC 16]{26}, Continuous, Alt Save Will +0; Flaws: Limited [non-prime natives to home dimension only], Distracting; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 1 ) [30/30AP] (magic, dimensional) {0 net PP} Alternate Power: Teleport 10 (Void Portal; 2,000 miles, Extras: Accurate +1, Dimensional +1, Portal +2; Flaws: Long Distance Only -1, Action (Standard to Open Portal) -2) [30PP] (Magic, Teleportation) Protection 4 (Force Field; Extras: duration(sustained) +0; Feats: Dodge Focus4) [8PP] (Magic) Regeneration 8 (Child of The Void; Recovery 2 [+10], Bruised 1 [1 Round], Injured 2 [5 minutes], Staggered 1 [20 Minutes], Disabled 1 [5 hours], Resurrection 1 [1 week], Feats: Persistent, Regrowth) [10PP] (Dhampir, Dimensional, Magic) Super Movement 1 (Return To The Void; Dimensional Movement 1 [The Void], Feats: Innate) [3PP] Super Senses 3 (Mage Sight; Magic Awareness [Visual], Analytical 1, Tracking 1 [Half Speed]; Feat: Dimensional) [4PP] Super Senses 14 (Watcher at the Gates: Dimensional Awareness [Mental], Acute 1, Accurate 2, Analytical 1, Radius 1, Ranged 1, Tracking 3 [All Out Move], extended 4 (100,000'/19 mile Increments) [14PP] (dimensional) Vampire Array 5 (Vampiric Power; 10PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2, Dynamic Alternate Power 3) [18PP] (Vampiric) Base Effect: Drain Constitution 2 (Vampiric Bite; Extras: Linked [+0], Flaws: Requires Grapple, Feats: Insidious, Subtle 2) [4PP] linked Heal 2 (Extras: Linked [+0], Action [Standard]; Flaws: Limited [Self]; Feats: Persistent) [5PP] linked Emotion Control 1 (Euphoric Bite; Extras: No Save [+2], Linked [+1], Flaws: Range [Touch, -2], Limited [Euphoria], Requires Grapple) [1PP] Alternate Power: Flight 2 (25mph / 250ft per Move Action, Flaws: Limited [Night], Feats: Subtle, Drawbacks: Low Ceiling [30ft], No Swimming) [3PP] linked Insubstantial 2 (Gas, Flaws: Limited [Night], Drawbacks: Can't Speak or Gesture) [7PP] Alternate Power: Emotion Control 10 (Vampiric Mesmerism; Flaws: Sense Dependant [Visual; eye contact]) [10PP] Dynamic Alternate Power: Quickness 10 (Vampiric Speed) [10PP] Dynamic Alternate Power: Speed 10 (Vampiric Speed) [10PP] Dynamic Alternate Power: Super Strength 5 (Vampiric might) [10PP] Variable Power 1 (5PP any one power at a time; cantrips; Extras: Action 2 [Free]) [7PP] (magic) Drawbacks: 0PP [None] DC Block: ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC23 Toughness Damage Force Constructs Ranged DC22 Reflex Trapped DC27 Toughness Damage Eldritch Blast Ranged DC27 Toughness Damage Vampiric Bite Touch DC12 Fortitude Drain Constitution No Save Euphoria Vampiric Touch Touch [10'] DC27 Fortitude Damage Vampiric Mesmerism Perception DC20 Will Emotion Control TOTALS Abilities (58) + Combat (28) + Saving Throws (8) + Skills (27) + Feats (14) + Powers (115) - Drawbacks (0) = 250/250 Power Points
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